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After having made plans to involve Helen's brother in our little family
affair, it was decided to try as soon as possible. Jenni, our daughter,
suggested that Helen invite Bob over for dinner the next night. She did
so right away, telling him, as we'd planned, that I'd be unable to be
there because of a late work schedule. Bob accepted the invitation and
said he'd be there about 6:30. The next afternoon, I parked the car on the next street and walked back
to the house. Bob rang the doorbell promptly at 6:30, which was my cue
to hide in Jenni's room. Jenni sat down on the sofa as her mother went
to the door to let Bob inside. Bob entered, said "Hi" to Jenni, then
seated himself in the easy chair to which Helen motioned as she said,
"Grab a seat, Bob. I'll get us all a beer." Helen returned with the
beer, passed them out and sat down on the opposite end of the sofa from
Jenni. Helen, immediately, went to the next step in the plan.

Helen raised her legs, rested her feet on the coffee table and spread
wide to reveal the panty-less cunt her brother had so often seen--not to
mention fucked! Although the sight was nothing new for Bob, he damn near
dropped his beer. No doubt, it was because Jenni was there. For, as
Helen later said with laughter, "If the two of us had been alone, it
would have been an invitation to get his face between my legs."

Helen, knowing Bob was getting quite nervous, continued her little show
for a few minutes. At that point, Jenni placed her legs as her mother
had and, also being bare assed under her skirt, added to the show. The
two women--they later told me--had trouble containing their laughter as
they watched Bob's discomfort. His eyes were darting from one bare pussy
to the other! Unable to take it and not knowing what was going on before
his eyes, Bob excused himself and went to the bathroom. My wife and
daughter decided to get bolder and made a quick decision to revise the
plan. Before Bob returned, they quickly removed their clothing and sat
back down.

Bob walked back into the room, instantly stopping at the entrance when
he saw the two woman sitting close together on the sofa--completely nude!

"What the hell?", Bob asked. "Helen, what are you doing?"

"Come now, Dear Brother", my wife answered. "It's not as if this is the
first time you've seen me this way. Now is it?"

"But Helen, this is different. What about your daug...what about Jenni?

"What about Jenni?", Helen responded. "Are you saying her body isn't
something you've wanted to see. In fact, be honest. Haven't you thought
about fucking her as you so often have me?"

"But Helen, I...I don't...uh...I don't think this is...uh", Bob

"So, it's all right to screw your own sister but not your niece. Is
that what you're telling me Bob? Jenni saw us together a few days ago
and since then wants it as much as I. Now, what's holding you back? You
have two women sitting here begging to be fucked, and you just stand
there! Either get out of those clothes my stud of a brother or LEAVE!"

Bob, without hesitating, made a decision and began peeling off his shirt.
The two women rose, stepped over to Bob and began to help. Jenni began
to unbuckle her uncle's belt, while Helen dropped down to untie the laces
on his shoes. Our daughter unzipped Bob's fly and pulled his pants down
over his hips. Helen had the shoes untied and helped Bob step out of
them. Bob kicked the pants off and both women, Jenni now on her knees
beside Helen, peeled his boxers down. The shorts were still around his
ankles when Jenni's mouth found the hard cock protruding from Bob's groin.

"Oh shit, Jenni", Bob moaned. "I've wanted this from you for years!"

The two women--one my wife, the other my daughter--took turns sucking
Bob's cock. They stopped short of bring him off and both stretched out
side by side on the floor. "Your turn Uncle Bob", Jenni giggled as she
used her fingers to open her cunt wide. "And me too, Brother Dear",
Helen cooed as she repeated our daughter's actions. My brother-in law
lowered himself to the floor and crawled between Jenni's legs and
replaced her hands with his own.

Holding my daughter's juicy, young pussy open, he buried his face. Bob
licked the cunt, inside and out before locating the hard, little clit.
He had just begun to suck, then Helen grabbed his head and moved it to
her own wide spread, waiting gash. Bob started on her! The two women
worked his head back and forth between their two hungry cunts. I waited
in Jenni's room for the signal we had agreed upon. It came down the hall
loud and clear!

"Fuck me Uncle Bob!", Jenni yelled.

"Yes Bob, FUCK JENNI!", Helen screamed.

I gave them a few more minutes before going into the livingroom. Jenni
was on her hands and knees with her face in Helen's cunt. Her ass was
high in the air and Bob was fucking rapidly in and out her tight slit.
Unnoticed by Bob, I watched a few moments. Sensing that he was about to
cum, I stepped closer.

"What the fuck is going on here?", I yelled.

Bob, upon hearing my voice, jerked his cock from Jenni's cunt and jumped
to his feet. The hard-on he'd been driving up my daughter's cunt
deflated as he stood there looking like he wanted to run. I couldn't
help myself and began to laugh. Jenni and her mother joined in, and the
three of us continued our laughter as we watched Bob's expression change
from fear to anger.

"God damn, you three!", he exclaimed. You planned this, didn't you?"

He stood there glaring at us, but the humor of the situation, finally,
hit him. He, too, started to laugh. "Well fuck", he remarked between
fits of laughter. "At least you might have let me finish!"

"I think that can be corrected", Jenni said.

"Yes, I think so", her mother added.

"You bet", I offered, motioning them to follow me back to the bedroom.

--To Be Continued--


2006-11-26 23:19:11
it's kind of lame but ok. not a cock wanker though. i gave it a 6. but do continue


2006-07-15 12:35:07
still say it's awesome just not long enought but i like incest willie t


2005-11-09 14:18:58

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