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Over the following weeks, Helen and I found our young daughter, Jenni,
becoming more and more demanding, kinky and domineering during "family
sessions". Jenni seemed to relish the "in charge" role she was taking on.
Funny thing is, Helen and I got great satisfaction from being
submissive to Jenni. There were times we balked at some of the things
she wanted us to do with her or to each other, but we, usually, relented
and did as she suggested. Perhaps "ordered" would be a more accurate
word than "suggested". One evening when Helen was out having dinner with some friends, Jenni
showed me a ad she'd placed in a local "Swingers" and "Alternative Sex"
publication. The ad was as follows:

"Young female member of loving family
seeks single female with trained canine.
Wants to plan surprise party for mother.
Call: 555-1234. Ask for Jen."

I read and read again before looking up at Jenni and saying, "Baby, if
this is what I believe it is, it's got to be the kinkiest damn thing
you've come up with yet. Have you been contacted by anyone?"

"Yes, I have Dad", Jenni replied. I've talked on the phone twice with
one lady. She wants me to come to her home for a personal meeting, but I
want your reaction first."

"At first Jenni", I answered, "the idea seemed crazy. In fact, it
stills seems so. I must admit, however, that it's something I think I'd
like to see. Why don't you meet with the woman and then we'll talk again.

Jenni made arraignments to meet with the woman at her home the next
weekend. Saturday came and Jenni left about seven for her meeting. I
told her that I'd wait up until she returned because I really wanted to
know what happened and whether or not she still wished to proceed. Helen
was in our room sleeping, and I was in the livingroom in my recliner when
Jenni returned around midnight. So as not to wake her mother, Jenni
suggested that we go out back on the patio to talk. We drew a couple of
lounge chairs close together, and she began her tale.

"Well Dad, as she'd requested, I got to Ann's house at eight. Did I
tell you before that her name was Ann? No, I guess not. Anyway, I rang
the bell, and the door opened. A very tall, very pretty lady was
standing there. She was dressed in white shorts, a white T-shirt and
sandals. Daddy, her breasts weren't large, but the nipples, clearly
visible through the shirt, seemed huge. I couldn't take my eyes off them.
The lady..uh Ann laughed and said, 'So, you must be Jenni. Come on in.
You can see them just as well inside.' I was so embarrassed that I know
my face was blood red."

"Anyway", Jenni continued, "I followed Ann into the house, and she
motioned for me to take a seat on the sofa. I sat down, and Ann settled
herself next to me. She said we should get directly to the point and
asked what I was looking for. Our phone conversations had been somewhat
guarded and she wanted a frank, explicit request before she went any
further. I stammered around for a bit then let it out. 'I want to see
my mother with a dog.'

'So, little one, just what does that mean? You must say it!'

'I want to see her...see her...uh...I want to see her fucked by a dog!'

'There, that wasn't so hard to say. Now was it? I knew that was what
you had in mind, but it was necessary that I hear it. Have you ever seen
a woman and dog together?'

'No, only a couple of pictures, but I have read about it'

'Don't you think it a good idea to actually see such a performance
before making a decision?'

'Yes, I guess so.'

'Good, I believe that can happen here tonight. I'll have you met Big
Guy later. Who knows, after seeing him in action, you might decide to
take your mother's place.'

"After saying that Daddy, Ann laughed and asked if I'd like a glass of
wine while we continued our conversation. I told her that sounded great.
She left for a few minutes, then returned with the wine and two glasses.
Ann poured each of us a glass, and as we sipped the wine, Ann just
looked at me. I was beginning to get very self-conscious. Suddenly, she
sit her glass down, pulled her shirt up over her head and off.

'You don't mind, do you little one? You've wanted to see these since
the moment I opened the door. Right?'

"Daddy, I just nodded an agreement and stared. As I said before, her
tits weren't large, but fuck, those nipples were the size of a big
cherries! My mouth started watering the minute she pulled that shirt up.
As I stared, Ann reached over and began to unbutton my shirt. I leaned
forward, and she slipped it off before unsnapping my bra. Without a word,
Ann pulled me to the floor and placed us in a position where we each
had access to the other's breasts. Neither of us wasted any time in
seeking out the other's tits with our mouths. Fuck Daddy, I couldn't
believe it. Those nipples grew even larger between my lips!"

Jenni went on with her story about happened at Ann's. "Dad, we nursed
one another's breasts for several minutes before Ann stood and pulled her
shorts off. I stared for a moment at her shaved pussy, then did the same
with my skirt and panties. They were off and on the floor in seconds!
Ann drew me back down onto the floor and began kissing and using her
tongue in my mouth. I tried to match each of her actions with some of my
own. She started kissing down the length of my body and soon had her
mouth on my cunt. I wanted my own mouth on that shaved pussy and moved
myself until we were locked in a fantastic 69. I hate to say this, but
it was better than any I'd had with Mom. I was having orgasm after

I was getting so turned on by Jenni's story that my cock was out and in
my hand. My daughter replaced my hand with her own, slowly jerking me
off as she continued to talk.

"Daddy, I don't know how long we were eating each other's cunts, but
finally we rolled apart. After a few minutes, Ann rose, looked down at
me and said, 'I think it's time for you to meet Big Guy.'"

--To be continued--


2006-07-15 12:51:14
i could not belive this story could get any better but it just didthis is awesome to bad it's so short willie t


2004-06-04 17:00:34
Oh Ya!!! More about big guy!!!!!!!!! Cum on.....

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