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This is my first story so i hope you all like it please leave comments.

The day started like any other i woke up from my sleep walked to the kitchen and made my self a coffe and went to sit on the front porch and watch all the little middelschool hotties walk past my house for school. i am 33 years old and just bought my dream home... right beside a newly built middelschool...evrey moring i wake up and watch these little grade 7 and 8 hotties walk past me shaking there amazing tight little butts...i was truly in girl in paticular really catches my attention she is a sweet little blonde girl maybee 12 years old at the most..she has staright blonde hair the cutest little face almost like a chipmunk cute little braces maybe weighed 98lbs nice small lttle barely developing tits maybee 24 a... and the tightest little round perfect 12 yr old butt cheeks you have ever seen..almsost evreyday after she walks byi have to run into the house and rub one out. after school that day i was sitting on the porch again watching the girls walk home from school and as the little blonde walked past me she stoped and looked at me noticing me staring at her sweet little ass she smiled and giggeld a little bit .. and suprisingly started walking towrds me and says to me "hey how come your always sitting here when i walk past?" umm well just a coincidence i guees " i say smiling back at her..... she giggled again and told me "well i think you like watching me walmk past your house hehe i catch u staring at my butt evreyday" i sat there not really knowing what to say "well ummm yea im sorry ni know i shouldent have been doing that"...she looked at me with her young eyes and flashed her cute braces filled smile at me "ohhhh its ok mister i really dont mind you like it" as she turned her back towards ?" "no not at all she replied"...i reach out with my big strong older hand and gently let my four fingers slowly sink into her sweet little 12 year old butt cheeks rubbing my plam against the tight cheeks "ohhhmy baby that is a nice little ass you got there....wouldent mined seeing it without those jeans on"....... ok she repiled right away"...."maybee we should go inside first" ....i lead her inside to the living room as i say down onmy lazy boy and she stood in front of me smiling slowly unbuttoning her jeans and letting them slide down to her knees stanind there with her perfewct 12 yr old ass in my face i lean in and kive it a kiss and b4 long im full blown making out with her delicous ass sucking on her but cheeks and licking her butt crack i wraped my armost around her waist and just buried my face into those sweet little butt cheeks as she started to moan i knew she loved having her ass worshiped and without asking i started to eat out her 12 yr old hole she started shivering and shaking like crazy as i continued to eat out her ass i strated jacking off as i did soo and for about 15 minutes i eat her ass like it was my last meal........she let out a loiud high pitch squeal as i knew i had just sent her into her first orgazim and i was sooo horny i was about to cum my self as i tured her around and blasted my load of thick gooey cumm right on her face letting it drip down her forehead to her nose and over those sweet young lips. i sat there not beliving what i had just done with such a young girl as all she coiuld do was smile at me and she leaned over and told me 'hehehe mister that ws the most amazing thing i have ever done... i didint know you could make my body feel soo good.......your tounge felt really good up my butt she said blushing" i looked into her sweet young eyes and said."honey you are the cutest most amzing girl i have ever met... that little bjutt of yours is tooo eat that all day if i could.........." then her cell phone rang she left the room then came back in like 10 min later with a seductive smile on her face......'that was my freind miley.... shes comming over she giggeld......." ohhh i said with a big smile on my face and how old is miley"? "shes 11 " my smile grew bigger s miley knokced on the door she looked alot like holly "holly tooker her by the hand into the living room and askedme if i could do what i did to her. i agreed but told them they would first have to learn how to suck cock as i was already hard again i pulled out my dick and told them both to neal beside me holy was first to lick the tip of my cock and miley quickly joined they looked like 2 little puppy doggs licking my dick as sio started to show them how to suck on it and take it deeper into there mouths.... holly was sucking my balls as mileys 11 yr old lips were wraped around the head of my cock i busted again this time blowing my load deep down mileys young throat as she coughed and choked and spit it all up she loomed sooo cute....... i had them bother get into the doggy style position as i took tunr s ramming my tounge in and out of there sweet little asses makiing them cum miliple times hours and hhours all day... i had truley found my dream house

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2013-07-16 08:54:11
it sucked their was no plot. it was real short. you should rethink you plot and start over!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous readerReport

2009-04-08 19:00:18
Please continue but devolop the story more.........

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2009-02-07 20:49:28
And now for a typical mindless comment:
SEX, SEX and more SEX

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2009-02-07 01:04:07
Spell checker and maybe some paragraphs would be helpful.

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2009-02-07 00:13:25
it stinks....

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