Jen and Ashley share a few secrets, then share a few more things...
Chapter 7- There’s Nothing More Dangerous then a Girl With a Plan, Unless There's Two Of Them

Over at cheer camp, the girls were taking a break. Today’s schedule called for stack, pyramid, and tumble practice, and more then a few of the new girls were bruised by missteps and accidents. The older girls laughed when this happened, not out of spite, but because they themselves had already done it. After one particularly nasty spill, the coaches decided call a break and the girls walked off to have lunch. Some of the older girls went to give the freshmen tips, leaving Ashley and Jennifer to eat by themselves. Bored with routines they had been practicing for two years already they began to talk about their plans and relationships. Ashley was the first to start.

“You have to promise not to tell anyone, but Jim and I are going out.” Ashley blushed as she told her friend the news.

“Fine, but only if you promise not to tell anyone that I’m seeing George.” Jen smiled as she watched Ashley’s mouth open in shock.

“Since when have you been seeing George? And why would you go out with him?” Ashley was curious about her friends revelations. She had known Jen a long time, and hearing she had an interest in George was something she never would have expected.

“Well, for one thing he’s smart. You know I’ve had problems because I’m smarter then most of the jocks, and its beyond annoying when they try to act superior to me. He can actually have a conversation on something besides his own exploits. He has a great sense of humor, even if it is slightly warped. Of course, it doesn’t hurt that he’s a great fuck either. Now what’s this about you and Jim? What about you and Phil?”

“Phil can go jump off a cliff as far I’m concerned. I only went out with him because everyone expects the captain of the cheerleading squad to date the football team captain. Because of that, no other guys would ask me out, they were too afraid of him. So I was stuck with Captain Ego. Typical date went something like this. We’d go out and get something to eat. Then we’d go back to his place and head up to his room. We could walk right past is parents and they wouldn’t say a word. Why?” Ashley paused to catch her breath before continuing. “Because they knew nothing would happen. We’d get to his room, he’d pop in a tape, and begin asking my opinions of his plays while we watched the review tape.”

“What about Jim then?” Jen was more then a little curious about how her friend had ended up with the school’s weirdest character. As far as anyone could tell, he was no where and everywhere at once. If he was needed he would be there. If he wasn’t, no one ever saw him, but he still seemed to know what had happened. Theories abounded from spy cameras he had placed in the school to him having created an invisibility potion.

“Jim is everything that Phil isn’t. He tends to be very quiet, but you know he’s listening. He can crack a joke at just the right time. Unlike Phil he doesn’t worry about anything. I don’t know if its confidence or ego or anything like that, but he just plows through any problem that comes his way. He has his plans, but he doesn’t mind outside influences trying to change them. Oh yeah, he too is a great lay. I don’t know where he learned it all, but he’s much better then Phil ever could be.”

“Why Ashley, you make it sound like he is a regular Casanova!” Jen laughed as her friend blushed. “Though I wonder. Which do you think is the better lover?”
“I don’t know,” replied Ashley, “but I know how we can find out!”


Back at the cabin, Jon was pacing. Who ever that mysterious girl was, he couldn’t find her. She had somehow mysteriously disappeared after her shower, and there was no one in any of the rooms. Jim and George were no help, as they had been looking for the cub’s mother. All the could say was that they hadn’t passed anyone in the woods. They called the police, and showed them to the dead hunter. After his body had been removed, they stayed behind and buried they bear. There was no reason to do it, but they felt it was somehow necessary. By the time they had returned, the girls had come back and eaten dinner

Jon walked off to help Stef deal with the bear. She had explained to him that though the sex had been great, she wasn’t ready for a relationship, especially now that she had a cub to deal with. Jon had already figured as much, that being the way his luck tended to run with the opposite sex. Jim and George headed back to the room, where they found a note each tucked into their sleeping bags. Jim’s read, “Head back to where we first met”, while George’s simply told him to follow Jim.

The boys headed into the woods. Upon reaching the clearing they found the ground covered. Blankets had been spread over a large portion of the area. Pillows had been scattered all over the blankets. The ground, already covered in a thick carpet of grass, was now so covered that there wasn’t a hard spot left. Next to the blankets sat a log, upon which someone had fixed another note. Walking over together, Jim reached down and picked it up. “Sit down and enjoy the show.” Jim read the note aloud and he and George exchanged glances before doing as they had been told.

