Finding the internet isn't the only thing getting hard at cheerleading camp!
Chapter 4 – Jennifer

George was bored. He had been bored since he got there. He had a deep love for technology, and being stuck in the middle of the woods meant that technology was scarce. Even his laptop was useless. The motherboard had fried a few weeks ago, the result of him overclocking the system without providing it coolant. That was one of the two reasons he had agreed to come. A thousand dollars would not only replace the board, but would pay for a cooling system as well. The only other reason he could think of for being here was the girls. Though as he thought about it, that seemed to be a fairly decent reason all on its own. Unfortunately, he didn’t seem to be having much luck with them. Jim was off with Ashley some where; doing who knew what, but George could make a few wild guesses, and they were probably all good ones, the lucky bastard. Jon he wasn’t as sure about, but he had a feeling that Lisa and Diane had some how comeback wearing different skirts after they had come back from that hike with Jon. That was the worst bit of all. Not only were the girls ignoring him, but his friends had abandoned him as well.

In such a gloomy state of mind, George failed to notice the person standing behind him. It wasn’t until she sat down that he realized he had company. Even then he ignored her. George had never really gotten along with the cheerleaders. They couldn’t understand his interest in technology, and he couldn’t forgive them the endless number of pranks they had played on him over the years. So when the cute red head sat down next to him, he half expected her to push him off the dock and into the lake.

“Excuse me,” she asked, “do you know anything about computers?” George looked at her. She must be an idiot, he thought, everyone knows I’m the school computer whiz.

“Yeah, I may know a thing or two.” He replied some what hesitantly, still waiting for the joke.

“Could you help me then? My laptop is supposed to have wireless internet, but I can’t get it to work.” She looked him straight in the eye, and he figured she was probably telling him the truth.

“Alright, where is it?” he asked.

“It’s up in my room. Don’t worry about going up, all the chaperones are playing lifeguard right now.” Standing up, she headed up the hill back to the cabin. George followed her, as even a simple problem would provide a distraction for him. Back at the cabin, George and the girl headed for her room. There, she presented him with the laptop and service node she used to connect to the internet. Booting up the laptop, George tried to connect, with both her and his screen names. When neither worked, he checked the node itself. After cracking it open it soon became apparent what the problem was. Several chipboards had been jostled and fallen out of place. This in turn had torn out a few wires, but the ends had come free, so they simply needed to be reattached, instead of costly replaced. Sitting down on her bed, George spread the pieces about him. Though it would be simple enough to fix, the pieces were slightly delicate and would take some time put back into position. Knowing he had to pass the time some how, as the girl did not seem ready to go anywhere, George decided to try some small talk to lighten the grave mood she seemed to be in.

“Well, the good news is I can fix it, the bad news is that it will take me a few hours. I apologize, but this means you won’t be able to chat with your family or boyfriend or whoever.” George wondered what her response was going to be.

“Oh, I'm not seeing any one right now. I dumped the last asshole after he talked about his car for an hour.” The girl climbed on to one of the other beds, put her arms behind her head and stared at the ceiling. “I probably wouldn’t have minded,” she continued, “but we were watching a movie at the time.”

“Ah, well, if he wasn’t that interested it was probably for the best.” George remarked.

“Nah the movie wasn’t that good to begin with. Some dumb action flick he dragged me to see. You know the kind, where no matter what she does, the heroine always seems to end up topless, even if she sits in an office?” the girl had launched into full sharing mode. “Well, needless to say I think he spent more time drooling over her then me.”

George sensed an opening. Sure he had never gotten along with the cheerleaders. But it had more to do with his own insecurities rather than their attitudes, so he might as well talk with the girl. “Actually, what I meant was that if he wasn’t interested in the movie, he could have talked to you. I guess I can’t really talk. If it had been me, you might have gotten an hour of computer talk.” George admitted this with a faint blush. Never the smoothest talker, he had a bad habit of revealing his faults with out prompting.

“So?” the girl replied “An hour of computers I could have taken. Computers interest me. Well, at least the software side. As you can tell, I'm not very good with the hardware.” The girl rolled over so she was looking at George. “What exactly did I do to it?” she asked.

“Nothing major,” he replied “just some rough handling.” He thought for a moment. “You know it occurs to me. Here I am talking shop with a girl in her own bedroom, and I still haven’t even asked your name. I apologize.”

Her sweet laughter rang through the room as she sat up. “My name is Jennifer, Jen, for short. Pleased to meet you Mr. ….?”

“I believe I am answering to George at this time. If it changes, I shall let you know.” He looked over to her with a grin on his face. She was smiling back. “So, you’re interested in computers huh?”

“Yeah, I'm planning on majoring in programming in college. Probably something to do with market trends, but I’d really like to get into video game programming.” George looked over at her with a doubting look on his face.

“Did I hear you right? You actually plan on working in the game industry?”

“Yeah why? Is it that had to believe that there are female programmers out there?” Jen was slightly indignant over what he was suggesting.

“Female programmers I can believe. It’s a cheerleader programmer that I find difficult to swallow.” George replied.

“Fine then. I propose a bet. I have here a second laptop, set up for a LAN connection, and both are equipped with a game I programmed myself. We play. If my programming is that bad, you should have no problem beating me. If you lose, you do as I say. If I lose, well, I won’t lose, so that doesn’t matter. Is it a deal?” Jen offered out her hand. George rose of his bed and shook on the bet.

