When the cheerleading squad heads off to camp, it needs a few good men to take care of the cabins. But only the school's biggest geeks are available...
The Cheerleaders

Chapter 1-Cheerleading Camp

Jim was bored. He and his two friends George and Jon had been following the same bus for five hours. He had been driving the entire time, with only one stop about three hours ago. As he stared at the exhaust pipe on the bus he couldn’t help but think that maybe this was not his best idea yet. The offer had been a good one. A thousand dollars for handling the school cheerleading squads' luggage. Not bad pay for a trio of juniors. Of course, getting to be around the cheerleaders for two weeks wasn’t such a bad thing itself, especially for three ubergeeks such as themselves. Jon was a game master, with the rules to half a dozen role-playing and strategy card games running through his head at all times. George was also a games master, but of the electronic kind. He could get through any game without losing more then two lives, and that was without the aid of cheat codes. He had been playing for so long that he had begun working on his own games. Jim had already play tested one, a 2D side scroller based on the sonic franchise. It was actually pretty good compared to what the major companies produced, considering it was done by George himself over the period of several months. Jim was somewhere between George and Jon. He gamed, he tinkered with computers, both software and hardware, had dozens of meaningless Star Wars and Star Trek trivia memorized, and could quote every Heinlein book and short story ever written, word for word. He was a jack-of-all-nerds. These three had absolutely no reason to be even seen with cheerleaders, let alone spending two weeks with them.

This was all running through Jim’s mind as he pulled in behind the bus. They had finally arrived at the pair of cabins that they would be staying at while the girls were participating at the Cheer camp. The adults would be staying in one of the two cabins, while the girls would be taking the rooms in the other. Jim and his friends would be sleeping in sleeping bags on the ground floor of the girls’ cabin. No one was worried about anything happening. After all, it was three geeks and cheerleaders. The girls would avoid them out of habit. As far as anyone was concerned, including the boys themselves, the luckiest these guys could get was seeing the girls in their bikinis while they cooled off in the lake.

The girls began to pile off the bus. The first off was Ashley. The standard cheerleading beauty, her chestnut brown hair cascaded down her back. Smiling even after five hours on a bus, it was her breasts the guys were paying the most attention to. Full and firm at sixteen, they bounced with every skip like step she took. Following her were Lisa and Diane. Lisa was a Mediterranean beauty, with raven hair cut to shoulder length, her low cut t-shirt revealing tanned full breasts. Diane was shorter, standing about 5’5”. Her blond hair was done up in pigtails, and she had sweated through her white shirt, revealing a lacy bra straining to hold back her B-cup. Giggling at some private joke they headed off to the cabin. Following them was Stefanie. She was a cross of Diane and Ashley, with a petite form, chestnut hair blond hair pulled back in a pony tail and breasts that easily attracted wandering eyes. Her tight jeans displayed a tight ass, the kind that caused men to drool. Behind her was Jennifer, as Irish as they came. Her fiery red hair was taken into a ponytail, and her sparkling green eyes shone as she smiled. A tight t-shirt displayed a bust line most models would be envious of.

Watching this show, the three guys were glad their baggy shorts were hiding what could have been some seriously embarrassing hard-ons. They began to unload the busses, moving the luggage into the foyer so the girls could claim it and tell them where to bring it. After about four hours of lifting and hauling the luggage had been distributed. The cabin was a large one, with eight bedrooms on the second floor. Each room held three girls of the two twelve girl squads. The guys had been given a side den room to sleep in. As it had no beds, they had been provided sleeping bags, and would be sleeping on the floor. Though each room had its own bathroom, showers had to be taken in the communal shower on the ground floor. By some stroke of coincidence, the shower was located next to the room in which the guys would be sleeping. This they had no problem with, as it meant that the lake would not be the only time the boys would get the chance to view some flesh. Several of the girls were known to be slight exhibitionists, and would more then likely be walking around in towels, if anything at all.

The boys set to work, removing the larger pieces of luggage from under the coach bus. They began to move it towards the cabins, hoping to get as much done outside as possible, before the sun peaked. Even in the middle of August, noon was no time to be running around working. They were half way to the house when they heard the yelling begin. Turning to look, the saw the girls stampeding towards them. Some were pulling their t-shirts off, revealing the bikinis and one piece suits they were wearing. Burdened by the luggage they were carrying the boys had no hope of escape. They quickly circled, placing the bags between them and the on rushing horde, hoping the sight of their stuff would prevent the girls from trampling those who carried it. The girls began to thunder pass, heading for the lake. Several leapt over dropped bags, while others merely passed around them. The entire scene reminded Jim of the stampede in Jurassic Park. Finally, the last few passed, and the boys resumed carrying the bags into the cabin. They still had several more trips to make, and they wanted them done as soon as possible.


The coaches were standing near the front of the bus, watching the boys handle the gear. Coach Malone looked down at his smaller partner, Coach Durst. Both men were rather fit, spending the time they weren’t coaching making use of the school’s weight facilities.

“Do you think we have to worry about them being around?” Malone asked. Durst looked at the boys.
“I doubt it. I keep track of who my boys are dating, and they all partnered off with most of the girls. I don’t know about the rest of them, but I doubt they want to be seen with a group of geeks like those.” Durst answered.
“Being kind of harsh on those boys aren’t you?”
“Not really. I’ve known Jim since he was in kindergarten, and I’ve coached the other two as well. They don’t have a chance with the cheerleaders, and they know it. I doubt they are even going to try. They came for the money, they’ll leave with the money, and possibly a few fond memories of accidents.”
“Yeah. You know these girls. They always did enjoy showing off for the crowd.”
“Ah. Got ya.”


A/N Ok, no sex in this one. There will be in the following chapters. Also accepting characters and suggestions

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