teasing, and drving
Melanie walked to the elevator doors and stood with other employees from the ninth
floor, waiting for it to ascend, when her cell phone emitted a soft beep. She
looked at the phone in her hand. Just as she said hello into the phone, the
elevator doors opened, and she walked in, stepping into the very back of the

"Hey, baby. Where are you?" It was Matthew.

"Heading to my car. I'm in the elevator."

"I can't wait until you get home, baby. I'm sitting here in those black silk
boxers you got me, just thinking about you."

Melanie let out a slight moan before catching herself. She looked around the
elevator, and was relieved to see that nobody was turning to look at her. She
hoped that it meant that they didn't hear the noise escape from deep in her
throat. Some were discussing daily events, and she hoped they had drowned her

Matthew continued. "Baby, unbutton one button on your blouse."

Melanie was shocked, and extremely nervous, but also getting very aroused at the
thought. "Ok," she quivered, trying to sound professional. She looked around
the elevator, then very casually put her hand to her chest and slowly coaxed the
second button through its loop. Her chest was now bare to her cleavage, just
covering the white lace bra that hid her nipples, which were becoming erect.
Melanie crossed her arms over her chest, using her coat to cover them.

"Did you do it, baby?" Matthew teased.

"Yes," Melanie replied unevenly, not wanting anyone in the elevator to look at
her. Although she was scared to death that someone would know, she was also
exhilarated. Her womanhood was beginning to moisten and she was glad that she
had worn the panties with the white thigh high stockings today. Melanie could
feel her panties getting wet and couldn't wait to get outside to feel the breeze
blow teasingly under her skirt as she walked to the car.

"Ok, baby. I'll let you go for now. Talk to you in a bit. Oh, and by the way,
I'm stroking myself through the boxers now."

The phone clicked in her ear. "Damn him," Melanie thought. "He's already driving
me wild, and he isn't even here."

The walk to her car seemed like miles. The breeze was just strong enough to
playfully tickle her under her skirt, and Melanie felt herself getting even more
turned on. She unlocked the door, tossed the briefcase and the blazer into the
passenger seat and bent down to settle into the driver's side. Her cell phone
chirped once more.


"Where are you now?" It was Matthew.

Her voice quivered. "I'm in my car, getting ready to pull out of my parking

"Take off your shoes, baby. Drive in just your hose. And pull your skirt up so
you can see yourself."

"Ok. Hold on." Melanie did as she was told. She pushed off the blue 3" pumps.
The cool air from the air conditioner blew on her legs, causing goosebumps on
her calves. She then raised herself just a bit, and pulled her navy skirt up
until she could see the white lace French-cut bikini against the leather seat.
It was now becoming quite soaked.

"Did you do it?" Matthew asked in a low voice.

Melanie could barely whisper. "Yes."

"Mmmm. Good. I've got to tell you something. I'm stroking myself, imagining
how sexy you look right now. I can't wait until you get home, baby. Talk to
you in a bit."


"DAMN! He did it again."

Melanie could feel her nipples becoming fully erect now and she ached to touch
them. Her sex was throbbing and her right hand shook so much that she could
barely put the car into reverse. She put the car into drive and pulled slowly
out of the lot, and onto the street. Her mind barely remained on the traffic.
She drove three blocks to the first stoplight.



"Hey, baby. I need you so bad right now."

"Oh, god," Melanie thought. "I'll have a wreck before I get home if he keeps this

"Baby, are your nipples hard?"

"Yes, very," Melanie replied.

"Reach up and tease them for me. Tell me how hard they are. Pull on them one
at a time." She could hear the heat in his voice.

"Mmmmmm. Very hard," Melanie replied as her left hand reached under the silk
blouse and her bra, pinching her nipple slightly and pulling on it. The
pressure sent a sensation coursing through her body, causing her to press her
left foot against the floorboard of the car. She was driving with her knees
right now, and trying to stay in the middle of her lane, with minimal success.
She continued to pull on the nipple, and both began showing clearly through the
bra and blouse, visible proof of her lust for Matthew at that moment. She put
her right foot on the brake and slowed for the stoplight just ahead, which had
just turned red. She pulled her hand from her breast.

"Baby, how wet are you? Tell me. Play with yourself for me."

His voice was killing her. Melanie imagined him sitting on the leather sofa, his
member rigid and swollen, his left hand sliding up and down the stiff shaft.

"Oh God Matthew. I'm so damn wet. You're driving me crazy."

"Mmmmm. I want you, Melanie. Hurry up and get home. I need to taste your sweet

Click. He hung up again.

Melanie drove for almost 15 minutes and was nearing the turn for her home when the
phone chirped again. She had kept her finger inside of herself throughout the
drive and had to remove it to answer the phone. She knew this had to be Matthew.
It better not be anyone else.


"It's me, baby. Are you almost home?"

"Mmmmm. Almost. Making the turn into the neighborhood now."

"Good. Are you touching yourself?"


"Taste yourself. Tell me how you taste." Matthew was getting a sense of urgency
in his voice.

Melanie removed her finger. Her tongue circled over the tip, tasting the musky
juices. She sucked greedily, letting Matthew hear the noises as she pushed all
four fingers into her mouth. She heard him moan into the phone as he listened,
his breathing interrupted in spurts by his persistent stroking on his throbbing
member. Her nipples strained against the material of her bra, begging to be
sucked and nibbled.

