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"OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH shizzle my muthfuckin' nizzle!" said Roberto as gay shoved a 27-inch hot pink dildo up his nose. Good fucking sex bitches, I know you're fucking jealous because you aren't as cool as Gay and Roberto and wish you were them. But soon you'll stop wishing that because they were arrested.


said the siren and the police men jumped out of the car and used a steel battering ram to bust down the door to Gay and Roberto's ghetto 10k house with severe fire damage!

"Put your hands in the air! You're under arrest! We have you surronded! Resistance is futile!"

Shrieked the police officer in a high-pitched, girly voice. And Officer Barbrady was also there but he was in the corner smoking some ecstacy instead of doing his job.

Gay started bashing them with her crowbar and got a few of them dead and some good crowbar dildo buttfuck action but soon she was overtaken and an officer shot her three times in the head. It was so sad and emotional for Roberto, as his only lover was now deceased and he was wallowing in self-pity. He realized there wasn't much left to live for so he slit his wrists as the cops kicked his balls and cut off his genitalia.

So they got back up because it takes more than thet to kill Gay and Roberto! And they ran out of the ghetto crib and got into the armored humvee and blasted the fucking shit out of the cops with the top-mounted minigun turret.

After they they decided to get some food to eat at everybody's favorite gourmet restaurant, McDonalds. And when they ordered the burgers Gay realized that hers had a small portion of a cow penis in it so she spat it out in disgust. aThen she realized that she was beign stupid and ate it off the ground.

After that they kidnapped some young children from the local elementary school because they were lured in by hopes of candy but actually what they thoguht was a huge piece of candy was the big pink dildo, which was shoved in their asses. Unfortuantely, a childn's pelvic bone can only take so much stress and bone splitting under pressure from a solid plastic dildo fucking HURTS

To cover up the evidence Gay used her crowbar and bits of internal organs splattered the humvee walls. Suddenly they realized the walls had blood and mashed hearts and aortic valves on the walls with the contents of stomachs and intestings that squirted on the windshield so Gay couldn't drive.

So when they tried to drive they crashed and Roberto flung himself in front of the car to save his lover Gay. Unfortunately, he was crushed like an insect and all of his internal organs splattered in a 15-foot radius covering passersby. The stomach acid and pepsins burned their eyes and various pieces of pancreas, gallbladder, and spleen juices covered their dicks which was like whoooooooo0000000000000aaaaaaaaaaaa

They promptly started shrieking but then they realized what a hero Roberto was and praised him. But Gay was so sad that to take out anger she killed them all. Then she dug a hole in the ground and lived there as a sub-terranean critter for 6 years. Eventually some faggots searching for oil dug into her pit and she raped them up their tender young asses.

Then she realized that one of them was Roberto and she was overjoyed. Roberto sat down and told her the whole story. It turned out theat he hadn't jumped in front of the car, instead it had been his gay twin George who was a fucking dik and deserved to die. So they celebrated by drinking malt whiskey and and then Gay was still evil so she bit off Roberto's dick and ate it. But he grew a new one because he was a fucking beast. So Gay realized that she never needed to get food again because Roberto's spontaneously regenerating penis was enough to fulfill all of her nutritional needs. Thus, they lived happily ever after.

Unfortunately, she needed soem carbs so she ate her own feces to compensate. This feces reeked of marijuana because she ate pot instead fo smoking it so she decided to switch to eating carrots which also smelled liek pot for some unknown and unforseen reason.

She stroked Robertos dick sensually and soon he unleashed torrents of semen onto her face. But for some reason his semen was mixed with blood because he had a degenerative disease which caused internal testicular bleeding. So soon his balls ate themseelves inside out and Gay ate them so they regrew into better, bigger balls

Sorry, this story sucks because it keeps having to be longer so I'm just writing random shit. It should have ended like 5 paragraphs ago...

Blah blah fucking blah

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