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Rochelle and I swing!!
The rest of Saturday went smoothly. No matter how many problems popped up I always had a smile on my face. The thoughts of Rochelle and Ms. Victoria ran through my mind over and over again. It was getting harder and harder for me to cover up my hard on as the night went on. Closing time finally came and as I was cleaning the final theater, Rochelle walked in and pushed me down to the floor. “I’ve been thinking about you and your cock all day. Whip that big stick out because I’m ready to fuck,” Rochelle demands.
We kiss as her hand pulls my pants down and pulls my hard shaft out. She pulls her pants down showing she had gotten rid of her panties. Her pussy dripping as she slowly lowers herself down on my cock. Her pussy gliding down my hard shaft, feeling her walls squeeze me as she buries my cock inside her. We both moan from the sensation as our lips press against each other. Her hips slowly rocking back and forth, as we kiss passionately and our tongues twirl around in our mouths. My hands running under her blouse as I massage her breast.
She moves her legs under her so she is squatting over me and begins to glide her pussy up and down on my cock. “Oh fuck baby, your cock feels so good inside me,” she moans as she leans back and moves her hips faster. “Oh damn, it’s your cock too baby. Do whatever you want with it,” I moan back as I arch my back pushing my cock deeper. She moans louder and she pounds faster and faster. “Oh god baby, your cock is so hard. I want you deeper inside me,” she moans. I lift myself up and slide out from under her. Then I grab her and bend her over a chair, leaning down and licking her pussy as I stroke my cock.
“Oh god baby, hurry up and fuck me. I want to cum with you,” She begs. I smack her ass twice real hard leaving a red mark. Then I shove my cock deep into her pussy and begin to pound her. My balls slapping her clit as I grab her hair and shove my cock deep inside her. “Oh that’s it baby, fuck me. Fuck me harder,” she screams. I pound faster and faster. Feeling my cock throb inside her I fuck her faster and deeper. I smack her ass harder and harder, driving my cock deep inside her. “Oh god baby, I’m almost there,” I moan as I pounded her pussy. “Me too baby, cum inside me, please,” she moans. I fuck her faster and faster. We moan in unison, feeling the cum build up inside us. “OH GOD BABY!” she screams. Her juices explode from her pussy, her walls spasms. “OH FUCK BABY!” I scream. I cum again and again deep inside her pussy, my cum filling her up and dripping out her pussy. We both fall to the floor, sweaty and exhausted. She lies on top of me smiling, and then looks over at the entrance. “WHAT THE FUCK??!” she yells as she covers herself. I look up and see someone watching us. I get up and get my clothes on, covering Rochelle up. “Well damn you two, if I knew this was going on I be here sooner,” the figure said. Rochelle breathes a sigh of relief, “Shit girl you scared us, what the fuck are you doing?” The figure walks into the light and we both see it is Cynthia.
“Just watching one hell of show, but you two need to get dressed before the man comes and ruins this,” says Cynthia. Cynthia stands about 5’9, 5’10 with a very tight body. She has short black hair and is very much into Goth. “So how long were you watching,” I asked as I get myself situated and help Rochelle up. “Just the ending, I heard some slapping and then the moaning. By the time I got here you two were getting ready to pop,” said Cynthia. “Well thank god you let us finish,” said Rochelle, “or I be truly pissed off.” We all laughed and headed out the theatre. As we were leaving the theater, Cynthia runs out the doors and grabs Rochelle. “What are you two doing next Saturday?” Cynthia asks. “Well my family has a beach house so Big Boy and I were going there to have some fun,” Rochelle says with her devilish grin. “Well you feel like some company,” Cynthia asks, “My boyfriend and I have the day off and we could use some fun.” Rochelle and I look at each other, she then turns to Cynthia, “sure, but you better be ready for us.” Cynthia smiles, “Oh trust me, and we will be.” We say goodnight and head on home. Rochelle cuddled close in the car with me till I dropped her off.
Saturday morning arrived and I picked Rochelle from her house. Rochelle was wearing a black bikini top with shorts. Her breasts were ready to explode from her top, causing me to become incredible hard. “I hope you like,” she said as she gave me a grin, “I get a feeling I won’t be wearing for long.” We laugh as I lean in and kiss her. We drive off and arrive at her beach house around noon. A few minutes later we hear a knock on the door. “You two still dressed,” Cynthia said as she came in. She was wearing a tight yellow bikini top and bottom with her bottom covered by a shear skirt. Her body was tight with a tattoo. A rose with a long vine down her right side starting at her inner thigh and working up to her breast. Her breasts were round and very perky, making it hard not to stare at her. Her boyfriend was a tall, skinny guy with tats himself. “This is Charlie,” Cynthia said. We greeted them both and got everyone situated. We then went out to the beach and enjoyed the day.
