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In this chapter the story continues and Cindy is able to describe the actions that transpired on the trip to Atlanta with the Thompsons. Again, as in earlier chapters, this story is a blend of fiction and a true occurrence. Although the chapter is a stand alone, the reader is well advised to review the earlier chapters.
After I picked up Cindy at the Raleigh airport the night she returned from Oklahoma, we began our journey home through the gathering darkness on the way back to Chapel Hill. My curiosity was at a high level wanting to hear about the trip and particularly about Cindy’s “surprise” games with Bobby and Ellen Thompson. “Okay,” I asked, “What happened on the trip? I thought it was just going to be a trip to Atlanta and you’d be on your way to Oklahoma.”

“Oh no,” she answered, “I think that Bobby and Ellen had planned for a little excitement all along.”

“What happened,” I asked.

“Well, we stopped at a nice motel near Hartsfield and they insisted on just getting only one room. They said that there were two queen-sized beds and plenty of room and it would save money. That made sense, so I agreed. Then, after a pleasant meal at the motel’s restaurant, we went back to our room for a few drinks and bed. Bobby had been making a few suggestive comments about the three of us fooling around, but I assumed that he was just teasing. Anyway, I went into the bath room and changed into my pajamas before attempting to breastfeed Megan. As it was, she was much more interested in sleeping than nursing. After several vain attempts, I put her in her into the crib and crawled into my bed. My breasts were aching with engorgement and I really needed some sort of relief. Well, Ellen immediately picked up on my predicament.”

“'What’s the problem?' she asked."

“Oh, my breasts are really full, but Megan is just too sleepy to nurse,” I responded.

“What do you have to do to take care of that?” she asked.

“Oh, if I were home I’d either pump or Hank would take care of that in a heartbeat and suck me dry.”

“’Hey! We’d love to help you out,’ Bobby said helpfully and excitedly. ‘We can take Hank’s place! Why don’t you let us suck your tits and relieve the pressure?’ I didn't know how to respond. I was unsure what to do.”

“Oh, no. I couldn’t.” I finally said. I wouldn’t feel comfortable with you to doing that, particularly because Hank isn’t here.” but I knew I really needed some relief and knew that I could certainly use the help.

“Well, okay” … I said somewhat hesitantly. That was all it took as Bobby and Ellen virtually leapt from their bed to join me. I felt the two of them getting into my bed and moving next to me. They each turned so that they were facing me as I lay on my back.

I opened my mouth to protest, but Ellen silenced me with a finger over my lips, then slowly she began to unbutton my pajama top, exposing my breasts. Again I started to object, but Bobby just said “shhhh ……’ and ran his fingers over my aching breasts. My milk began to immediately let down and seep from my nipples. Bobby instantly licked it off. Honestly, Hank, it felt wonderful. Ellen then whispered to me, “Are you ready to let us help you?”

“I just moaned and whispered, “Yes.” Bobby leaned forward and took one nipple into his mouth. Gently and, tentatively at first, he began to suck. I closed my eyes and let go of all my apprehensiveness, misgivings, and inner tension. He began sucking harder and suddenly I completely let down and the milk started to flow. I could hear him swallowing great mouthfuls of my milk at the same time Ellen was suckling at my other breast. Her mouth tugged on my nipple milking it with long slow sucks. Her fingers felt warm and exciting on my breast. I just closed my eyes letting the feeling of her fingers on my skin relax me. Then, I felt her fingers slowly drifting down my body to my pussy. I should have complained, Hank, but instead I held still just enjoying the euphoric feeling of the two of them draining my breasts.”

“Well, at about that time, I looked at Bobby and realized that he was stroking himself through his pajamas. I felt him shift slightly on the bed. I could feel his lips wrapped around my nipple and I watched as his cheeks curved inward as he sucked. Oh, it felt fantastic! I reached over and ran my hand behind his head pulling him a little harder against my swollen breast.”

“Ellen continued to suck on my other breast; her hand gently kneaded it and pulled it forward, helping my milk flow into her mouth. By now I’d just about exhausted my milk supply, but they continued to caress my breasts with their mouths. I felt Ellen’s hand as it caressed and softly traced my pussy through my pajama bottoms. Then she slowly slipped her hand under the waistband of my pajamas and under my panties. Between the sucking of my breasts and Ellen’s caressing of my pussy, I realized that I was already sopping wet. She easily slipped one finger and then another into my drenched pussy, then began to rub my clitoris with her thumb. Hank, I’ve never had a woman do this to me before; but, it felt so soft and gentle.”

“After a few moments, she stopped and slid my pajama bottoms and panties completely off. When she gently spread my thighs apart, I realized that I wasn’t protesting that she was doing any of this. Once I was stripped, her hand returned to my pussy and I felt a finger gently probe until it slipped back up inside me. Oh, it felt so good, Hank! I couldn’t control myself any longer and moaned aloud as she began to finger fuck me into a fantastic orgasm.”

I was incredibly excited, completely aroused by Cindy’s explicit deions. I continued to listen, but forced myself to concentrate on the road as we seemed to be encountering more traffic.

“Meanwhile,” she continued, “Bobby had resumed sucking and nibbling on my nipple, his eyes focused on his wife as she finger fucked me. I ran my hand down and slipped it into his pajamas, and firmly grasping his throbbing dick. He began to softly moan as I pumped it with my hand Bobby then pulled away, getting up off the bed and dropped his pajama bottoms to the floor. He knelt on the bed and shoved his dick toward my face. I was captivated as It stuck straight out, bobbing and swaying in front of my mouth.”

