A little bit of sword play leads to a little bit of something else...
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Chapter Two-Ashley

The next day dawned with a clear sky. Jim was glad of this, as it meant he would be able to practice his swordsmanship in the clean air. Jim had been given a katana for his birthday about a year ago. He had been practicing with it ever since. Even though there was no dojo for him to train at, he had created his own style, mainly based off the large amount of anime he watched. Despite this, he had actually gotten quite good, and maintained his blade so that it always remained in good condition, and always had a sharp blade. Rising early, he ate a quick breakfast; as he and his friends were not required to eat with the group.

Stepping out into the woods, he found a small clearing down near the lake to practice. Not wanting to worry the cheerleaders and adults, he made sure it was far enough away that he wouldn’t be seen. To test his blade, he chose a small sapling and slashed diagonally into it. The sharpened blade cut through it with ease, and the small tree fell to the ground with a light swish sound. Satisfied that the blade was in good keep, he began to work through a few basic techniques. After fifteen minutes of warming up, he began to add more steps to his routine. Intricate parries and blocks were added, and Jim began to move more. No longer staying to a straight line, he began to dance all over the small clearing, the dawning sunlight glinting off his blade while he moved. Pausing only to blindfold his eyes, making it easier to visualize an opponent, he speeded up, the sharp blade passing closer and closer to his body, occasionally passing flat across his other arm as if fighting someone pressing the advantage. The display continued for another half hour. Finishing, Jim twirled on one foot, snapping to a halt with his weight on his left leg, his blade held poised in front of him. Breathing heavily to calm himself, he was startled by the quiet applause coming from behind him.

Wheeling around, he saw one of the cheerleaders sitting on a stump. It was Ashley. Jim didn’t know how long she had been watching, and the thought of her having been near when he was blind scared him. His blade passed through the trunk of the sapling with ease. Human flesh would provide even less resistance. The thought of hurting someone during his routine scared Jim. Angrily he demanded, “How long have you been watching?”

“Since the beginning. You are actually quite good.” Ashley responded. “Where did you learn all that?”

“No where. I taught it to myself. Do you know how badly you could have been hurt? Once that blindfold goes on, I can’t see a thing. If the sword had cut you, it would have gone all the way through.” Jim was calming, but was still slightly ticked off at her carelessness.

“I wasn’t worried. I am a cheerleader remember? We can be fairly agile when needed.” Ashley was laughing at the grimace on Jim’s face. “Anyway, I have to get back for breakfast. Thanks for the show.” Turning to leave she glanced back. “Oh by the way, nice body.”

Watching her walk off, Jim was puzzled by her last comment. Turning around to grab his stuff, he saw his clothes lying on a log and remembered the third reason he practiced alone. Throughout his drills and the conversation, he had been totally nude. Fully dressed, Jim walked back into the cabin and sat down next to his two friends. His sword had already been placed back into the trunk of the car, hopefully where no one would find it. Looking at the large amount of food piled on the table; Jim just started piling food on to a plate, and began eating with gusto. George and Jon just watched with amusement. Of the three of them, Jim always ate the most. This wouldn’t be all that surprising, except for the fact that he was also the skinniest of the three. Jim was well known for his ability to slip past chained fences, even if there was less then a foot of space for him to squeeze through.

“So, Jim, tell us. How’d the practice go?” Jon asked with a smirk on his face. Jim just mumbled something into his plate. “The only reason I ask, is because George here saw Ashley follow you off into them there woods. When she came back, she had he largest grin on her face. Care to explain? Hmm?” Jon was trying to hold back his laughter, as Jim turned bright red.

“Alright. You guys want the honest truth?” Jim rolled his eyes as his friends began to nod their heads vigorously. “I went off and started my routine. You know how it goes. I’ve told you guys about it before. Well, just as I finish, I hear some clapping. I turn around, and Ashley was just sitting there. Turned out she had been watching the whole time. So we talked for about five minutes, and then she left so she could eat.”

“So then what was with smile?” George asked. “You guys didn’t do anything but talk?”

“No, nothing. Though I may have left out one tiny detail. Judging from Jon’s laughter, he’s already figured it out.” If looks could kill, Jim would have had go be tried for murder.

“You were naked weren’t you?” Jon was trying hard not to laugh, but it wasn’t working. “Man, I told you that would cause you problems one day.”

Finishing breakfast, the guys when to work with the few chores they were assigned to do. After cleaning up the food and plates, they went and put the dock into the lake, so the girls would be able to cool off after training. Later they fixed a small lunch for themselves, and then talked shop. When the girls got back, they watched them climb off the bus; the girls ignored them as usual. All except Ashley, who smiled and waved at Jim. Blushing, he just punched both his friends when they started smirking at him. It was childish, but he wasn’t worried. He began to plan for the next day.


