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It was Destiny’s destiny to become a stripper some day.
Fbailey story number 294


I had to smile as I saw Destiny, a thirteen-year-old girl, flash the boys in the neighborhood her new tits. She was tall and had on a thin tight white top and really tight blue jeans.

I was smiling because her grandmother used to do the same thing to me when we were younger. Younger hell Sue still flashes her tits for me. We are just older and a lot more careful than today’s kids are.

I decided to have some fun with her and got out my camcorder. It has a great zoom to it and saves right to a DVD. I had seen her doing it twice in the last two days right after school. She thinks that no one can see her in my backyard. The truth is she is right except for one thing…me.

I was up in my bedroom waiting for her arrival. There she was, followed by four boys that time. She was picking up quite a following. Every day there were more boys with her. My recorder was on and the window was open enough to get some sound. Funny thing about kids, the quieter they try to be the more noise they make. So anyway there was Destiny in her tight blue jeans. They looked like she was poured herself into them. She was swearing the boys to secrecy and unbuttoning her blouse. She had on a plain white cotton bra like little girls wear. She reached around behind her back and then stopped. Instead she removed her blouse first and laid it on a lawn chair. Then she once again swore the boys to keep their mouth’s shut and reached back to undo the hooks on her bra. She quickly pulled it off and tossed it on the chair with her blouse. I zoomed in further and got a good look at her new tits too. She had puffies and I just love puffies. I love the way the end of the breasts take on a mushroom shape of their own capped off by her nipples. Then Destiny pinched her own nipples to make them hard. The boys were definitely impressed. Then she let them pinch her nipples too until the second boy, trying to be a big shot, gave her a tittie twister. That stopped it. She yelled at him, told them all to leave, and then she started putting her bra back on.

I waited until she was buttoning up and then ran down to the front porch and waited for her to come around the corner of my house. When I saw her I asked her what she was up to. She blushed and told me that she was just out back admiring my flowers. I invited her inside for some cookies and a soda and told her that I had captured a lovely flower opening itself up to be admired with my camcorder and asked her if she would like to see it. Of course she almost had to say yes after using my flowers as an excuse to be in my backyard.

I got her some cookies and a soda and had her go into the living room and take a seat. I went upstairs and got the DVD I had just made. When I returned to the living room, Destiny was comfortable on the couch so I popped the DVD in and sat in my chair. I hit the buttons to start the movie and just watched the expression on Destiny’s face.

Only seconds had passed when her mouth opened, her face turned red, and she gasped. Suddenly she turned toward me and looked at me like a deer in headlight. She was frozen in place.

I smiled and asked, “So how do you like my lovely flower opening itself up to be admired?”

Destiny simply said, “It’s me!”

I replied, “Yes it is. You are a very lovely flower and you should be admired.”

Destiny said, “But it’s me.”

I smiled and watched as she turned back to the television as it zoomed in on her beautiful puffy breasts. I started telling her how wonderful her breasts were and how lucky she was to have puffies. All the while she started at herself on the screen.

Destiny finally asked, “Am I as pretty as you say?”

I replied, “Destiny you are the most beautiful young lady that I have ever seen topless. Honest!”

Destiny smiled and asked, “Now what? Do you tell my grandmother?”

I smiled and answered her, “No sweetheart I won’t tell anyone as long as I can continue to photograph you.”

Destiny questioned me, “Why do you want to take pictures of me?”

I smiled and said, “Because you are so lovely and I would like to watch you bloom.”

Destiny asked, “So you want to take pictures of my boobs every day?”

Again I smiled and replied, “Yes, but maybe not every day, but as often as you will allow me to.”

I could see her thinking and was wondering what she was up too.

Destiny said, “Okay. You take pictures of me and you don’t tell my grandmother.”

I replied, “Correct.”

Destiny asked, “Can I continue to use your backyard and show off for the boys? I like showing off for them. It excites me to have an audience. I can stand in a place so that you can get some good pictures of me too.”

I said, “Okay. Can I still take some here in my house too?”

Destiny replied, “Sure. How about right now?”

Then she started to undo the buttons on her blouse again. I stopped her and told her that I needed my camera first and that it might be better up in my bedroom. She said okay and followed me up the stairs.