As they sat and watched, Ashley and Jennifer walked out of the woods. With the careful coordination which can only be achieved by long hours of practice they removed their tops. Neither girl was wearing bra, and as they lifted their shirts over their heads, two pairs of ripe breasts were freed. As the boys watched, their nipples stiffened in the cool night air. Embracing each other, Ashley leaned down and kissed Jen with passion. Soon their tongues intertwined as they continued to make out. Breaking the kiss, Ashley kneeled down, taking Jen’s tits into her hands, and bringing one to her mouth, she gently flicked at the pink nipples. Jen groaned as her friend caused her already stiff nipples to harden even more. Not wanting to leave a bad impression, Ashley switched to the other side, this time taking the entire bud into her mouth. The sensations overwhelming her, Jen dropped to the ground, though she made sure to grab her friend’s skirt on the way down, pulling it off.

The boys sat entranced by the show, their cocks hardening with each moan or twitch of pleasure. No longer able to accept the constraint of his pants, Jim quickly undid his fly and pulled out his member. Seeing his friends lack of hesitation, George followed suit. Watching their girlfriends pleasure each other, the boys began to stroke their cocks. Looking back to see the reaction their show was having the, girls became even more turned seeing the twin shafts bobbing in the air.

Turning back to her friend, Ashley reached forward and began to tug on Jen’s skirt and panties. After a few more tugs they came off, leaving the other girl just as naked as Ashley was. It turned out that Jen had decided to shave herself, leaving a small strip of hair above her love nest. Following it down to her goal, Ashley began to eat her friend with total abandon. Licking the inner folds of Jen’s pussy, driving her tongue in as far as it would go. Jen moaned as her friend toyed with her. Moving he hands from holding Ashley’s hair, she began to play with hr breasts, gently tugging and rolling the nipples with her fingers. Replacing her tongue with her finger, Ashley moved back up and began once again to kiss Jen. Feeling her friend’s fingers playing deep inside her was too much for Jen, and she came hard onto Ashley’s hand. Reaching up, Ashley licked her friend’s cum off her finger, offering the other to Jen, who partook of her own juices. As Jen collapsed onto the blankets, Ashley stood up and turned to the boys. “Alright gentlemen. Your turn.”

George and Jim began to strip as she walked towards them. Once they were finally naked, she kissed them both. A gentle meeting of lips for George, followed by a long hard tonguing with Jim. Turning around, she grabbed each boy by the cock, and slowly began to pump them. “Oh, boys you are so hard! We can’t let these go to waste.” Still leading them by their hard-ons, Ashley led them onto the blanket. Releasing Jim, she reached down and pulled Jen up to her, while pulling George down. Jen took the initiative and brought George’s member to her lips. She began to gently toy with it using her tongue, flicking the underside before taking his full length into her mouth. She then began to suck on it, licking off the precum the tip. Seeing him begin to tremble, Ashley reached forward and separated the two. Taking him in her hand, Ashley guided him to Jen’s entrance. Slowly rubbing him against her friend, she smiled a both moaned simultaneously. Jim, not wanting to be left out, walked up behind her and reached for her breasts, playing with her nipples, while slowly kissing and nibbling on her neck. Turning her head towards him, Ashley and Jim began to French each other.

Next to them, Jen finished toying with George and pulled him deep inside of her. Feeling her tightness and warmth made George shudder in ecstasy. Beginning slowly, he began to pump in and out of her. With each thrust he nearly withdrew, before filling her once more. As he increased the pace, she began to move with him, rocking her hips back and forth in time with his thrusts. Angling her hips slightly, she began to rub him against her g-spot. Locking her legs around his hips, she pulled him in tighter. Not wanting to cum yet, George rolled them so that he was on his back, with her above him. Wrapping his arms behind her back he pulled her closer, causing her stiff nipples to rub against his chest, while her clit slid against his cock.

