My first man...
Young Passion - Part 3

My last 2 stories showed you how my young sex life got started. They were both stories about me and my brother, about loosing my virginity, and about the beginning path that ends in a way that is will totally shock most people. It shows a change from the me I was to the me I am now. I have no regrets about my past, it has developed me into the person I am now. This is part three of my true life story. Most of which is taken from my diary and the rest from my remembrances of those day’s. If you haven’t read part one and two yet, I suggest that you do. They are the beginning to the story and you will miss a lot by not reading them in order. I will be trying to write all of them with-in the next few weeks.

Dad’s birthday was just 2 day’s away and I had little clue as to what to get him for his birthday. Dad seemed to have everything that he needed and I really didn’t have a lot of allowance money to buy him anything. I did have one idea though. A nice meal, the way that mom used to fix it. But the problem was that I really wasn’t a cook besides food that you warmed up or cooked in the microwave I was kind of clueless. I did though have a secret weapon so to say, my Aunt Janet lived in a town about 20 - 30 miles from our small town. May-be she would be willing to help me and give me the credit. I would of course tell Dad that I had a little help.

I called Aunt Janet and while she couldn’t come to my house. She did give me the recipe for Chicken and Dumplings. I thought that that would be perfect, Dad loved Chicken and Dumplings and I don’t think he had had any since mom died, I know we hadn’t had them at the house. So I sat off to the store on the corner to buy the few missing ingredients that I was missing.

“How are you Doing today Jenny”, asked Mr. Gibbs. “ I am fine but I need to buy a few things to make Chicken and Dumplings for my dad’s birthday, this is what I need.” I handed him the list. “ Roy, come here. Help Jenny find these items on her list.” He said. Roy was Mr. Gibbs Grandson and he was around 18-19 years old. He was very good looking guy who had nice muscles, probably from all of the stocking and deliveries that he had made for 4-5 years. But what really turned me on was his smile. His smile just did something to me. It was weird, I had never really saw him the same way that I now did. He had always been very nice to me, and would sometimes give me a piece of candy if Mr. Gibbs wasn’t around.

“ Jenny you sure are getting cute, I bet you are driving the boy’s wild.” Said Roy.
“ I don’t know, I just now started to notice boy’s.” I said. “ Well you are what 12” “About to be 13” I quickly corrected him. “Well at almost 13 you will probably have a boyfriend soon.” he said. “ It doesn’t seem the boy’s my age are grown up enough for me. I think that I need to find a guy older than me, maybe around 19.” He didn’t seem to know what to say for a minute, then he said “ Older guys and girls do stuff that younger girls don’t, if you aren’t careful you might find a guy who might do something to you that might hurt you.” He said.

“ You mean hurt me with this.” I said as I reached out and grabbed his dick through his pants. “Jenny you are to young to be doing that.” he said. “ I have done a lot more than that Roy.” I said as I smiled. “But you are only 13, who have you done stuff with” he asked. “ I won’t say who, but I will say that I have had sex.” I should have been embarrassed to say that, but I wasn’t. It was kind-of like a badge of honor to me. It was like since all other adults do it then it shouldn’t be a problem for me to. I didn’t see it as anything wrong , It was just what people did. It made me feel like an adult.

“ Do you want to have sex with me sometime?” I asked him. “Jenny you are cute but if your dad found out they would through me in jail.” he said. “ I won’t tell if you don’t. I smiled at him. “But what if you get pregnant?” I was floored by this statement. I had up till this time had no clue that having sex would make you get pregnant. I never knew how it happened, my mom had died before she had given me the talk. My Aunt Janet had to talk to me about my period and I knew it was connected with having kids, but I didn’t know how sex played a part.

