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Part 3 of my first gay times. I know it’s been a while but, I’m busy now a days. Yes, this is true every bit, I was able to suck my self off back then, sadly I can’t anymore. Oh, to be young again.
Self Suck and An Ass Fuck.

Rick and I toweled ourselves off while continuing to look at each other. The lust that he had in his eyes made he so horny. I usually am not able to get hard so quickly after I cum, I mostly have to wait about an hour, but just the look on his face made me so hard that a saw couldn’t cut my cock. I guess I had the same effect on him, as his cock grew to a full length. I moved forward and wrapped my arms around him and kissed his lips gently. He kissed back and licked my bottom lip, I traced his with mine and reached around to squeeze his ass. Even though we were the about the same size, I was stronger than him, I lifted him up by the ass and carried him to my room. I threw him to the bed and straddled his crotch, his cock pushed against my ass crack. I moaned softly, telling him I couldn’t wait to feel his cock in my virgin asshole, I told him I couldn’t wait to feel the slow punishment that I would receive at the hands of his black pole. A huge grin flashed across his face, the kind of look a kid has at Christmas. It was so cute. First though I would show him how I could suck my own cock.

“I can’t wait to see that.” He said. “ but I doubt it would feel as good as me doing it and I want to suck it, so you better not cum in your own mouth.”

I told him that I would hold back, so that he would have the chance to suck me off. He flashed that grin again. I rolled off of him and laid flat on the bed, he got up and sat in my chair. I told him that I had some gay porn on the computer but he refused saying the I was enough for him. What a charmer!

“First” I began “ You have to stretch to get your body limber, if not you’ll pull a muscle.” I grinned as I stretched . “ Next, you get yourself hard and since I already am we are good to go. Now the hard part”

I placed a pillow below my head to raise it up. I rolled forward onto my butt and then with the momentum rolled back, throwing my legs over my head. There I was with my cock aimed right at my face. It had took me a while to discover this method and I had it down pat. I stroked my cock getting it as hard as possible, it was only inches from my face now and I easily pushed my ass down further and placed 2 inches of my dick into my mouth. I loved this feeling, I started sucking the head of my cock while still stroking the shaft with my free hand. My eyes rolled back into my head as the pleasure of my self suck took over my body. I had all but forgot Rick was watching until he walked over.

“Here let me help you.” He said, Straddling my head while pushing more of my cock into my mouth. I now had 3 inched in my mouth, thank god I was so limber back then. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any better, I felt Rick lick my exposed asshole. Waves of pleasure shot through me and I tasted more precum. He was a natural rimmer and he ate my ass with the passion of a thirsty man who had found water. Circling the hole with his tongue and rubbing it with a finger. I could feel it puckering in pleasure. He stuck his tongue into the hole slightly then he pulled it out, then in and out again several times. I could feel my ass getting looser and wetter as he continued. His cock was bouncing in front of my face and I had the desire to suck it. I pushed my cock from my mouth and started sucking his. He moved it closer when he felt my hot mouth on it. The position of my head made my throat a strait shot with his cock and I easily swallowed it all.

He groaned in pleasure while he continued to eat my ass. We continued for a good ten minutes like this since we had both got off just moment ago we would be able to go a while. Then I had an idea that made me so excited. I dropped his cock from my mouth and told him my plan. He stood on the bed and to my excitement was the perfect height. I started to suck my cock again but not as hard as before, I knew if I sucked hard I would not last long with what was coming. I watched as Rick lined his cock up with my ass. I had the perfect view I could see everything, my quivering hole glistening with spit, his cock slick & wet, and of course his face with that smile. He placed the head on the hole and pushed forward, It slid in very easy, I felt no pain, his work with his tongue made that possible and I was grateful for it. He looked down at me with a look of concern , since my cock was still in my mouth I just winked at him. There was that smile again as he pushed in some more, he had about three inches inside of me and I couldn’t wait anymore. With my free hand I pushed his leg begging him to go further.

He quickly complied slamming all 6 inches into me. Pure pleasure over took me, no pain at all, he slowly pulled out and slammed in again. He was so firm yet gentle. I had to stop sucking my cock for fear of blowing my load. He picked up pace, soon he was slamming me hard, it almost felt like his dick was growing bigger inside my ass. I was so stuffed yet I wanted more, I knew only one thing would satisfy me. I told him I wanted him to cum in my ass.

“ I was going to” He remarked “ Whether you wanted it or not, I was going to. I want you to feel how good it is.”

I thought he could move no faster but he picked up the pace. The look on his face was the thing that made me so excited. Just to know he was getting so much pleasure from bruising my ass turned me on like nothing else. I started sucking my cock again, I could feel the soreness of me being in this position but I ignored it, it would hurt worse later. A minute later I heard his breathing pick up and his cock start to pulse in my ass. I knew he was about to cum and I moaned loudly. With a few last quick thrusts and one last deep one, I felt the hot cum from his black cock spray into my ass. I felt like it would burn my insides and I felt the warmth spread over my body.

“ Yes, ohh god yes.” he yelled


He yelled each word with a trust in and out. The look on his face, the yelling, and the feeling of my full ass made me go over the top. I felt my balls tense and what had to be my biggest load yet sprayed into my mouth. I gulped every drop and sucked myself dry till it hurt. I looked up just as he pulled out of my ass. His limp cock glistening with his cum looked like the best thing I’ve ever seen. If there was any doubt, it was now gone , I enjoyed dick as much as I enjoyed pussy. I was Bi. Finally able to lay flat, he laid next to me and we hugged each other.

“ I didn’t get a chance to suck your dick.” he said “ I guess I’ll have to wait for that now.”

“ You won’t have to wait long.” I told him “ I’ve gone black and I’m not going back.”

He laughed as I did and we fell asleep. Finally some rest.


I hope you liked it, it is always easier to write about true stuff, than pure fiction. Now if you’ll excuse me I’ve got to go relieve my balls of some pressure;)


2016-03-18 08:26:19
Love black cock I love the taste when its in my
Warm wet mouth im so horny for BBC mmm

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2012-05-18 05:06:42
never had a black cock would love to have one to play with


2011-04-28 16:06:21
I'm 75 and I recently had a black guy fuck me with his 7.5 x 3" cock. It really felt great.

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2011-03-08 21:30:15
I can do that and I have a few times to

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2011-03-08 21:30:15
I can do that and I have a few times to

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