Late afternoon hit, and we all came back to the beach house and ate some take out. After a few drinks, Cynthia and Rochelle get up and walk into the kitchen together while Charles and I sat in the living room. Both were whispering and giggling and then after a few minutes came back into the living room. Rochelle sat next to me, “So what would you boys like for desert?” she asks. “You know what,” Cynthia says, “it’s not your choice so why don’t you both close your eyes for us and we will serve you desert.” Charles smiles as I look over at Rochelle, wondering what is going on. “Shut your eyes big boy, and you will get a nice surprise,” she says. I smile at her and close my eyes. After a few moments, I feel soft lips kissing mine. A tongue roamed in and out my mouth as I sat there. My hands lifted up to touch the person kissing me, but where held down as we continue to kiss.
“You can open your eyes,” Rochelle whispers in my ear. I look and Cynthia is in front of me taking off her bikini top. Her breasts were round with very pink, hard nipples. My jaw hits the floor; I look over and see Charlie face buried in Rochelle’s breast. “Enjoy her baby, fuck her hard for me,” Rochelle says as she leans over and kisses my cheek. I wink at her and wrap my lips around Cynthia perky breast. I suck on them hard, making her moan as my hands wrap around her and squeeze her tight ass. I then slid down Cynthia bottoms, her pussy clean shaven with a small carpet of hair just above her pussy. I stand up and kiss her again, holding her tight then pushing her down on the couch.
“Let me taste that sweet pussy,” I say as I kneel in front of her and kiss up her inner thigh. She slides down and opens her legs wide granting me easy access. “Mmm, You’re man know what he wants,” Cynthia says. Rochelle is now kneeling in front of Charlie, undoing is pants and pulling out his hard cock. “Oh you haven’t seen anything yet,” Rochelle says. Then Rochelle licks up the shaft of Charlie’s cock and begins to stroke it. My tongue glides up Cynthia’s thigh and rolls over her soft pussy lips. I can already taste the sweet nectar dripping from her as I take one of her pussy lips into my mouth and softly suck on it. Cynthia moans, her hand running through my hair as I slowly open her pussy lips, licking from bottom to top till I hit her clit.
Rochelle has taken all of Charlie’s cock into her mouth and sucking it slowly. “Oh fuck babe, she is taking it all in,” he moans. Cynthia giggles and then moans, “Oh fuck, I need him to teach you how to eat my pussy out because he is hitting all the right spots,” Cynthia says. Charlie doesn’t hear her as he focuses on Rochelle. I roll my tongue up and down Cynthia clit as my hands slide up and massage her breast. I then pull her clit into my mouth and suck on it hard, causing her to arch her back and moan. I let go and continue to lick her clit as one of my hands slide down. I slowly push in two fingers deep inside her pussy, making Cynthia moan again. Her hand pushing my head down as I lick her clit a little faster, my fingers moving in and out her pussy at the same pace as my tongue. She moans, “Oh god baby, you are going to make me cum.” Rochelle pops Charlie’s cock out of her mouth, “You better be ready to cum a lot with him,” she says. Cynthia smiles at Rochelle as her eyes begin to roll back into her head. Rochelle shoves Charlie cock back down, gagging on it for a few seconds then sliding back off.
My tongue and fingers are moving faster. Cynthia begins to moan louder and louder, “OH MY GOD,” she screams as a gush of juices hit my face. Her body squirms over and over as she cums. My fingers and tongue never stopping till her body slowly calms down, then I slowly lift myself off her and stand up. Rochelle follows my lead, pulling off her bottoms and then shoving Charlie down on the floor. She winks at me as she positions her pussy right above his mouth, “Eat my pussy,” she demands as she grabs his hair and shoves his face up into her wetness. Cynthia catches her breath and instantly rips my shorts off, exposing my hard cock. “Holy Shit,” she exclaims, “I see why you fuck him a lot.” Rochelle giggles and then moans, feeling Charlie’s tongue begin to rub on her clit.
Cynthia spits on my cock and begins to stroke it. I moan as I look down at her and rub her breast. “Don’t expect me to take this thing all in, I’m just going to get it ready for my pussy,” she says. “That’s ok baby, I’ll make sure I fuck you real good to make up for it,” I say. She smiles and slowly opens her mouth, rolling her tongue up my shaft and around my head. She then spits on my cock again, stroking it before her lips take just the tip of my cock in. She then pushes down a little further, getting just past my head as her other hand runs her nails down my chest. She begins to pump her mouth and hand on my cock, as I lean my head back and moan. I look over at Rochelle and see she is already positioning herself over Charlie’s cock. She slowly slides his cock into her pussy, causing them to both moans as she begins to slowly move up and down. Charlie leans up and sucks on her nipples. I then look down at Cynthia, seeing she has taken more of my cock into her mouth and is rubbing my balls with her hand.
