Sex Before Dancing
The steam starts to rise as Melanie climbs in the shower, preparing for a night of
dancing. The hot water pounding on her chest feels so good. Melanie imagines
Matthew coming into the bathroom and gets even more excited as her womanhood
begins to tingle.

Melanie takes the shower massager off it's holder and turns it on pulsating.
Mmmm, that feels wonderful. She lowers it and can feel her juices starting to
flow. She lays it down for a minute and soaps herself all over, running her
hands over her nipples, squeezing them, tweaking the nipples and running her
hands down her hips, down to her sex, soap running down her legs. Oh, that
feels so good, the pulses making her clit harden as she presses the head closer
and rubs it back and forth. "Ahhh," Melanie thinks to herself, "that's great,
ahhh, ohhh, I think I'm going to cummmmmm, yes!" as an orgasm flows through her.

Melanie finishes rinsing off and grabs the towel to get dry, rubbing her nipples
and finding them still hard and puckered. The doorbell rings.

Melanie runs to the door, opens it and sticks her head around as she hides her
naked body behind the wooden face. It's Matthew. He comes in and immediately
starts walking toward the kitchen with something in his hands, not noticing the
unclothed state Melanie is in. She is walking behind him, wondering what he's
holding, as he turns around and looks back at her. His jaw drops open and a big
huge grin spreads across his face as he says "Well.... Hello, baby!"

Melanie is barely able to contain her laughter as she stands there showing off for
his grinning approval. Her nipples are as hard as tiny rocks. She walks toward
Matthew as he reaches out and pulls her into his arms and kisses her deeply,
thrusting his tongue into her mouth, tasting her and turning her on, as he
always does.

Matthew bends down and runs kisses over her cleavage to her nipples and pulls
them into his mouth, sucking first one, then the other. He then pushes them
together, sucking on them both at the same time. He looks up, as Melanie looks
down, slowly releasing them and standing up again to kiss her. They hug each
other and their tongues begin the dance again. So sweet, so wet and so

Melanie starts to pull his jacket off and he stops her for a moment. "Wait, I
have something for you," Matthew says smiling.

His left hand comes around with a beautiful single rose in it. "Oh, baby, how
precious. There's nothing so sweet and sexy as a single rose," Melanie says as
she goes to put it in a vase on the table.

Matthew comes up behind her, reaches around and caresses her breasts as she leans
over the table. Her naked butt cheeks grind into his erect manhood that she
could feel under his jeans. Matthew bends over and he groans, his rod is growing
harder and more restrained within the confines of his pants. It's definitely
time to get more comfortable.

Melanie turns and pulls his jacket off and begins unbuttoning his shirt. Matthew
stands there as she lovingly undresses him and leads him into the living room.

She's already spread a blanket on the floor in front of the fireplace. It's
really too hot for a fire, but Melanie lights the candles around the room. They
sit down on the blanket and kiss as Matthew lays her down. The wine, still
sitting unopened on the table, will have to wait a minute or two.

Matthew starts rubbing her feet. Then he works his way up her legs, kissing her
knees, running his hands up her legs to her awaiting sex. Barely touching it,
he runs his hand across the top, slowly pushing it back and looking down,

He leans forward and licks at Melanie, pulling the delicate, pink lips apart and
flicking at her clit. Her feet find his hard cock and play with it while Matthew
eagerly dives into her glistening folds for all the juices he can take in.

Melanie lies there, moaning with pleasure. She was already wet from the shower,
but knowing how much Matthew is enjoying the wetness gathered within her tight
lips sends her over the edge. She puts her hands on her nipples to stimulate
them while Matthew continues to feast on her; licking and sucking on her clit,
running his tongue down into her dripping sex.

Her hips are moving and trying to press harder into his face. Matthew moves his
tongue back to her pulsating clit and she can feel his fingers probing deep into
her. With very little preamble, Melanie feels her orgasm build as she moans
loudly, "Oh, Matthew, I'm cumming, oh, oh..." He sucks on her clit until her
convulsions subside into bliss.

Matthew licks the juices that have dripped out of her and comes forward to her
mouth. They kiss and Melanie feels his hardness pressed against her. "Roll over,
Sweetie," Melanie whispers.

They move the pillows around and Melanie comfortably lays on them with her rear in
the air, pressing back against him. His hands round her silky smooth butt as
Matthew presses his rod into her inviting sex. She feels the heat as he enters
her, thrusting in deeply and pulling out and pushing back in again. Slowly,
Matthew withdraws until she's backing into him--wanting more. He quickens the
pace and Melanie moans, "Oh yes, harder, harder, baby!"

Matthew starts pumping faster, Melanie tilts her pelvis down and suddenly the
feelings are wonderful and deep and thrusting. Oh, my, yes! His tool is
pumping into her, harder, faster and they both suddenly explode into an orgasm
that shakes them to their toes!

They lay down, both exhausted, look at each other and smile. "Well, do we have
the energy still for dancing tonight?" Melanie asks.

"We'll be dancing tonight until the band stops," Matthew replies with a smile.

"Oh, baby, why are you so good to me?" she asks.

"Only to get it in return," he says.

Melanie laughs and gets up. She leaves the blanket next to the fireplace, sensing
she and Matthew will probably want it again when they get home.

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