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Making love the way it's meant to be done, even if it is accidental
This is just my first attempt, hope people enjoy it. Criticism is welcome. Enjoy.

Life, on the whole, treats us pretty well. Sure, there are broken arms, lost keys, stolen cars and the odd break-up, but on balance, things could be worse. On second thought, though, I suppose life shows some preferential treatment with some people getting the lion’s share of the luck, and the rest left with the scraps. What can be said, is that into every life some rain must fall, and thus there has to be a little sunshine. This is a little story, about Joey’s little bit of sunshine.

“Oh my god,” he thought, “and she doesn’t even have my shorts off!”
Of course, he wasn’t thinking this in the beginning. In the beginning, his thoughts were much more mundane, humdrum, far less erotically charged.

For Joey, it had been an okay Friday. Work was over for the week, and this was the third week of the month, and he’d gotten his moderate salary on Thursday, paid his rent for the month and felt good about the sizable bank balance he had left over. He’d knocked off at 5:30, leaving restaurant where he worked in the hands of the night-shift and driven home, picking up a six pack on the way and a couple of movies. One – a comedic PG13 film – currently whirring away inside the DVD player, and the less teen friendly second lying in wait on top of the TV. Joey took another long sip from the can. He wasn’t sure why he’d rented it out, it had been more on impulse than anything else. Being a virgin, it was the closest he’d ever gotten to members of the opposite sex. 24 and he’d never so much as touched a girl’s breasts!

Lately, though, he’d been finding less and less joy in porn. He had to actively try to get turned on by what he saw. Whether a busty blonde, and naughty school girl, or a sexy stripper, he simply hadn’t the sexual appetite anymore. The more he thought about it, the more he believed the cause was Audrey, the girl who came to work at reception about 3 months previously. She was amazing… Cool, calm and collected, the sort of girl Joey liked. He loved the way she was so sure of herself, with every movement, step and gesture. All 170cm of her. From a turn of her delicate, tapering wrist, down to her slender fingers polished with hot pink nail varnish. One of the things that really got him was the intelligent glint in her grey eyes when she laughed, or smiled. She was smart and sweet… He remembered the day he’d forgotten his apron, knowing that the sous-chef would have his balls for that, and she’d walked over to him, smiled sweetly and pulled hers off and gave it too him, explaining her shift had just ended anyway. He could smell her perfume all night… That and the peak he’d gotten at her 34B bra when her shirt lifted up as she pulled off her apron.

“Jeez,” Joey muttered. He’d gotten an erection just from thinking about her breasts. Not to mention the curve of her waist, the way her hips swayed, her firm ass underneath the dark blue pencil skirt… He wondered what she’d look like naked. All he wanted at that moment was to cup her breasts in his hands and lick her stiff nipples… Damn. The DVD would have to do for now.
Joey stood up and took a few steps towards the TV, intent on swapping the laughter for some far more saucy enjoyment. As he put the DVD in, he felt the incessant, nagging tug he’d been experiencing over the past months whenever he tried to watch porn. It was a slumping feeling, the result of wanting more and receiving less and less.

As he stood there, watching the opening trailer, he felt his mood sink a few inches lower. A busty brunette in a tight blue latex dress reaching half way down her thighs appeared on the screen. She’s smiling, licking her finger, running it down her seductive curves, bending over to show off her ample cleavage…
Joey’s brain knew it was supposed to be excited by the visual stimulus it was receiving, and should be sending a few urgent signals to his loins, but it wasn’t interested (and nor, for that matter were his loins). Disgusted with the video and to a certain extent himself Joey let out a frustrated grunt, switched off the TV and plopped himself back down into his chair.