The laptops were setup on opposite ends of the room and the game begun. A simple shooter mixed with RPG elements, it required players to pick both a class and weapon. Soon the two opponents were waging a fierce battle. Gunfire was exchanged with spell blasts, swords sliced through Kevlar, and in the most comic tragedy in gaming history, catapults smashed through tanks. After an hour of battling, George admitted defeat. Not only was the game beautifully rendered graphics wise, the game play was innovative, and the concept fairly unique. Worse, he had found no bugs to exploit. He was thoroughly beaten. He walked over to Jen and extended his arm. Grasping her hand, he knelt and brought it to his lips. “I surrender dear lady. I am yours to command.”

With a broad smile on her face, she looked into his eyes and said, “Kiss me.”

George did a small double take at the command, and then happily obliged leaning in, he placed a hand at the back of her head to draw her closer to him. As their lips met, his parted and his tongue reached out and sought hers. She responded in kind, and soon a tongue of war had broken out. His hands began to move sliding under the front of her shirt. Finding her breasts, he gently squeezed them causing her to moan into his mouth. He began to gently massage them, her nipples stiffening under his touch. Breaking the kiss for only a moment, Jen pulled the shirt over her head and flung it into a corner. Their tongues meeting once again, George reached behind her and deftly unclasped the lacy black bra she was wearing. Her largish tits swung free, her pink nipples already hard as pebbles. George bent and took one into his mouth, gently massaging the other with the palm of his hand. As his tongue began to trace a circle around her areola, he started to tug on her other nipple. The constant affection caused Jen to moan her pleasure. The feeling was almost as intense as to be described as agonizing.

While his mouth and hand kept her breasts busy, George’s other hand found the buttons to her tight jeans. Popping the button, his hand snaked down into her pants, his fingers quickly finding the spot causing her panties to become so wet. His fingers plunged into her, adding yet another sensation to the growing number she was feeling. George quickly discovered that though she was no virgin, she was incredibly tight. Curling his fingers, he began to make a small come here motion inside of her. This proved to be too much for Jen and she came, gushing her juices all over his hand. George was far from through though. Laying her down on the bed, he slowly tugged of her tight jeans, exposing a pair of black lace panties. Her come was already leaking out the sides, and a huge wet spot had formed in their center. Grinning evilly, he gently removed her panties and began to lap up her come.

His tongue teased her folds, before he lightly flicked her swollen clit. As his tongue explored her nether regions, his hands continued to manipulate her heaving breasts, tugging and teasing her hard nipples. Though she couldn’t believe it, Jen was headed for a second orgasm. Thrusting her hips into his face, she silently begged for more. He happily obliged, thrusting his tongue into her, as far as it would go. The sudden intrusion did it, and Jen began to come on his face. Drinking down as much as he could, George began to kiss his way back up her body. As he passed her breasts, he began to lick her breasts, smearing her cum into her perky nipples. Once it was evenly deposited, he continued his travels, until once again their tongues were locked together. As they kissed, she fumbled with the buttons on his jeans, finally getting them open. As she kissed her way down his body, she guided his pants to the floor, leaving his eight inch erection free. She slowly began to tongue it, licking her way from base to tip and back again. As George trembled from the feeling, she took his sack into her mouth and began rolling his balls back and forth. As precome formed at the tip, she bent and licked off.

With her hands on his knees, she could feel him trembling, and it aroused her beyond comparison. Lifting her to her feet, George guided Jen back onto the bed. She lay there, with her legs spread open in invitation. As he drew closer, Jen reached out and grasped him, guiding the swollen head to her entrance. Once it was in position, George thrust into her, filling her with his eight inch meat in one stroke. He leaned over her, so that her nipples rubbed against his chest, stimulating them even more. As he thrust into her, she could feel every inch of him, and sought to hold it as much as possible. She was soon matching him thrust for thrust, rubbing her clit against him. Her tight walls were slick with her cum, but even so she was incredibly tight. Their moans echoed off the close walls. George knew he wouldn’t last long, and as her walls tightened with her orgasm, he too blew his load, deep into her. Looking into her eyes, he could tell she was just as pleased as he was with what had happened.


A/N: Two things. Yes, this was posted before Friday. It didn’t seem fair that poor George hadn’t gotten any, while Jim and Jon had. Second, please leave a few comments, so I will know what I am doing right, and what you would like to see less of. I will of course take hints, suggestions, and characters.

A/N2: Yes, the author is fully aware that his knowledge of computers is limited to turning them on and off and following their directions. He has already been taken out back and viciously beaten for the errors in this chapter, so please, leave off.

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The only thing I have to say besides good story is that all the sex, though in different places with different girls of varying numbers, is the same. Kiss, tounges, boobs, eat out, then penetration and cumming inside of the girls. Otherwise great stories. Keep up the good work.

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That was alot like my first time! Only my girl (Brittany) was a virgin just like I was, it was in her house not at cheer camp, she has blonde hair with black underneath not red, and were only 15 and freshmen. Which is quite a lot of differences but still alot of similarities like my dick IS 8"! Dont bother writting bad shit about what I just said because im not gonna check (duh) also y would I write all that just too lie at the end I dont know you people anyway and dont need to impress you! Signed, Tom!

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It seemed like you spent a lot of time building up to the sex scene, and then rushed through it. Still a pretty good story, though.

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