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Forced diapering
1) This is a work of FICTION. Never confuse fantasy and reality. As long as it's consensual (and you are all mature enough to give consent thoughtfully) let you imagination fly.

2) This story concerns toilet accidents, forced diapering and the humiliation of a nine year old boy. See the first note. If this isn't your cup of piss then move on.


Mouse was 9 when his parents died in a car accident. He was sent to live with his abusive and alcoholic Aunt and Uncle Fox and his bullying Cousin Pig.

Chapter One "Back in Diapers"

I doubled over in my seat and undid my seatbelt. The cramps came in a new wave of pain as I struggled.

With the seatbelt released the car started beeping. Aunt Fox's fists tightened around steering wheel. "God damn it Mouse! Put on your fucking seatbelt!"

"But Aunt Fox, I really really have to go! Really!" I twisted in my seat back and forth and shoved my hands down between my legs.

"And I told you we'd be home shortly! You're nine for Christ's sake! Hold it in!" She lit a new cigarette from the one she was holding and tossed the old one out the window. "And put your fucking seatbelt back on!"

I groaned and twisted to grab the seat belt. The pain passed slight and moved down. I felt the pressure building again. I was so full and uncomfortable. Suddenly I felt a fart escape and a hot wetness followed. I gasped and tried to clench my asshole shut again but it was too late.

I instinctively pushed off the seat with my hands as I shit myself. I lost all control. The liquid shit spread quickly between my ass cheeks, lubricating them. Larger pieces followed filling the seat of my underwear.

"Noo! Uhhhnnnnhhh!" It just didn't stop. I lost control of my bladder at the same time. The dark wet circle on the front of my jeans spread and poured down my left thigh and onto the car seat. My underwear was heavy with shit and I could feel it spread down between my legs up into my crotch. I thought I was finished when a last chunk of shit popped out. I felt the hard smack to the side of my face. I was already sobbing apologies. My asshole itched.

"You just fucking shit and pissed in my car!"

"I..I..I'm..S..S.Ssssorry!" I sobbed. She back handed me again.

"Fucking little cunt."

I pushed up further off the seat supported only by my hands. My left hand started getting wet from the spreading pool of piss.

"Worthless piece of shit! Christ it reeks!"

She made a hard right turn into a supermarket parking lot to the blaring of horns. The piss soaked jeans were already cold against my leg. I could feel the shit in my underwear slosh under my ass. Some of it was starting to inch out under the elastic leg.

Aunt Fox pulled into a handicap spot right up front and was out the door as soon as she turned the car off.

"Get the fuck out! Get out you little bitch! Oh Christ! Look at my fucking car!"

I did my best to roll out of the passenger seat without touching the seat. My face was burning red, tears streaming down my cheeks. My apologies became a sobbing babble. Standing up I could feel more of the load in my pants slide down in my underwear filling between my thighs. My balls sat deeply in a mix of piss and shit. My cold piss-soaked jeans stuck to my leg all the way down to the cuff.

Aunt Fox jerked me through the front of the supermarket back to the rest rooms. Shit was trickling down my thigh and the jeans smeared it around. I couldn't worry about it as I had to trot to keep my arm from being ripped from its socket.

I didn't know we were in the women's room until I saw a lady in a stall with no door. Her skirt was hiked up to her waist, her panties were down around her ankles and she was rubbing a large wad of toilet paper between her legs. She looked up at me in surprise as Aunt Fox jerked me into the handicap stall at the end. It also had no door.

"Go on! Get undressed!"

She left me in the stall, but I could still hear her cursing. I was crying, but trying to be as quiet as I could. My hands shook as I unbuttoned my pants and started lowering them. The pant leg streaked shit down my thigh. Without the jeans to hold them, my underwear sagged heavily between my legs. The elastic waistband pulled with the weight and the crotch reached nearly down to my knees. As I stepped out of my jeans a large glob of shit fell out of the leg of my underpants and into the seat of my pants on the floor. I hooked my thunmbs into the waistband of my underwear and tried to carefully lower them. Regardless more shit fell out into my jeans and made a long thick trail down my leg. The smell was overwhelming and from it and my crying I felt deeply nauseous.

I tried to step out of the underwear without getting any more shit on my jeans but it was useless. In the end I let them fall into my crumpled jeans. I was standing naked and covered in shit from the waist down. I was shivering, my bare feet on the cold bathroom floor. My jeans and underpants in a heap filled with shit. Aunt Fox came back with a large stack of paper towels, but stopped at the stall door as she saw me.

"Jesus Christ! Look at you you filthy bitch!" I started crying again. She tossed the paper towels at me. I managed to catch two as the rest showered down around me.

