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A secret...
It was a smoking hot summer's day. On a camping trip with the lads down the country. We'd pitched our tents in a field beside a forest about a 15 minute drive from the local town. This evening was humid, hot. Our clothes stuck to our chests, and sweat dripped from each and every brow. Some of us were topless in the heat. The lads were passing round a ball and soon began to talk about getting supplies. I saw Neil say something and then walk towards the tents, as I lay in the shade under the trees. He caught my gaze for a split second and I looked away. I never could hold eye contact with him. Something in the softness of his face embarassed me as if he was a girl. He came over to the campsite and began arranging the bonfire. "The lads are gone to get beers and stuff, I thought I'd get the fire goin' and..." he moved a big log with one hand "Start a barbeque". "Cool", I said. I was always a little shy around him. "But first," he pulled out a spliff from behind his ear, "We smoke this", he said with a grin. "Sweet", I sat up and he sat across from me on the grass. We didnt say anything as we passed the joint back and forth; we barely looked at eachother. It wasnt until he had taken the last puff and stubbed out the roach that the silence was broken. "It's pretty hot", he said in a strange, quiet way. He reaches for his t-shirt around the waist and pulls it off over his head. He rubs his chest, smooth and brown; Sweat beads dabbled all over his muscled arms. I can feel my cock start to bulge in my pants. He luxuriates in his half-nakedness, enjoying the slight warm breeze on his sweating skin. I can't help but watch, and feel the bulge grow and expand. I think he's getting turned on as well, as he looks in my eyes with a look of mixed fear and longing. "It's hot", he says coyly as he takes off his jeans. Brown and toned hairy legs, up to a pair of grey tight briefs, housing an aroused specimen. The sight of his erect cock, stretching the cotton of his underwear, was too much for me. I reached over to touch him. My hand felt the film of sweat on his bare chest. I felt the curve of his chest muscles. He looks at my hand, as I explore the valleys and folds of his abdomen, and then at me. I look deep in his eyes for a split second, and then we fall into eachother kissing. He is on top of me now and I can feel his hard cock rubing against my chest. He is kissing my lips firmly and I can smell the cologne on his neck. My hands are searching his chest, and finding rippling muscle to the touch. I reach further down. His cock. I had often imagined holding one but here was the real thing. A juicy throbbing cock in my hand. I begin to stroke him, up and down the shaft; Our tongues still exploring eachothers mouths. I roll him over. I want him in my mouth. I break from the kiss and begin to kiss his smooth chest. Kissing a trail down to his hot sticky penis. I wonder how it will feel? I am eager to find out. I take his dick in my mouth. It is immense and warm. I slosh my tongue all around his hot dick like it's an ice lolly. Rhythmic licking, lapping at his cock and balls. I explore the head, licking in rings around the tip. I take him deep in my mouth, and up down, up down. He is going to come, he couldn't hold out any longer. But no! I want him to take me. I remove his hard cock from my mouth. He is hot and ready to fuck. His dick is huge. I want him to slide it in my asshole and fuck my brains out. He is massively turned on, his face is flush and sweating. I get up from the grass, my penis sticking up fully hard, and scamper into the tent. "Come and get me." I take the jar of vaseline from my camping bag and scoop out a chunk of the jelly. I whip down my tracksuit bottoms and boxers and smear the lube all around my asshole. I lie down on my stomach and wait for my man to fuck me. Neil enters the tent, big red hard-on still throbbing. Without a word he falls upon my prone body. He wraps his arms around my neck and slides his cock into my asshole. He's fucking me! It's so much bigger than a thumb! I had often experimented with thumbing myself, but never the real thing. He was filling me so much with his thick cock, but it felt real nice. The lube allowed him to thrust into me, gradually getting faster. The walls of my asshole tingling with pleasure. I could feel him panting on my shoulder as he blew his semen inside of me, fucking my ass til' the last drop. He pulls out and flips me over. Lying on top of me he kisses me deep. He's smiling, I'm hard. He looks at me in the eyes and then goes down on me. His pretty, pouting lips wrapped around my cock head, he licks and sucks me until my eyes are watery with pleasure. I orgasm and my legs shake against his hard body. He takes my cum in his mouth and kisses me. My cum mixed in our mouths. We nestle with eachother for a minute, fondling and caressing our bodies. Suddenly we hear the sound of the car, the lads coming back with the beers. He looks stratled, then composes himself, wipes the cum from his lips, smiles a cheeky smile at me and then darts off. I hear the car door open as I clean myself with a dirty t-tshirt and pull my cloths back on. What just happened? I ask myself. Whatever it was, I liked it.


2008-12-22 14:00:39
started reading ur story but made my eyes tired trying to read it ever heard of paragraphs try it in ur next story

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