3 a day keeps the Dr away....
Young Passion - Part 4

Nothing from the past few weeks could have prepared me for today. My sexuality got stretched beyond anything that I could have imagined. This is the most unbelievable part of my life. Even my closest friends now that know my story have a hard time believing what happened on this one day when I was only
12 years old. But they aren’t the only ones, I sometimes wonder how it could have happened as well. But it did happen, and this is how…………

“ I can’t believe that you had sex with Roy. I wish I could find an 19 year old girl to have sex with.” He laughed. “ You know that you owe me big time for yesterday with Dad.” He said as he stared at me. “What do you want from me?”
I asked. “ I want to go down out back, take all of our clothes off, and spend a few hours naked running around, then we can have some sexual fun.” he smiled at me. “ Sounds like fun, but we need to get it going, I need to be done by 1pm so I can go to the store and buy dad that present, then come home and get ready to cook supper tonight.”

We went to the back and took off all of our clothes. It was about 9:30am. We lived in an area that was slightly on the edge of town. Our house wasn’t that big, but we had 31 acres, mostly wooded except our yard. Grandpa had cleared off over 10 acres of the land, We had about 2 areas in the front, about 3 in the back, and maybe 2.5 acres on each side of the house. Grandpa did leave about 10 trees out front, and one on each side of the house one of which had our tree house in it, along with 4 - 6 in the back . The rest was thick with trees in a forest type of thickness. Never less to say it was fairly private out back and the sides.

Jason had turned on the outside sprinklers, and we had fun running around nude in the already hot weather. Getting wet. We ran around and jumped over the sprinklers like a couple of 10 year old kids, but we had great fun. After about 45 minutes we were not only tired but also turned on by the sight of seeing each others assets bouncing up and down. We sat on the porch on a towel and starting kissing as the sun came down and dried us. We continued to kiss until we were both wanting more.

We started touching and rubbing each other. Things went faster this time as I pushed him to lean back against his arms as I leaned down and took his dick into my mouth. I still saw his as large, but after being with Roy it didn’t look like quite the monster that it had been before. I took it into mouth as deep as I could, getting at least three quarters of it into my mouth.

I sucked him hard and fast and before I knew it he was saying he was getting close. I was a little disappointed but at the same time I wanted to taste his cum again. I started rubbing myself and with-in a few moments I was about to cum my-self. Jason went off into my mouth and I easily caught it all in my mouth as I starter to swallow. I was on the very edge of going off. I continues to suck and lick him clean. I then started to shake as my pussy exploded, I didn’t know if it was pee or another liquid but I started gushing liquid out of my pussy everywhere. It was the most intense feeling that I had ever felt, and I was definitely in heaven.

After that I grabbed my clothes and I proceeded into the house to go and take a shower. I got out and proceeded to get into a nice outfit and but on a little make-up. I had to go to the store to get my Dad birthday present and maybe see Roy again.

I saw Roy outside cleaning as soon as I walked up to the store. He stopped as soon as he saw me and our eyes locked onto each other the rest of my trip up to him. I wanted so badly to run to him jumping into his arms and give him a kiss. However that wasn’t possible in a situation where you are trying to hide the secret that you are together.

“ Hey, how you doing today?” he said. “I am fine, I was hoping that I would get to see you.” I returned. “ So, you came just to see me?” he smiled. “ Yes, well and to get my Dad a birthday present.” I said. “ I was actually about to go to lunch down at the diner, what if I call in a order and then we can pick it up and then we could go over to the park by the creek to eat.” he suggested. “ How about I just meet you at the park, it isn’t far from here so I can just walk over there and wait for you. Dad eats there sometimes and I don’t want him to see us together. Especially after what I told him last night.” I said. “ What did you tell him? He snapped back fast with a scared look on his face. I told him about what had happened and how I got out of it. “ I think maybe we both owe Jason for that one.” He said.

We then sat off to our separate detours towards the same spot. I got to the park a little before Roy and sat on one of the benches that the city had just put in and waited, they had also built a gazebo by the creek and a covered pavilion for cook outs in the far back corner by the creek. From the bench you could barely see the road from all of the trees and the down slant of the park that slanted down lower and lower till you got to creek about half a mile off of the road. From the pavilion you couldn’t even see the road because of the tree’s that surrounded it. It was nice, but also a little scary with no-one else there.

