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I have been thinking about my past rich and fulfilling sexual experiences and wanted to share them. I am going to skip my preliminary explorations, which were exciting, but thought I would start with what I consider to be a real experience.
I was about 13 years old when a neighbour's daughter aged about 18, said to me while visiting my aunt,who had stepped out for a moment, " Your aunt told me that you have been helping her scrub her back while bathing." When i said yes, she asked if I could help her also. Of course I said "yes".
I forgot to tell her that that was when i was seven. Anyways, she asked if i could come that after-noon and i agreed.
When i went to her house she remarked that her elder sister and Mom had gone out shopping, so we could go in for her bath. In the bathroom she shrugged off her house-coat and I saw her in a skimpy bra and almost transparent panties. I must tell you that whenever I had scrubbed my aunt she somehow was always in a position when I could really see nothing interesting. maybe I was too young!! This was the first time I had seen a girl in her undewear. She turned her back to me and asked me to unhook her bra. With trembling fingers I did it and she turned around and the bra fell off her shoulders.She massaged her breasts, saying that her bra was too tight as her breasts seemed to have got bigger. I did not know what to say as her nipples puckered up. Then Oh God ,she hooked her hands at her waist and slid her panties down. The sight of her soft curly bush, discussed at boys' wishful talks, now became a reality and i could not keep my eyes off her pussy. Believe it : she then turned her back to me and bent over with her legs slightly parted. I couldn't believe the heavenly sight of her chubby lips framed by soft curls with a distinct slit in the middle.
She then sat upon a stool and told me to pour water on her body. Then she told me to start soaping her back. While I was doing that, she took the soap from me and started to soap her breasts. Soon she said, " why don't you do this for me ?" In heaven, I started my lovely task. soon I saw that she had slipped her hand between her legs and was stroking herself. As her movements quickened, she leaned back and rested her back against me. She said : Hey what is that thing you have hidden in your shorts, poking me ?" Nothing, i said. Insistently she told me to unbutton my shorts to see what was poking her. When she saw my stiff cock swollen and red she said " Oh why is it so swollen? Is it like this all the time?" No I said, only because I was looking at you. " Oh. then i must help you. i had better kiss it to make it well." Saying this she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it.. Soon I was pushing my cock in and out of her mouth at my own rhythm. She started caressing and gripping my balls and made a humming sound while suctioning my cock. In a while I found myself coming in her mouth, and the feeling was totally out of this world. She stood up and started kissing me saying " you drink half of your cum and I'll drink half." It felt weird but exciting.
She then took my hand and after I had dabbed her dry took me to her bed.. In front of her mirror we both looked at each other's bodies, and I felt myself getting stiff again.. She callled me a naughty boyand said that I should kiss her properly now. I held her tight and wanted to drop her on her bed to mount her. I was almost on top of her but she said "No Don't do that." She then lay down and said ," I made you feel nice, now you do the same for me ,Kiss me properly." She guided my lips to her breasts and I could not believe the pleasure I got from sucking them. I felt her writhing beneath me and she guided my mouth down slowly to her thighs and then she parted them and I found myself licking and sucking those heavenly lips.It was a strange sensation and the smell of her cunt was out of this world. I positioned myself between her thighs and followed her entreaties to lick, lick faster, suck, suck harder, now now NOW NOW. She thrust her pussy into my face shuddering as she came. She then drew me up on top of her body, and squeezed me tight. We lay like this for some time. Then i felt myself growing again and positioned myself to thrust into her. She stopped me and said "Don't do that. " Disappointed, i stood up and when she saw my erect cock, she said " Poor thing let me help you." She went down on her knees and sucked me again twirilng her tongue around my cock. As she sucked me I reached down and squeezed her breasts and i could hear her moaning around my cock. I got a shock when i felt her finger carressing my ass-hole. After the initial surprise I found that the finger carress was a delightful sensation. As I started my final thrusting, coming once again in her mouth, she suddenly pierced me and shoved her finger deep into my ass-hole. Hey! I found the sensation new and exciting.

I didn't feel like going home but my friend said that she is a clean girl and likes to bathe daily, so there would be many opportunities for sucking each other.


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2010-08-13 02:32:39
comeplete lie sorry good story but a lie


2008-12-19 20:44:54
i love this one! i can't believe he was only thirteen!

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