How exactly does one get a bear from New Hampshire to Ohio?
Chapter 8- Bear and Back Again

The boys watched the silver sports car pull into the driveway. Parking it haphazardly, the driver came with an inch of tearing his rear bumper off on a tree. As soon as the car stopped both doors popped open. From the drivers side came Chris, the football team’s halfback. From the passenger side came Tim, the team’s number one receiver. The boys watched as the two headed towards the cabin.

“Where do you think you’re going?” Jim challenged the pair. Tim turned towards him and looked at him as if Jim had suddenly grown an extra head.

“What the hell are you three losers doing here?” Tim was confused. He and Chris had driven up hoping to score with their girlfriends with out having to worry about their parents. Finding the three biggest losers in the school standing on the front porch of the cabin the girls were staying in was the last thing they expected.

“We’re the ones the school hired to keep this place up while the girls are here. Then again, it never did look like those helmets left much room for brains. Guess now we know.” George was quick to answer back.

“Shut your mouth asshole, before I close it for you.” Chris was famous for his short temper. More then one fight had been started by him thinking he had been slighted when in fact he should never have been involved. George was hardly worried. Not only did he stand an extra inch over Chris, he outweighed him by a good bit as well. It wasn’t the fat normally associated with computer geeks, but the bulk earned through many hours working out in a gym. Seeing that George wasn’t going to back down, and that neither were Jim or Jon, Tim acted to stop the brawl before it started. Though not bright by any means, even he could tell losing odds when he saw them. Especially since a fight would probably involve Chris and George taking each other head to head, leaving him to deal with Jim and Jon at the same time. “Come on. I hear splashing. The girls must be down near the lake.” Grabbing Chris by the arm, he lead his friend away from the trio standing on the deck.

The guys watched them walk off and turned back to the problem at hand. Without its mother, the bear cub would surely die on its own. Stef had been taking care of it, serving as a surrogate mother, but she was leaving soon. That left two options. Let the bear die, or bring it with them back to Greensville. Since Stef would kill them if they let it die, that pretty much left only the second option. The good news was that the SUV they had come up in was more then big enough in the trunk for the cub. The bad news was they had no way to get it in with out causing a racket. The only thing they could think of was to have Stef travel with them. That, they were sure, was never going to happen. If a cheerleader suddenly wanted to ride with them, the coaches would surely know something was up.

It was Jim who came upon an idea first. The squads had brought several expensive pieces of equipment that had been brought in the SUV. Walking over to the ropes that had been used to bind them, Jim whipped out his pocket knife and began to saw through them, making sure to give them that frayed look. That done, he brought the damaged cords to the equipment manager and explained the problem. After all, it was expensive equipment. Could they ask for a few volunteers to ride with the guys to keep the stuff in place? They wouldn’t need more then three, and the guys could continue spelling each other at the wheel….

The coaches agreed. A few quick explanations, and both Jen and Ashley were filled in on the plan. The girls were hesitant to ride with the bear at first, but once Stef introduced them, they couldn’t stop fawning over it. This almost led to even more problems, as now the bear wanted to follow all three of them at once. The girls decided that they would care for it in shifts, thus insuring the bear had lots of attention. A search of the cabin revealed several old blankets and sheets left behind by the previous users, and these were made into a make shift pen for the bear in the trunk. The back seat was folded down, ensuring plenty of room, and came with the added bonus of leaving the guys room to stretch their legs. Taking the damaged ropes, Jim tied them back together, shortening them a bit, but there was plenty for securing the equipment. The plan was made, and the next day the six would be escorting a bear back to their small town.


Down by the lake, Chris and Tim had found their girls friends and were happily thrusting away. Tim was on his back, his girlfriend Dannie riding his cock for all she was worth. His hands were gripping her hips, leaving her breasts free for her to play with herself. Several feet away, Chris was pounding into Angela, thrusting as deep as he could. Neither jock was much skilled at lovemaking, both having spent more time worrying about their game technique then their sex technique. Say what they would about the nerds, at least the geeks tried to learn what pleased their partners. Dannie and Angel were used to this. Having heard the two coming done the road, they had quickly shed their bikini tops and indulged in a little foreplay. Not only did this make them aroused for their boyfriends, but it provided quite the find for Tim and Chris when they found the two sunbathing half nude. Feeling the boys cumming, the girls made all the appropriate moaning noises. A quick glance from Dannie to Angela confirmed the two would get together later and finish what they had started.

