A walk in the woods turns into a romp in the woods
Chapter Three-Lisa & Diane

Jim and Ashley snuck back into the cabin later that night, and after one final embrace, headed for their respective rooms. When he got back to his room, George and Jon asked Jim where he had been so late. He simply answered, “Thrusting drills.” As the next day was Saturday, the girls had no training session. Instead they were free to do whatever they wished. Most took this as an opportunity to work on their tans, while others relaxed in the cool waters of the lake. Jim and George had been sent back to town for more supplies for the two cabins.

Alone by himself, Jon decided to go for a short hike in he nearby woods. As the nearest piece of property was a good ten miles away, he wasn’t worried about walking into some one else’s land. Walking by himself, he let his thoughts wander. Oddly, what they kept wandering too were the scantily clad cheerleaders back at the cabin. Silently he cursed himself for not having brought binoculars. Had he sat by the shore, they would have noticed his stares, but with a pair of binoculars he could have stayed near the cabin and watched them unobtrusively. As he continued to think about this, he noticed some bushes rustling to his left. Quietly, he snuck over, hoping to catch a glimpse of whatever animal it was before he scared it off. What he saw was more then just a simple animal.

Past the bush was a small clearing, covered mostly in grass. In the center, several blankets had been spread out. Lying on these blankets was none other then Diane. She was totally naked. Her pig tails had come loose, and her rich blond hair was cast all over the ground behind her. Her breasts heaved as she breathed, her large pink nipples already stiff. Her legs were spread open, giving Jon an unobstructed view of her toying with her clit. She was breathing heavily, and was obviously very aroused. The cause of her arousal was obvious. Kneeling between her legs, Lisa was eagerly lapping at her best friend’s pussy. Her tongue moved in long sensuous strokes, causing Diane to moan with each lick. Half naked as she was, Jon could see her large tan tits swing with each movement. Though she still had her skirt on it had slipped up her back, and Jon could see she wasn’t wearing any panties. Both girls were totally engrossed in what they were doing.

Diane reached own and pulled Lisa to her, and the two began to passionately kiss. As their tongues sought each other, their hard nipples began to rub against one another, Lisa’s small brown ones contrasting nicely with Diane’s large pink ones. Lisa began to kiss Diane’s neck and Diane’s fingers soon found Lisa’s snatch. As moving back up, Lisa began once again tonguing with Diane, as her own fingers found Diane’s pussy. Both girls were heavily fingering one another. As Diane came with a loud groan, she casually pushed Lisa on o her back and began to eat out her friend. While Diane’s tongue toyed with her clit, Lisa began to rub her tits, moaning as her friend caused spasm after spasm of pleasure to rock through her. Jon had already whipped himself out by then. While one hand steadied him, the other began to stroke his growing cock. It was soon full and hard, standing at a rigid six inches. Moving closer, he wasn’t paying very much attention and stabbed himself on a pricker bush. His loud cry startled the lovers in the meadow. Standing up, he started sucking on his injured hand. Turning around, he saw the two naked beauties staring at him.

“Um, hi ladies.” Jon waved weakly, acutely aware that his stiff dick was a dead giveaway of what he had been doing.

“Omigod, what were you doing?” Lisa shrieked.

“Hiking?” he suggested. As Lisa was in shock at the intrusion, Diane was the first to speak.

”Do you always hike half naked?” Jon was forced to confess to his little peepshow, both girls listening intently. When he was done speaking, Diane looked towards her lover.

“Why Lisa, I do believe I have an idea as to how to punish him.” Lisa looked at her strangely and Diane leaned over and whispered in her ear.

“I thought we were lesbians though,” Lisa said out loud. Diane whispered some more. Finally, she beckoned for Jon to come over. As he walked towards them Jon had no idea what was in store for him. Thus, when Diane grabbed his still hard rod, he was more then a little surprised. He was even more surprised when she began to suck on it. Diane soon had his full length in her mouth, and was eagerly licking his cock, the way a small child licks a lollipop. Jon groaned with the sensation, and soon came all over Diane’s face.

