Lonely Lady Meets Lonely Man, and Lust Takes Over
It was Christmas Eve as Vince dragged his tired body up the stairs of his condo, holding the bottle of wine one of his coworkers had given him in the yearly gift exchange. Vince was struggling to get the key into the door when he smelled something sweet behind him. Then he saw a feminine hand, clad in a black glove, helping him steady the key. He turned to see Heather, his neighbor smiling at him.

"Looks like you need a little help."

"Ya thanks."

Once the door was open Vince held up the bottle of wine, "Care to join me in a glass?"

"Oh I don't know, it's been a bad day, and an even worse night."

"Come on Heather we're both alone, it's Christmas Eve, let's at least share some wine."

"Oh alright....I do hate being alone."

Vince went into the kitchen, opening the wine and pouring two glasses. As he handed a glass to Heather saying,

"You look gorgeous tonight, you going to a party?"

Heather sighed, "Been there, done that."

"It was a fiasco."

"Sorry to hear that."

"You want to talk about it?"

Taking a big sip of her wine Heather shook her head,

"No I want to forget about everything."

Finishing her glass of wine Heather asked, "So what's you story?"

"Same shit...different party."

Heather laughed. "Thanks for making me laugh Vince."

Vince got up and put on some Christmas music, then refilled Heather's glass. Heather took a sip form her glass, then stood up asking,

"Dance with me Vince?"

Vince took Heather in his arms and the two began swaying to the music.
Vince had always lusted for Heather, but the timing always seemed off. Heather was tall, with beautiful chestnut brown hair, beautiful brown eyes and just a really sweet personality, not to mention a killer body. Heather sipped her wine as they held one another. Then she looked Vince in the eyes, staring for a moment, almost making Vince uncomfortable. Without saying a word Heather tilted her head ever so slightly and kissed Vince lightly on the lips. The kiss lingered for a moment, then she slid her tongue between Vince's lips, he could taste the wine on her lips.

Vince returned her kiss, his passion growing. He felt his arousal steadily growing, until his fully erect cock was pressing into Heather's thigh. Heather responded by grinding her thigh into Vince's crotch. Heather broke the kiss and pulled back slightly looking Vince in the eyes again.

"I don't do this lightly, I'm not a one night stand, or looking for a quick fuck."

"If we continue it has to mean the both of us."

Vince smiled, "I understand, and it does....I've fantasized about a moment like this with you many times."

"Me too too."

Heather melted into Vince's arms, kissing him with even more passion. Vince felt Heather tugging at his zipper, her fingers searching for and then pulling his cock free. Heather squeezed Vince's cock in her gloved hand,

"Mmmmm....very nice Vince."

Vince slowly unzipped the back of Heather's dress, pushing it off her shoulders letting it fall down around her hips. Heather pushed her dress the dress the rest of the way off, sliding it over her hips, the dress falling around her feet. Heather stepping out of it, and stood there for a moment allowing Vince to look at her in her thong, nylons, heels, and those black gloves that extended up to her elbow. Damn she looked hot!

Heather started unbuttoning Vince's shirt sliding it off his shoulders, followed by his pants, until he was standing there in just his shorts. Vince took Heather in his arms again, unsnapping her bra with his thumb and finger. Tossing her bra aside Vince kissed his way down Heather's soft neck, running his hands down her back, to her sexy ass. Just as he was about to take her nipples into his mouth he thought of something. He reached up and took some mistletoe from the tree, and ran in over Heather's nipples.

Heather cooed as Vince took her left nipple, and then her right nipple into his mouth, flicking them with his tongue. Heather leaned back as Vince caressed and squeezed her breasts, all the while sucking her nipples. Her body started to quake as her first orgasm swept over her. Vince slid the mistletoe down the front of Heather's thong, placing it between her wet, swollen lips. He held Heather's hand as she sat down, but not before she took more mistletoe from the Christmas tree.

Vince pulled her thong aside and began kissing her inner thighs as Heather moaned softly.

"Kiss me Vince...kiss my pussy...I'm on fire."

Vince ran his tongue over her lips, parting them with his tongue as he freed the mistletoe from between her wet lips. Heather took the mistletoe she had in her hand and started running it over her clit, teasing herself, making herself even more aroused as Vince explored every inch of her sex.

"Oh yes Vince....make me cum...I wanna cum so fucking bad....Oh ya...that's it....Oooohhhhh yeeesssssss!!"

Heather thrust her hips upward, grinding her pussy against Vince's face. Heather's body shook, and quaked as the orgasms swept over her. Heather pulled Vince onto the sofa, his knees on either side of her. She took his cock in her gloved hands, and began running the mistletoe up and down the length of his shaft, and over his balls. She pulled him forward, taking the head of his cock into her mouth, teasing him to the point of distraction. Heather began to deep throat Vince, taking his rock hard cock as far down her throat as she could, pushing the mistletoe between his cheeks, sending him over the edge. Vince groaned and sent his load down Heather's throat.

Afterward, Heather and Vince cuddled enjoying more wine. After a while they heard something outside. Heather stepped to the sliding glass door just off the balcony.

"Look Vince, carolers in the parking lot."

Grabbing a comforter, Vince wrapped it around himself and Heather, as they stepped out onto the balcony to listen. Even thought they were naked, the comforter kept them both warm as toast. Vince stood behind Heather, holding her and kissing her neck. Heather leaned back into Vince as he moved his hands up, caressing her breasts and toying with her nipples. Heather reached back, sliding her hands behind her, grabbing Vince's cock. She'd taken her gloves off, and the feeling of a gloved hand on his cock made his blood boil. Heather worked Vince back into a raging hard on, Vince having aroused Heather as well. Vince opened the comforter, taking her breasts in his warm hands. The air was cool, but it only made Heather's nipples harder. Vince placed his hand between Heather's legs, her juices running down his fingers.

"Give me you cock Vince....fuck me right here."

Heather raised her leg up, resting in on the railing as Vince slid his cock into Heather's hot pussy. Heather gasped as Vince pushed his cock all the way in her hot pussy, holding onto the railing. Vince started fucking Heather as the Christmas carolers started to sing, 'Oh come all ye faithful'. Holding onto the railing, Vince continued slamming his cock into Heather's pussy as she moaned. Vince listened to his balls slapping against her ass, while Heather worked her clit, cumming over and over again.

"Fuck my ass Vince, I want to feel your cock in my ass."

Vince pulled his cock from her pussy, the cool air caressing his raging hard on. Vince slipped his hand between Heather's legs scooping up some of her love juices and lubing her ass with it, sliding his middle finger into her ass, preparing her for the onslaught of his cock. Next Vince slowly pushed the head of his cock into Heather's ass.

"Oooohhh yes Vince do it, slide it all the way in."

"Ah yes, that's it, now fuck my ass."

Vince started out slowly, picking up the pace as Heather urged him on. He couldn't help looking down at the carolers in the parking lot below wondering if any of them had any clue as to what he and Heather were doing. Heather was cooing and moaning as the orgasms washed over her sexy body. Finally Vince couldn't hold back any longer. His balls tightened, and his legs started to shake as he sent a huge load deep into Heather's hot ass.

Afterward, Vince turned Heather around and the two kissed. Vince and Heather left the balcony and took a warm shower, playing some more as they lathered one another bodies. That night Heather and Vince made love most of the night, till they finally dozed off. Now Heather and Vince won't have to worry who they will be with during the holiday, or any day for that matter.

Merry Christmas

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That was great, Good Job.

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