20, maybe 30 minutes later – Joey wasn’t sure – There was a definite knock at the door. There’d been a previous knock which had only been half heard since he’d been half asleep at the time but he was sure there was a knock now. Groggily at first, Joey stumbled towards the door, a little bemused and wondering who it was. It was probably Sam. He could expect as much from Sam. Sam always called at odd hours, to come watch TV, to play Xbox, or because he was just being a nuisance, which was often the primary reason. Reaching the door of his apartment, Joey peered through the peephole and saw shoulder length black hair, and that was enough. It was definitely Sam.

“If you’re here, I hope you brought back my Halo…” Joey began, then paused. Sam never wore high heels. His thought processes sputtered for a second then stalled, and his eyes remained fixed on the white heels outside his door.
“Joe… Hello? I’m up here.”
The voice jump started his brain and his eyes flicked upwards and locked onto the crystal blue eyes, which he was now 100% sure did not belong to Sam. “Audrey?”
“Nice to see you too,” She beamed, showing off an attractive set of teeth wrapped in red lipstick covered lips.
“Yeah… I mean, it is! It’s just… What are you doing here?”
“Well, you know how I had to find a new place? My landlord and all… Well, I got referred here and all, and then it kinda clicked that you lived here too so…”
“Oh. Well, that’s great. Really, cool…” At a loss for words, the two of them stood facing each other in the doorway as an awkward silence formed and started fermenting between them.
“So I’d probably better just…”
“No! No, I mean… You could come in for a drink or something if you want,” Joey offered, stepping aside to allow her Audrey access into his apartment. She smiled, nodded, and stepped inside. As she did, Joey caught the subtle fragrance of her perfume, a lingering scent something like strawberries. He loved it.

She was obviously coming from work, or had been there recently. She was still wearing her uniform, the dark blue skirt reaching to just above her knees, white blouse and heels. She looked awesome.
“You want something to drink?” Joey asked, as Audrey seated herself half expectantly in the kitchen, crossing her legs and resting her hands in her lap.
“Sure, diet anything, if you have any. I know how you bachelors are.” She smiled and looked around the kitchen, as if fully expecting to see more evidence alluding to his bachelor status. There were two empty Coke cans, a partially visible pizza box in the lounge and (as Joey opened the fridge) a sign that none of the food currently in the house was home made, nor were there any supplies for making any.
Joey grinned a little sheepishly as he handed her the coke (not diet) and sat down opposite her at the table. The conversation inevitable turned to the coincidence of her finding lodgings in the Herron Apartments.
“Like I told you, me and my landlord weren’t quite seeing eye to eye. The roof leaked and he said he wasn’t going to pay to fix it, so I decided maybe it was time to move out. He’s always been a problem anyway. This place was closer to work, a little more expensive, but hey. I can live in 3 rooms, it works for me. I’m just trying it out though. Took out a two month lease, and we’ll see how it goes. My apartment’s two floors up, number 11. Just got the keys,” she jangled them for emphasis. “Then I remembered that you lived here, didn’t know the number, so I just knocked on a couple doors till I found the right one.”
Joey just had to laugh at that one. He could imagine quite a few people would have been just a little upset.

They talked for another twenty minutes or so until a quarter to nine, when Audrey excused herself and stood up to go.
“Oh, mind if I use your bathroom? Don’t think I can make it up the stairs.”
“That’s a little bit disgusting, you know that?”
“What? The world’s changing, Joey,” She intoned in mock reprieve, “Nowadays, girls no longer have to wait to be offered these things, they just ask. And besides,” as she walked through the lounge to his bedroom, “me pissing in your house will be the highlight of your day.”
For lack of any sort of decent reply, Joey left her to do as she pleased. He liked her. She was really something… He’d only known her a month, but he was the sort of hopeless romantic that believes in soul mates and that sort of thing. His friends (Sam) often found it very sad, and for the most part it was rather pathetic. Telling a girl you love after only 2 weeks hardly ever goes down well, and in Joey’s case it never did. Partly explained why, at 24 he was still a virgin. It was through no diligent effort of his own, it’s just that it never really happened for him. He wasn’t unattractive, in fact he’d heard regularly over the years that the dark hair, brown eyes and smile were cute, and at 2 meters and 70 kilos, he wasn’t exactly a stick or a slob. He was slightly above average in his own opinion.

