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Mom’s bikini was tucked deep into her pussy lips forming the best camel toe in the world.
Fbailey story number 293

Mom’s Camel Toe

Oh my God! I couldn’t help myself. My mother was lying in the grass sunbathing. She had on a new white bikini that I hadn’t seen before. The bottom was tucked right into her pussy lips causing the best camel toe that I had ever seen. It appeared to have been designed that way. The material was deep in her pussy too. I could see where it had gotten moist either from sweat or from her pussy juice. I chose to imagine that it was her pussy juice and I made a mental note to sniff it later, after she took it off, maybe suck on it a little too.

Mom was just lying there motionless with her dark sunglasses on and I assumed that she was asleep or that she had her eyes closed. I moved around very quietly and got in a position to allow me the best look. I had been staring at her camel toe pussy for probably a whole minute or maybe even longer when she finally spoke.

Mom said, “Why don’t you kneel down and get a better look?”

I stammered something about looking for a quarter that I had dropped.

Mom said, “Then get down and look for it. I suggest that you check closely around my crotch. I think I can feel something hard down there.”

Then Mom started to move her feet apart. They had been about a foot apart but as she opened her legs up her feet became three, four, and then a good five feet apart. I didn’t know that Mom could spread like that. The material stayed right in her pussy lips as if it were glued there.

She was practically begging me to get in closer and look so I did. I got my face within inches of her pussy. I could smell her. I had smelled that wonderful aroma many times before. I made it a habit to go in the bathroom after Mom took her evening shower and changed for bed. Her freshly used panties were always on the very top of the dirty clothes hamper that was in there. It was, as if she were making sure that I would find them easily. Thinking back I realized that she had been placing them there for me. I had searched for my sister’s panties too but Mom’s were always the best smelling and excited me the most.

My mother is thirty-five years old in her prime. She is the ideal ‘Soccer Mom,’ ‘Mom I’d Like to Fuck,’ and the proverbial ‘Brick Shithouse.’ I have heard it all my life. Every boy that I know has mentioned how beautiful my mother is and how much they would like to fuck her. I have had more than one fight over their stupid remarks. Not just about my mother either, I have two sisters that are just as pretty and sexy. Karen is a year older at sixteen and Crystal is a year younger at fourteen. They all have very pretty naturally curly brown hair. Mom’s hair is to her shoulders while my sister’s keep their hair almost to their waist. My sisters are just about the same height and size as Mom is because they are always trying to borrow her clothes. The main difference is in the boobs. They all wear a size thirty-four bra but Mom takes a C-cup, Karen a B-cup, and Crystal wears an A-cup.

So anyway I’m just inches from Mom’s pussy pretending to look for a coin that I supposedly dropped. I don’t know what came over me but I put my nose right into her camel toe and inhaled deeply. I thought that I would pass out from shear delight. I was lost in a world of my own. I kept breathing in her scent. I felt her hands tenderly on the back of my head, rubbing it, as if I were a baby. I became so peaceful and content that I started licking the outside of her bikini. I had regressed into that baby, I was suckling at my mother’s breast, but in reality it was at her pussy. I was trying desperately to get the nutrition that I needed so badly. My mind was in a cloud, the scent got stronger, and the taste got stronger too. The taste was like honey and my tongue got slicker as I progressed. I couldn’t get enough of the flavor. I was lost in time and space. Nothing else mattered. I don’t know if I was there for just a minute of for a whole week and it didn’t matter.

Suddenly reality hit me. My tongue was in my mother’s pussy and I was trying to suck her dry. My tongue ran up and down her exposed slit, around her satin lips, and over her engorged clit. Her bikini had become lodged to one side and Mom’s fingers were holding it there. This was my very first taste of a woman and I was so glad that it was my mother. As my other senses kicked in I could hear moaning and it was coming from my mother. As my tongue hit her clit I could feel her shudder. Then when I went back to licking her hole I had more love juice to slurp up. Then it hit me…I was giving oral sex to my mother just like I had in my wet dreams for months but this was no dream. I was giving Mom pleasure and she was enjoying it…hell she was thriving on it just as much as I was.

Then my enchanted spell was broken when Karen said, “Mother! You promised to wait for us!”

Mom just replied, “He came home early. What could I do?”

