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I was sitting at church one bright, sunny morning, in the baptismal room, waiting for the minister’s
This is completely fiction. It's not a fantasy of mine. Just something I came up with. I like it, because it's forbidden:

I was sitting at church one bright, sunny morning, in the baptismal room, waiting for the minister’s wife to perform my baptism. I hadn’t brought anything to wear under the white robe, thinking it wouldn’t be necessary as a woman was performing the ceremony and I didn’t realize how transparent the robe would become once it was wet. No wonder they hurriedly opened and closed the curtains before and after the baptism.

After what seemed like an eternity, to my shock and surprise, a young man entered the room and informed me the regular ministers had suddenly been called out of town for an emergency and could not come to church. He asked me if I wanted to postpone the baptism, until they returned. I knew it could be several weeks to reschedule so I told him no, I’d go ahead and allow him to do it. I only hoped he would be able to ignore my state of undress afterward.

We looked at each other intently as he asked me if I was sure. I nodded my head as I stared back. I couldn’t get over how attractive this young minister was. In fact he was hot! Shamelessly, I found myself looking him up and down and rested my eyes on his crotch. How I would have liked to see an erection in those pants. He didn’t seem to notice me or he just ignored my stares. Either way, he helped me into the warm water and turned me sideways as he stood next to me, readying himself to perform the baptism. The robe had become soaked with water immediately and clung to my naked body. I felt like I was in a wet t-shirt contest. Even though the water was warm, my nipples were visible and hard as rocks. The robe was floating around the bottom half of my body, so my pussy was momentarily hidden.

The speaker announced my baptism and someone started reading ure from the bible as the curtains were drawn, for the congregation to witness the “cleansing” of my body as I accepted Jesus and committed myself to become a loyal servant of God. However, I felt like a hypocrite at that moment, because I was thinking about boning this young man of the cloth.

I barely heard him asking me if I accepted Jesus as my savior and answering yes, as he dunked me in the water. I’m sure at that point, he got a clear view of my pussy. I had my arms crossed against my chest, so that hid my tits and budding nipples, but I was clearly aroused by this man’s gentle, supportive hands as he dipped me backwards into the water and up again. Thankfully the curtain closed and a female deacon was waiting at the bath with a large towel to wrap around me. With the minister’s help, I walked up the steps inside the bath to the steps outside, but before the deacon was able to wrap the towel around me, unbeknownst to me, he couldn’t resist the temptation of looking and clearly saw my nice round ass, with the wet robe sticking inside the crease of my cheeks.

I went to the changing room and quickly dressed and went into the sanctuary for the remainder of the service. However, I couldn’t help noticing, it took the minister a little longer to come back to the sanctuary. I later found out, he had indeed taken a peek at my exposed, large “girls” and shapely ass. Apparently, he got an erection and went to his private study to “take care of it”.

Eventually, he did return to the service and at the end he asked me to join him at the entrance of the sanctuary so the congregation could greet me on their way out.

I attended church faithfully and volunteered for several projects and became a deacon. I attended classes for theology to become an elder and eventually a minister, myself. I was dedicated to my church and my spiritual beliefs and tried to live my life in an appropriate manner. But, I am, after all human and have, and did, make mistakes along the way. One of those mistakes included eventually boning that hot, young minister.

I shamelessly, made it a point to work on several volunteer projects with him and would make sure I was always close to him. We sat together during fellowship, at church dinners and other events that took place at the church. He was an assistant minister, so he was not always involved with the service and would sit with me during services. Sometimes our volunteer work or church outings involved traveling short distances and I always made sure I would ride with him. We went to lunch together and sometimes dinner. No one at the church ever gave it a second thought, thinking our involvement was harmless since he was a minister and I was taking classes to become a minister. The church did allow ministers to marry, but they were supposed to remain celibate until that time, if they chose to do so.

Even though I was in denial, I was trying to seduce him. I always felt aroused when I was around him and my pussy ached and my nipples grew hard and tingled with excitement as I fantasized about us indulging in forbidden, passionate sex. Our church was a congregation of loving and supportive people and everyone always hugged each other. When I hugged him, I would press my body tightly against him, making sure he felt my tits and nipples pressed snug against his firm, muscular chest. I guess in some way, I was the type of woman who enjoyed taking risks. I fantasized about taking the chance of fucking him in a pew or the church office after church services and getting caught while in the throes of passion. I secretly wanted him to bend me over his desk, and stick his cock deep inside my horny cunt, fucking my brains out. I wanted to feel his cock inside my mouth and squirt a huge, hot load of semen down my throat, swallowing it into my stomach. I wanted to feel his hot, wet tongue eating my pussy and making me cum, explosively, squirting his mouth with my hot, pussy juice. I convinced myself it would be a fantasy that would never be fulfilled and settled for masturbating, while letting my imagination take me to those tempting, forbidden places.

