Wife Takes The Challenge, and Husband Benefits
Grace, Kelly and Rio were over at Brenda's for their monthly get together. The girls hadn't seen Brenda's new house, and it was the perfect opportunity to check it out. Rio, a very sexy African American woman with curly black hair, and beautiful soft brown skin was the first to ask Brenda, a sassy little redhead why her husband was around.

"This is supposed to be just us girls."

"He's putting some finishing touches on the bathroom down in the basement, he won't bother us."

Grace, who was a very attractive Korean woman, and Kelly an equally attractive blonde said they didn't mind if Don came around....after all he WAS a hunk. The girls laughed as Brenda poured them all some more wine.
Just about that time Don came out onto the patio where the girls were sunbathing in their bikini's on his way to the shed. He was wearing shorts and a sleeveless tee shirt that really showed of his well muscled arms and his great physique.

"Sorry ladies, I won't be long, I just need some tools from the shed."

The women all looked Don over as he got his tools and headed back down for the basement. Rio was the first to say something.

"I'm sorry Brenda, but that man of yours makes me wet just looking at him."

The other girls all squealed and giggled, pretending to be shocked at Rio's boldness.

"That's OK Rio, he has that same affect on me everyday."

The conversation seemed to naturally turn toward sex, as the women compared their men, or the lack of having one. The consumption of wine got pretty heavy as did the sexual content of their conversation. The subject of oral sex came up, with Brenda and Kelly saying how much they loved it. Rio agreed but made some generalization about men being like dogs, and how they wouldn't know the difference from one woman to another. Brenda piped up saying that her Don would be able to pick her out no matter how many women were there.

"Come on way could your husband tell the difference between the taste of your pussy and the taste of my pussy all things being equal."

"Well I think he could, in fact I KNOW he would be able to tell."

Rio bristled, she hated being told she was wrong. "Would you be willing to put that to the test?"

"What...what are you talking about?"

"You know exactly what I'm talking about Brenda, you say your husband could eat each one of us and be able to pick you out from the four of us, and I say there's no way!"

Cornered, Brenda defended her stance. "Well I think he could, but I guess we'll never know."

"Ya, because you know I'm right!"

Exasperated, Brenda took another drink of wine and said, "Yes he could!"

Rio smiled saying, "Well then girl....I suggest you put your pussy where your husbands mouth is....along with the rest of us, because I say there's no way he could tell the difference."

"How about you Grace....Kelly, do you think he could tell the difference, all things being equal?"

"Well gosh, I don't know but probably not." "I don't think so either," Kelly added.

"Well Brenda, you still think he could?"

"Yes I do." "OK, then I challenge you to prove it."

"You mean have Don eat all of us, and pick me out of the four of us?"

"That's exactly what I mean."

Brenda finished the bottle and thought about it as she got another bottle of wine from the kitchen.

"What are you afraid of, are you admitting you're wrong?"


"And YES, I'm willing to take the challenge."

The others, even Rio were surprised, but at the same time turned on.

"OK but we need a level playing field here." "What are you talking about?"

Brenda, hair or bare?"

"What?" "Do you shave your pussy or not?"

"Well I wax it, and I'm bare."

"Well then in order to have a fair test we all need to be clean shaven or Don will know in an instant the woman he's going down on isn't you."

"Are we all bare?"

Grace and Kelly each blushed and said no.

"Then are you willing to shave and participate?"

They looked at one another and said "Sure, if it's OK with Brenda?"

Brenda took a deep sigh and said, "Let's do it before I change my mind."

"Oh before I forget, Don will have to be blind folded of course."

"OK, not a problem."

"Wait a minute Rio, if I win and you lose...what then?"

Rio positive she would win told Brenda, "You name it."

"Hmmm, how about you give Don a blow job if I win."

"Fair enough."

"OK then, let's get ready."

Brenda showed Kelly and grace to the bathroom so they could prepare for the contest. Brenda went down to the basement wondering how to convince Don to participate. Don was dumbfounded at first, but inside he was jumping for joy at the same time. Who wouldn't want to go down on those hot women including his wife. Don acted hesitant, and reluctant, not wanting to appear to anxious. Brenda being slightly tipsy was easy to manipulate into giving Don the go ahead without fear of repercussions later when Brenda sobered up and realized what she had gotten herself and her husband into.

"Here's a blindfold baby, I'll come get you as soon as we're ready."

"Alright, but don't make me wait down here forever, I've got work to do."

Finally Brenda returned and led Don out onto the patio where the girls were naked waiting for the contest to begin. Brenda led Don over to Kelly, and helped him get between her legs.

"Are there any rules?" Don asked.

Rio said, "Only one, you've got to do your best, and make us all cum."

"And wait till you've gone down on all four women before you guess which one is Brenda."

Brenda then spun Don around in a circle, and then led him over to Kelly where he knelt down and reached out finding her legs.

"Wait a minute."

"What now Rio?"

"Well if the girls moan, he'll know which one is or isn't you, do you have any ear plugs?"

"Oh for heaven sakes."

"I'll go get them."

Brenda returned with the ear plugs and placed them in Don's ears.