With-in a few minutes, Roy arrived. “They have really made this a nice park since they cleaned in up, doesn’t look like many people come here though.” He smiled. I knew by that look that Roy had more than lunch on his mind. I just smiled at him and I starting talking to him about different things while we continued to eat lunch.

“ So now that we are done eating, want to go and check out the rest of the park.” Roy asked. “ Sure”, I said knowing exactly where this was leading. “ Let’s go over to the pavilion first.” Roy suggested. We took off in that direction, it was about 50 feet away from the bench. Once we got there Roy leaned over and gave me a huge kiss. I wanted it and I responded back by rubbing my fingers through his hair.

Roy then picked me up and sat me on the end of one of the picnic tables in the pavilion. While we went back to kissing, Roy lifted up my shirt and undone my bra. I could believe that I was outside in a public place with my tits exposed to whoever would come by. The thought of that turned me on tremendously. I reached for his shirt and took it off totally. I then turned my attention to his pants as we continues to kiss. I unfastened his pants and unzipped his zipper. I then reached into the front of his pants and underwear, I wanted that dick in my hand so badly. His hands now on my tits and my hand on his dick made us both go into sexual overdrive.

The fire was again burning between my 12 year old thighs and I once again needed what I had in my hand to satisfy the burning desire. “ Please do me now Roy?” I asked. “ I don’t have a condom ……how about we do oral sex on each other?” I was honestly kind of disappointed by that, but oral was better that nothing and I didn’t want to take a chance of getting pregnant so I gave in to the oral only. We went to a small area on the other side of the picnic area and laid down on the grass. We then stripped totally naked and started. His tongue touched my clit first thing and I was already in a state of ecstasy before I even got started. I was even more turned on by the fact that we were naked in a public place and could get caught.

The excitement from that made me engulf Roy’s hard on in one quick gulp. I swallowed his entire shaft all the way to his balls. I could tell that Roy liked it by the faster licking that he gave my clit. I couldn’t hold anymore I erupted in a climax that soaked Roy’s face. At the same time Roy went off and a swallowed his massive load of cum as he shot it halfway down my throat.

“ What the hell do you two think you are doing.” Oh shit I thought we have been caught. As Roy rolled off of the 69 position that we were in, I saw that it was Mrs. Stevens. Mrs. Stevens and her husband were uppity people who lived across the street from me. She was about 29 and the former Miss Teen Alabama. He was about 35, a former high school football star that went to play for Alabama University and then went pro with the Redskins for about 6 years. After that he came back to his hometown and married Mrs. Stevens.

Me and Roy both were speechless. We had no idea as to what to say to her.
We were simply busted with-out any excuses.

“ Jenny, get your clothes on now.. Roy get out of here before I call the police and have your ass thrown in jail.” She demanded. We rushed to get our clothes on as fast as we could under the watchful eye of Mrs. Stevens. Roy almost ran from the park as fast as he could after throwing his clothes on. “ Jenny, you will come with me.”

“ Jenny, I know that it hasn’t been easy on you since your mom died. But you can’t be going around having sex with people, especially in public parks.”

“ Are you going to tell on us Mrs. Stevens.”

“ I don’t know yet Jenny, you need to be taught about sex and getting pregnant and about birth control. Your Dad really needs to know so that he can set you up to see a doctor. If we don’t it may ruin your entire life.”

“But dad will be mad, and he will throw Roy in Jail.” I started crying.

“ Roy could go to jail if I tell your dad. I have always liked Roy, I never thought that he would do this though.”

“ Roy is nice and sweet. It was my fault that we did this. I wanted it. I asked him to have sex with me.” I said still crying.

“ You wanted it? How did you even know what it was?” She asked.

“ Me and Jason went through dad’s bottom drawer and found a video of men and women having sex. That’s how I found out about sex.?” I said in sort-of a half lie.

“ Jenny, I need to think about this. I want for you to come and see me tomorrow at noon and we will have lunch and talk about what we need to do about this situation.”