When I started taking my theology classes, he volunteered to be a mentor to help me learn the Bible and the life that Jesus lived before his crucifixion. Now, I regret having him as my tutor and wish I could turn back the hands of time. Unfortunately, we cannot erase the things we do, by giving into temptations of the human desires.

It was several months before we finally fucked and I was very close to finishing my classes. I would become a lay minister rather then ordained. However, that made no difference and we still committed a major sin. We had started putting in some extra study time at my apartment, which was where the deed took place. It was my intention to finish my studies as quickly as possible and fulfill my goal.

It was a cold, snowy evening. As it happened, the storm was unusually heavy and he was unable to get his car out of the parking lot and was forced to spend the night. I had a hide-a-bed sofa in the living room and when we were tired of studying, after a quick, light supper, we decided to call it a night. I provided blankets and pillows for him. Unfortunately, he had to sleep in just his underwear.

As it happened, he had never forgotten the sight of my body as I stepped out of the baptismal, ultimately becoming aroused, forcing to take care of it by himself. I never stopped noticing how gorgeous he was and my curiosity got the best of me as well, and I had been masturbating every time I thought about his dick and wondering how hard it would be, when he became aroused.

We both tossed and turned for a couple of hours, thinking about being so close to each other and away from our peers at church and couldn’t help being aroused by the thought of “coming together” and fulfill, the shameless, sinful, carnal desires of committing fornication.

I had told him long ago, he could help himself to my kitchen at any time. We both had the same idea to get a glass of milk and headed for the kitchen. We bumped into each other as we entered the dark room. I was wearing a very thin belly tank top and light bikini shorts and his boxers were thin and light. We grasped each other to steady ourselves and with little thought, to the sin we were about to commit, we ripped each other’s clothes off, pressing hot skin against hot skin and started kissing passionately. Our tongues were deep inside each other’s mouth, wrestling in a deep, wet, arousing kiss. My pussy started throbbing and aching and my nipples had hardened instantly as our bodies pressed together tightly.

His cock begin to harden as he was rubbing his hands all over my body, exploring every curve and crease, reaching up and cupping my large tits, squeezing and caressing as he pinched and twisted my already hard nubs. We were moaning and kept saying in between kissing how we shouldn’t be doing this and how forbidden it was. Then he said in a low, lust-filled voice, “But how I want you. I’ve wanted you ever since your baptism. I’ve dreamt of your gorgeous body and all the things I’ve wanted to do to you. Oh yes! Forgive me, but I can’t resist you any longer. I need your body. I need to feel myself buried inside your hot, cave!” I mumbled, “Yes! Please take me now! I can’t wait much longer! I want you to fuck me. I want to suck your cock deep inside my throat and feel your hot tongue licking my pussy!”

We were moaning and panting hard and fast. He backed me up to the kitchen table, pushing everything off. He lifted me up, sitting me down, then spread my legs as he lowered his head to my horny, wet , cock hungry pussy. He started licking my pussy lips, nibbling and pulling at them with his soft lips. I was leaning back on my hands, then laid down on the table, arching my back, pushing my pussy into his face. He reached up with his fingers and parted my lips, opening my tight fuck hole. “Mmm. Oh yes! This is what I’ve waited so long to see and feel!” He shoved his tongue deep inside, fucking me, moving his head back and forth, shoving his tongue as deep as he could go. I grabbed the back of his head, helping him delve deeper into my hot, wet love canal. Then he replaced his tongue with his fingers, pushing deeper and deeper, finding my cervix, then started fucking me hard and fast with his fingers. He found my g-spot, holding the tip of his finger gently against it, then rubbed gently and slowly in tiny circles, driving me crazy with desire.

I was under his spell and he was in control of my throbbing pussy as my hips moved up and down and around, uncontrollably. He was pushing me further and further to the edge of the most fantastic orgasms I would ever experience. He slowly released my g-spot, pulling his fingers out of my hot, needy cunt. I needed to cum so bad. I whimpered, pleading with him, “Oh, please don’t stop! I’m so close!” He told me in a soft, tender voice that he would soon give me the release I so desired.

