The boys have to deal with Stephanie's recent acquistion...
Chapter 6- Of Bear Flesh and Bare Flesh

Jon was stumped. Even though it was truly attached to Stef, the bear cub had no problem being watched by him after she left it with him for the day. The problem wasn’t feeding it. It ate what ever he gave it. It wasn’t a problem with it causing problems. The problem was that it followed him every where. The problem was that he had a bear cub following everywhere, including into the cabin. Collapsing into a chair he sat and stared at it. The cub looked back, its big brown eyes curios as to what he was thinking. Jon had finally had enough. There was no way he had the experience to deal with this himself. Getting up, he went to look for his friends. They could help.

Jim and George were sitting on the dock talking. Neither had brought up the subject yet, but both were more then ready to share their tale of intimacy, just so they could claim bragging rights over the other. They were slightly startled when Jon walked up to them bear cub in tow. Since it had slept out side the previous night, they had yet to meet it. Jon grabbed one of the other chairs and sat down. When the cub walked over, he began to absent mindedly scratch it behind the ears. The bear rumbled with pleasure.

“So what’s up guys?” Jon asked, ignoring their questioning looks.

“Jon, you do realize you have a bear sitting next to you? And that its trying to purr?” Jim looked at his friend, unsure of what he was seeing. The bear, meanwhile, had walked to the edge of the dock and was staring at its reflection in the water. The three friends watched it. Reaching out a paw towards the water, the cub lost its balance and fell into the water. Springing from their chairs they raced to the end of the dock. Jon was the most worried, as he had promised Stef he wouldn’t let anything happen to it. Seeing it paddling towards shore, he sighed with relief. Walking to the three friends, the cub stopped a few feet away and shook it self off, soaking the boys in the process.

“This guys is Kentai. He seems to think that Stef is his mother. Since I was there when they met, she asked me to watch him when they are at practice. Thankfully, he doesn’t seem to mind me. So I’m bear sitting for the rest of the week. Any tips?” Jon explained the situation to his friends.

“Well, first of all, where is his mother? I know female bears are beyond protective of their cubs.” Jim raised the question the other two had been thinking. When they both shrugged their shoulders he paused to think. “Alright, here’s what we do. George, you come with me. We’ll search the woods for some sign of the mother. Jon you stay here, but stay near the cabin. If she shows, I guarantee you she’ll be pissed, and you smell like her cub, so you’ll be the first target. That’s also why you’re not coming with us.” George and Jon both nodded at this. The friends parted, Jim and George heading into the woods, Jon heading back into camp.

Jim and George had been hiking for about an hour in total silence. Thoughts of what had happened to him had been racing through George’s mind. Thinking about Jen and how much pleasure he had felt in her arms kept racing through his mind. The way her nipples had hardened at his touch, the warmth he had felt when entered her, how tight she had felt against him. Finally, the sounds of her moaning her pleasure in his ear while they rode each other to new heights of pleasure. Of all the memories those were the sweetest, knowing that she enjoyed it as much as he did. For George, that was the ultimate pleasure, knowing that his lover found him just as exciting as he found her.

Jim was having similar thoughts, except his were about Ashley. The feel of her soft lips when they kissed. How wet she became when he went down on her, the taste of her juices when she came. The way her eyes sparkled at her climax, the way her vagina squeezed his cock, milking it for everything it had. For them, it was more then simple fucking. For them it was art.

“Jim? I’ve got something I want to share with you.” George was the first to break the silence. “Jen and I are going out. More importantly we’re lovers.” George blushed red admitting this. In front of him, Jim stopped dead in his tracks. Turning around he looked into George’s eyes.

“So you and Jen are screwing each other?” Jim smiled as asked. “Well, I’ll be sure to tell Ashley that. For the record, yeah, we’ve been doing the sweet dance as well.” George looked stunned at this admission. “Yeah, we’ve been together since about the third day up here. Personally, I think she’s a great person. Total love there dude. What about you and Jen?”

“Well, she is definitely not your average cheerleader.” George answered wistfully. The two began to walk again as he continued. “For one thing, she’s a computer geek, just like me. The only problem she has is hardware, but we’re working on that. Otherwise, she’s just a good a programmer as I am.” George pondered the relationship for a moment.