“ Sex makes you pregnant?” I asked him kind-of loudly. “SHHHHHH, That is how girls get pregnant is by having sex.” he said quietly. “ Do you get pregnant every time you have sex?” “ No, but it can happen and does happen all the time unless you wear protection.” he said. “ Protection ?” I asked. “ Condoms, they go over a guy’s dick and keep the cum from going into the girl. The cum is what can make a girl pregnant.” he told me. “ If you get some will you have sex with me.” He wouldn’t answer me. He just asked me if I could come back at 7pm when the store closed. I told him that I would try but didn’t know if I could get dad to go for it. I then left.

I did get away from dad that evening. I told him at 6:45 that I needed to run to the store to get something before they closed. I was shocked when all he asked was did I need any money. “ I am going to have to go to Fred’s at 7 so I will see you when I get back.” Dad said. He would have usually said no or asked me what I needed and why it couldn’t wait till the next morning. But this time he just let me leave with-out any hesitation. But him going to Fred’s will give me more time. He lived out of town about 15 minutes and Fred loved to chat.

I got to the store 5 minutes before they were to close. I saw Roy behind the counter helping out his last customer for the night. Mr. Gibbs usually worked the morning shift opening up at 6AM, and Roy would work the closing shift 6 day’s a week. The store was closed on Sunday. So Roy was the only employee there.

After the last customer was gone, Roy locked the door, and he took my hand and took me to the back of the store. He took me into the back store room, and then up some stairs in the back to a room in the top. It was made into a bedroom. “This is my room, I don’t make enough to afford a place of my own and grandpa feels better if someone is always at the store to protect it.” he said.

He then grabbed my hand again and walked up to me, stooped down a little and gave me a kiss that must have lasted at least 10 minutes. We were lip locked and really going after each other. I was really horny, while still kissing him I grabbed his pants and unbuttoned his dress pants and unzipped his pants. I lowered them to the floor and then quickly lowered his boxers. I then grabbed his half hard dick and started stroking him as we continued to kiss each other heavily. He then started unbuttoning my blouse and then started rubbing my small tits through my bra. I stopped kissing him at that point and I took off my shirt and my bra. He quickly reached for my tit’s and started rubbing them. We once again started back to kissing each other. After a few minutes I hot so turned on, probably the most I had ever been so far. Roy then took me over to the bed. He sat down on the bed and he lead me in front of him so that my tit’s were in his face. He then started sucking on my nipples. Just as before the sucking on my nipples sent a shock straight to my pussy, my knees were weak and I thought that I was going to hit the floor before he was done. But it did nothing to calm the raging fire between my legs. I wanted him inside of me really bad, but also really wanted to play with his dick first.

He then took off my shoes, socks, pants, and my panties. At that point I was a little nervous. I guess it was being totally naked with this guy that I have known a long time but not as comfortable with as my brother. He then stood up, picked me up, and laid me down on the bed. He started kissing me again and we were touching each other all over. Roy slowly started kissing his way down and I was anxious for him to find my pussy. I was so turned on that with-in 10 seconds of him licking me I had the first orgasm.

After I went off. I was still horny but not quite as bad as I was before. I wanted to satisfy Roy, so I asked him to lay down. Roy’s dick was probably about 6 -7 inches long and just a little thicker than my brothers . I then started licking his dick head. I then took his head into my mouth and lightly sucked on it. I then started moving up and down a little, then a little more and then even more. I could only get about half of it is my mouth, but from the moans he was making I think he was really enjoying it.

After sucking him for about 5 minutes, I really was turned on strong again. I just had to have his dick in my pussy. “ I really want you in me now.” I said. “Are you sure that you have done this before.” He asked . “Yes twice” I said kind of scornfully. He grabbed a small packet and tore it open. He took what I presumed at the time was a condom, and he slowly rolled it over onto his dick .

I laid on my back and waited as he started rubbing his dick up and down looking for the hole that I wanted him is so badly. He then found the hole and slowly entered his dick into my pussy. His dick was bigger than my brothers and it hurt a little going in. I knew that his dick was stretching me to new limits and he finally most of his dick in me before he bottomed out on me. The pain from him bottoming out on me sent a pain up my spine that was just painful. “Are you Okay” He asked. “ Yes, but that really hurt, don’t go in that deep.”

