the power of " Cum for me"
"Well what do you think?" This is the question Melanie asks Matthew as he walks in
the door to see her waiting naked with the whole house transformed into a place
he has never seen before.

Matthew has to look outside to make sure that he is in the same place. He begins
to look around trying to see all that she has done, but she tells him this is
not a time for him look but feel. While Matthew walk ahead of her, he feels
Melanie come close behind him and then his eyes are instantly covered by a
blindfold. Now he is at her mercy.

Melanie leads him to the bedroom and he feels very excited at the reality that he
really doesn't know what is going to happen next. Matthew feels a breeze on his
face. The balcony must be open and he smells a storm coming.

Melanie leads him to the bed and quickly tears his clothes off. The speed that
she does this amazes him, but she has been practicing for just such an occasion.
So there Matthew stands. Naked, blindfolded and hard. Three very tempting

She pushes him back on the bed and he lands on satin sheets. Not the usual
cotton ones that he is familiar with. Before Matthew has the Matthew to get too
comfortable, she is on him. Straddling his chest, it is now that he first
smells the sweetness coming from between her legs. Melanie has been waiting for
him all day and her body has been through several highs and lows while the time
was passing. She came twice just thinking about the night ahead of them.

She is massaging his neck and just as Matthew is about to grab her waist, she
takes his hand and brings it up to the bedpost. He feels a cloth around it and
realizes Melanie is actually tying him to the bed. She ties the other arm and
then move to his legs. While tying his legs, she lets her clit gently graze the
head of his manhood and he begins to twitch.

She turns around and begins to lick the inside of his legs. Gently moving up
higher and higher until she is breathing on his balls, Melanie takes them both in
her mouth and sucks deeply. She can hear Matthew inhale sharply. He has no idea
what she has in store for him. She then moves up to the bottom of his hard,
throbbing shaft. Smelling it, licking it up the entire length, Melanie lingers
at the head, taking it into her mouth, tasting it.

His moans tell her that Matthew like this, but then she swiftly takes all of him
into her mouth. The feel of his head against the back of her throat sends
shivers down her spine and her wetness begins to flow. Melanie sucks him as hard
as she can, moving along from the tip to the base of his throbbing muscle. Her
head is bobbing up and down and she knows Matthew is picturing this from behind
the blindfold. She is playfully caressing his balls while she tries to suck all
of the juices from his body.

Soon Melanie is getting hotter and hotter and can no longer take it. She doesn't
want one more second to pass without his tongue touching her. She rises and
crawls up his body, dragging her nipples along his skin. She slowly lowers
herself onto his face and welcomes the warm wetness that is his tongue. Just
the instant touch of him almost sends her over the edge, but she will hold on.
She grabs onto the back of the headboard while Matthew does his magic. He is
pulling at the restraints, knowing this is the time he would be caressing her
soft round bottom, but cannot because she has tied him down.

Matthew moves his tongue over the entire length of her womanhood, never touching
the clit. She loves how he does this to her. The juices inside her are almost
boiling, but he keeps her right on the edge and doesn't let her fall over. She
hears him say the words, though muffled, she hears him and feels him say the
three words. So softly, so sweetly he says them. Melanie cannot hear any other
sound around them, she only hears his voice saying, "Cum for me."

She had no idea how just those words would release the gates that hold her love
inside and send it flooding down and out. Matthew begins to suck harder on her
steaming sex, moving over its entire space and pausing to play forcefully with
her clit. This produces a scream to come from her throat. Matthew is drinking
from her cup and Melanie is happy to fill him with her juice, but she feels the
need to have him inside her. She can see that his rod is demanding attention,
so she moves herself down to have a front row seat on top of him.

Opening her lips, Melanie lowers herself onto his staff, feeling every inch slide
inside, being coated with the lubrication Matthew has helped her produce. He is
touching places in her that she did not even know existed. Placing her hands on
his chest, she begins to move. Slow and deep at first, pushing herself as far
down on him as she can. Melanie wants to feel everything he has to give to her
and she wants to feel it over and over again. As she moves in and out, up and
down, Matthew can hear the sounds of her wetness moving out of her and feel it
dripping down onto his balls.

Matthew bucks his hips to help thrust himself into her. The feeling is so
intense, Melanie feels a huge orgasm coming on. As if on cue, Matthew says the
words again......more urgently this time. "Cum for me!"

Melanie can feel him beginning to throb inside of her as her muscles grab onto his
hardness, wanting to pull out what Matthew will freely give her. She is moving
faster and faster, and then it happens. Their worlds explode into one and she
yells out, "Matthew," in a pitch so high she barely recognizes it.

"Oh, Yesssssssss!!!!" The juices from both of them mix together and run out
onto their bodies. Her entire body is tingling with emotions and waves wash
over her.

Melanie finally stop grinding, unties one of his arms and rushes out onto the
balcony. He undoes the other, walks outside and stands behind her. The smell
of the storm is very close and the wind is starting to pick up. She feels the
tip of his rod before she feel anything else on him. He is pressing it into her
back and she is tempted to lean over the balcony and give him complete access.
Matthew plays in her hair, pulling her head back to kiss her deeply. She is
taking his tongue into her mouth, sucking it hard. "Cum for me now," Melanie
whispers in his ear as she takes the lobe into her mouth, teasing it with her

Matthew swings her around and places her back up against the sliding glass door.
He holds her in the air and then drives himself straight and deep inside of her.
Melanie wraps her legs around him and holds on tight, trying to ride the feelings
he is bringing up with such force. He is pounding into her. Now the weather
seems to know what they are doing and is increasing its intensity, too.

The rain begins to fall and soaks them both on the outside, but they are already
wet on the inside. Matthew moves faster and deeper with each loud clapping of
thunder, and the rain beats down on him as he is beating into her. Even though
the weather is getting rough, they can not stop until they go over the top, so
Melanie says to him again, "Cum now, Cum for me!"

She grabs him tighter around his waist and she feels the massive muscle inside
her begin the dance of emptying its load inside of her. Melanie holds onto him
and rides the waves of ecstasy.

Having fulfilled her request, they sit and breathe deeply together, their chests
heaving in the same rhythm. They are both completely soaked now and retreat to
the inside. Melanie guides Matthew to the bathroom where there is a bath waiting
with candles all around.

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