The next morning dawned, and Jim headed for the clearing. Stopping half way as if to tie his sneakers, he heard steps following him through the woods. Smiling to himself, he continued on his way. Once at the clearing, he began to set up a series of logs and branches. When he was done, three branches where lined up in the forks of six more. Leaving his clothes on this time, he began to go through with his basic workout, eventually working his way up to the full dance like routine. This time though, he stopped instead of blind folding himself. Turning in place, he scanned the surrounding woods. When a bush started moving, he moved towards it. After all, plants don’t move when there is no wind. Sheathing his blade he stopped in front of the bush and looked down. Peeping up at him was Ashley. “Come to watch again I suppose?” he asked her.

“How’d you know I was here?” she asked.

“Heard you walking behind me when I came out here. Then I saw the bush you were hiding in move. You’re not very good at the whole stealth thing are you?” Ashley laughed.

“I guess I’m not. So now what are you going to do with me?”

“Why would I do anything with you? If you want to watch, go ahead.” Jim answered. “Just make sure you don’t get too close.” That said he walked back to where he had built the small wood arches. Standing in front of the middle one, he centered his blade. In a fury of movement, he slashed five times into the structures. Each of the three cross pieces fell, split evenly in two. Standing absolutely still, he recentered his blade. Then, pivoting on one foot, he spun, cutting at the supports he had built. He stopped in the same position, only his arms extended from his sides, the blade, which had started in his right hand, ended in is left. Jim turned and walked back to where he had left Ashley sitting. Sheathing his sword, he sat next to her. “That was amazing,” she said, “though I'm sorry you missed at the end.”

“I what?” Jim looked at her quizzically. “I’m fairly sure that I didn’t miss. Just watch.” Ashley turned back towards where the branches had been thrust into the earth. A gentle breeze stirred through, and she watched as the top half of each post fell from the soft wind. Ashley turned and looked at Jim. He simply looked back and smiled. “Come on,” he said, “if we don’t get you back to the cabin, you’re going to miss breakfast.” Together they headed back to the camp. When they got back, Ashley headed for the food, and Jim went and sat next to his friends.

“Well?” Jon asked.

“We shall see.” Jim smiled. “Oh yes, we shall see.”


After dinner, Jim headed down to the lake by himself. Seeing the large crowd of girls headed in the same direction, he scooted off to the clearing, knowing here he could get some peace. Puttering around for a little bit, he made sure to get the clearing just the way he wanted it. Laying his towel in the grass, he dove into the lake and began to swim out into the middle. Surfacing, he glanced back towards where the girls were swimming, noting just how far away they were, and whether any one had noticed him. Noting with satisfaction that they only cared about their splashing of each other, he dove deep into the waters. Using dolphin-like kicks to propel him through the water, Jim managed to get quite far before resurfacing. Looking back towards the clearing he noted that a second towel had joined his. Wondering who had joined him, Jim headed back. He was shocked when a beautiful head of chestnut hair surfaced in front of him. His mysterious guest turned out to be Ashley. She looked stunning in her turquoise bikini. Her breasts strained against the tight material, her nipples hard from the cool water of the lake. Jim couldn’t help but stare as she swam closer to him. “What are you doing all the way out here?” he called out to her.

“Looking for you.” She replied. “What are you doing out here?”

“Avoiding the crowd mostly. Some how, I can’t quite see how a large group of girls would be necessary for a quiet swim.” Jim answered.

“Oh? So then should I go?”

“Nah,” Jim replied, “you can stay. I'm fairly sure you won’t be too much of a nuisance.” They swam together for about an hour, splashing each other, racing, and seeing who could stay down the longest. After tiring themselves out, they swam back to shore. Jim had been out earlier that afternoon, and had built a small fire pit. Taking a match from his pants, he lit a small fire, and they huddled near each other warming themselves and drying off. Ashley turned and stared at Jim for a few minutes. When he finally noticed, he returned her gaze. “What?” he asked after several uncomfortable minutes.

“Jim, in all honesty, what do you think of me?” Ashley asked in return.

“Well, in all honesty, as you so put it, I would have to say that I think many things of you. You’re absolutely gorgeous. You may not be some extraordinary genius, but you‘re in most of my classes so you‘ve got to be smart. You have this warm personality that lets you be friends with every one.” Jim continued. “In all honesty, you are a very beautiful person.” He took a deep breath. “Okay, now I'm babbling aren’t I?”

“Jim?” Ashley asked nervously.

“Shut up and kiss me.” Leaning towards each other, they soon found one another’s lips. The kiss built in its passion, and soon their tongues were toying with each other. It was slightly evident that Jim really had no idea what he was supposed to be doing, leaving it up to Ashley to take the lead. She leaned back into a towel, forcing him to move over her if he wanted to continue making out. Tentatively, Jim reached forward and began to gently massage Ashley's breasts. Her hand slid down his back, pushing him closer to her, encouraging him when he hesitated. As she moved closer into his embrace, Jim reached around behind her and deftly untied her bikini top with one hand, proving that some skills come in handy no matter what the situation. As the top came free, Jim bent and began to kiss Ashley’s gorgeous breasts. Her small browned nipples grew hard as he took one gently between his teeth and began to toy with the tip gently gliding his tongue back and forth across it. Ashley moaned with pleasure as he continued, switching back and forth between her tits.