His musing was interrupted by a niggling thought that had been knocking at the door of his consciousness. He’d heard the flush from the bathroom, then he’d heard the muffled footfalls of Audrey’s heels in the lounge, but he hadn’t seen Audrey. He got up, still wondering what she was up to, then walked into the lounge, and what he saw caused a lump to form in his throat and a cold sweat to break out over his whole body.

Audrey was standing in the lounge, her feet together in their white 3 inch heels, her slim, smooth and shapely legs wrapped in a dark blue pencil skirt (obviously from work) and her white long-sleeved blouse with the sleeves rolled up, and the top two buttons undone, but not as to show off any cleavage, just the beginnings of her collar bone. Unfortunately for Joey, he wasn’t in the frame of mind to enjoy the view. His eyes were locked on to the DVD case she was holding in her manicured hands. From his angle, he could just about make out the word “Sluts” on the cover.

“Ah, so this is what you were up to,” Audrey said with a smirk, flipping the cover in her hands to read the back, appraising it with a critical eye.
“Look, it’s not what you think.”
“Well, I think it’s porn, so unless you can convince me otherwise…” She now looked at him, she was still smiling, but her eyes were hard, disgusted. Joey didn’t know what to say, he could feel his cheeks turning red, and his mouth was hanging open.
“So what kinda whores do you like? Let me guess, the bigger her boobs the better, right?”
“It’s not like that…” Joey repeated, each word tumbling through the air more and more faintly.
“What IS it like then, enlighten me, please.” She crossed her arms in front of her chest and paused for dramatic effect. “I bet if I turn this on right now, there’ll be some slutty sex scene that you’d just absolutely love.” She held the remote threateningly in her hand.

Joey stared at her, his mouth hanging open, unable to speak. He didn’t know what to say. He’d never been caught before, but then gain he’d never really watched porn… Just sometimes he needed a release. Addiction to porn was a mystery to him. His association with it was like that of social drinkers with alcohol. He could live without it, and often didn’t care about it, except every once in a while in small quantities. And that’s when his resolve formed, coalesced and hardened. He didn’t care. So what if she was awesome? Like always, women made him feel like jelly, and for once he wasn’t going to let that happen. He swallowed and breathed then looked her in the eyes, her beautiful blue eyes.
“Maybe we should have a look, eh?”
“I don’t care.”
A bemused micro-expression crossed Audrey’s face, but vanished as soon as it’d appeared.
“Oh, don’t you?” She motioned again with the remote in her hand.
“No, I don’t. And I don’t care what you think.”
Audrey shrugged, tossing the remote onto the couch and walking nonchalantly towards the front door. As she did, she called over her shoulder, “Guys are all alike.”
Joey felt an unprecedented anger boiling up inside him, and he was bursting to say something, and the words started pouring out of him before he really thought about them.
“Yeah, well girls like you are all alike. You’re all high and mighty, because you know guys are always drooling over you, and you act like a bitch, because that’s how you get your kicks! So what if you’re beautiful, and funny? Who cares if you’re one of the nicest… uh...,” At this point, Joey had realized that his train of thought had derailed itself, and he wasn’t making sense. He immediately felt stupid for his outburst. He didn’t even know this girl. But he knew her type, the type of girl he always fell for and now that he’d actually said it, the kind he really hated. It was like a terrible spiral. After one such relationship, he’d gone on in life to constantly seek out and find such women. In the same way that sometimes, people with abusive parents go on through life subconsciously seeking out similarly abusive relationships with people, be they friends, love interests, employers or mentors. Same old thing.