He lifted me off the table and carried me into the living room, placing me gently on the hide-a-bed. “I thought you’d be more comfortable lying here instead of the table. I plan on taking my time with you. There are so many things I’ve dreamt about doing to you and I intend to do it all night long.” Having said that, he lowered his head, kissing me deeply as before. He softly caressed my cheeks, moving slowly down my chin and neck, continuing to my tits, gently tickling the skin between my tits. He had me on fire.

Gently he cupped one tit, exploring it with his large, soft hands, making circles around my areola and nipple. He barely touched the end of my nipple with the tip of his finger and it instantly hardened and pulsated under his gentle touch. He rubbed the end of my nipple, lightly and slowly, making it tingle and my pussy throb painfully deep inside my womb. He gently twisted and pinched it between his fingers, pulling at it, making it harder and perkier. He moved his hand to the other tit, doing the same thing to that one, then he lowered his head and starting suckling, nibbling and kissing each one as he cupped them both in his hands. While he sucked one, he grazed is fingernail across the tip of the other nipple, making it harder and harder and tingle more and more. He went back and forth between each tit, giving them both equal attention and making my pussy and clit throb hard and fast as I felt the juice slipping from my pussy.

I put my hands on his head holding him against my breasts, as I arched my back, moaning and whimpering, “Oh yes! That feels so good! Bite my nipples, bite them hard! Squeeze my tits! Please!” I didn’t have to ask him twice. He started ravaging my tits and nipples like a crazed animal. I could feel his rock-hard, wet cock against the top of my thigh as he was rubbing it against me, moaning and groaning. “I want to fuck you! I want to fuck you hard!”
“Oh yes, I want to feel your rock-hard, thick cock deep inside my pussy, ramming it hard and fast!”

While he continued ravaging my tits, he let one hand softly and slowly slide down my belly to the top of my pubic area, running his fingers back and forth my trimmed bush. He slid his fingers into the tiny tuft of pussy hair, twirling it with his fingers, just above my clit. He barely grazed his finger across the hood of my hard, swollen, button, making my body tremble and shake with excitement and desire. Oh, how I wanted him to touch my clit. I pushed my hips up towards his fingers trying to force him to touch my clit, but he’d move his fingers back each time he got close.

“You’re driving me crazy!!! I need to cum so bad!!! Oh yes!! You make me feel so goooood!!!!!” He moaned and chuckled at my whimpering and grunting as he took pleasure in ravaging my body, in total control of my every move. Groaning in his lust-filled voice, he told me, “Sweetie, when I take you, it will give you more pleasure then you have or will ever know the rest of your life. Your pussy will explode with the most wonderful, agonizing orgasms you will ever experience. You will cum over and over, soaking my cock with your hot, volcanic liquid as it oozes cupfuls of your delicious cunt juice.” Then he asked in a tender, low voice, “Sweetie, will you squeeze my cock? Please?” I immediately reached for his hot-throbbing, steely, wet cock, slowly and gently stroking it up and down, the entire length from his hair to the tip of his uncut head. He told me squeeze tighter. It was so thick, I could hardly squeeze my hand around it, but I did and soon he was fucking my hand, moaning and grunting. “Baby, baby!!!! That feels so good!!! Ah, yes!!! Keep it up!!!!”

He continued using his gentle fingers on my pussy as he moved down to my labia, pushing them apart and sliding inside my slippery, wet cunt. “Mmm, baby, you’re all wet! That’s what I wanted! You must be really horny! Is your pussy hungry for my big cock? Hmm? Or do you want me to eat you again?” I was panting and my hips and ass were wiggling and shaking frantically from my overwhelming desire to explode. “Ah! Sweetie, do whatever you want, just, please make me cum!” “Uh uh. Not yet! I’m not through playing!” He climbed on top of me and turned his body so his cock was aimed toward my mouth and his face was in my pussy. He shoved his mouth on my juicy, wet pussy, licking and sucking the juices, moaning, telling me how good I tasted. I spread my legs as far as I could, bucking, fucking his mouth and tongue.

