Just some more fun in the backwoods.
Chapter 5- Stefanie

Stef had been sunning herself for nearly an hour already. The morning sun felt good, a gentle warmth caressing her body. She had already dropped the top of her bikini, seeing no reason not to abolish her tan lines while no one was looking. Finding the little glade had been a god send, and she intended to use it for whatever purpose she liked. She was far enough away from the camp that she doubted anyone would find her, while she was still close enough to hurry back if she needed to. She rolled over so that her back would be as even as the rest of her. Opening her eyes, she found another pair of large, brown eyes staring back at her. She froze, not wanting to alert the creature to the fact that she knew it was there. There was a faint rustling sound, and the creature moved so only its head was visible. Stef recognized it as a bear instantly.


Jon was bored. Despite the pleasant events of the day before, he wasn’t going to push for more from Lisa and Diane, as it was well known that they were truly lesbians. He understood that Diane was simply having fun at his expense, but in this case he didn’t mind. Propping his legs up on the table in front of him, he leaned back in his chair and began paging through the latest strategy magazines. Hopefully, cards would be able to distract. He hadn’t been bored for long when he heard the screaming. Opening the door to the boy’s room, he wasn’t quite expecting what happened next. Running full tilt into him, one of the cheerleaders smashed him to the floor. Dazed from the crash, he looked up into Stefanie’s panting face. “Umm. Stef, what are you doing?” Jon asked.

“Be-B-Bear,” she replied, “there was a bear in the woods.” She tried to catch her breath. “It began to chase me.”

Gently pushing her off him, Jon walked to the window. It wasn’t hard to spot where Stef had coming running from, as branches and grass had been trampled in her flight. As Jon watched, a turkey followed by her chicks walked out of the woods. Her ruffled feathers told of her agitation. Realizing what had happened, Jon began to laugh. Stef looked at him with a hurt look on her face.

“What’s so funny about me nearly being killed?” she asked him.

“Turkey.” Laughing as hard as he was, Jon couldn’t explain what he had just seen.

“Are you calling me a turkey?” Stef was getting somewhat upset by this turn of events. Terrified running girls weren’t supposed to get laughed at. And the bear had really scared her.

“No, you were being chased by a turkey.” Jon had finally gotten his chuckling under control. “She was probably worried for her chicks. I watched them walk out of the woods after you.”

“Oh.” Stef looked puzzled. “I could have sworn it was a bear.”

Jon looked at her, and something finally clicked. Stef had been standing there half naked the entire time. Her firm breasts with their large brown nipples had been staring him in the face ever since she had run into him. Thinking back slightly more, he realized they had also probably been rubbing against his chest when she had landed on him. Thinking about this, he started to get aroused. His curiosity won the better of him. Crashing into the couch, he asked “Stef, why are you topless?”

Looking down, Stef’s arms flew to cover her exposed tits. “Omigod Omigod Omigod. I am so embarrassed.” Falling on to the couch beside him, her head dropped to her chest.

Jon laughed. “Don’t worry its nothing I haven’t seen before. But my question remains. Why are you topless?” The mirth in his eyes was enough to disarm her, and when he placed his arm around her shoulders she leaned into him, partly glad for the comfort.

“I was sunbathing. I can’t stand tan lines, so I took off my top. I rolled on to my stomach to tan my back, and saw these eyes staring back at me. So I took off. I ran screaming, and the next thing I know, I'm laying on the floor, or more accurately on top of you.” She paused for a moment. “Cant say I didn’t enjoy it.”

“Oh really?” Jon looked down at her. “And what was so enjoyable about it?” he asked.

“I don’t know. A combination of things. Winding up in the arms of a strong man when scared was a good thing. Not having you just shove me off of you helped. And honestly, the way my nipples rubbed against you kind of turned me on.”

“Oh really?” he asked, “So what if I do this?” Reaching over, he took her bare breasts into his hands, gently rolling the nipples between his thumb and forefinger. Leaning over, he began to kiss her, their tongues twining like a pair of snakes. Kneeling in front of her, he began to drag his tongue down her flat stomach. Stef smiled at his soft touch. Unwillingly, Jon removed his hands from her breasts, instead using them to remove her wet panties.

Looking up at her with a feral grin, he bowed to her pussy and began to lap at her juices like a dog. Stef moaned as his tongue found her clit, sending spasms of pleasure to course through her. Stef came, pouring her juices all over Jon’s face. Jon liked as much as he could off of her. Spreading her legs apart, he began to rub the head of his cock against her lips. Teased in such a manner, Stef began to buck her hips, trying to ensnare him inside of her. After tormenting her for several minutes, Jon finally entered her in one swift motion. Feeling his length enter so suddenly, Stef couldn’t help but cry out. Jon began to thrust, the pressure of her tight cunt squeezing his hard cock.

Jon knew he wasn’t going to last long like this, but the feelings were just too much. With one final thrust, Jon pushed into the hilt before releasing his white hot cum deep into her pussy. Stef was far from finished however. Pushing Jon over on his back, she began to lick at his softening cock. Wrapping her tongue around, his cock, she began to move it up and down his shaft. Despite having cum moments before, Jon’s cock was soon hard again. Stef stood over him, and gently lowered herself on to his rod. In control this time, she began to slowly raise and lower herself. The thrusting motions caused Jon to rub against her g-spot, and every time she took all of him inside her, her clit rubbed his shaft. The slow speed meant that she felt every inch of him, Jon was in heaven, the feel of Stef’s tight walls almost causing him pain in the amount of pleasure he felt. The feelings becoming too much for her to stand, Stef began to move faster, her slick walls rubbing against Jon. Picking up the change in tempo, Jon began to thrust back into her, reaching for her inner depths with his cock. Stef had finally had enough. As her orgasm passed through her, her cunt squeezed Jon’s cock, finishing his overworked member. With one final thrust, he pushed deep into her, releasing another stream of cum. Later they were sitting on the small porch off of the boy’s room. Jon had lent Stef one of his blank t-shirts.

Relaxing against each other they were enjoying the afternoon sun. Watching the woods, they were surprised when the bear club walked out of the woods. Sniffing the air, it began to walk towards them. Climbing the stairs to the deck, it walked over to Stef and sniffed her legs. After licking them a few times, it curled up at her feet and fell asleep. Jon looked at it curiously. “I think it thinks you’re its mother” Stef, still staring at the bear, simply replied, “I told you I saw a bear.”


A/N: Please leave your comments on the way out. thank you

A/N2: Looking back at this, it’s evident that I originally intended for Jon to be the “player” of the group. It just didn’t seem to work out that way, for some reason. Probably personal author bias, to be honest.


2009-07-19 11:36:33
awesome stories i love them. it kind of reminds me of the time i went to the beach with my aunt and fucked some girls there and then went back to stay at my aunts house and fucked my cousins friend

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2009-07-17 02:44:39
yah...more kink... and so far the geeks are 4/4 ...pretty good batting averages for some awkward nerds... you might want to try some light humilation... it would add some spice to your writing

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2009-07-14 22:20:27
the bear thing at the end is very unrealistic and the sex is kinda repeditive

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2009-07-04 03:36:09
your stories are too repetitive. the sex is almost exactly the same every time


2009-03-27 02:07:33
I would've loved togive you a positive rating but I agree with the person under me, and the thing with the bear was unnecessary.

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