"NOW, are you satisfied Rio?" "Yes, let's go."

Don lowered his face and started kissing Kelly's inner thighs as the others looked on. Don worked his way down to Kelly's freshly shaven pussy and started licking her already wet lips. Kelly closed her eyes and started to moan softly as Don licked up and down her creamy slit. Her juices were flowing like crazy now as Kelly started playing with her tits. Don started tongue fucking her, working his tongue in and out of her pussy driving Kelly crazy with passion. Then Don worked his way up to her clit and started sucking her clit as he slipped his fingers deep into her pussy and started working them around. Kelly arched her back and started cumming, her body shaking.

Don raised up and was given a damp towelette by Brenda to wipe his face. Then Brenda led Don over to Grace, a petite little blonde. Don placed his hands on her knees to get his bearings, then lowered his head and started kissing her inner thighs as he worked his way down toward her also clean shaven pussy. Grace had a nice puffy labia that begged to be sucked. Don ran his tongue over Grace's pussy, parting her full lips and running his tongue up and down her creamy slit. She started playing with her nipples, twisting them, and tugging at them as she bit her lower lip. Grace had a large clit that Don latched onto, and started sucking, also sliding a couple of fingers into her hot, wet pussy. Like Kelly before her, Grace arched her back and started cumming, her body shaking as the orgasms rocked her.

Kelly handed Don another towelette as he moved on to the next woman. Brenda was waiting as Kelly led him over to her. Don lowered his head and started kissing Brenda's inner thighs, working his way toward her pussy. Brenda also had full pussy lips much like Grace. Don parted Brenda's lips with his tongue and started running his tongue up and down Brenda's slit as he had the others. It wasn't long till he had Brenda squirming and cumming as well. Next it was Rio's turn. Kelly led Don over to Rio, while Brenda relaxed. Rio's heart was beating quickly as Don's tongue touched her pussy. Damn it felt good. Don started licking and sucking her pussy as she moaned and placed her hands on his head, maneuvering him to just the right spot. Rio was soon cumming with one orgasm after another. Finally the contest was over and it was time for Don to see if he knew which one was Brenda.

"OK Don, which one is Brenda?"

Don paused thinking.

"Come on Honey, tell them."

"OK, Brenda was the third one I went down on."

Brenda screamed and clapped her hands in victory. All the women were happy though because they had all been satisfied.

"OK Rio, time to pay the piper!"

Rio smiled saying, "This is one bet I look forward to paying off."

Don looked puzzled, "What are you talking about."

"Oh, if Rio lost she has to give you a blow job."

"Are you're cool with that?"

"Sure, if you are?"

"Fine with me, but it seems to me that since you won, then Kelly and Grace lost too....right?"

"Ya, I guess so."

"OK ladies, have at it."

Don took a seat in the lounge chair, and laid back. Brenda pulled off his shorts, exposing Don's eight plus inches.

"Oh look at that," Rio exclaimed.

Rio, Grace and Kelly gathered round and the three of them started licking and sucking Don's huge cock. Brenda was really getting aroused at the sight of the women sucking her husband off, something she never would have suspected would happen in a million years. As she watched Rio sucking Don's cock, with Grace and Kelly licking and sucking his balls, she started rubbing her pussy. Finally she couldn't take it anymore and stood up on the back of the lounge chair lowering her pussy to Don's face.

Rio looked up at Brenda. "Brenda, let me sit on his cock...please?"

"Yes, I want to watching you fuck my husband!"

Don couldn't believe his ears, but he wasn't about to argue. Grace and Kelly got so hot watching Rio bouncing up and down on Don's cock that they started fingering one another. Rio started cumming, finally getting off Don's cock. Then without asking, Kelly lowered her pussy onto Don's cock and started humping his eight inches as well. Finally after several minutes she too was cumming. Next it was Grace's turn. She hopped onto Don's cock, but he was too large for her narrow vagina. Rather than hurt herself she held his cock still while Brenda lowered herself onto her husbands cock. After a few minutes Brenda told Don she wanted him to take her over the patio table.

Brenda got up and laid on top of the redwood table as Don eased his cock into her pussy. Don started fucking Brenda as Grace and Kelly each took one of Brenda's breasts, and started sucking her nipples. Not to be left out, Rio hovered over Brenda's face and lowered her pussy down onto Brenda's mouth. This was Brenda's first taste of another woman, but everything seemed to be so natural. Don was beside himself with lust watching his wife sucking another woman's pussy. Finally he couldn't hold back any longer. He pulled out at the womens request and spewed his load over Brenda's tits. Rio was cumming as well as she watched Kelly and Grace lap up the cum from Brenda's tits. Rio then licked Brenda's juices from Don's huge cock.

After everything was over they all agreed it was a great experience. They knew that their meetings would never be the same, but that was OK. Now, everyone once in a while they'd have a "special" meeting with Don as a special guest. If they were lucky they might be able to get one or both of the other husbands involved, but that would have to be approached very carefully. Either way, it was a winning situation for the girls and for Don. That night Don and Brenda had the best sex of their marriage reliving their afternoon girls club orgy. Don can't wait till he's invited to the next "special" session.

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