"Clean yourself up!" She turned and left. This time I heard the restroom door swing shut. She just left me. She just left me alone in the ladies room covered in my own filth. The tears started fresh from humiliation and fear. I looked down at my self and started wiping my thighs with the paper towel in my hand.

The first paper towel cleaned about an inch of my thigh before it was only smearing the shit over my skin. I dropped it into my jeans on the floor and kept wiping. Despite my best efforts the shit was soon on my hands and arms too. The dirty paper towels soon formed a small mound on my jeans. When I ran out I tried using toilet paper, but it just tore and left pieces stuck to me. I tried reusing some of the towels that weren't as dirty. The smeared shit left over was drying on my legs and ass.

The door to the rest room opened and then slammed shut. I knew my Aunt had come back. She stormed into the stall gritting her teeth. I stood there looking at the floor trying to cover my peepee with my hands. She had something in her hands that she dropped at the stall doorway.

"If you're going to act like a baby, I'm going to treat you like a baby." She said through a clenched jaw and then turned to leave again. "Finish cleaning yourself up and meet me at the car. And you better fucking hurry!"

At the doorway sat two packages. A pink package of diapers and a pack of diaper wipes. My tears stopped. I was in shock. My body was shaking and not just from cold. I didn't know what to do. I thawed out of my shock and moved to pick up the baby wipes. I pulled the shrink wrap off and popped the top open. I pulled the top one out and another popped up like tissues. It smelled of baby oil and powder.

I started with a small streak on my calf and worked up each leg toward my ass and crotch. It did the job of cleaning me but it also made me feel slippery and oily all over. The smell of the wipes was over powering but there still lingered the smell of shit. It was hard to get it all out from around my balls and peepee and even harder getting it all off of my ass cheeks and crack where I could see. The small pile of wipes had become a huge pile that I had to push down into the seat of the jeans to keep them from overflowing onto the floor.

After I was as clean as I thought I could be. I stood for a second staring at my shit covered jeans acting as a waste basket for diaper wipes and then at the bag of diapers. As humiliating the diaper was going to be, going out naked would be worse. I reached for the bag. Barbie diapers! They were pink barbie diapers with a big "Sale" sticker on the side. I tore the bag open.

I pulled a diaper from the middle of the stack. It was pink like the bag with a pattern of small barbies covering it. I started crying again as I unfolded the diaper. I spread my legs apart a little and pulled the diaper up between them. It was a little small and I struggled to get the tape fastened. As I stood striaght the padding bunched up between my legs. I looked down at myself disgusted and humiliated. I pushed at my padded crotch trying to make the diaper less obvious. It was useless. I gathered up my jeans in one bundle careful not to let any wipes drop out. I put them in the trashcan by the door.I tried to hold my shirt down to cover the diaper, but when I pulled it down in the front it simply rose up in the back. I held the bottom of the shirt with both hands and stretched it down. Then I remembered. I looked back at the stall. The diaper bag was there on the floor next to the wipes. If I left them Aunt Fox wouldn't just spank me, she'd probably use the belt. I took a deep breath and walked back to the stall. I picked up the diaper bag and put in under my arm. I grabbed the box of wipes. It was impossible to hold my shirt down while holding the diapers and wipes. I looked down at myself and felt nauseous. I felt oily and dirty. I looked and smelled like a baby. I couldn't go out into the grocery store like this. But if Aunt Fox had to come back to get me? Or if she just left me? My heart was beating so fast I thought I would die.

Suddenly the door swung open and a short fat woman walked in. She stopped dead at the sight of me and her jaw dropped open a little. Then she started laughing.

"Oh Lord! What on earth..."

I didn't hear any more as I nearly ran out into the store. I was sure the entire store was watching me as I made my way to the big glass front and out to the parking lot. I just looked down at the ground and tried to ignore the laughing. My face was scarlet and hot. My heavily padded crotch rubbed between my thighs. I was gripping the diaper bag so heavily that one of them threatened to fall out. Aunt Fox started reving the engine of the car as soon as she saw me.

"Well aren't you cute, huh, little baby? Look as the little dolls!" she mocked. "Get your ass in this car NOW! You better have cleaned yourself well." The passenger seat was covered in towels. I climbed in and put the diapers and wipes at my feet. She lit a cigarette and peeled out of the parking lot.

"Just wait until we get home." she said. I put my hands over my crotch trying to cover the diaper and feared what other punishment would be coming.

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i need sex in the story

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dude they should fuck

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2009-06-07 02:35:09
i like it alot. very humilitating :)


2008-12-30 17:43:01
A very well written story, you did a really good job with it, but it's not my kind of shit.


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a dirty shit story.......

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