Woman wants man, woman gets man
When Melanie met Matthew, she instantly knew there was something special about him.
The moment she saw him, his image was embedded permanently in her mind . Melanie
found herself aroused from moment one and she later found out the feeling was

Matthew kept finding reasons to come into the room where she was. Every time he
came near, her nipples would shoot out in excitement through the flimsy, silk
covering of her blouse. Every word he said sent tingles through her body and
caused her juices to stir. It didn't take long before Melanie could feel her
womanhood dripping with hunger for him.

As soon as Melanie got up the nerve, she asked Matthew if he would accompany her; she
explained how she had a problem and needed his opinion. So, Matthew allowed
Melanie to lead him to a separate room.

It was a small room with just a few pieces of furniture, but it was enough of a
room for her purposes. So, Matthew followed her into the room where she very
discretely locked the door behind them. Melanie was so hot by this time she was
ready to do whatever she had to do to get Matthew inside her.

As they walked away from the door he turned to her. "So, Melanie, what was it
you needed my opinion on?" he asked.

She took a deep breath and looked him up and down very slowly. "Well, Matthew,"
Melanie replied, "I have this little problem. You see since the moment you walked
in this morning I have been aching to do something."

Matthew smiled. He had obviously figured out her agenda. He winked at her and
told her that he was willing to do what ever he could to solve her problem.

"Well, you see Matthew," Melanie began, "my problem is that I am totally hot for
you. I want you so bad. I want you here. I want you now."

Matthew took a step toward her. He reached out and brushed his hand across her
right breast. Instant shockwaves consumed her. They immediately found
themselves entangled in each others' arms; his hand burning a trail into her
skin as he caressed her thigh and her stomach.

As their tongues danced, Matthew got her blouse off and she his shirt. Oh god,
the feeling of his warm skin finally touching hers; his chest pressed against
her breasts. Then the feeling of his hand creeping up under her skirt. His
fingers sliding in through the side of her panties. Matthew teased her with his
fingers for just a moment when he withdrew them and reached up and took his
finger that had just left her wet sex and sucked on it. "Melanie, you taste
wonderful. I can't wait to get a better taste."

Then Matthew reached back under her skirt and with one finger began to slide her
panties down her legs. Melanie was only too happy to assist. She was on fire by
this time. While he finished sliding her panties down her legs Melanie took the
opportunity to unfasten his pants to get closer to her prize. His pants dropped
to the floor and she could see his manhood, already partially erect, poking
through his shorts. She reached in and found it; his hardening pole dancing,
aiming upwards, awaiting her.

As Matthew kissed down her body, stopping to suck on her breasts for a moment,
one of his hands was already fondling her wet, pink lips. With one of her hands
Melanie began stroking his member while gently pulling his underwear off with the

Matthew stepped out of his shorts and stood before Melanie in all his beauty and
glory. His staff was beautiful. Melanie found herself craving it, so she began
to kiss her way up one side of his neck, across one cheek to his mouth, sucking
for a moment on his tongue then over his other cheek and down the other side of
his neck.

As Melanie got to his pulsating manhood she reached back to his balls and cupped
them in one of her hands. She took the tip of him into her mouth and twirled
her tongue around it. Then she began sucking very gently. Melanie took more of
it into her mouth as Matthew began groaning. His hands were running through her
hair. Matthew was guiding the rhythm of her movements; filling her mouth. He
was pushing it back deep almost into her throat. It tasted so good. Matthew was
so hard and so big.

He let her savor his pole in her mouth for quite a while, then Matthew told Melanie
he wanted to feel her sweet walls. He pulled her up and slid down her skirt.
There Melanie was in nothing now but her black thigh highs and her heels. And he
kissed her with such passion she thought her knees were going to go weak. Then
Matthew led her to the table where he lifted her up and leaned her back at the
edge. He spread her legs and guided his missile to its target. Matthew didn't
enter her in right away. Melanie could feel it though, rubbing just outside it's
destination; driving her crazy.

Melanie arched her back and waited for it. He wasn't going to give it to her so
easily, though. He made her beg for it. She did! "Matthew, please come inside
me! I want it. I need it. Fill me up, Matthew! Fill me up now!"

He smiled at her, took one of her nipples in his mouth and moved forward.
Melanie could feel his manhood beginning to enter her. Matthew was pumping in and
out and every time he pumped it went in a little deeper. Melanie could feel him
pulling out just enough where it felt like he was going to leave her, but not
and then burying it back in. Pumping in and out. Oh, god it felt so good.
Then Matthew finally gave it all to her. Stuffing her box full with his
rock-hard tool. Drilling her. Pounding it in and out as Melanie pushed and
pulled. It felt good.

"Oh, yes Matthew!" Melanie cried. "Give it to me, baby! Oh, god yes Matthew. That
feels so good! I love to feel you inside me! Oh, Matthew! Ooooooo! Oh yes."

And then it happened. "Oh, yes Matthew. I'm cumming. Oh, god yes! Don't stop!
Ohhhhh! Yes!" And then she came so hard; her pulsating walls grabbing at his
rod as he rammed it in her so hard. And as she came she felt him tense up.
Melanie was still in the middle of her orgasm as Matthew began to cum. She could
feel his hot essence beginning to shoot inside her. Melanie told him she wanted
him to give it to her in her mouth.

Matthew smiled and pulled his member out as Melanie leaned down and drank the rest
of his hot, white gift. They rested for a few minutes, then got dressed and
regained their composure.

The next day, Melanie got an e-mail from Matthew. It mentioned how much he enjoyed
meeting her, how he would be back at her office next week and did she think that
maybe she needed his opinion on a few other things. Melanie thinks that Matthew is
welcome to give her his opinion on anything and everything. She is more than
willing to take his advice.
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