He flopped down into the couch, leaning back and covering his face with his hands. He slid them down his face, staring up at the ceiling, trying to steady his breathing and get his thoughts back in order. Gradually, his shock melted into apathy. For the moment, he was being objective, emotionally detached. Everything was perceptively clearer without the turmoil of all his stewing feelings getting in the way. He’d said some things that needed saying, and it was directed at ever girl who’d ever treated him like crap. It was also his fault though, he let himself be taken advantage of and should have known better. He always did, but he did stupid things.
Life is full of coincidences and repeat occurrences. Deja vu isn’t actually all that odd, when you think about it, and repetition isn’t totally unexpected. They’re both bound to happen, as probable as the sun continuing to rise. When exactly they happen… Well… That’s up to chance.

It was very similar to the knocking. It could have been 20 or 30 minutes, he never heard it the first time, and the second time it was more tentative than the first time, but he definitely heard it the second time. It was a soft and gentle whisper, the cutest sound he’d ever heard (and truth be told, he’d remember it all his life). A single word, that he’d heard so many times, used in so many different ways.
Lowering his hands, opening his eyes, he sat up a little and looked up towards the door. She was standing there, looking completely lost and more than a little chastened. Her shoulder was leaning against the door frame, cradling her elbow with her other hand. Her expressive blue eyes were soft, dampened by the moisture in her eyes.
“Did you… Did you really mean that…,”
“I didn’t mean to call you a bitch, I’m-“
At that she laughed and interrupted him. “I’ve heard that before, don’t worry,” She said with a sad smile. Tentatively, she walked over to Joey and crouched down in front of him. “I meant the part after that.”

Joey didn’t answer, he didn’t want to, to spoil the moment. He just wanted to be here with her. He looked into her beautiful blue eyes. They were even more beautiful now as they stared earnestly back into his, wavering back and forth slightly, searchingly. His eyes travelled down her face to her slightly open mouth, along her arms, down her body to her thighs, the hem of her skirt having ridden half way up her thigh. Although his brain knew now wouldn’t be the most opportune of times, it began sending clandestine messages consisting of instructions for redirecting blood supplies and increasing adrenaline concentrations.

“No ones ever told me that… I mean, I’ve been told I’m a pain, and that I’m beautiful… but not all at once. And I suppose coming from you it’s different.”
“I’m sorry about that, I didn’t mean it the way it came out.”
“I think you did. I never took you for the type of guy that watched porn though.”
At that, Joey felt embarrassed himself. He had no moral dislike of it or anything… It was just never really his thing. He’d never really thought about it before though.
“Yeah… Well, you should probably get going,” Joey said, making to stand up, but was motioned to sit down again by Audrey gently placing her hand on his thigh.
“Would you believe me, if I told you that I’ve never done anything like this before, but I want to kiss you?”
“I guess so, since I’ve never even kissed anyone,” he joked, laughing nervously. To his immense relief, Audrey smiled back at him.

Slowly, she stood up, leaning forward. In one continuous and fluid moment she lifted one knee and then another onto the couch, lifting her skirt up a little so that she could straddle him, facing him. Her arms wound gently around his neck with one reaching up and gently running through his hair. The warmth of her body mingled with the scent of strawberries in her hair, the smell Joey’d mistaken for perfume. Her perfume was of something he had never smelt before, making it all that much more alluring. He couldn’t see her face, as her cheek was now resting firmly against his, her hand caressing the other side of his face, her fingers gently brushing up and down caressing him. Nervously, Joey placed one hand, then a second upon her waist. He gently stroked and kneaded her through her blouse and she responded by gently rubbing her cheek against his. Slowly, she leaned back till she was staring into his warm brown eyes, and at that moment she realized how cute he was. Sweet and innocent. At that thought, she felt a sharp pang in her heart, although she wasn’t sure why. She leaned in slowly, and their lips met. Each amazed at the warmth of the other. Joey couldn’t believe it, as he felt her draw back a little, then press her lips against his again. Never having kissed anyone before, he was anxious about it, and stiff for the first few seconds, then just let himself be carried away of the wave of euphoria. His lips melted into hers, and at that point there was nothing else outside of his lips and hers.