“Yeah, I’d have to say I really love her too.”

The boys continued to walk, sharing their feelings and some of the more ribald details from their relationships. Spreading out they managed to cover several hundred yards easier. In the end, however, it was the smell that gave it away, long before they could spot something. Caught by the wafting breeze, the sickly sweet and sour smell of decaying meat drew them towards a small clearing. There in the center lay a bear, the signs of decay being so visible that it was obvious the majestic creature had been dead for a while. Obvious to was the cause of death. A large portion of the bear’s chest had been torn away by a shotgun blast. The gun itself lay beneath the bear, still clenched in the hands of its owner, a man dressed in camouflage gear. Trapped beneath the bear’s paws, his head was twisted so badly, that he was facing the wrong way. In this particular version of man versus nature, neither side had come out victorious. Ants crawled over the two corpses, and maggots writhed and teemed inside the bodies.

Walking around the bodies, the two examined the scene as closely as they dared. It was obvious what had happened, but they could not help but stare in grim fascination at the scene before them. Working up his nerve, Jim approached the hunter’s corpse and began to rifle through his pockets. Finally, in one of the top corner pockets of the man’s vest, he found a wallet. Inside was a photo id and several credit cards. Putting this in a pocket, he stepped away, moving back to where George was standing. Presenting his evidence, the two headed back to camp.

Back at camp, Jon was bored. Like all children, the cub had fallen asleep for an early afternoon nap. Alone by himself, he began to read another of his magazines, actually picking up where he had been reading the night before. He was startled by the sound of running water coming through the walls.

Getting up to investigate, he walked towards the shower room in the cabin. Arriving there, he noticed the door was slightly ajar. Knowing that Jim and George were out hiking, he had no second thoughts about peeking into the room. Before him was a sight he almost died of watching.

In front if him, one of the cheerleaders stood under a cascade of water. She had a nice sized pair of tits, not large by any means, but big enough to be worth several handfuls. He noticed her pink nipples were hard, causing the pouring water to cascade down her creamy white skin. Over the sound of rushing water he heard several low moans. Looking closely, he could see her fingers pumping in and out of her womanhood. As one hand continued to play with herself, the other moved to her breasts, where it began to play with her stiff nipples. Fascinated by the display, Jon reached down and freed his hard on. Slowly stroking it with his hand, he watched the unknown girl pleasuring herself. As feelings of pleasure over took her, she slumped to the floor, her long blond hair cascading in front of her face, preventing Jon from recognizing her. Switching hands, she grasped one of her breasts, and brought it to her lips. Snaking her tongue out, she began to flick her nipple back and forth. As she continued to express her pleasure, Jon began to quicken his pace, the friction from his hand feeling more and more enjoyable. With each stroke he could feel the cum rushing form his balls to his cock. In the shower, the girl had paused her quest for bliss. Searching, she grasped the smooth wood handle of a back scrubber. Perfectly rounded, she quickly inserted its 10” length into her pussy. Pumping the improvised dildo in and out of her, she found herself experiencing new and untold pleasures. Shocked by what he had seen Jon had stopped masturbating, his breath catching in his throat at the sudden move. As she continued, however, he resumed his self pleasuring.

Nearing her climax, the nameless cheerleader began increase the pace, thrusting the handle into herself more and more violently. No longer content with simply moaning she began to scream her joy. Jon reached his first. Clenching his teeth to prevent crying out, he thrust into his hand, holding while his cum poured out onto the wall and floor. Exhausted by his efforts, he removed one of his socks and quickly wiped up the mess. He looked back just in time.

Reaching her own climax, the cheerleader thrust the handle in one last time. Jon watched as spasms of ecstasy ran through her body. Quivering with the power of her orgasm, she ran one final finger between her legs, wiping her cum from her thighs. Bringing it to her lips, she sucked on it, ensuring not a drop escaped her mouth.
Jon quickly buttoned himself back up, and retreated back to his room. When he heard the shower room door open, he quickly raised his magazine to his face. Lowering it in an attempt to recognize the girl, all he saw was her blond hair tailing behind her.


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