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Chapter 16

“Daddy, do we really have to go to the Hensine’s,” Nancy whined from the backseat as her father turned into the housing development where Ted lived with his family.

“They did invite us over to see their new daughter,” Jason pointed out, glancing at Nancy in the rearview mirror before he let his gaze wander to Karen in the front seat and then back to the street ahead. At two months Nancy wasn’t even starting to show yet but she’d already been through her bout of morning sickness. Karen’s belly was starting to swell but her bulky sweater easily hid her pregnancy. “And don’t forget, they are your godparents.”

“I know,” Nancy sighed, “but Cheryl is such a baby she’ll probably want to drag us off to look at her doll collection.”

“Cheryl’s only a year and a half younger than you,” Karen pointed out to her younger sister.

“Yeah,” Nancy agreed, “but when I was her age you and mom were already teaching me about sex and how to seduce dad. I wasn’t playing with dolls when I was her age.”

“But it’s her house and you’ll pretend to like dolls as much as she does so she won’t realize you’re hiding the fact that you’re two months pregnant,” Jason told his daughter as he turned onto the last street. “Her parents know about you and Karen but the kids don’t, and I want to keep it that way for now.”

“Yes daddy,” Nancy said, sticking her tongue out at her father before she settled back in her seat for the last few feet of the car ride.

Jason got out of the car and waved to Ted and Janice as they walked out on the porch to greet the three of them as the girls got out of the car. “Hi Jason, I’m glad you could make it,” Ted said as the three of them approached the porch.

“So where’s the new baby,” Jason asked with a grin after he gave Janice a quick peck on the cheek.

“Sharon’s napping in the living room,” Janice said as she gestured for the girls to enter the house. “Eat and sleep, that’s about all they do at this age,” she said before she lowered her voice to a soft whisper and added, “as the two of you will realize in a few more months.” Karen and Nancy both giggled softly at her comment but managed to get themselves back under control by the time they entered the living room where Sharen’s basinet sat in the center of the room and her adoring brothers and sisters sat around her on various chairs and couches.

“Hi Karen, hi Nancy,” Cheryl Hensine said in an excited whisper as she jumped up from the chair next to her newest sister and hurried over to greet the older girls. “Are you here to see my new sister?”

“Yes we are,” Karen said, grinning at the other girl’s obvious excitement.

“After you see her I have to show you my newest dolls,” Cheryl said without waiting for Nancy to say anything. “I just know you’ll love what I’ve done with my collection since the last time you where here.”

“I’m sure we will,” Nancy assured the Cheryl as she rolled her eyes at her sister.

“So am I,” Karen said, suppressing the laugh that threatened to escape her lips at the look on Nancy’s face.

“How long will we be here daddy?” Karen asked her father when she noticed that Cheryl’s parents were dragging him off for a little privacy.

“I don’t know,” Jason said with a puzzled frown, “how long will this take?”

“At least a half hour, “ Ted said, looking at his wife for confirmation, “maybe a little longer. Certainly long enough for Cheryl to show off her collection.”

“Ok,” Jason said, obviously puzzled about what the other two wanted to talk to him about, “you two have fun and I’ll come and get you when it’s time to leave.”

After the three adults left the room Cheryl seemed even more anxious about things and waited impatiently for Karen and Nancy to finish looking at her new sister before she rushed them off to her room. She closed the door behind them and leaned against it with a deep sigh as she looked at the two older girls as they sat down on the edge of her bed. “Is it true,” Cheryl asked breathlessly as her eyes darted from Karen to Nancy and then back again, “are you really pregnant by your own father?”

“Whatever gave you that idea?” Karen asked as she exchanged a nervous look with her sister. Before she realized what Cheryl was going to do the ten year old had crossed the floor to where the two sisters sat on her bed and she grabbed the older girl’s bulky sweater by the hem and pulled it up past the small bulge of her pregnant belly.

“It is true,” Cheryl said in awe as she reached out to rub Karen’s exposed belly. “What about you Nancy? How far along are you?”