Joey knew things could get any better. Until he felt Audrey’s warm tongue gently running along his lip sending a shiver down his spine and he gave her and involuntary squeeze. She moved her face away from his again and smiled at him, then mouthed the single word, “Come.”
She lifted herself off of him, gently taking a hold of his hand and leading him towards the bedroom. He walked behind her in a trance, loving the sway of her hips as she walked, her sexy legs and how good she looked in her heels. He just wanted to stare at her all night. In the bedroom, she eased him down onto the bed, straddled him again and started kissing him once again. This time, he eagerly, although without much skill began exploring her mouth. Audrey’s tongue met his with equal gusto, and she alternated between gently exploring his mouth and sucking on his tongue. Increasingly excited, Joey’s hands started making their way down her body and the curve in the small of her back, till he gingerly cupped her curvy ass in his hands. She pressed her rear into his hands and began slowly gyrating her hips in his lap, gently grinding against him as a sign of encouragement. At this point it wasn’t really needed. He was already fully hard, and he was lost in the moment, and all he wanted was having her here with him, now. The feeling of her firm ass in his hands, her lips meshed with his, her breasts pressing against his chest every time she moved up and down in his lap. Gradually getting more and more bold, Joey inched his hands up her sexy body towards her breasts, feeling her breathing quicken. He could now feel the bottom of her bra cup beneath his thumb, and registered the tantalizing smell of her sex for the first time, as she pressed herself harder against his lap and his throbbing erection. Gently, trying to hold back his body’s impatience, he squeezed her breast in his hand. Her body gave a little shudder and slumped gently against him for a second, and she thrust her breasts towards Joey’s eager hands. He could feel the fabric of her lacey bra beneath her blouse, and was eager to feel them without her bra on. Audrey was breathing heavily now, her warm breath caressing his ear. As he fumbled with the third button of her blouse, she held still for him. For the first time he saw her breasts, encased in silk and lace. They were beautiful, and he could help but stare as he cupped one through her blouse and squeezed, enjoying the way it looked, and felt, and how she arched her back and pressed against his palm.
“Are you hard, babey?” She whispered, causing his cock to give a painfull twitch at the sound of her sultry voice. All he could do was nod in reply.

Abruptly, Audrey pulled back, and removed his hands from her breasts and placed them on her thighs. Joey’s eyes travelled from her breasts, down to where his hands rested on her sexy legs and enjoyed the view, until he sensed her piercing eyes on him. He looked up. Again, they were sad and moist, and she looked like a shy little girl, nervous and seeking approval.
“Are you sure you want to do this…?”
Joey laughed at this, halting immediately when he saw her puzzled and hurt expression.
“Of course, why wouldn’t I?”
For a second she didn’t reply, she looked down before continuing. She couldn’t look at him. “I mean… You’re a really nice guy. You know. It’s just that… Don’t you want your first time to be special?”
“This is special,” Joey said, kissing her on the cheek, and she smiled at that.
“Thank-you. But it’s not like I’m a virgin or anything, and I’m not the greatest person in the world. Like, you’re special. I’m just one of those girls.”
Joey really didn’t know what to say. To begin with, he didn’t know what he’d done to be special, and in his books, Audrey was pretty amazing. “But you’re… Awesome. I like you.”

