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The adventures of my alter ego, Katie, continue. Her clients explore role playing.
My name is Katie. I'm 16 years old. My father had abandoned us early on and my mother struggled to pay the bills. She drinks a bit too much and has trouble keep a steady job. To have a little spending money, I started doing house cleaning when I was 10. Mostly, for single men in our church.

I noticed early on the bulges in the men's pants. I started seeing how hot I could get them. The more I flirted, the bigger the erections got, and the bigger my tips. ; ) I made a point of wearing short skirts and little white panties. As young girls will do, I frequently "forgot" to keep my knees together. Or I bent over in front of guys to pick up stuff they had strewn on the floor. (Men can be such pigs!)

As I got bolder, I started "innocently" hugging guys when they paid me, pressing against their dicks. OMG! My tips shot up as fast as their dicks! Eventually, I moved on to letting them screw me.

I guess psychiatrists would say I am looking for a daddy figure. Actually, sometimes clients and I play father and daughter. I say "Fuck me daddy! Fuck your little girl's little pink virgin slit. Give me babies, dada." That really gets lots of guys hot. Whatever. ;-)

Some guys want to tie me up. But mostly they are gentle. One guy likes to tie my hands behind my back and my ankles loosely with velvet sashes. He uses another one to blindfold me. Then he kneels me on a velvet pillow. Naked, of course. Then he gently fucks my mouth. After he cums in my mouth, on my face, or on my little titties, he unties and cuddles me. Then he calls me things like "Angel" and "Princess."

Another guy likes to pretend that he's a cop and I'm a little "kiddy stroll" whore he has arrested.

"Do ya know what we do ta little whores like you? We lock 'em up in Juvenile Hall, where da dyke inmates shove ther fists up the little whores' pussies."

"Oh, no, Mr. Policeman! Not that!"

"Or, you can give da nice policeman a free fuck and he'll let you off."

"Oh, yes, Mr. Policeman! Please fuck me instead."

He handcuffs me to a towel rack. Then he rubs my little wet pussy with a nightstick and sticks it in my cunt before fucking me, still handcuffed. (It's not a real nightstick. I think it's a kid's toy "play cop" one. My pussy's not that big.) Then he fucks every hole with his own "nightstick" while he calls me a slutty little cock whore.

Another guy treats me like a giant Bratz doll. He takes off my little girl clothes then dresses me in various slutty clothes like crotchless panties. I'm supposed to just stand there like a doll while he tries clothes on me. When he fucks me, I'm supposed to just lie motionlessly like a doll too.

Yet another guy likes for me to play nurse. He bought me a naughty mini-skirt nurses uniform. No panties. I take his temp rectally and bathe his dick and balls. He also bought me a naughty French maid costume. Mini, again, with poofy petticoats. I go around the house, bending over to dust while he jacked off. Did I mention that I'm not wearing panties? LOL

One guy took the little girl thing too far. He had me put on a baby T and adult diapers. He put a binky in my mouth. He told me to pee in the diapers. Then he took off the diapers and started licking the pee from my pussy. Eeew! Gross! He made me say things like "Katie want kiss dada pee pee" or "Fuck Katie, dada." Then, one week he asked me to poop in the diapers. That was it. OMG! Just wrong on too many levels. So I stopped working for him.

One guy had me take off my panties. Then he took me to a pretty much empty park. He had me slide down the slide and swing on the swings while he took pictures. After we looked around very carefully to make sure no one was watching, he had me hang upside down from the monkey bars. Then a man and woman, on the other side of the park, started staring. We thought they might be trying to decide whether they were seeing pink panties or my pussy. So we got in the car and left. My client was really horny after that. So he had me suck his cum on the way home while he stuck his finger in my wet cunt.

Another time, the same man said he would buy me shoes at the mall if I would go in a mini-skirt with no panties. Who can resist shoes? ;) It was scary though. He walked me all over the mall. We even took the escalator. That was mega-scary. I was sure everyone could see my pussy. But no one was paying attention except 2 little boys who were poking each other and laughing. When he tried shoes on me, he could see my pussy but I closed my legs when people walked by. I got 3 pairs of cool shoes!

When he fucked me, he liked to whisper about me being fucked in front of people. He would say things like "You like to go to the park with no panties on and let strange homeless men fuck you doggy style. And then let dogs fuck you doggy style."

One of his favorites was "You go to class with no panties on. A hunky male teacher sees your nude little pussy." While he says this, I'm thinking about my math teacher, Mr. Johnson, who's a hunk. God, I love to suck his dick in the supply closet. A little after school snack. ;-) Great for my grade too.

"The teacher grabs your wrist and drags you to the front of the class. 'Here's a naughty little girl with no panties on. I'm going to show her what happens to little girls who go around without panties.' He bends you over his desk, pulling up your dress, kicking your feet apart so the whole class can see your pussy. Then he spanks your ass with a ruler until it is red and you are crying. After that, he pulls out his foot-long dick, so fat you could hardly get your hand around it, and fucks you. Then he invites all the boys to come up and fuck you too, and put their dicks in your mouth. Finally, he makes all the girls come up an look closely at what will happen to their pussies if they come to class without panties as the cum runs down your legs." Whew! I don't have to pretend to have a gasping-for-air, bucking, clawing-his-back orgasm. OMG!


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2015-05-12 13:21:08
good idea but too rushed

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2013-10-26 18:35:14
OgO2wc Enjoyed every bit of your blog. Great.

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2013-10-24 08:36:06
igruCh Thanks so much for the article.Thanks Again. Awesome.

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2011-03-27 03:20:46
wow..good. I read this story, and got so hot. I called my daughter our of her room...Kathy is just 5 years old.
I had her stand near me...while I was jerking off. I made her take off her panites...I felt all over her firm bum..I turned her and started rubbing her clit...her cunt got all wet. ...then I jerked off..all up her stomach and chest to her neck .


2009-10-10 11:34:22
Loved this one.

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