As my mind cleared I reluctantly pulled away from Mom’s pussy. I could see her finger holding the material off to the side. Her whole pussy was slick and glistened with our combine juices. There were no hairs, no stubble of any kind, and it looked like Mom had never had any pussy hair. No wonder it had felt so smooth. I looked up at her face and Mom was smiling at me. Her fingers were still entwined gently in my hair. I looked over at my sisters standing there with scowls on their faces.

Karen had on a short T-shirt and from my position on the grass I could see the underside of her bare breasts. I could also see her white panties up under her miniskirt. Crystal was wearing a bikini top with a tight pair of shorts on. Those pink shorts were so tight that I could see the outline of her panties through them. Everything happened in slow motion.

Then Karen replied to Mom’s question, “You could share him!”

Mom laughed and said, “Well Miss Tight Ass, get those panties off and let him fuck you then.”

What! No! Really! Fuck yes! She removed her panties and tossed them right into my face. I inhaled and she was on top of me in a flash. Crystal helped her get my shirt, pants, and underwear off.

Then Karen sat down on my cock. It slipped up inside her easily. As she straddled my hips she removed her tiny top and rolled her miniskirt up into its own waist forming a belt around her middle.

Once again my mind wandered back in dreamland where I had fucked Karen a hundred times. Only this time I was pretty sure that it was for real. I was no longer a virgin!

I reached up and touched Karen’s breasts and she didn’t slap me for it. My first feel of boobs! Wow! As she fucked me I felt her breasts. Feeling her breasts was almost as nice as eating Mom’s pussy…no nothing could ever top that.

Out of the corner of my eye I saw Crystal remove her clothes and come up to my head. She turned around with her back to Karen and scooted backwards to place her pussy right over my face. I could not resist. I grabbed her hips and pulled her to me. Crystal had no sign of hair down there either. I wondered if it was genetic because I didn’t have hair on my crotch either, I just thought I was a late bloomer or a freak. Crystal didn’t taste as good as Mom but she was still good enough to eat and enjoy. Licking her was different because I was actually awake for it. I could feel her various movements to my stimulation. Crystal liked her clit played with and the harder the better. Before I knew it I was crewing on her clit with my teeth and she screaming out that I was giving her multiple orgasms. Soon Karen was crying out too and I realized that I was filling my sister with cum.

Mom asked, “Was it worth the wait?”

Karen replied, “It sure was! I’m so glad you talked me out of letting Charlie fuck me for my first time. When I turned him down he fucked Cheryl and then told everyone all about it. Well in his story he was God’s gift to women but in Cheryl’s story he cum in less than ten second, got all embarrassed, and ran off.”

Crystal added, “Yeah the girls are calling him the Ten A Minute Man.”

Karen said, “Cheryl isn’t even sure she lost her virginity. She doesn’t think he got it all the way in.”

Crystal said, “Maybe we should invite Cheryl to a sleep over…after I get my turn that is.”

Mom said, “Hey, before you start farming him out remember I haven’t had a turn yet either.”

Finally I spoke up, “Hey! What’s going on here?”

Mom laughed and said, “Well! It’s like this! Since your father left, I keep wearing out batteries in my vibrator. Karen is tired of masturbating herself and Crystal is tired of listening to you jerking off in your room every morning and night.”

Karen continued, “Mom keeps leaving her used panties in the laundry hamper for you, I keep opening my legs up to flash you my panties, and Crystal was just to shy to do anything.”

Crystal continued, “So we got together and decided that we could take care of all of our problems if we just became one happy family.”

Mom continued, “Yes! As they say in church; the family that lays together stays together.”

Then they all laughed.

Mom said, “Tell you the truth I miss having a man in my bed, having him hold my breast until I fall asleep, and those wonderful morning erections that I got to fix. I want you to start sleeping with me.”

Karen said, “You get to sleep with Mom but you get to share our beds too.”

Crystal added, “As often as you want too. I figure that you probably jerk off a dozen times a day so that means that we all get you at least four times a day each.”

Mom laughed and said, “That might be pushing it a little but I think twice a day is doable.”

Crystal saw that I was hard again and that time she squatted down on my cock and made love to me. Crystal was my first real kiss.

As I lay in our backyard on the grass fucking my youngest sister I couldn’t help but smile. Mom was my first oral sex followed by Crystal, Karen was my first fuck followed by Crystal, and Crystal was my first kiss. Everyone that was special to me was even more special now.

Out loud I said, “I love you guys!”

The End
Mom’s Camel Toe
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