I said ok and left feeling like the whole world was falling down around me. I almost wish she would have just told me what she was going to do, as it is I would have to wait till tomorrow to find out what was going to happen. I went home crying most of the way.

“ What is wrong?” Jason asked as I went inside the house.

I started from the beginning and told him everything that had happened.

“Oh Shit!!” He commented. “ What in the hell was you thinking doing that in a public place Jenny?” I couldn’t speak, I just started crying even more. Jason just put his arms around me and held me and I cried. I was is deep this time and we both knew it.

“ Jenny there really isn’t any need to think about it anymore, we will figure out something before tomorrow.” he said trying to calm me. I got up and went to my room, I laid down and went to sleep.

I woke up at 3:30. Oh shit I thought, I have to fix supper before dad gets home. I figured I had about an hour and a half. I got up brushed my hair and then went to the kitchen to start supper. It wasn’t easy, but I followed the recipe and was able to get it done just as dad pulled into the driveway.

“ That was good Jenny” he said as he finished the last bite. Jason agreed….

“ Happy Birthday daddy, I have a relaxing night planned for you. I grabbed
dad by the hand and led him to his recliner where I but up his feet and started to take his shoes off followed by his socks. I then cut the television on to the news and went to get him a beer. I then got back down at his feet and started to massage his feet just the way I had seen mom do on occasion. Mom would pamper dad a lot when he got home, and tonight I wanted to make him feel like mom was still

Dad didn’t drink much but tonight I kept giving him a new bottle. He always said they helped him relax and I wanted him to be super relaxed. After his 5th beer dad was really relaxed. It was about 8 now and Jason had left to go over to a friends house for the night just as we had discussed. I wanted it to just be us tonight as I pampered him. I got up and went to the bathroom to run him a bath. I went back into the living room to get him and take him to the bathroom. Dad was a little drunk at this point, but not too bad. I unbuttoned his shirt and took it off of him, then I reached for his pants.

“ Jenny you can’t strip me down, you will see me naked.” He commented.

“ So what, it’s your birthday and I am going to pamper you like mom did, so stop stopping me understand.” I said snapping at him in a joking way.

I removed his hand from his blue jean snap and continued to take off his pants. I then reached up and took off his underwear. His hard cock shot out from his pants and smacked the side of my face. I just knelt there as I stared at the largest dick I had ever seen. His dick must have been at least 8 inches long and at least as thick as Roy’s if not a little thicker. I couldn’t help it, I reached out and grabbed it. It looked so big in my little hand and dad sighed as I did it. I was shocked that he didn’t stop me. I slowly started rubbing it back and froth in my hand.

“Jenny, you don’t know what you are doing, you need to stop.”

“ I do know what I am doing dad, I saw your video in your bottom drawer and watched it, I also have sucked Jason .”

Dad just beamed his eyes towards me like he was about to get mad, I stopped his thought process quickly by shoving his dick into my mouth before he could say anything else. I sucked his dick for at least 5 minutes as dad ran his hand through my hair. I then felt him tense up and load after load of hot cum shot into my mouth. I honestly did gag a little that time, but I think I swallowed it all. Dad was in heaven. I then took his hand and lead him into the bath-tub. I wasn’t planning on doing that, but I just couldn’t help it. But now that I did, I was hot and wet. Something had started and it wasn’t over yet. I knew that I was going to fuck my dad that night.

I left the bathroom and went to my room. I stripped and then put on my string bikini that dad didn’t know I had. I then went back into the bathroom and got into the tub in front of my dad. sitting lightly on his dick and rocking myself back and forth on it. Dad opened his eyes and started to object, I then put my hand over his mouth to quiet him. I reached behind my back and undone my bikini top. I then took it off as I stared into my daddy’s eyes. His eyes quickly switched to my young tits. I grabbed his hands and picked then up and placed them on my tits. I could tell that he was unsure about it, but he wanted my 12 year old tits and I was going to fight his conscious for him tonight.

“ Oh Jenny your tits look so nice, almost as big as your moms was.” He cooed.