Sitting by the lake with the guys, the conversation turned to what the girls had been doing the previous two weeks. Both guys were especially eager to hear any naughty stories, fantasies of lesbian cheerleader orgies having been shared on the car trip up.

“I’m not sure, but I think Ashley and Jen might be seeing two of those geeks who have been helping out.” Dannie offered this, wondering what reaction this would bring out of the guys.

Chris simply stared open mouthed in shock. It was Tim who managed to speak first. “Ashley? As in Captain of the Cheerleading squads Ashley?” Tim still couldn’t believe what he had been told.

“Yeah, that Ashley. She’s been getting up really early each morning and going somewhere before breakfast. On top of that, she and Jim have been seen all over the place together. They act normally when other people are around, but if you walk quietly you can hear them talking.” Angela joined the conversation eagerly. “Jen hasn’t been as secretive, and its just about public knowledge that she and George are together.”

Tim began to worry. “Isn’t Ashley dating Phil? The whole captain ad captain thing?”

“Not anymore she isn’t. Bet you Phil doesn’t know either.” Dannie was smirking as thoughts passed through her mind. This could be the way to ruin Ashley she had been looking for.

“Well, so sorry to cut this short girls, but we have to get back.” Tim got to his feet and Chris did the same. The two walked calmly out of the clearing, but the girls heard them as they began to run up the hill. Several minutes later they heard the squeel of tires, and knew the boys had left for home.

“What are you thinking Dannie?” Angela looked at her friend, worried about the mischievous grin she found.

“Angela darling, I do believe our ship has come in!”


The next day dawned bright and clear. The couples piled into the car, the bear having slept inside the night before. After a final check and sweep of the cabin, the busses departed, the SUV following behind. With the girls in back playing with it, the cub remained rather calm for most of the trip. When the girls fell asleep against it, it simply curled up and took a nap right along with them.

There was one near catastrophe. Half way back to Greenville the busses pulled into a small truck stop to refuel and to let the girls eat some lunch. By total coincidence, a pair of state troopers had happened to pull in right behind the group. Parking near the SUV, they were startled by the sight of a large black nose pressed against the rear windshield. Noticing the kids walking away from the vehicle, one of the troopers ran over an grabbed Jim by the arm.

“Excuse me son, is that your car?” Asked through his large sunglasses, the trooper cut an imposing figure over the teenagers.

“Uh..yes sir it is. Why?” Jim knew enough to ask what was wrong before admitting anything incriminating.

“Do you have a reason to be torturing that animal son? You left all your windows up. In this heat, that’ll cook your dog.” The trooper glared at Jim. The owner of several dogs himself, he especially hated those who were cruel to their own.

“Windows? Wait the windows are all up?” Jim began to look panicked. “Crap, I forgot about the security features!” As a group the six turned and ran back to the SUV. Jim ran over the drivers side and quickly unlocked the car. Starting it, he quickly lowered all the windows an inch, three for the front windows. Meanwhile the other trooper had continued to watch the cub. Covered in blankets by the girls to hide it, the cub had stood up, though only its nose could be seen.

“Hey Jack, don’t you think that’s a bit big for a dog?” He turned to his partner who peeked into the trunk. Peering closer, he too began to wonder about the size of the creature.

Jim came rushing up. “Don’t worry officers, its only Marmleduke. My dad’s a breeder and he was trying to get the biggest dog he could for shows. Marmleduke’s only a few months old, but as you can see, he’s pretty big already.” From inside the car came a few answering woofs. As the troopers watched, the mass of blankets turned around several times and curled back up, obviously returning to sleep.

Walking back to their car the troopers got in and left. As they pulled off, Jim turned and looked back at the SUV. He knew that bears didn’t woof. Walking towards it, he was jumped when the passenger door opened. Out popped Jon.

“So,” he said, “how’d you like my dog impression?”

Looking at his friend, Jim could only smile. “Lets go get lunch eh?”


A/N 1)Damn it! Meant this to be short……ok, no sex. I planned on writing this a chapter a week, for 52 weeks. Its now week 3 and eight chapters down. That said, I have maybe the next six chapters planned out. So if you have any ideas/requests, leave them in the comments section. 49 weeks to go
2)For the Jon fans out there, don’t worry, he’s getting hooked up soon. I needed the odd guy for the camp.
3) If I get five comments asking for it, ill write the scene for Dannie and Angela, and post it separately
4) Feed Me! Leave any all comments, criticisms included! Ill take it all!

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