“About two months,” Nancy said as she exchanged looks with her sister. “I’m about a month behind Karen so I’m not showing yet. But how did you know abut us?”

“It will be easier to show you than tell you,” Cheryl said as she moved over to one of the doll filled shelves against the wall. The shelf must have been lighter than it looked because she was able to shift it easily to expose a ventilation grill on the wall. Cheryl put a finger to her lips in a gesture for silence and then she reached out to open the grill. Immediately their father’s voice filled the small bedroom.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“What do you mean Mary Temple isn’t Mary Temple?” Jason asked as he paced the floor of the master bedroom.

“We just found out about it ourselves,” Ted said wearily. “Though we suspected something like this when we found out that Mary had disappeared from the apartment we rented for her - along with everything that wasn’t bolted down in the apartment. Since the apartment was furnished it cost us a lot of money to keep her landlord happy and quiet after he found out about the theft.”

“But why do you want to keep things quiet?” Jason asked with a puzzled shake of his head. “Why not report the theft and let the police take care of everything?”

“Because of the complications it would cause with Sharon,” Janice replied matter-of-factly.

“What we find really disturbing,” Ted said, “is that Mary and her friends moved everything out of the apartment just two days after she got out of the hospital, which was a week before Sharon was expected. Since she was born a week ahead of schedule that means that if Mary and her friends had things planned ahead of time then she intended to disappear before Sharon was born.”

“Ted,” Jason said with a frown, “I hate to ask this, but are you sure Sharon is your daughter?”

“We’re sure,” Ted said with a quick nod, “we had Doctor Cole run a DNA test the first time we too Mary in for a checkup. You know, I didn’t think of this before, but when the doctor confirmed that the baby was mine Mary seemed to be more surprised about the result than anyone else in the office that day.”

“So you’re thinking that she may have expected someone else to be the baby’s father?” Jason asked thoughtfully.

“Now that I think about it you could be right,” Ted admitted, his forehead creased with thought, “and considering what else Mary’s been up to I wouldn’t put a deception like that past her. But Dr. Cole has assured me that Sharon is my daughter so I’m satisfied with that.”

“What a minute,” Jason said thoughtfully, “what else has Mary been up to?”

“This is where we get back to Mary not being Mary,” Ted said with a sigh. “After Mary disappeared I had her investigated.”

“And,” Jason prompted with just a hint of impatience.

“The real Mary Temple - the woman who actually belongs to the Social Security Number our Mary gave us - lives in New Orleans where she’s the office manager for one of the biggest insurance companies in the city. When the investigator’s I hired showed her pictures of our Mary she identified her as a former co-worker who vanished after embezzling almost half a million dollars from the company. Apparently the woman also managed to steal the real Mary Temple’s identity while she was at it and used it to get a job with us.”

“How bad were we hit?” Jason asked slowly.

“Not as bad as what happened to her former employers,” Ted replied as he chewed his bottom lip, “our security must be better than their’s. The internal audit shows that Mary managed to get her hands on fifty thousand dollars from five accounts. I’ve already made good on the stolen funds but any kind of audit is going to show the original theft, that’s why Janice and I decided you should know what happened.”

“I appreciate that,” Jason said as he took a deep calming breath, “but why are you covering for her like this? Why not contact the police and let them deal with her?”

“First, because she’s done this before and I’m sure she knows how to disappear so the police will never find her,” Ted said. “Second, because if the police do investigate they’re going to find out about Dr. Cole, and that could lead to all kinds of questions about our children - and yours.”

“Good point,” Jason said, letting his shoulders slump as he considered what kinds of questions would come up about his two pregnant daughters if the police started a full scale investigation. “And I’m sure there are several other families who will appreciate you discretion in the matter.”

“Unfortunately that leaves us with a big problem,” Janice said, wringing her hands in her lap. “After Mary, how can we take any kind of chances with other girls? Up until now we’ve been lucky with the girls Ted knocked up, they were all perfectly willing to let us have the babies when they were born, but considering the timing I think Mary was planning to run off before Sharon was born and keep her for herself. We still want more children, but how can we possibly trust another surrogate after this?”

