Peter was sex mad. He didn't consider himself to be ill in any way, just oversexed, but the truth was that most of his waking thoughts - and his dreams when he slept - involved sex.

He was incapable of being faithful to anyone and this had led to a broken marriage. Not that he'd learnt his lesson, he played away whenever he could even after his second marriage. Fortunately for him his occupation allowed for plenty of foreign travel and he happily took advantage of this.

The internet might well have been invented for lechers like Peter. He subscribed to various porn sites, surfed regularly and had various different identities which allowed him to trawl the web for willing females with which to indulge in sexual activity.

His first marriage had left a tangible legacy beyond the bitterness of a broken relationship. A quiet and rather troubled young girl who was now twelve and entering a difficult age. Zynah was small for her age, pretty, with a tanned complexion and a nice trim girlish body, clearly approaching womanhood and whilst the early days if separation which had been hell for her were now over, she still had the occasional tanturm and was introverted.

The sex gene is transmitted from parent to child and, unbeknownst to Peter, Zynah's sexual desires were now fully awake altough she was a virgin and had not had a steady boyfriend yet. Like many kids of her generation, especially the more solitary nes, she turned to the internet to learn abouit sex and to get some of her first thrills. She would watch sex films with fascination, marvelling at the size of the male pornstars cocks and the pleasure they seemed to bring to their stunning female co-stars. Little Zynah would masturbate herself to sleep, dreaming of the day when she would be a participant and not a spectator.

So altough the internet is a huge unfathomable space perhaps it wasn't totally bizarre that the sex-mad father and his desperately inquisitive daughter should meet.

Peter was having a long session on the net one night, and came upon a webcam site for amateurs. Some of the girls looked young, too young, but then that was what happened sometimes when there was a lack of moderators. He had stumbled upon underage porn on the net before but he wasn't interested in little girls, not unless they had tits and hairy pussies and looked like women. He spent a few enjoyable minutes watching a gorgeous blonde girl who looked 17 bring herself off with a range of instruments. He had a raging erection as he looked for his next kick. "Young Z" sounded promising, he moved to her site.

The SHOCK and the HORROR!!! To his astonishment his baby daughter's smiling face confronted him. He went to her pictures, his erection collapsing and quickly flicked through them. She was showing a lot of flesh, without anything being seen clearly but she was definitely naked in some of them and trying to entice guys. She was only 12 for goodness sake! His first thought was indignation, he would get this website shut down! Then, almost casually, he realised to his shame his erection had returned. This would not do at all.

There was nothing to be done that night, she wasn't online. A few nights later though Peter returned to the site and seeing she was online sent her a message.

"Hi honey"

The reply was almost instantaneous.

"Hello. Age? Sex?

He lied about the first, saying 29 rather than 34 and she lied too claimg to be "nearly sixteen".

"Do you think I'm sexy? she came back.

He felt he had to maintain the fiction at least a little longer until he found out what she was up to.

Yes" he said and in truth if he had not been her dad he would have found her very sexy. And even though he was her dad, he had to admit she did look very sexy.

They had a short chat, she could not see him but she did pose for him a little and talked sexily. As they were about to log off she flashed her little tits with the budding brown nipples he had last seen when she was totally flat-chested a couple of years back, and to his embarrasment he found himself erect again.

After that they had several more sessions. Zynah seemed to confide in him easily, it did not look like she was very expert at this sordid game, and soon he found her asking if he wanted to meet up. She told him, to his great relief, that she had never met anyone from the net before and that she was still a virgin and hadn't really had a boyfriend. Also, she didn't like boys her age but fancied older him.

He finally showed himself to her, keeping his face covered with the excuse he was married and could not afford to be recognised by anyone. She asked him to show her his body and she would show hers too. He could see her giggling, covering her mouth whilst she typed with one hand.

"Ur very hairy! Like my dad!"

And she laughed, carrying on typing

"You have a great bum" he read... and after a few more mesage " Will you show me your cock?"

Unsure whether to stop or to try and find out more he saw no option but to show her his erect cock which was of average length but tapered down to an impressive thickness towards the balls.

"That's nice" came the message "I'd love to have that inside me...."

The she stood up and with a serious expression, staring at the camera all the while, removed her clothes slowly, sexily, till she was standing naked. Her young body was perfectly formed. Her budding breasts and scant, wispy dark pubes made her look absolutely delectable. She turned round to display her small but bouncy-looking buttocks, but still looked back at him innocently yet with a challenge in her eyes too.

They agreed to meet. Peter wanted to go there and tell her off, tell her she should never do a thing like that again. It was dangerous, she was too young. At the back of his mind though there was a nagging doubt. Surely he wouldn't allow himself to be seduced by his underage daughter?