She kissed him again, then stood up without a word and slowly began unbuttoning her blouse, taking her time, knowing Joey was enjoying it, and she just wanted to make him happy. He was one of the sweetest guys she’d ever met, despite the fact that he’d called her a bitch… which meant he was truthful to boot. By the time Audrey’s blouse dropped to the floor around her feet, Joey was painfully hard. Seductively, with measured, deliberate movement Audrey unclipped her bra, but didn’t take it off. She parted Joey’s legs and kneeled between them, staring up at him expectantly.
Not knowing what she wanted, he felt nervous and his cold sweat started again. The room became very still. Joey ran his fingers up along the length of her arms, enjoying the satin feel of her smooth skin, and enjoying the way she shivered and half closed her eyes, but never once blinked nor took her eyes off his. Ever so slowly, he slid one strap off her shoulder, leaning over and kissing her shoulder, then slipping of the other strap and it fell to the floor making the most imperceptible of noises as it tumbled. Joey involuntarily held his breath.
He stared at her breasts. They were so perfect, her small nipples standing out half erect, surrounded by beige areolas. The looked firm and perky, and he couldn’t help but reach out and cup them tenderly in his hands, softly kneading the flesh causing Audrey to start breathing hard again. She couldn’t remember having been this excited in a long time. She couldn’t remember ever having wanted to make a guy as happy as she wanted to make Joey. She closed her eyes and sighed as he began rubbing her nipples with his thumbs, causing her to spasm and shiver a little. Her nipples became fully hard as he began caressing them between his thumb and forefinger.
She carefully removed his hands, kissed them and smiled at him. She squeezed his thighs, and ran her hands over his stomach, under his shirt, causing him to shiver. With delicate tugs, she began removing his belt, kissing his stomach all the while. Joey was rendered speechless. He watched as she finally undid his belt, then felt her delicate fingers undo his button, then slid down the zipper.

Audrey looked up at him, and saw his awe struck expression. “Are you still hard for me? Is this what you want?” She didn’t wait for a reply, she knew the answer already. She could see his erection in his boxers, and she slowly brought her lips to it, and kissed it once, causing his cock to twitch again. She hooked her fingers into the waist band of his boxers, and gently pulled them downwards, kissing her way down along with them. She stopped, reaching her hand into his boxers and gently grasping his throbbing member in her soft, warm hand, pulling it out of his boxers. She could see how excited he was, there was already some precum on the tip of his dick, where the foreskin had moved away slightly. Slowly, her hand began stroking his cock, and she just couldn’t take her eyes off it. She’d seen a few before, but his was by far the sexiest she’d seen. It was about 7 inches long, smooth and hot to the touch. She could feel herself starting to get even more wet just from looking at it moving in her hand. The more she stroked it, the more of his head that appeared from under the foreskin, till the whole head was exposed, and she began salivating, wanting nothing more than to feel it inside her mouth. She looked up at Joey, his eyes glazed over with desire and pleasure. Her eyes locked onto his, she stuck out her warm tongue, gently moving her head forward till her tongue met the base of his cock head, causing him to twitch and gasp violently. She repeated the same motion again, causing his cock to jump again. She gripped his prick more tightly then slowly, lovingly stuck her tongue out further and let a single drop of spit to fall on his penis. Joey moaned loudly, finding it hard to sit still. Audrey’s tongue began trailing up and down the underside of his cock, from the tip down to his balls and back again. Her tongue began making small, slow circles around his pee-hole, her little hand jerking him off slowly up and down, her other hand cupping his balls, squeezing ever so gently, pleasing him so much he murmured Audrey’s name breathlessly. Staring into his eyes, she slowly started taking his cock into his mouth. Not sucking, or licking, or stroking, just letting it slide into her wet and warm, eager mouth. About two inches down, she paused, staring at him for a full ten seconds, just looking into his deep brown eyes. Just as he started to worry something might be wrong, she gave his cock one gently but firm, solitary suck. It sent a spark down his cock, to his balls and all through his body. When it had subsided, she did it again, squeezing his cock tenderly with her red lips as she did so. She then began sucking on him in earnest, making little suckling noises that turned Joey on even more. Her black hair moved sensually along with the movement of her head along his shaft, her mouth wet and very hot, her tongue licking every inch of his cock as she sucked on it with vigor, spittle dribbling from her mouth, trailing down his cock to her hand squeezing the base of his rod. Joey knew he was about to cum, and he wanted to cum in her warm eager mouth and started thrusting upwards as she moved her lips down. Audrey sensed it, and slowly slid his cock out of her mouth, licking the head, then kissing it and standing up.

