Cherry Given Away
Young Passion - Part 2

By the time I was 18, I had slept with over 50 men. I don’t know why I liked sex so much at such an early age, but once I started having sex, I just became a nymph and couldn’t ever get enough. There was times that I had sex with 3 separate guys in the same day. No male was really safe around me, If I wanted you were powerless to say no.
This is part two of my true life story. I hope you enjoy…….

Part one left off at me and my brother having gave each other our first oral sex. I think I am going to go back to that story so you can see how it really all got started…….

We could hardly keep our eyes off of each other at the kitchen table that night, and it didn’t go unnoticed. “ Why are you two looking at each other like that, what is going on that I don’t know about, are you two keeping a secret from me ?” Dad said it in a joking kind-of way, me and James must have went 3 shades of red as we both fumbled to find an answer that just wouldn’t come out. “ I guess with my birthday being next week, I shouldn’t be asking you any questions right ?” he continued. James couldn’t say anything it was as though he had been caught. “ How old are you going to be again Dad.” I asked. “31” he answered. We then finished our meal and went our separate way’s.

When I got back to my room that night it hit me. Dad was only 16 when James was born and mom was 2 years younger than Dad that means she was only 14. I didn’t know
you could even have a baby at 14. It seems awful young I thought. One thing was for sure though, if mom and dad could have sex at that age it should be okay for me to, I am only 2 years younger than mom was, and actually I was to turn 13 in another month.

That night I couldn’t get to sleep all I could think about was what happened that day and the way it felt. The bad part though was that before I knew it, I was on fire again inside. I needed relief again. I didn’t want to take a chance though of getting caught with James with Dad home, so I started rubbing myself. I didn’t really know what I was doing and I was super hot before I was able to finally get a rhythm or where to touch myself to make me start to get some relief. I seemed to take me about 20 minutes to finally go off, but when I did I screamed so load that everyone in the house had to have heard me. I quickly covered up and waited for someone to come in to check on me. With in about 15 seconds dad came up-stairs to my room with James right behind him.

Dad cut on the light and ran over to my bed. “Are you okay Jenny” he asked. I was so embarrassed, I told him that I had just had a bad dream. Dad would always grab my hands and pull them to his mouth and kiss them, it was just a fatherly expression of love.
This time though when he did it, he kept them up there a little longer than normal. I knew that he had to have smelled my pussy on my hands. He just said okay and left the room with a vacant look on hid face. I knew that I had been caught.

Dad didn’t say much to me the next morning. I don’t think he was mad he just didn’t act like he knew what to say to me. As soon as Dad went outside to go to work, I shot upstairs to James room, he was still asleep. I noticed from him being half uncovered that all he was wearing was his shorts. I took off all my cloths and slid into the bed behind him. He started to stir and turned over to see that it was me holding him. We faced each other holding each other and started to lightly kiss each other . James then started kissing my neck and it make me all jittery inside and turned me on my much. I knew that we were on our way to round two on the day before.

James started going down my body, this time stopping at my budding A cup tit’s to suck on them. When he did it shot a felling down into my pussy that really turned me on. I had to reach down and start touching my-self as he sucked my tit’s. After about 2 minutes he slowly started kissing his way down to my pussy. He started eating me and with-in just a few minutes I had an orgasm. I reached down and grabbed his dick and he laid over on his back. I started sucking his dick but I didn’t suck him for long this time. I wanted him to be inside of me like the girls in the porn movie.

“James, I want you inside of me.” “ Are you sure Jenny, I heard that It hurts the girl the first time.” “How much” I asked. “ I don’t know, I mean I guess they like it enough to keep doing it.” James said. “ Lets try it ” James moved me on my back and got over the top of me. He positioned his dick at my pussy and rubbed it up and down a few times. Then he put it in the hole and started to push it in. I wrenched in pain and James pulled it back out again. After the pain eased he tried again and again It hurt to bad. Frustrated and really wanting to do this I told Him “ James put it back in and push extremely hard and force it in me, I want to do this.” James put it back in at with all of his force he forced his dick into me. I screamed at the top of my lungs. “ Are you okay Jenny” he asked. I couldn’t breath it was the worse pain I had ever had up till that time.

It still hurt but I wanted this no-matter what. I told James to keep going. James pushed in and out of me and after about 15 strokes the pain stopped. after about 10 more James unloaded into me. It was a bitter sweet time. I was happy to have my first experience but unsure at that time if I really even liked it, I mean it did hurt a lot. But James said that the first time would, maybe the next time it would feel better. We held each other and both of us passed out in his bed.

We woke up about two hours later, when I went to the bathroom I was full of blood and it really hurt when I peed. I was afraid that I might have been hurt badly by the sex, I was extremely sore. But I had little regrets, I wanted my first time so badly and I got it.

Me and James stopped for awhile after that. We were just to shocked by all of the blood and the pain. I think that James felt bad that he hurt me. I was just to sore to even touch my pussy for at least 3 day’s.

After about 5 day’s from my last sexual experience, I was really wanting to try it again and from the looks James had given to me the day before I knew that he was thinking the same thing. From what I remember the day was Saturday and dad had to go and bid on a job or something like that. He left the house early and I once again went to James room.

I once again took off my clothes and got into the bed with him to have a repeat of the last time. This time I grabbed his dick and started stroking him slowly, he slowly started to come around. I then went down on him sucking his dick slowly. I didn’t want for him to come just yet. I wanted him to last and I wanted a really good sexual experience this time. After a few minutes he push me over onto my back and got me into what I now know is the 69 position. We ate and sucked each other for at least 5 minutes. Then I told him to stick his dick into me again. “ What if I hurt you again.” he said… “ I have a feeling that it will be better this time.

He took his dick and entered me slowly. At first it did start to hurt but then it started to feel really good. With-in a few strokes I was totally engulfed in sexual bliss. We went at each other for at least 10 minutes and I had another orgasm. This time though I didn’t want him to cum inside of me. I asked him to come all over my body, and he did. I then told him to put his dick back in my mouth and I cleaned him up. James went and got me a washcloth and he cleaned me up.

I really enjoyed sex with my brother. We had sex a lot after that, but he wasn’t the only one. Nope my next sexual encounter with a guy was just a few day’s after this last written encounter. I won’t tell you who though. If you want to know you will have to read part three to my true life story…...

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2011-02-16 00:11:55
Amazing stories. It reallt is amazing me how sisters and brother have fun. Sometimes i wish i had a chance for same experience but my sister is 10 years older then me =(
thanks for the great stories hun<3 i'm your fan now!!!

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I am 10 and go on porn sites all the time. I have never had sex, but I masterbate. I have a secret boyfriend. He said we would do it when we are 12.

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I am only 11 I go on porn sites every day I masturbate I had sex with my cousin. I cumed in her ass


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