Destiny was a natural born flirt and exhibitionist. She could be a fantastic stripper when she grows up. I got my video camera, put on some fast music, and told her to start. She closed her eyes and swayed to the music before she started to unbutton her blouse once again for me. She paused between each button and she caressed herself. She was exciting herself for me. It was as if I were watching her masturbate. The blouse came off but the bra stayed on. She rubbed her hands down her tummy and down to her crotch. She rubbed her pussy, her legs, and her ass before she started to remove them. This was more than I had hoped for because she hadn’t done that for the boys…at least not yet. She unbuttoned her blue jeans, she slowly unzipped them, and she grabbed the waistband and forced them down over her hips. They really were as tight as they looked. She stopped after she got them below her crotch and let me admire her in her bra and panties. Both were white and cotton but her panties were damp, maybe even wet. Destiny sat on the edge of my bed and leaned back as she removed her pants for me. Yes, it was indeed a wet spot in her panties and it was growing too.

Destiny removed her bra and asked, “Would you like to touch them or maybe suck on them. I trust you not to hurt me.”

I knelt before the bed, she was sitting on it, and my mouth found her luscious nipple. I sucked on one and felt the other one in my hand. I was turned enough for the camera to see what I was doing to her. I enjoyed it and so did she from her moaning. I switched nipples after about five minutes and gave that one the attention that it deserved.

After that Destiny laid back on the bed and removed her panties for me. She lay there and asked me if I wanted a closer inspection. I sure did. I looked at her youthful pussy with the downy hairs outlining it lightly. I opened her pussy lips up with my fingers and then I wet my finger in her vagina before starting to stroke her sensitive clit. That caused her untold pleasures. I let her climb up, orgasm, and climb up again. She was shaking from the drained energy that her orgasms were consuming from her.

Destiny said, “Will you make sure that your penis fits in me. I want to let the boys fuck me tomorrow and I want to be sure they can.”

I just smiled as I removed my shoes, pants, and underwear. I knew I was hard but Destiny apparently had never seen a hard cock before. I knew that her hymen was ruptured from inserting my fingers into her so I just gently poked the head of my cock into her. She liked it and begged for more. So I slipped it all into her gently and started to fuck her slowly. She was entirely wet from all of the orgasms that I had given her. I saw the smile on her face as I cum in her, filling her up. I was not worried about getting her pregnant because I had been fixed years ago.

After Destiny recovered from our ordeal she said, “Thank you so much. I really needed that. You see you caught me with boys so sex with you is a required punishment. Grandma caught me having sex with my girlfriends on a sleepover and now I have to have sex with her. So I know how it works.”

I asked, “You have sex with your Grandmother Sue?”

Destiny smiled and said, “Almost every night. Why?”

I replied, “Oh nothing. I was just thinking about her eating my cum out of your pussy. That’s all.”

Destiny smiled and said, “I was thinking the same thing.”

I though out loud, “I wonder if I could get that on disc?”

Destiny replied, “Why don’t we ask her?”

Still naked and being filmed Destiny called up one of the boys first. She told him that she would let them fuck her out behind my house the next day after school but only if they promised not to hurt her. Obviously the boy would agree to anything. Apparently he asked how many boys he could bring. She told him that he could bring as many boys as he wanted to but that she would only let him and one other boy of her choice fuck her. She told him to bring two condoms too.

Next she called her grandmother and said, “Grandma you have to come over here to Mr. B’s house. He knows all about us having sex and says that he won’t tell anyone if we let him watch us.”

After she had answered her grandmother’s questions she hung up and said, “That wasn’t normal. She said okay and that she would be right over.”


What Destiny did not know was that her Grandmother Sue and I were very old friend…very close friends…very intimate friends. After both of our spouses had died of cancer we had taken comfort in one another, in one another’s arms, and in one another’s beds. Sue and I had been lovers for many years. In fact that very morning we were lying in her bed talking about how I would record Destiny flashing the boys after school and seduce her. I knew all about Sue catching Destiny eating her girlfriend’s pussy and taking advantage of her. Destiny had eaten more than one of my loads out of her grandmother’s pussy in recent months, now it would be Sue’s turn to eat it out of Destiny’s pussy. I just smiled to myself. I love it when a plan comes together.

The End
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