Marisol gets more than a bikini wax
Marisol had decided to surprise her husband for lunch, only to find he was out of the office for the day. Slightly irritated at herself for forgetting he wouldn't be there, Marisol decided to treat herself, and go to her favorite salon for a Brazilian wax. Marisol arrived at the salon hoping it wasn't too busy. Marisol looked for her usual girl, but didn't see her. Then she made eye contact with a woman she hadn't seen before.

She was about 5'5" tall, medium-build with a beautiful figure and sexy full lips. As their eyes met, both acknowledging each other with a smile. As she disappeared into the back, Marisol wondered who this new girl was, and would she be doing her wax? About a minute later, she came out and asking Marisol if she could help her. Marisol asked if she could get a wax without an appointment. The woman smiled and said,

"Of course...we're pretty slow today."

Marisol followed her into the room, wondering why she was so attracted to this woman. The young woman introduced herself as Penny, telling Marisol to get ready, and she'd be right back. As Marisol readied herself it dawned on her who the young woman reminded her of. She'd had a roommate in college, and the two had a brief, but torrid only lasted one semester before her roommate transferred to another college....Penny looked so much like her. Marisol's thoughts were interrupted from a light tapping on the door and a voice asking,

"Are you ready?"

"Yes, come in."

Penny smiled, asking Marisol what kind of wax she'd like. After telling Penny what she wanted, Marisol tried to get her mind off her old roommate and Penny's uncanny resemblance. Penny began with the normal procedure by putting powder over Marisol's bikini area. Marisol tried to relax closing her eyes, although Penny's touch felt so soft on her skin. Marisol tried to make small talk asking where her usual girl was, trying to distract herself from her growing arousal, but in reality, she was enjoying Penny's touch over her sensitive area. Penny told her that her usual person was on vacation, and she was filling in. Penny explained that she used to be in the business, but decided to work from home instead.

"Now I only work with a small select group of personal clients."

The waxing went fast, and after a few quick pulls Penny was almost done.

"There are some stray hairs that are too short to wax", Penny said.

"I'm going to have to pluck them out slowly using tweezers....I promise to be gentle."

Marisol smiled, "Take your time...I'm in no hurry."

She wondered if Penny could sense her arousal as she tried to not let it show. Marisol felt Penny's delicate fingers holding her folds apart, as Penny got closer to pluck the stray hairs from her inner folds. Marisol felt the warm air waft over her wet lips as she felt herself getting wetter and wetter. Marisol closed her eyes fighting the urge to cum.

Once she was finished, Penny cleaned Marisol's inner folds with cool wipes, her fingers brushing against Marisol's swollen clit with Marisol letting out a soft moan of pleasure. Penny smiled sweetly at Marisol, asking her to turn over so she could wax the hair from between her cheeks. Marisol flushed, this was one of her favorite positions. Penny asked Marisol to spread her cheeks wide for her, those words sent a shudder down her spine along with a tingling sensation to her pulsing clit. She could feel the cool air against her ass, as Penny applied the hot wax onto her crack. Marisol was so aroused she couldn't help moving her ass against Penny's touch.

Marisol felt Penny's fingers tracing close along her wet opening. She couldn't see what Penny was doing, but it didn't matter...she was enjoying the sensations so much. Marisol moved along with Penny's rhythm, cooing softly as her arousal coursed through her body. Penny asked Marisol to turn over, looking into Marisol eyes again and asking her to spread her legs for her. As Marisol turned over, she noticed Penny turning the lights down.

"There is that better?"

"Yes, but I don't understand."

Penny smiled, "I can tell when a woman is as aroused, and you certainly are aroused....right?"

Marisol's heart was pounding in her chest...all she could do was smile and nod.
Penny reached up and unzipped her smock, letting it fall away from her beautiful body.

"Have you ever been with a woman before Marisol?"

Marisol blushed whispering,

" college." "Ahhh, that's what I thought."

"I could tell something was up, you pussy is so wet."

"Shall I continue then?"

Again Marisol only nodded...she was so aroused and her pussy was on fire...but then again Penny already knew that. Penny's breasts were beautiful....large arueola's, her nipples hard, just begging to be sucked. Penny smiled as she tugged at her own nipples as Marisol watched.

"Feel free to touch me...I won't mind."

Marisol moaned softly as Penny started caressing Marisol's breasts....her touch was so erotic, it sent shivers thoughout her body. She could feel Penny's warm breath on her nipples, followed by her tongue. Marisol reached up and began running her hand down Penny's back to her beautiful ass. Penny moved so that Marisol would have easy access. Next Marisol moved her hand between Penny's legs, touching another woman's sex brought back the memories of her roommate in college and the passion they had shared. Marisol could feel Penny's tongue darting over her swollen clit, dripping with her juices of pleasure. Marisol found herself wanting to scream out with passion.

Penny pushed her tongue deeper into Marisol's pussy, tasting every drop of her sweet juices as she started to tongue fuck Marisol. Marisol wiggled and squeezed her breasts...she was close, very close to cumming. Before Marisol could tell Penny she was about to cum, Penny plunged two fingers into Marisol's wet pussy working them deep and hard. Marisol bit into her lower lip to stop herself from moaning, she couldn't hold it anymore. Marisol could feel her orgasm building up fast and she was going to cum hard! Marisol grabbed the side of the waxing bed, thrusting her pussy towards Penny face as the orgasms washed over her.

Penny looked up and smiled as Marisol pulled Penny's face toward her...kissing Penny and licking her juices from Penny's chin. Marisol caressed Penny's breasts, pulling her down and sucking Penny's nipples while Penny cooed softly. Marisol motioned for Penny to take her place on the waxing bed. Marisol looked at Penny's labia...her lips were so thick, and her clit was so swollen. Marisol leaned down and began running her tongue over Penny's folds, licking up Penny's juices, as Penny ran her fingers through Marisol's hair. Marisol loved Penny's taste and was intoxicating. Marisol licked and sucked Penny to one orgasm after another, just like she had done to her roommate back in college.

Afterward, the two dressed with Penny switching the light off to indicate the "waxing" session was over. Wow, what a mind-blowing experience she thought as she went out to pay for her wax. As she was paying the manager asked if Penny had done a good job.

"Penny did an outstanding job as a matter of fact," Marisol replied.

Penny smiled and waved as Marisol left the salon. When Marisol returned home, she found a card in her was Penny's. There was a note on the back telling Marisol if she'd like to become one of Penny's exclusive client's to please call her...she had really enjoyed their session together. Marisol smiled, she was definitely going to call her. That night Marisol's husband got the fucking of his life...all because of Penny.

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