“We’ll think of something Honey,” Ted said as he wrapped his arm around his wife and pulled her to his chest, “we’ll think of something.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Cheryl closed the vent to the sounds of her mother’s soft sobs and turned to face Karen and Nancy sitting on the edge of her bed. “That’s how I know about you and your father - and about me and my brothers and sisters,” she explained as she padded across the floor in her stockinged feet and sat down between the two sisters. She looked admiringly and the slight bulge in Karen’s belly and then at the almost flat belly under Nancy’s shirt before she continued. “Whenever my parents want to talk about something private they go to their room and close the door because they think it’s the one room in the house where they have privacy, but I’ve been able to listen in on every one of their talks. I’ve also been listening whenever they fuck, and listening to them makes me so horny.”

Karen glanced down at Cheryl’s lap and saw that while the girl rested one hand on the small bulge of her belly, she’d placed the other one between her legs so she could play with her pussy through her sopping panties. “So I see,” Karen said with a smile. “Do you have something in mind?”

“Yes,” Cheryl said, her breath coming in quick gasps as her cunt twitched as her finger played with her clit through her crotch panel. “You heard what my mother said, right? About how they want more children but after everything that happened with Mary they can’t trust anyone anymore?”

“Yes,” Nancy said before her sister could respond, “but what does that have to do with us? Or you?”

“Well who else can they trust?” Cheryl asked, easing up on her clit so the pleasure would last longer. “Who better to give them the babies they want than me?”

“You want to have your dad’s babies?” Karen asked, trying not to giggle, “but you’re only ten years old, how can you have babies?”

“I’m old enough to have my period,” Cheryl sniffed. “I’ve had three so far, and the last one was just ten days ago so if you can help me come up with a plan to seduce my dad I could have another brother or sister in just nine months. You will help me, won’t you?”

“Maybe,” Karen said slowly, she could feel her nipples pop out against her bra as her pussy juice soaked her panties at the thought of this little girl fucking her father and carrying his baby. “I have some ideas, but are you sure you can make your dad think you’re sexy enough to fuck?”

“My brother Henry thinks I’m sexy enough to fuck,” Cheryl said as she glared at Karen with her ice blue eyes. “He’s been trying to get in my panties for almost a year now, but I always knew I wanted daddy to be first both to pop my cherry and to knock me up. But ever since I had my first period I’ve been getting so horny I don’t know how much longer I can hold out before I end up giving Henry what he wants. So if you can help me seduce my dad first I’ll owe you.”

“OK,” Karen said as she took a new look at Cheryl and tried to imagine what her brother Henry saw in the flat chested narrow hipped girl and realized that whatever it was her father would probably see the same thing if she did everything right. “I have a couple ideas, what about you Nancy?”

“I have a couple ideas too,” Nancy said, eyeing Cheryl just as close as her sister, “why don’t we compare notes and see what we can come up with.”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * *

“So,” Jason said as he lay between his daughters, trying to decide which one of the pregnant girls to fuck before they actually turned off the lights and went to sleep, “did Cheryl show you her doll collection like you thought she would?”

“Not exactly,” Karen said with a little gasp of pleasure as her father rolled her erect nipples between his fingers before
turning to Nancy to play with her breasts. “She showed us something, but we’re not going to tell you what it was until you fuck one of us. Right Nancy?”

“That’s right,” Nancy said, reaching down to stroke her father’s hardening cock with her small hand. “But you only have to fuck one of us, not both of us to find out what Cheryl told us. In fact, once you decide which one of us you’re going to fuck - the other one will tell you the whole story.”

“Decisions decisions,” Jason said with a mock sigh of frustration. “Well if I have to choose, I think I’ll fuck Karen because watching her belly bounce around while we’re fucking makes me so horny I just can’t stop myself.”

