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my first time
This is how it happened. I was in grade school, and failing my classes. Therefore I and a few of my buddies were back a few semesters.
Everyday at lunch time, we would high tail it across the school yard and into the adjoining park. There were lots of bushes around the buildings and it gave us a good place for us to hang out unseen. Smoking was the main reason for leaving the school grounds.
Aside from the smoking we did the usual things boys did when out of the sight of adults. One was that this kid, Franklin would bring dirty stories, and read them aloud. Of course, we listened with great interest. One fellow, Jack by name, was more mature than the rest of us. We were, I guess about 11 or 12 at the time. Anyway, Jack would almost always pull out his very large dick and stroke it as he listened to the sex tale being read.
I was just starting into puberty at the time and would try this exercise at home at night, without much luck. However I was fascinated with Jacks ability not only to jerk off, but to cum with such force as to shot a load about three feet through the air.
So after one particular day, when I tried very hard to cum in the darkness of my room, I got where I was going, and it was a wonderful feeling. A few night later as I started to spank the monkey, I realized that I was thinking about the pictures of a woman sucking a big dick. I also realized that being sucked, might be a good thing. This came up many times in our little group.
Soon when I was fantasizing at night I wondered if Jack was interested in it also, and maybe we could experiment a bit. I decided to ask him about it when we were alone. After one of our usual outings in the park, I lagged behind with Jack as we all walked back to school. Until this day, I don’t know how I got up the nerve, or even how I asked, but I did. Jack was all for it. We decided to meet after school, and go to another spot we knew, that was even better hidden from prying eyes.
That afternoon we passed notes back and forth. I drew stick men doing a 69, and he would grin and nod a yes to me.
After school we went straight to the little wooded hiding place between two sets of railroad tracks. There he asked me if I was sure about trying it, and I said I was. He the undid his fly and flopped out his big cock. From his posture, and action, I assumed, I was going first. I moved closer, and went to my knees. I was scared to death, but took it into my hand and guided it into my mouth. Not knowing what to expect, I was surprised that it just tasted like skin. He was huge and it screeched my jaws far apart. I sucked a few strokes, and got up and said that it was his turn.
“I don’t suck cock” he said.
I was crushed. I turned and started to walk away, as he closed his pants. Then it occurred to me, I went that far, what the hell! I turned back and told him I wasn’t done. He smiled and quickly had it out and up, and I was back on my knees.
I must have been doing it right, because, he really got into it. He put his thumbs into his shorts and slipped them down. I took every inch of it and felt my nose being tickled by his curly red pubs. I learned so much so quickly. How to rub his balls and lick his dick head, as I stroked his shaft. Then the fear that he might cum came over me. I was just about to pull off, when some pre cum seeped out. It’s tease wasn’t at all bad, and while I thought about it a huge blast of hot cum blew against the back of my throat. Without a thought, I swallowed it, and loved it.
That’s it, that’s how it happened’
Ever since then I have been pretty straight. Jack came to me when we were a few years older and promised to blow me first if I'd go with him again, butI was all into girls then so I blew him off.
Some years later while I was in the service I got drunk and stumbled into a gay bar. I got even drunker, and got a blow job from a guy in the washroom.
It wasn't till my last year in the service that I got very horny, and let myself get picked up on my way back to the base. I knew damn well that the guy picking me up was gay, and one thing led to another. We parked by a lake and began to feel each other up. He opened my pants and slid them down and went to work on my throbbing cock. i noticed he was stroking his own as he sucked me. He had a really big beautiful cock. At least 8 inches, thick, and cut. I couldn't keep my hand off.I soon came like never before. He pulled off and laid back in his seat and sighed. My hand was still working his marvalous cock. Before I knew it I was going down on him. He moaned with delight as I tried to swallow the whole 8 inches. He undid his pants and slid then down his thighs. I went straight to his big balls trying to suck them while strocking his cock. I low groan told me he was about to blow his load, so I crammed his post into my hungry mouth just i n time to recieve his hot creamy payload.
After that I married when I left the service, and haven't been with a guy since. Now, I just think about it all the time.

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2016-08-21 22:28:32
Your story is almost like mine and I went with out thinking about gay sex for quite a few years then my wife passed awa and now I try to get as many guys as I can to have sex with as I know it is great and I have recently dand now lopoking to have some more a blowjob and liked it very much

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2010-07-30 05:59:11
Had similar experiences at school, even had a few mutal blowjobs with my gay brother in law when first married. I still prefer a good pussy

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2010-07-26 08:47:43
Brought back memories, except for me it was my early teens and I would suck and fuck older men. They would return the favor of course. It was great until I got my first pussy at 16 and have preferred women since. I've had one bi encounter since...about 8 months ago...although I hadn't sucked a cock in years...I blew his mind with my deep throat abilities. I mostly fantasize about sucking a big cock...mmmm...I'd like one now, in fact!

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2009-06-27 12:50:40
The part about the army brings back some great memories and how a fellow solder and I took R&R on the Big Island in Hawaii. We spent week there and sucked each other off every night. We both got out of the army and have never seen each other since.


2009-05-15 09:41:06
Good! Turned me on, for sure. I love the feel of a cock in my mouth, but don't do it very often.

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