He said okay and continued to pump me in and out until building me to another orgasm. As he went in and out in a missionary position, he kissed me and we started into each others eyes. I don’t know what happened during that moment but I knew that I really liked Roy, and may have been starting to fall for him. But what did I know about emotions I was only 12 going on 13.

Then it happened. I had an orgasm so intense that my back was coming up and down off of the bed. It lasted for about a minute and Roy unloaded into the condom. I was so spent that I about wanted to go to sleep. But Roy brought me back to my senses and told me that I had to go before my Dad came looking for me. We laid ther for about 15 more minutes and then I got up.

We put our clothes back on and we walked down the stairs. He grabbed me before got back to the doors that led from the store to the storage room. He gave me a deep and passionate kiss. “ I had a lot of fun Roy, I hope that we can do it again.” I said. “ Of course we can, but you have to keep this quiet. If you tell anyone I could go to jail for years, they don’t like it when guys over eighteen have sex with younger girls. Do you understand that?” he asked. “ Yes, don’t worry I won’t tell anyone about us, but I want to see you again soon.” Roy let me out and I left.

As I walked up to the driveway, I saw that dad’s truck was in the drive-way. Oh Shit I thought how could dad already be home? I looked at my watch, it was 8:25. “Shit, Dam, Shit” I said to myself. I knew that this wasn’t going to be good. I walked down the driveway to the house scared shitless of the conversation that was about to follow.

“ Where have you been?” my brother asked as he was outside of the house waiting for me to come home. “ I was at the store” I snapped back. “The store closed at 7:00 it is now 8:30.” he smiled. “ I got busy talking to Roy” I said. “ Roy? He is like 19 isn’t he? Why would he want to talk to …..” He then suddenly quit talking. He realized in a moment what we were probably doing. “Oh shit Jenny , did you have sex with him?” he said. I didn’t know how to answer the question. Was he going to be mad at me or just laugh at me. But I felt I had to answer him. “ Yes I did, but please Jason don’t tell dad.” I begged. “ He is inside and he is upset about you not being home yet, he went by the store but it was locked up and so he came back home. He has even called a few people looking for you.” he said. “ What do I do? I can’t tell dad, he would have Roy arrested and he would hate me” I pleaded. Jason thought for a minute then took out his wallet from his back pocket and said, “ Okay look, here is $10.00, tell dad that Roy hired you to help him with a few last minute deliveries with him. Tell him that you needed the money to buy him a birthday present and thought that you would have been back before he got back.” I took the money, put it in my pocket and went inside to follow Jason’s plan, hoping that it would work.

Once inside, Dad looked at me with a vacant expression. I couldn’t tell how mad he was, but I knew that I hadn’t made him happy. He asked me where I had been and I gave him the story that Jason told me to tell him. He just sat down. “ I appreciate that you wanted to buy me a gift, but you scared the hell out of me.” He hugged me and I told him I was sorry. He didn’t punish me, just asked me to get ready for bed. I felt really bad for lying to dad, but there was no way I could have told him the truth. I didn’t think that he would have understood at all. I really owed my brother for that one, it was brilliant. I did now owe my brother
$10.00 though. Maybe he will let me work it off.....

Tomorrow was Dad’s birthday, and though he had to work that morning, I was planning a special birthday for Dad. Little did I know how special I was going to make it for him, but that is part 4 to my true life story. It is one of the best parts watch for it…..

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Got older i sarched up for porn i found and saw that she touched her clit. I touched it and got an orgasm . Ever since then ive been masterbating am i bad for doing this i just love the feeling and long for someone to lick my pussy a girl tho and i never told anyone and i hsed to hump my cousin a girl and we kept it a secret we were young so now i want to talk to ger but she might think its gross now

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