As Jason slid between Karen’s open legs Nancy began to tell him what had happened in Cheryl’s room. At first Jason didn’t really pay that much attention to what Nancy was saying because he didn’t expect anything unusual, but as she told him about the grill and how the three of them had listened in to the conversation he’d had with Cheryl’s parents he began to think of what it must be like for the girl to listen in as her parents had sex and he realized his cock was getting harder than ever as he slammed it in and out of his daughter’s pregnant pussy.

“Daddy,” Karen moaned in pleasure as she wrapped her legs around her father’s ass, “are you bigger than usual tonight? Or is our baby making you feel bigger?”

“I’m not sure,” Jason groaned as he looked down to watch his pregnant daughter’s belly and tits jiggle with every thrust of his steel hard cock. “I do know that Nancy’s story is making me horny enough to make me harder than usual.”

“And that’s just the way I love it,” Karen said with a sigh of pleasure as she felt her first orgasm building in her belly.

“So what kind of ideas did you give Cheryl for seducing her father?” Jason asked as he reached up to brush the sweaty hair out of his eyes. He grinned down at Karen as her round belly bounced with every thrust of his cock. He could feel his balls starting to shiver with his own approaching orgasm and hoped he’d be able to hold off long enough for Karen to have her orgasm before he gave their baby a cum bath.

“That would be telling,” Nancy said with a giggle, “but I think mom would have been proud of the ideas we came up with.”

“I’m cumming daddy,” Karen screamed, her body shivering through her orgasm and making her belly and tits quiver like never before. “Cum inside me daddy, cum inside me and give our baby a cum bath.”

“Oh yeah,” Jason grunted as his cock jerked in his daughter’s red furred cunt, flooding the girl’s baby filled room with several spouts of baby juice.

“Best fuck ever,” Jason groaned weakly as he rolled off Karen’s body. “So, do you think I should call Ted and warn him about Cheryl’s plans?” he asked as Nancy bent down to give him a kiss on the lips before moving down to his slime coated prick and licking it clean.

“You can try calling him if you want dad,” Karen said dreamily as she looked at the clock on the night stand and ran her hands over the slight swell of her belly, “but if I know horny girls like Cheryl - and I think I do - than it’s probably too late by now. By now I’m sure Cheryl’s lost her virginity and may even have her own brother or sister growing in her belly.”

“I guess your right,” Jason said with a sigh as he raised his head off the pillow to look at the time, “besides, if Ted enjoys fucking his daughter as much as I enjoy fucking mine I don’t think he’d appreciate it if I interrupted his first fuck. I’ll give him until Monday and ask him what happened at work.”

“Good plan daddy,” Nancy said as she finished cleaning his cock and licked her lips clean. “Since you fucked Karen I guess that means it’s my turn to have your cock in my cunt while we’re sleeping, right?”

“I guess so,” Jason said with a happy grin, “but you’ll have to wait a few minutes until I have a little life back in my cock, but I promise to stick it in as soon as I can.”

“Sounds good to me,” Nancy said as she snuggled up to her father as he turned to face her side of the bed and Karen turned out the light. “Good night daddy, good night Karen.”


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"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 15" - Jason, Karen and Nancy Carter - (Father and Daughters)

The story is taking on another family--AND my FERVENT hope they kept totally SEPARATE from the Jason Carter family--of Jason's Assistant Manage, Ted, Janice and Cheryl Hensine. So far it appers their family tree will be kept within the blood-relatives, just as the Jason Carter family has remained totally blood-related PURE!!

Little ten year old Cheryl Hensine, having had at least three periods so far, is dedicating her baby bun-factory to her father to consummate and procreate with her father Ted for Hensine babies that her mother Janice cannot have!

Great story thus far!


2014-02-13 11:16:21
"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Cahpter15" - Jason, Karen and Nancy Carter - (Father and Daughters)


2014-02-13 11:16:21
"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Cahpter15" - Jason, Karen and Nancy Carter - (Father and Daughters)


2014-02-13 11:16:19
"Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Cahpter15" - Jason, Karen and Nancy Carter - (Father and Daughters)

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