Checking into the hotel Peter made sure his mask covered his face and waited for Zynah to arrive. A gentle knock at the door and he let her in. She smiled shyly, but before he could say anything was craning her neck in a determined manner to french kiss him avidly. This was so wrong! How could it then feel so good?

"Hello" she said in a small voice, "can you undress me please? I'm kinda nervous...."

Mechanically, he obeyed her. Suddenly he realised what he was doing and stopped. She was wearing her mother's barely fitting stilettos for chrissake!

"What's the matter?" she asked anxiously. "Don't you like me?"

"It's not..." he said in a gruff feigned voice "that..its..."

That was the moment, the point of no return, but it was really too late. He was compromised, he would get into trouble for taking things this far and he was also now turned on so much that his sex mania had overcome his paternal feelings.

He undressed her silently, feeling and worshipping her cute little body, sensing her racing heartbeat, and he determined to take her gently and show her the kind of sex her young contemporaries couldn't even dream of.

Laying her gently on the bed Peter started to lick and eat his daughter's sweet-tasting pussy, beinging whimpers of pleasure from the young sexpot.

He stood up and undid his belt, Zynah sitting up expectantly. As his cock sprang out of his pants, she exclaimed.

"What a thick cock! It's a pornstars! You won't hurt me, will you?" she looked up at him trusting and pleading at the same time.

He had deflowered several older girls, and was well experienced at it. He pushed the cock against Zynah's hymen, feeling the give. With decison he pulled back and with one quick hard thrust took his daughter's cherry. She grimaced the instant the hymen broke but within seconds this had been replaced by a lok of pleasure and joy at the delight of being fucked for the very first time.

Peter prided himself on his self-control. He pushed his penis in and out, in and out of little Zynah's tight pussy, appalled yet secretly delighted at the pleasure he was giving her. In and out, in and out he moved the whole length of his penis rhythmically inside her all the way to the thick root, Zynah's juices now making his task a simple one. And then Zynah started orgasming and in her excitement started digging her nails into her father's buttocks and forcing him in so deep he felt his rampaging cock hitting the back of her young cunt. To his horror Peter found himself incontrollably over the limit in an instant and the guy who'd never had an accident found himself helplessly depositing the entire contents of his testices deep into his young daughter's virginal vagina. By the time he pulled out his cock, his daughter's insides were filled with his warm bouillon.

Zynah feel asleep hugging him. Her first ever post-cpital sleep, whilst Peter smoked a post-coital cigarette and bemoaned at just how much of a bastard and a pervert he was.

Suddenly Zynah's sleep face was smiling up at him.

"Can't I see your face?"

He shook his head violently.

£Never mind" she smiled "I'm going to do something for YOU now!"

She moved down his body and started to kiss and slurp away at his still stiff member. Using all the knowledge she'd acquired from the net Zynah gamely gave her dad a magnificent blowjob, struggling gamely with the thickess of it but managing to take most of it into her mouth

For the second time that day Peter lost control and as Zynah kept her small lips firmly clamped on the cock, a frown on her lovely face from the effiort and nostrils flared to breathe, he came fully in great gouts of sperm into her mouth. She smiled sweetly, a tricke of spunk down the side of her mouth..opened her cum-filled mouth for a moment so he could see her tongue coated with his man-juice and then swallowed with a gulp as though she had just taken the tastiest of liquors

"That tastes so good...did I do it right?"

After that he asked her to leave, saying he needed to be at work. As soon as he reached home he deleted his account on the webcam site. This was wrong, evil. He had done it once but it must never, ever happen again.

Three weeks later came the dreaded call. Peter's ex-wife was frantic.

"Peter...I don't know how to tell you this....Zynah's pregnant."

After mutual recriminations Peter had to go and see his tearful daughter. She refused to say who the father was and stuck to her guns even when interviewed by policewomen and social workers. Peter was in constant contact with the police but the trail was dead. Meanwhile Zynah's little body was changing as her belly grew to accommodate his son? Grandson? Goodness knew, what a mess!

Fortunately the child was born normal and Peter swore to stand by his daughter and protect her from the wrong done to her by the mysterious impregnator. And no-one ever found out the truth. One day though, towards the end of her term, they sat by themselves chatting. Zynah sudenly stopped and stared deep into his eyes.

"Dad, you do have a really THICK cock, you know that don't you?".......


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Great story, nice unusual twist to it.


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Bo Bo, I have heard it said that you reap what you plant. Some call it bad karma. Men who rape 9 year old girls are evil. The form that good people use to report child porn requires a date & time stamp. Which this blog provides. I have also heard it said that confession is good for your soul.

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