“Hank, this was the first time that I’d ever done anything with Bobby and Ellen without you and was really confused and perplexed. When I slipped my hand under his pajamas, I hadn’t planned on sucking his dick, but just masturbating him. Then I realized that I desperately wanted to suck his cock. I started by licking just the tip of his cockhead as I wrapped my hand around the base of his shaft. I then opened wide and slid my mouth over his cock as far as I could go. Honestly, I was frantic … I desperately wanted him to shoot a load of his cum in my mouth. You know how I love sucking your cock and I just wanted to taste his semen flooding into my mouth.”

“I backed off to his cockhead again and began to move my hand faster and faster as I sucked on his stiff dick. I could feel his hands gripping my hair as his hips thrust forward, fucking my mouth. Every time the head of his dick stabbed forward he grunted and groaned with the pleasure I was giving him.”

“Having brought me to orgasm, Ellen had then crouched at the side of the bed watching her husband fucking my mouth. ‘Suck him, Cindy’ she whispered. ‘Suck him until he cums in your mouth! I want to see Bobby fill your mouth with his delicious sperm! I want to see you suck him dry!’ By now my head was bobbing faster and deeper on Bobby’s dick and I knew that we were both close to orgasm. His one hand supported his body on the headboard of the bed while the other pulled at the back of my head. I could feel his body quivering and his cock seemed to twitch in my mouth, then I felt a throb of his shaft and he began shooting a magnificent load into my mouth. Oh, Hank! It was fantastic! I continued to suck deeply, relishing every moment as I felt his hot cum hit the back of my throat. It was a terrific sensation as I felt Bobby squirting his cum over and over and over again. His orgasm sent me over the top and my second climax just roared through my body.”

Speaking of being over the top I was getting there just listening to Cindy providing the details of her sexual encounter with the Thompsons. I had a hard time concentrating on the road and that I had an intense hard-on that would certainly soon need some sort of relief. I fought for control while Cindy continued with her story.

“By now Ellen was uncontrollably hot and moved between my legs. She began to kiss down one side of my pussy and then up the opposite side. I spread my legs as much as I could and grabbed Ellen by the hair, vigorously pulling her head against my pussy. She brought her mouth up just a little bit, traced my slit with her tongue, and then sucked my clitoris into her mouth. Just a few moments of her light tonguing and sucking and then that was it for me. I screamed out, squealing in delight with another crashing orgasm. Hank! It was one orgasm right after another! Ellen kept sucking on my clit as I squirmed in ecstasy, allowing the excitement to just flow through body.”

“After several moments, she stopped and I again felt the weight shift on the bed. I had been oblivious to the fact that Bobby was sitting on the edge of the bed just enjoying watching his wife bring me to orgasm, but he was now refreshed. His throbbing cock indicated that he was ready to get back into the action and do some serious fucking. As Ellen slipped away, she sat on the edge of the adjacent bed, anxious to watch the new action between me and her husband.”

“Bobby positioned himself between my legs, leaning down to kiss me. I moaned as he thrust his tongue in my mouth and I felt him rub his cockhead against my skin, gradually guiding the tip inside my pussy lips. With a deep groan he thrust his cock deep into me, driving me back against the bed with the force of his thrusts. Oh, Hank. By now I had lost all control! I realized that I was screaming. “Fuck me, Bobby! Fuck me! Fuck me!” His hands clutched my hips, pulling my pelvis toward him as he fucked me with his thick shaft and I fucked him back. I was in a sex-induced frenzy and just had to have all the cock I could get. In spite of the orgasm that I had just received from Ellen, I came almost immediately as I felt a surge of intense pleasure ripping through me.”

“Bobby hadn’t climaxed yet as he continued fucking me sending even more tremors through my quivering body. But moments later he reached his own orgasm and screamed, ‘oh fuck! Oh fuck! Oh fuck!’ as his cum flooded my pussy in thick spurts. He held his dick deeply buried inside me and continued pulling me tight to him until he was drained. All of us were exhausted. Ellen joined us on the bed and we all fell into a sound, deep sleep.”

Whoa! By now I had a raging hard-on from listening to Cindy’s detailed deion of what happened that night and I had difficulty keeping the car running straight and true down the highway. Cindy giggled and seeing my hardened condition, reached out to grasp my cock. “Oh! Just look what I’ve done to you! Well, I’m going to have to do something about that,” she chuckled. I almost let go of the wheel.

“Honey, I’m driving” I began.

“Don’t worry. I’ll do all the work. All you have to do is keep the car between the lines.” She leaned over, unzipped my pants, and reached inside. With a certain amount of difficulty she was finally able to pull out my hardened dick. I felt her hand gently massaging the head and then beginning to stroke up and down on my shaft. She grasped it, firmly squeezing and then gave it several short, upward jerks. I was extremely excited and agitated now, shifting my eyes between the highway stretching ahead in the darkness and my wife’s hand stroking my dick. Finally she leaned down to the side and began licking the head of my cock with the tip of her tongue.

“Oh!” she whispered. “I think I want to suck all of your cum into my mouth. Do you think that would be alright?” she then opened her mouth and slid her lips all the way down until she practically touched the base of my shaft. She held her lips there for a few brief moments and then drew them back, bobbing her head up and down. After being totally aroused by her story and then her expert sucking mouth, I knew I couldn’t last very long. I almost immediately felt the pressure rapidly building in my nuts as she ardently sucked away at my throbbing dick, softly murmuring something. That was it! I began shooting globs of hot cum and Cindy eagerly swallowed them all until I had exhausted my supply. Only then did she pull off with one final swallow and returned to an upright position on her seat, an enormous smile on her face.


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