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This story leads into my next visit to the massage parlour
The Massage-Atlanta Cheshire Bridge (Remix)

So now here I am at home that evening after a great happy ending massage on Cheshire Bridge road. Friends are over as usual downstairs playing music with some fish on the outdoor grill. I’m up in my bedroom reminiscing what just happened a few hours ago on the other side of town. A happy smile comes over my face as I grab my Gin and Juice off of my table and run down the stairs to join in the excitement.
As I see my girlfriend car pull up and park on the curb line I feel a twitch down below. She gets out of the car, sexy as ever with her African American light skin badass, a woman with her skin complexion is known as a “redbone” within my circle of friends. Think Beyonce. But my girl is all of that and some, curves in the right places, titties full and sticking out, ass that makes you want to kiss it, hips like a coke bottle and a voice of a southern belle...she’s from Mississippi Delta area. Athletic, thick, phat what ever you want to call a Beyonce build. How was I able to pick her up months ago in a grocery store is beyond me, I was a lucky man. As you know I’m an ass man and my girl have what I need. All she has to do is to stick her ass in my face to get me exited, she knows this and treats me as so sometimes.
I followed her into the house after we hugged and she ran up the stairs into towards the bathroom all the while telling me to come in with her she could pee and talk, for some reason she loves for me to be in the bathroom with her talking as she relieved herself. So here I am walking up the stairs behind her as she’s talking and me looking up the crack of her ass with those nice jeans on as it swayed. Inside the bathroom, its small and I took my usual seat first on the side of the bathtub. She pulled off her jeans with her ass facing me and I got a look at her asshole as she quickly sat on the toilet and streamed her golden flow. She was talking, I was listening, but all I heard was the voice of Charlie Browns teacher, you know…”whaa whaa whaa” My dick was so hard as I heard her constant stream while looking at her full breasts in her blouse. She snapped her finger, “hey are you listening or are you horny?” She looked down at my crotch and saw my bulge and smiled. She wiped, stood up and bent over and said, “Stick it in, hurry because we have to get back down stairs to our guests”. I stood, pulled out my dick, dropped to my knees, because I was compelled to lick her asshole. I spread her butt cheeks and put my face right into her wet pussy. I did not care that she just peed and wiped. I was drawn to the moisture of her pussy, the softness of her ass and the sweet female aroma of her asshole. I did not care.
I pressed my nose into her butt crack as my mouth sucked on her pussy hole, savoring as much juice as I could. My dick was throbbing up and down as a dog in lust as I did this while on my knees while she’s bent over from the waist. Her left hand on the toilet rim and her right on the wall holding her steady. Me inhaling her sweet aroma as I stretched my tongue up front to her clit. She shuddered, bulked and moaned, “don’t stop, don’t stop I’m almost there” That gave me motivation to keep licking, sucking and sniffing her butt hole all at the same time.
She balled her fist with the right hand and covered her mouth with her left hand as she had an earth shuttering orgasm, this to keep from someone outside of the bathroom hearing her pleasures. As she stood, I was left there on my knees with my dick hanging out and a wet mouth of her sweet nectar. She turned around, motioned for me to move, took my place and kneeled down with her head bent over and into the bathtub, while she stuck her ass out and up for me. Her ass looked so sweet, the perfect shape with the perfect little pucker. It was tight looking and so fresh, that’s why I love to lick it. As I slide up behind her, she reached back and grabbed my shaft to guide it in her wet pussy, she always does that from the back and I sometimes think that she does this so that I won’t try to slip it in her tight asshole. She knows I want her anally but haven’t given in yet. Anyway I slide in her wet, tight gripping pussy. It was so damn wet, I pushed all the way in so that I could make contact with her ass cheeks. I used one hand to fondle her full breast as I used the other to part her ass so I could see my dark skin dick slide in and out while being teased by the exotic site of her cute asshole. The more I looked down at this site, the more perverted I became. I started to imagine my Asian massage lady working her fingers up my ass from the back, and because of those thoughts I spread my legs fantasizing that she really was behind me, coaching me, whispering in my ear of how good my girl pussy felt on my throbbing dick as her finger was inside me from the back. I opened my legs wider and then realized I needed to go back, I needed go back so that my little Asian masseuses can give me the same anal pleasure that I wanted to give my girl. I needed her, I needed both. As soon as I thought both, my balls tightened and my girl yelled her usual pre orgasm chants, “now, now, now” as she gasped for air between each lustful word. I locked, recoiled and released rope after rope after rope of spurts into her wet, moist pussy. It seemed as though every molecule in my body in Unisom came together to shoot every juice of cum I had in me, and then I collapsed on top of her, we were both in a sweat bath as we caught our breath. I felt her pussy throbbing on my dick as she fought for air. Feeling her ass against me, soft and hot while my dick was still deep up in her was beyond what words could describe. I was in that zone, “the truth of man” rejoicing the emotional and physical release of everything inside my soul after it shot into my sexual mate as her body just completed its demand of my seaman.
We finally came apart and she asked, “What brought all of this on?” I laughed it off, but thought to myself, “that erotic massage must have done it, but know way I could tell my girl this thing.”
She and I showered together as I contemplated about telling her what I did earlier in the day. I wondered if she would be open minded enough to indulge in an erotic massage like I did earlier in the day, I wondered if she would submit herself to my special new friend with no hang-ups. And then, I told her and that was when I saw her true beauty, her smile……………..


2010-03-25 13:13:23
i live in ATL and there is unbelieveable amount of sexy big ass black women and do they ever have good pussy; this white boy loves that black pussy.

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2009-10-22 11:22:43
Gay! Nigga you is gay....same anal mothafucka....that's how they do it in atlanta....I won't be visiting that city gay undercover niggas.

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2008-12-30 17:50:45
A bunch of jive bullshit


2008-12-27 18:21:18
i live in the ATL & PHAT ASS APPLE BOOTY BUTTS R everywhere!!! 8-P

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