Joey stared at her unable to speak, as she asked him to take off his shirt. He did so, and as he did, she turned around and sat down in his lap, facing away from him. He immediately began playing with her breasts, another part of her he so longed to touch. She could feel his breath on her neck and back, very ragged and uneven. She let him caress her for a few minutes, to give him time to cool down, but also because she loved the way he would squeeze her breasts a few times, trace small circles around her erect nipples and then do it all again.
“You know what I love to do?” She asked, taking his right hand and placing it on her thigh, spreading her legs wide, hiking her skirt up, till it just covered her black lace panties. Joey took his cue, and slowly moved his hand over her thigh, smelling more than ever her poignant aroma, a sign of her heightened excitement. Ever so slowly, he inched his hand up to the edge of her panties, feeling the soft silk. His breathing stopped once again, as for the first time he felt a girls vagina. Her juices had already made her panties wet, and he could feel them as he traced the outline of her pussy underneath the fabric. He caressed her through the fabric for a few minutes, enjoying her moans of pleasure, and her ass grinding up against him. As he was about to slide his hand inside her panties, he felt her hand there first. When it emerged, it was slick with her juices, then he felt her wet fingers lathering up his dick, which was standing at attention, visible through her wide open thighs.
“I love sucking you, and I love jerking you off, Joey,” Was Audrey’s husky whisper as she began slowly stroking him, using her juices for extra lubrication. Joey’s finger had found her entrance, and had proceeded to tentatively place one finger inside her, which she gripped with her vaginal muscles, and that caused her to produce a long moan. The more excited and wet she got, the easier it was to move in finger in and out of her pussy, and she writhed more and more in his lap. When he squeezed in his second finger, she gave another low moan and squeezed his cock hard, almost causing him to cum. He worked his finger in her faster and faster as she humped herself against his hand groaning and panting. Joey’s thumb found her little hard clit, and after fingering her a while, he’d stop to rub her clit or do both simultaneously, all the while covering her neck with kisses.

“Joey, you’re gonna make me cum,” She moaned, starting to eagerly jerk his cock, running her delicate fingers all over the head and the shaft, stroking and caressing and squeezing, bringing Joey to the brink of cumming, but he was determined to make her cum first. In the end, it was a close one, two. Joey thrust his fingers deeper inside Audrey, more and more eagerly, getting his hand covered in her juices, until her pussy contracted violently and her whole body stiffened, and she let out a loud moan, and whispered in his ear, “I’m cumming, babey. Oh, Joey. Cum for me!” It was all the encouragement he needed, besides her frantically jerking hand. As her pussy juices soaked her panties and his lap, her handjob made Joey cum like mad. He sent several spurts across the room, the first hitting the door and the others either on the floor, Audrey’s creamy thighs or covered Audrey’s hand, and she squeezed and caressed every inch of him, including his cock head as he came. The last thing he remembered from that night was murmuring her name over and over, and watching her lift her spunk cover hand and licking it clean, covering her tongue in sticky cum. Then he passed out, one hand inside her panties, the other squeezing her breast.

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2014-05-12 12:12:41
As a late starter myself, I can easily identify with Joey. I have also learned a lot from more experienced female lovers; in fact, I've never made love to a virgin! ...Audrey seems to be a sweet but sexy young woman who truly likes Joey, and I like that. Please continue your story. I am eager to find out it this episode turns out to be the beginning of a passionate relationship between the two characters.

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2009-04-14 22:29:10
eh it was okay but not great,they didn't have intercourse!If you make part two,put them having intercourse in it,constructive critisism.

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2009-01-19 15:11:41
keep going make part 2

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