“ Why don’t you taste them daddy?” I suggested as I leaned forward and moved so that my tits were directly in front of his face. He leaned forward a little and opened his mouth reluctantly. I grabbed his head and guided it to my hardened nipples. Dad took the bait and started sucking on my tits nice and softly. I was totally engulfed in the experience and wanted his body so badly. I stood up taking my tit from his mouth and undone the strings to my bottoms on both sides. My bikini dropped in the water and there I stood naked right in front of him. Dad must have liked it because I saw his dick starting to rise again below me.

I lifted one of my legs up and sat it on the tub wall, I then grabbed my dad and pulled him to sit up in the tub. I placed my pussy at his mouth and waited for him to eat me. I could tell that he was just fighting his desires but he gave in with-in a few seconds and started eat my wet pussy. I was in heaven as he licked me in just the right spot. “ Yes daddy lick me” I said sighing in total ecstasy. He was doing everything just right. “ Yes daddy oh I’m cumming. Yessssssssssssssssss !!!!!” With that I came right on my daddy’s face drenching him is my juices…..

Dad might have had some reservations before, but they were gone at the moment. Dad stood up dried off quickly and then dried me off from head to toe. He then picked me up and took me to his bedroom. He laid me on the bed on my back and he positioned himself over me. He then looked into my eyes as he leaned down to kiss me. I grabbed him and once again pulled him even closer to me locking tongues with him as we french kissed each other. Dad then moved a little further up and started to guide his dick into my pussy. I reached down for it and aimed it into my hole.

“ Please daddy, fuck me. I want your dick so badly inside of me.” I begged

“ Jenny, you are so small. I might hurt you if I put it inside of you.”

“ Dad I have already had sex, it will be okay.”

With that dad but it back into position I guided his dick into my 12 year old pussy.
It was a little tight going in and it did hurt a little, but I tried hard to hide the pain. I wanted daddy to fuck me so badly and I wasn’t going to take a chance of him backing out of doing me. He started slowly sliding in and out of my pussy and it felt so good.

“ Yes daddy fuck my pussy.”

“ You are so tight Jenny and it feels so good.

We continued in the missionary position for a few minutes longer then daddy suggested that I get on top and ride him. I was a little new to this position and it felt so good that I rode his hard cock for about 10 minutes and I went off in another smaller orgasm.

“ I am about to cum Jenny.” With that daddy withdrew his dick, turned me over and jerked it a few more times before his hot cum drenched my torso and my tits. Another small amount even shot all the way onto my cheek. I took my finger and gathered the small amount and stuck it into my mouth as daddy just smiled at me. I then pushed him back and cleaned off my juices and the cum from the head of his penis with my mouth, swallowing all I could get.

“ Jenny did you plan this?” Dad asked. “ No not the sex part but then again I did owe you a present that I never bought.” I said smiling.

“ Jenny we have to talk about this.” Dad said. “ Don’t worry dad I already know not to tell anyone, I know that you could go to jail and would never want you to leave me. I do think that I need to go get birth control though.” I said.

“ I will call Dr. Mathews tomorrow and set you up an appointment.” dad said.

I went to sleep with dad that night in his bed. That was just the beginning to the many times that me and dad will have sex. Actually everything changed at the house after that night. I had went from being a virgin with no thoughts about sex to having just had three different guys in one day in a matter of 2 weeks. It was a fun and yet interesting time in my life as I look back .

But then again this is still just the beginning in my weird true life story that seemed to revolve around sex. The very next day another installment was going to start and it was another milestone in my sexual life. Want to know what happens next,? Watch out for part 5 of my true life story.

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"great story but i think its fiction. i hope it is... its wrong but its not wrong to fantasize about these type of things i just dont believe in acting upon the fantasies. For those who are religious god wont hurt you for having fantasies and the athiests, you know whats right and whats wrong"

go F*cking die... god... BULL SHIT!!!! i believe only in what i can punch! so f*ck your gods side ways! how can some dude "GOD" know whats right or whats wrong? if he exsicts.. he hasn't been thought sh1t like most of people has. so why like him? man i'm going on a little to much! but i can argue over noobish god for ever!!!

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great story but i think its fiction. i hope it is... its wrong but its not wrong to fantasize about these type of things i just dont believe in acting upon the fantasies. For those who are religious god wont hurt you for having fantasies and the athiests, you know whats right and whats wrong.

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