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A bit more graphic then the rest...
Scott would simply smile as the boys all looked over his luscious body. “Alright shows over everyone, go get cleaned up for dinner.” Casey and Chris were clearing out the audience as they stepped into the shower room and noticed Scott. Casey looked to Chris and Chris back at him before they both turned to stare at Scott, whom was grinning that boyish grin at them seductively. “You’re such a slut Scott..What are ya like 13 and already a whore” Casey would say as he encircled Scott. “Yeah a real cock whore… thirteen and you love dick.” Chris would say encircling Scott from the opposite direction. Chris’s smile went serious as did Casey’s. Scott tried to keep up his grin, but he had a slight tension building. He’d move to stand “Um I guess I’ll go get dressed then for dinner guys”. Casey’s hand connected just under his throat and gripped on tight and pushed him backwards to sit back down. “FIRST OFF…cadet... you will refer to us as sir, we are officiers... we earned our roles, unlike you who wont even reach our goals no matter how many cocks you suck.” He started o walk around Scott again as Chris moved to kneel down in front of Scott. Chris spoke “and secondly…you’re not going anywhere”

Scott watched as the two encircled him, like lions hunting their prey. “Um my captain gave me orders sir...he wants me to do something, so I really need to go get ready for dinner, sirs.” They both nodded their heads. “We know you have a little mission, but Jax also sent us to remind you not to fuck it up... a test if you will.” Casey would smile. They would both grab Scott by the arms forcing him to stand up in front of the full length body mirror as Chris grabbed a bottle of lotion from the shelves. They both begin to smear lotion all over Scott young gorgeous body. He body was smooth, young, and tight. Those tan lines made Casey smile. Soon his whole body glistened as he looked at in in the mirror. Chris stood behind him without his short on and pressed his body into the small boys back, his hands running down Scott’s chest and over his abs before moving to rub his dick, all while Scott watched in the mirror. Chris kisses on the side of his neck as he continued to caress him from behind. Scott would notice Casey stripping down.

Chris’s hands would keep on handling Scotts dick and balls, but his right hand would glide back up and feel Scotts tight six pack abs. “I really shou..” he would be interrupted as Chris hand moved up his body quickly his forearms on Scott throat and tightening, choking him as he slammed Scott forward into the mirror, part of it shattering. “YOU WILL stop talking back cadet” Chris would say as he slowly released his grip on Scott small neck and letting him go completely as his body slid and feel to the ground, Scott was teary eyed. He started to get up but a large boot was delivered into his stomach as he was on all fours, he instantly dropped to the floor and rolled onto his back. He held his stomach as a small line of blood dripped down from the left side of his forehead from the mirror.

Meanwhile max had a small tear in his knee and would have to stay in the infirmary for a few days. tyler sat on the edge of his bed and put a hand on his stomach, looking down at him. max gave him a smile and opened his arms for a hug and tyler was leaning down and as he was he would hear his name called over the intercom. max frowned slightly and tyler gave him a quick hug and went to pull back but max locked his arms around tylers neck, they would stare at each other for a min before tyler was paged again. "I got to go..ill come back max". Tyler was just leaving the infirmary as he and Jax were paged to the office, max watched as the general approached both of them. He spoke very softly and max could barely hear but he would notice whatever he was saying mad Tyler look down slightly. There was a small pause and then Jax and Tyler departed and began walking together pas the infirmary window and max could hear them. Jax was speaking “Don’t worry…you’re a wont have any problems” tyler would look at him and speak “but its bear lake academy…you know who is there…that’s spikes territo” they were to far away and max couldn’t hear them anymore.

Chris laid his own now nude body on top of the whimper Scott. Chris’s lips next to Scotts ears as he whispered “sorry babe...But you got to learn to listen” he’d pause and kiss scott ear lobe gently before speaking again “we don’t want to hurt you...we never want to hurt anyone, but sometimes you got to do things to reach your accomplishments, one day..When or if you’re and officer you will understand, Jax is testing you... get done what he has asked and you will be on your way” Chris’s hand slide under Scott’s thigh and sliding upward and he spread Scotts ass. Scott could feel the lubed up head of Chris’s cock pressing up into him. Chris’s rock hard body began rocking and forcing his member up deep into Scotts tight, lotioned ass. Chris would kneel between Scotts spread legs, gripping his inner thighs for leverage as he began hammering into Scott’s beautiful boy body. Scotts head spun, between the pounding he was receiving and the head injury moments early he felt dizzy. He was in and out of it as he felt Chris climb off. His body felt warm inside and he knew Chris had finished.

It was dinner and the dorm was empty as Casey helped him to his feet and into a bed. He laid Scott face down and pillow under his belly, making his dazzling ass point considerably in the air as Casey mounted up behind and began smashing into him. Scott was moaning but soon was silent as he passed out. Casey continued to fuck Scotts limp body for a few more moments before pulling out and let loose load after load onto the small of his back.

Scotts head would move side to side as he was coming to. He would feel awake suddenly and full of excitement, he would look down to see Casey and Chris sharing his cock. They both were taking turns inserting Scott into their mouth, his medium sized cock throbbed as it was stroked, licked, sucked. He had a small light patch of pubes. Casey would slide down kissing on his balls. Chris would stroke and suck on the tip of his cadet cock. Scott body was bucking like crazy. Casey’s would let his tongue slide down over that warm ass, that tiny pink smooth hole of Scott’s ass. His ass was still slightly loose from the intense pounding, which made Casey’s tongue easy to slide up into Scott, tongue fucking that tiny ass. Scott was practically screaming out as they made every nerve in his body go crazy his young body was going insane. Casey would slide his tongue, lapping over that small ass one more time before moving up to join Chris who was now waiting as Scott’s dick jerked wildly and began erupting a few small strains of cum down and over the sides of his dick, both Chris and Casey licking violently to get as much as they could.
They would all hear a voice clear, it was Jax standing over them he looked angry. “A cadet being serviced by two officers…only in Gray rock academy”

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Iwant to see Max and Jax

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I want to see max and Tyler fuck

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yeah sory word is messing up lately


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Love the story. Needs better spelling

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