Melanie removed her fingers from her mouth. "Oh, Matthew. I'm getting so hot. I
taste so good right now. I need your tongue in me now."

Click. The phone went dead.

Melanie drove faster than normal down her street. She hit the garage door opener
and wheeled aggressively into the drive. Her mind was bouncing, a pinball
veering against the sides of her brain. As she drove into the garage, she
noticed the door to the house ajar. Her foot hit the brake and she quickly
placed the car in park. The garage door slowly closed behind her.

As soon as Melanie stepped from the car, the door to the house swung open. Matthew
stepped out clad only in his black silk boxers, his manhood swaying angrily in
front of him. He pressed Melanie against the front quarterpanel of the car,
bending her backwards as he kissed her hungrily; his deep brown eyes wild with
passion. His rod was hot against her leg and his hands clawed at her breasts,
trying to unhook the bra to free them. Her skirt remained hiked over her rear
as it flattened against the car and her hands were pulling frantically at his
hips to grind herself into him.

Matthew undid the bra, then trailed his lips to her chin and down her neck to her
aching breasts. He lapped at her nipples, sucking and biting as his hands
worked themselves lower. His right hand found her panties, and he pulled them
down in one motion. He rubbed her clit rapidly with the fingers from his left
hand, and his mouth trailed down in a race to beat them to her lips. He removed
his fingers just as his lips found her clit, and he pressed Melanie onto the top
of the car, her legs now raising to rest on his shoulders.

"Yes, Matthew! Do it! Do me with your tongue!"

Matthew began flicking it rapidly over her clit while he pushed two fingers into
her, curling them to reach for her G-spot. Melanie grabbed the back of his neck,
and held him down, feeling the building pressure, knowing that she was near the
point of cumming. Melanie could feel the intensity of his movements as he
greedily worked at her clit. She put her arms behind her on the car's hood and
threw her head back in anticipation of the climactic explosion.

Matthew sucked her swollen clit into his mouth, his cheeks sunken against his
jaw. He could feel Melanie reaching that point when she clapped her thighs
against both ears and grabbed his head to hold it tightly against her.


As Melanie began to tighten her legs even more, Matthew sucked her clit into his
mouth. He could feel her spasm and then release, tasting her precious juices on
his lips and tongue. He continued to suck on her now sensitive clit, listening
to her moaning as she thrashed about on the car's hood. Melanie was over the edge
now. She shoved her sex toward his lips and bucked her hips up and down to meet
his darting tongue. She could feel another orgasm raising up, growing, and she
tried to hurry it to its highest peak.


Melanie came again; wailing, moaning, releasing the pent up emotions that Matthew
had cultivated in her as she had driven from work. Her orgasm came in waves,
rushing over her time and again like the waves that crashed behind their home.
She could feel the heat and passion seeping from her body, sensing that sweet
moment when she became sated.

Matthew pulled his lips from her and begin kissing the inside of her thigh. He
licked the remaining juices from her legs in ravenous fashion, then stood up in
front of her and picked her up, newlywed style, and carried her into the house.
Melanie put her head against his left shoulder, her arms around his neck. She
breathed deeply of his cologne as he walked through the dining room and into the
kitchen. Once there, he gently put her feet on the floor, and turned her around
to face the window that overlooked the ocean. Melanie knew what he wanted.

Melanie could feel his thick member part her lips and begin entering her. Matthew
held it there for just a moment, teasing her.

"No, Matthew. Come on, baby. Put it in me. Do me now."

Matthew needed no further encouragement. He plunged his rod deep within her
tight folds, driving it to the hilt, then grinding against her to rub his balls
against her. He began pumping, piston-like, pounding into her faster and
faster. Melanie loved the feeling of him taking complete control and she offered
herself up to him by standing on her toes and reaching back to separate her

"Watch me, baby. Watch me take all of you into me!" she teased, knowing the
impact it had on his lust.

Matthew groaned, his balls keeping the steady rhythm on her sex like a metronome.
Melanie lifted her body up on her toes and looked back to see his face twist and
contort as he fought off the urge to explode for as long as possible. She could
feel another orgasm rise inside of her loins as well and she pushed her hips
back impatiently to meet his thrusts.



Matthew grunted and slammed himself fully into her waiting love hole. He
erupted, spewing his hot, sticky seed deep inside of her, sending her into
convulsions. Her orgasm countered his and she tightened around his member,
extracting every ounce from his raging manhood. Matthew pressed hard against her
and felt her juices mingling with his, rolling down over his balls as he filled
Melanie with everything he could manage.

Matthew shuddered as he felt the last bit of essence being squeezed from his
balls. His body relaxed, and he leaned over Melanie, putting his arms around her
and pressing his face to her back. Melanie lowered herself from her toes, and
wrapped her arms around the outside of his, standing both of them up and pulling
closer to his chest.

Melanie turned her head and raised up her lips, kissing him softly. She tasted
herself on his lips and tongue, savoring the flavor as he offered it to her.
Matthew slowly withdrew from her and turned her around, looking deeply into her
eyes with his own.

"God, I love you, Melanie," Matthew whispered tenderly, holding her close.

"I love you, too, Matthew." Melanie felt so relaxed and warm in his arms and wanted
to let the feeling last as long as she could.

and all she could think about was the next time Matthew would play with her on the phone again!

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