“Alright. I've satisfied you, now you have to satisfy me.” Diane quickly explained what she expected and lay down on the blankets. Jon quickly set to work, his mouth eagerly devouring her pink nipple, two of his fingers inserted deep into Diane’s cunt. Diane cried out at the violation of her body, and moaned as the pleasure overtook her, Already turned on by her encounter with Lisa, Diane was soon coming all over Jon’s fingers. As she lay there panting from the effort, she reached up and kissed him. She then whispered in his ear, “Now her.” Jon looked over at Lisa, who had watched the show in mixed horror and fascination. As Jon moved towards her, she became scared, as she was a virgin as far as men where concerned.

Jon came up to her and pulled her to her feet. Once she was standing he placed a firm kiss on her lips. As she reacted, he began to probe with his tongue, and her mouth soon opened to allow him access. As he continued the kiss, he lowered them to their knees. Once they were down, Jon bent and began to tease Lisa’s breasts. The small dark nipple grew hard under his care, as he sucked gently on one; the way a nursing baby does, meanwhile rubbing the other with the palm of his hand, occasionally squeezing the firm mounds. Lisa shuddered as pleasure flowed through her. Letting his other hand take over for his mouth, Jon began to kiss his way down her body, running his tongue over her flat stomach. He soon found himself at her love nest, her curled hairs framing her pink snatch. Smiling to himself, he began to gently run his tongue over her lips. As he continued to play with her, her clit began to swell.

Jon noticed and eagerly switched his attention. Shaping his tongue like a U, he positioned it under her clit. He then began to move his tongue back and forth, wrapping it all around her joy button. Lisa cried out with the amount of pleasure this was giving her. As Jon moved back up to kiss her, Diane saw a wonderful opportunity. Reaching between the kissing couple, she grabbed Jon’s rock hard cock and nestled it between Lisa’s pussy lips. Lisa was shocked by his and looked into Jon’s eyes. The hunger there was unmistakable. She too felt the need, and she desperately wanted to feel his cock deep inside her. Placing her hand in Diane’s she guided the purple head of Jon’s member to her

Feeling the wet heat approaching, Jon thrust gently, thus claiming the honor of the first man to take Lisa. Though a virgin himself, Jon had long wondered what it would be like, and thus, as any geek would have, researched it. With this knowledge in hand, he rolled them over, so that Lisa was now on top. Now in control, Lisa began to gently lower herself on him. Inch by inch he slipped into her, until he reached her maiden head. Feeling the membrane and knowing of the pain she would feel when he broke it, he reached up and kissed her. Just as she fell into the kiss, he thrust deep into to her, taking her cherry. Lisa recoiled at the sudden shock and pain. Jon stayed still for a moment, to allow her to get used to the intrusion. Buried to the hilt, he began to gently rock back and forth, though he didn’t thrust. The rocking caused her clit to rub against. As new bliss filled her, Lisa forgot about the pain she had just felt and began to rock with him. Feeling her response, Jon began to slowly thrust into her tight pussy. Feeling his six inches deep inside her, Lisa moved with him. The two lovers were soon in ecstasy. Not to be left out, Diane moved to straddle Jon’s face, with her back towards him so that she faced Lisa. Jon looked up into her gorgeous cunt and began to eat her out. The girls meanwhile had begun kissing and playing with each others tits. Their nipples rubbed against together, while their tongues tied themselves into knots. All three were in heaven as their bodies experienced the full sexual event. Lisa was the first to cum. Between her nipples and clit, her body felt as if an electric current was passing through it. She screamed as her orgasm hit, and her cum poured down Jon’s shaft. Close to climax himself, Jon lost what little self control he had left when Lisa’s walls began to squeeze his cock. He began to shoot deep into Lisa, his cum spilling out of her when she couldn’t hold anymore. His moan of pleasure raced through Diane’s clit, setting off the last of her orgasms for the day. As her juices fell on to his face, Jon drank as much of the sweet nectar as he could. Finally spent, the three lovers collapsed. The girls curled up against Jon’s side, and the three fell asleep under the warm afternoon sun.


A/N: Yeah, I’m fairly sure that this one really sucks.

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