Jim himself had been busy. Laying Ashley down on the blankets, he spent his time kissing her body, giving special attention to her breasts. Sucking on her breasts like an infant, his warm breath caused her to shudder with pleasure. Her already stiff nipples became had like pebbles, as Jim began to run his tongue in circles around them. Kissing her down her cleavage, Jim began to slowly trace her body with his tongue, finally ending at her womanhood. Aroused beyond the pint of no return, Ashley’s clit was begging him to play with it. Gently running his tongue back and forth over it Jim caused wave after wave of bliss to course through her. As his tongue toyed with her, Ashley lost any sense of control she had and moaned as her orgasm passed through her. Drinking down her juices, Jim moved back up kissing her. Both could feel his hard length pressed between their bodies. Reaching between them, Ashley guided his cock to her folds, pulling the swollen head into her. Jim felt her warmth beckoning him and thrust into her, her tightness off set by the flow of her juices from her orgasm.

Jen had finally reached her limit. Between the friction on her nipples and the pressing of her clit, the feel of George’s length deep inside her and his tongue playing with hers, she was in heaven. When her orgasm came, she held nothing back. Her cum flowed down George’s member, her walls squeezing it tight. She moaned into his mouth, freezing in place as waves of bliss crashed through her. Feeling her cum on him, her juices slackening the way while her pussy squeezed him for everything he had, George released a torrent of cum. Thrusting hard, he pushed as far in as he could go before releasing it, though even then it flowed down pouring out of her. His load spent he bent down and the two began kissing once more.

Besides them, Jim and Ashley were screwing like rabbits. Jim was on his back, with Ashley kneeling above him. With his hands on her hips, she pistoned up and down, her tight walls slick with her juices. With each bounce, her breasts shifted. Jim reached up, taking one in each hand, so that her bouncing caused a delicious movement between them. She could feel each inch as it entered her, and every time her clit rubbed against him, more pleasure shot through her. Reaching her own climax, she dropped herself down, taking as much of him in to her as she could. As her climax passed through her, Jim could feel her walls tightening, trying to milk him for all he had. Giving up any form of resistance he came with her, his seed pouring deep into her womb.

As the boys lay beneath them, the girls moved to once again embrace each other, ignoring the fact that neither had dismounted their partner. As the boys watched, they felt themselves get hard again. This was a new sensation for all involved, as the girls were surprised by the feeling of growth inside them, while the guys found the increasing tightness a turn on. The girls continued their foreplay, teasing each others tits and tongues. The guys meanwhile had finally reached their full lengths again and began to slowly thrust again into their partners. Noticing, Ashley pulled Jen closer to her, and began to whisper in her ear. Jen began to giggle and nod her head. The girls dismounted at the same time, and before the guys could do or say anything at the sudden interruption, switched partners.

Jim was slightly shocked, but adjusted quickly. Returning to his previous pace, he thrust into Jen. Though not as large as George, he had taught himself some new skills through his time with Ashley. Rotating his hips while he thrust, his cock soon found Jen’s g-spot and she shuddered with pleasure each time it hit. Thrusting back into him, the two soon found a comfortable pace. Having already cum once that day, Jim was able to draw out the sex, giving Jen time for several more orgasms. Though not as strong as her earlier ones, Jen was still satisfied by the time they were done.

George and Ashley were in a similar state. Though not as skilled as Jim was, Georges sheer size pretty much insured that his cock found Ashley’s special zone. Each thrust caused him to rub against it. Each thrust brought her closer and closer to another orgasm. As each passed, she squeezed George, her tightness, bringing him nearer to his own bursting point. Finally reached, he came inside of her, his own cum mixing with Jim’s before it.


Returning to the cabins, the girls departed to return bed stuffs and to grab a bite to eat. The guys wandered around for a while. Doing some of the minor maintenance work they had been hired for, as well as cleaning up signs of the cub. That was still one secret that had to be kept. They still didn’t know how they were supposed to get it home, and that was a problem that was going to have to be solved soon, as the camp ended in another three days. They would be leaving that Friday, and something needed to be figured out by then. Catching up with Jon, the three began making plans, not worried by the sheer number of federal laws they were about to break, but about the school rules they were going to violate. Cops weren’t scary, but teachers and coaches were. As they pondered their dilemma, they heard the squeal of tires and caught the faint smell of burning rubber coming from down the road. Fearing what it meant, the three quickly vacated the driveway they were standing an moved onto the porch. As the silver sports car pulled in, they knew their worst fear had occurred. Though it was likely to happen with such a large number of cheerleaders present, they had taken the absences of the past week and a half as a good sign. But now the Jocks had arrived.


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