She moans as my cock slides out of her mouth, “Fuck me please,” she begs as she lies down. I move on top of her and slowly slide my cock into her pussy. “FUCK,” she yells, “GOD DAMN YOU ARE BIG!” I stop for a moment to let her pussy walls adjust, and then push in a little further. As Cynthia’s pussy begins to loosen, I look over and see Rochelle riding Charlie hard. They are both moaning. Then Charlie pushes her off of him, “Bend over slut,” he commands. Rochelle smiles and bends over letting Charlie push his cock into her pussy and fuck her hard. I begin to pick up pace in Cynthia’s pussy. I lean down and suck on her hard nipples, pulling them with my teeth. She moans as her nails run down my back, feeling them cut deep into my flesh. I begin to pick up the pace.
Next thing we notice is Rochelle is moaning louder and louder, “Fuck me harder baby. Make me cum all over that cock,” she says. Charlie smacks her ass and fucks harder. “OH SHIT!” Rochelle screams. Her body begins to squirm as she cums all over Charlie’s cock. She catches her breath and slides off, taking his cock back into her mouth. Soon Cynthia begins to moan louder, “FUCK, HERE I GO AGAIN!” she screams. Her moans build and build until her whole body shakes. Juices pour out of her in waves, making her body spasm harder each time she does. Soon she catches her breath and follows Rochelle lead, taking my cock and sucking it dry of her juices.
Rochelle then pulls Charlie back onto the couch, moving into a reverse cowgirl position and sliding his cock back into her pussy. I grab Cynthia and bend her over, smacking her ass as I face her directly in front of Rochelle and Charlie. “Eat her pussy out while I fuck your pussy more,” I demand as I slide my cock into her pussy. “Yes sir,” she replies as she leans forward and slides her tongue up and down Rochelle’s clit. Rochelle and Cynthia moan as our bodies merge together. My cock goes deeper this time into Cynthia’s pussy, feeling her walls squeeze my cock. “Oh fuck, that’s it baby. Fuck me deep this time,” Cynthia says. “Let me taste my man’s cock,” she commands of Rochelle.
Rochelle lifts off of Charlie’s cock as Cynthia puts it into her mouth and sucks it dry. Then she guides it back into Rochelle’s pussy. I open up Cynthia’s ass and roll my thumb over her asshole. My cock pushes deeper each time as I spit on her asshole and roll my saliva around it. “That’s it a baby, get nasty for me,” Cynthia says as I push my thumb into her asshole and begin to move it at the same pace as my cock. She and I moan as I feel her walls tighten around my cock. Rochelle and Charlie begin to moan, as Rochelle is dropping hard onto his cock. I begin to pump my cock faster and push my finger deeper into Cynthia, smacking her ass in the process and holding on tight.
Soon we are all moaning with our bodies covered in sweat sensing we are all near. “GOD DAMN,” cries Rochelle as she lifts off Charlie’s cock and her juices pour out of her pussy. Cynthia leans forward to collect the juice onto her tongue as it falls on Charlie’s cock. “YES,” cries Cynthia, her body shaking as she cums on my cock again and again. Charlie then pushes Rochelle down and strokes his cock hard in her face. She opens her mouth as she rubs his balls, begging for him cum. Cynthia moves right next to Rochelle and begs for me to do the same. Charlie and I are standing in front of both woman, stroking our cocks faster and faster ready to feed them our cum.
“OH SHIT, HERE I CUM,” I moan. Cum explodes out of my cock, covering Cynthia’s tongue and mouth, spilling out onto her tight body and tits. “OH DAMN,” Charlie moans as he follows. His cum pours out and covers Rochelle’s tongue. As soon as the last drops leave Charlie and me, Rochelle positions herself above Cynthia and drips Charlie's cum from her mouth into hers. Cynthia takes it all, then positions herself above Rochelle and feeds half of it back to her. Both ladies then swallow deep the sweet nectar as their bodies fall back against the couch. Charlie and I switch places as I sit next to Rochelle and he sits next to Cynthia. “My God,” Cynthia says, “that was the best swap we have ever done.” “Oh yeah,” Charlie says, “most couples are so timid, but you two just let things fly.” Rochelle and I smile at each other, “Why thank you and hope we can do it again soon,” Rochelle says. Cynthia leans over and kisses Rochelle. “Thank you for letting me fuck that stud, you better keep him or I’m going to have two men in my life,” Cynthia says. We all laugh as we sat back and catch our breaths.
Soon Cynthia and Charlie leave as Rochelle and I begin to clean up the mess and enjoy the rest of the evening. “So what do think about your first swing adventure?” Rochelle asks. I smile at her and wrap my arms around her. “Well,” I said, “I liked it a lot and was amazed that it turned me on to watch you fuck someone else.” “Well I promise babe that if I’m fucking someone else, you are going to be fucking their girlfriend,” she stated as we kiss. “Sounds good to me baby,” I said. “And I can tell you now, you are going to really enjoy next weekend,” she said. “Why, what do you have in store next weekend?” I ask. “You will see,” she says giving me that evil grin of hers. We kiss again and turn in for the evening, exhausted after a great day.

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