The further into things he got, the more relaxed Jim became and the easier his actions. While not something he had any practical experience with, it was something he had long fantasized about, and there is something to be said for mental practice. While his mouth would play with one, he would take the other between thumb and forefinger, gently rolling and tugging on the hardening nipple. As Ashley began moaning louder, Jim moved back to kissing her, swallowing her cries of ecstasy as his tongue once again finding hers, his hands continuing their assault on her breasts. Ashley lay back on the towels as Jim began to kiss down her throat, moving ever downwards, kissing all around her tits, the nipples, between them, and paying very close attention to the area beneath her tits. Continuing down, he traced kisses down her tanned, flat stomach, finally coming to the sweetest place nestled between her thighs. While his hands were busy playing with her chest, Jim began kissing Ashley’s thighs, first up and down one, then the other. The sensations began to overwhelm her and Ashley begged for him to touch that most sensitive of areas.

Looking up at her, Jim grinned, and then began to run his tongue over her outer lips. Folding his tongue together, Jim pushed deeper, until he was soon running his tongue all over the inside of her womanhood. Ashley began moaning again, having never felt this good before. Though she was no virgin, her few partners had lacked the skill Jim was now displaying. Where he took his time, using strong, even strokes, they had gone at it like dogs lapping at a water bowl. Reaching down, she began to play with herself, furiously rubbing her clit. Noticing her actions, Jim began to suck on the swelling bud. Combined with the ever present action of his hands, this proved too much for Ashley, and she experienced her most powerful orgasm ever. As she began to come, Jim eagerly lapped up the fluids, unsure of when to stop. Ashley shuddered as several minor orgasms passed through her. Jim had ceased toying with her and had moved back to kissing her, their tongues once more playing with each other.

Ashley made her move, and broke the kiss. Moving down his body, she gently flicked his nipples with her tongue, causing him to shudder with pleasure. She continued down his body. Jim was thin, but is more the lithe version caused by exercise, rather then the lean kind caused by not eating. As she kissed lower, Ashley grasped the bottom of Jim’s swim trunks, and pulled them to the ground. Free of its confinement, Jim’s swollen cock sprang forward. It was an average length of seven inches, but was slightly thicker then normal. Ashley looked at it for a few seconds before slowly taking it into her mouth. She ran her tongue up and down its length, and when she reached the tip, she began to flick the bottom with the tip of her tongue. Jim tried to suppress a moan of pleasure, but the feeling was just too exquisite. Under her tender ministrations, Jim’s cock grew harder then before. Fearing that he might cum, Jim reached down and lifted her face to his own. Kissing her once more, he rolled them over so that he was once more on top, his aching length caught between them. Ashley reached down and with one hand guided him to her wet lips. Placing the swollen purple head against herself, she thrust her hips forward, catching the head of his cock in her depths.

Jim began to slowly push himself deeper into her tight pussy, taking it one inch at a time. Ashley tried bucking her hips to pull more of him inside her, but Jim resisted, instead continuing his sweet torture of her. Ashley could feel each inch pass into her, as Jim’s swollen cock pushed deeper and deeper. Finally after several minutes of blissful torment, Jim had penetrated to the hilt. Ashley groaned with the feeling of completion she now felt. Jim began to thrust slowly, pulling back so far that he almost pulled out of her tight cunt. Then, in one swift motion, he thrust back in, his full length once again deep inside her. Ashley soon picked up on the rhythm and thrust her hips back into his, the better to keep more of him inside her. With each thrust the base of Jim’s cock would rub against her clit casting Ashley into a sea of bliss. Waves of pleasure crashed through her. Soon Ashley was cumming. As her fluids gushed out, she cried, “Come in me Jim! Come in me!” As her orgasm rushed through her, her pussy contracted, squeezing Jim’s cock. This final pressure proved too much for Jim and he began to cum long and hard. Shot after shot of jism poured into Ashley, leaking out as Jim filled her with his seed.

Exhausted, Jim fell to the side, and Ashley curled up against him. As they lay there under the stars, Jim absently playing with Ashley’s hair, her head resting on his shoulder. Ashley began to laugh as thought passed through her mind.

“What’s so funny?” Jim asked.

“Have you ever seen Revenge of the Nerds?” she asked.

“Yeah, why?”

“Do you remember the moon bounce scene?”

“Kinda.” Jim was wondering where this was heading.

“They were right. Geeks do make better lovers.” That said, Ashley looked up and kissed him.


A/N: If you think these are bad, I don’t blame you. I originally wrote this three years ago, and was cringing as I edited it. I figured that if I was going to post Return of… then I should post the original material as well, so here it is!

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