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Alicia my little sister.......
This is my first story so please rate i like and i hope u do


I truly wondered about my sister, Alicia. All of a
sudden, it seemed that she had become very quiet
and reserved, thinking about something, something
buried deep inside her. It seemed to me that she
had become too quiet, staring off into space, or
at me, and not saying a word. I couldn’t imagine
why. She had always been so talkative. I should
have been thankful for the silence, but it was
obvious to me that something was bothering her.
And, I truly cared about my sister, even though,
at times, she could be a real pain in the ass.
"What’s the matter," I asked one Saturday when we
were alone.
She shook her head. "Nothing," she said.
I cleared my throat. "Well, something’s up with
you, or down, or whatever. I just know that you
aren’t yourself anymore."
"I’ve got some things on my mind, Fernando," she
said. "There’s like, you know, not an obsession or
anything like that, but, you know, just a thought
that won’t go away."
"Whatever could it be? Come on, you’re my sister,
and my closest buddy. What is it?" I looked at her
long, straight dark hair, cascading down to her
shoulders. Her big brown eyes looked over at me.
My sister was a very pretty young woman.
She looked me in the eyes, and then down at my
crotch again. "I want to, you know, well, I can’t
say it, Fernando."
I frowned. She kept staring at my crotch, and the
attention was causing my dick to kind of jerk
around and begin to grow. I wondered why she had
been staring at my crotch so much lately. The
attention was too much for me, and I felt my cock
jerk inside my shorts.
My crotch, I suddenly thought. She had been
staring at my crotch! Was that it?
"Did you want something from me? Was it something
about me, Alicia?"
She looked me in the eyes and nodded.
I stood right in front of her, my crotch right at
eye level. I decided to take the chance. I
thought, what the fuck. I reached down and took
her hand in mine, then pressed it against my hard
cock in my shorts.
She squeezed my cock through the material, then
suddenly jerked her hand away. She shook her head.
"You’re my brother," she said.
I nodded. "And, you’re my sister, too, and if we
did something together, it’s no one’s business,
you know."
She looked at me. "I know, it’s just those old
sayings and all that." She reached up and traced
the outline of my cock. She moved her fingers
tantalizingly to the head of it and pressed
gently. I could feel my knees knocking. The
feeling of her gentle hand on me was too much.
I moved away and knelt between her thighs. I put
one hand on one of her knees, the other hand on
the other. I pressed my lips to her inner thighs
and ran my lips all the way up to her crotch, and
then moved my lips down her other thigh to her
"Oh, God, I love that," she said softly.
I reached up and unsnapped her shorts. She moved
her butt off the couch for a second, and tugged at
the hem, pulling them and her panties down with
one movement. I pulled them down to her ankles,
and she kicked them aside. I looked up --- right
into her thick black muff. She had dark black
pubic brown hair, and her thick pussy hair
appeared even darker and richer than the hair on
her head.
I could see her inner lips, moist and pink,
protruding out slightly from her outer lips. I
stuck out my tongue and ran it up her thigh again,
this time lifting her legs over my shoulders. With
that angle and position, I could even see her ass
hole as she parted her legs, bending them at the
knees, using my shoulders for support.
My tongue reached her cunt. I licked her pussy
lips softly, moving my tongue gently across the
folds of skin. She jerked and moaned, and
whispered how good that felt. I licked upward,
from the bottom of her snatch to the top, tasting
her pussy cream with the tip of my tongue.
Then, I touched the tip of my tongue to her clit.
She moaned loudly, and her knees began to shake.
My cock was throbbing in its prison, and I was
going to cum soon, just from what I was doing to
I licked a little harder, and then inserted my
tongue into her pussy. She came, nearly knocking
me over with the jerking movements of her legs. I
kept my mouth to her cunt, turning my head
sideways, kissing her on the lips, just as if they
were a pair of facial lips.
She came again, this time shouting my name. Then,
she moved her legs off my shoulders and sat up
All of a sudden, she moved off the couch and
knocked me over, grabbing my shorts and tugging at
them. "Just lay back," she said. "I wanna do
She pulled my shorts off and had my cock in her
hand in about ten seconds. Her warm, wet mouth
moved to my dick as she grabbed it at the base.
She took it in her mouth with one quick movement,
and I could feel my cock at the back of her throat
as she made swallowing motions. The sensation
could drive you nuts.
I felt her build up a suction, and she slowly
moved up on my dick, then back down on it as she
moved her tongue to the bottom of my dick head,
pressing my cock against the roof of her mouth.
Her fingers were fiddling with my balls, tugging
at the skin slightly.
I could feel the rising feeling that told me
orgasm was imminent. I could feel my stomach
muscles tighten, and it seemed that she knew I was
going to cum, too. She sucked harder and faster,
grabbing my cock at the base and stroking it in
time with her mouth movements.
With a loud grunt, I came, shooting my load in her
mouth. She sucked and swallowed, the squishy
sounds of her swallowing actually turning me on
even more.
She kept my cock in her mouth for another minute
as it slowly deflated in size, but it stayed, for
the most part, hard.
Then she lay beside me on the floor, her chin in
her hand.
"Well," she said. "What do you make of that?"
"I thought it was great."
She nodded. "I thought it would be, too, for the
longest time."


2013-04-01 10:22:23
For a short story, this was good... but I agree with your other reviews, it was TOO short... and you really need to learn to use Spell Check and a find a reliable Grammar checker if you don't have someone who can do it for you.

In it's core, you demonstrate a knowledge of how to tell a story but it's almost too rushed... like you were hurrying to get to the sex stuff. Great Sex is in the brain... As a reader, the story has to turn me on to sex long before the sex happens. As a writer, you can't hurry to get to the physical sex... get a fire going in your reader thru your characters' actions, thoughts and movements.... think of it as two people meeting for a dance... first they meet, size each other up, approach, start dancing slow then gradually speed up as the music overtakes them. Despite what people wrote, it isn't a BAD story.. i've read a lot worse on this site... but it isn't FAR from the bottom, simply because you rushed yourself. I say - revise your story.

anonymous readerReport

2011-11-16 16:09:33

anonymous readerReport

2011-03-18 16:46:44
It was good. I got a little turned on but u should make it longer. Maybe another chapter... Mote detail...? Idk but definetly keep writing.

Anonymous readerReport

2010-04-24 20:49:20
too short and no real background sounded way to rushed and get an editor (DARK BLACK PUBIC BROWN HAIR) brown or black one or the other not both


2008-12-19 13:45:16
very good story but you need to take it a lil futher a part 2 would be great

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