He was dripping with perspire from being so horny himself, when he asked me to suck his cock, his voice was shaky and barely audible. I was so horny, I wasted no time in taking his cock into my mouth. My lips were stretched as far as they could go, nearly splitting. He let out a loud, long wail as I started sucking and slowly taking him to my throat. I had my hands on his ass, pushing him deeper into my mouth as he started fucking me. He was banging my mouth fast and deep as he was groaning, panting and hissing through his teeth, “Fuck!!! Fuck!!! I’ve never felt anything so good in my life!!! Baby!!! Your mouth feels so good!!! I wanna cum so bad!!! Don’t make me cum, sweetie, I wanna blow it all inside your pretty pussy!!!” I was now swallowing the large head of his cock, making it very difficult for him to hold his orgasm back. “Ahhhhh!!!! Fuuuck!!! Don’t make me cum, not yet!!!!”

We continued to eat other for several minutes until we were both ready to go over that long awaited edge of blissful release. He shoved his cock deep inside my mouth to my throat, holding it there. His dick throbbing hard as he squirted ropes of thick cum down my throat. He was trying hard to stop his orgasm and asked me, pleadingly to stop sucking and swallowing. He squirted a few more long, thick ropes of cum down my throat, before he was able to stop cumming and hold the rest of his orgasm back. The pulsating of his cock slowed as he softened and he carefully pulled out of my mouth, cum still dripping from the end. I had my tongue out as I quickly caught the last few drops, swallowing them.

During the beginning of his orgasm, I had just about gone over the edge and thrust my hips up, holding them as my muscled tightened and my pussy started the painful throbbing of orgasmic pleasure. Just then he stopped eating me and the throbbing slowed, keeping me on the edge.

He quickly turned around, holding my legs up, he shoved his tongue over my clit, furiously licking and sucking, pushing me over the edge as my pussy pulsated when the waves of the most pleasurable, but painful, explosive orgasms begin. Then he quickly slipped his cock inside, immediately ramming my hot cunt as he felt my throbbing pussy wrapped tightly around his engorged, hard, hot dick, allowing his orgasm to continue. We were bucking and fucking, grunting and groaning inaudible sounds as we were exploding with each other, our carnal desires of this sinful coupling finally being satisfied.

After several wonderfully, pleasurable minutes of cumming over and over, our orgasms slowly ceased and our juices barely trickled out of our orifices. He laid down over the top of me, his slightly hard, throbbing dick, still inside my throbbing pussy as my orgasms continued lightly a few minutes longer. As I felt each little wave well up, I squeezed his dick with my pussy, pushing out what little cum was left. Slowly, my orgasms stopped and my legs relaxed to the side of my body, exhausted, glowing in the after math of our overwhelming desire of sexual tension and eventual release. We were both exhausted but completely satisfied as we lay there letting our bodies relax. We fell asleep for a bit, then pulled ourselves up, wearily, to shower. We kissed and fondled each other as we washed each other off. But we had satisfied each other’s sexual needs and didn’t have a need for anymore fucking that night.

We reveled in the beauty of each other’s bodies and explored each other slowly, remembering every single part. We licked, kissed and sucked each other, just for the taste and feel of our bodies. I especially enjoyed the feel and taste of his cock inside my mouth, even flaccid. As I sucked on him, he became a little hard and he moaned and placed his hands on my head while I gently sucked his dick and balls. I teased his head and scrotum, amazed about how I controlled if and how big his cock became. I felt powerful, knowing I could make it hard whenever I wanted and make him moan and groan in pleasure. If this man had ever had sex before, it must have not been for awhile, because I did manage to make him cum just a little. His hot, salty jism, felt and tasted so good, squirting down my throat. He gently held my head down as he pushed his cock deeper inside, slowly fucking my mouth. His head held back and eyes closed, he was moaning, “Ahhh. Baby. You make me feel so good.” He looked down at me, watching his cock fucking my mouth, moaning and hissing, “Sweetie, your mouth looks so nice squeezing my cock so tight.”

I was kind of selfish, I enjoyed him eating my pussy and suckling and nibbling my tits. My pussy was over sensitized, so I wouldn’t let him touch it, but I did let him have as much of my tits as he wanted. After several minutes, we decided it was time to stop fooling around, finished showering, got dressed and I made us brunch. Since we were up all night, we laid down for a nap. We held each other but we didn’t fuck again. At least not that day.

Later, we talked about what we had done and decided we would keep it to ourselves and think about how we would handle it. We both felt very guilty, yet we couldn’t forget how wonderful and beautiful we made each other feel.

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Excellent story.....and you kept the church element intact as well. Beautifully written. Please continue stories such as these

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Hey Wild Lady, I like forbidden church stories and I liked this one a lot.

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