Lactating Mama Gets Satisfaction
Becky had recently had her baby and had planned to breast feed it. The doctor had given her some meds so her breast milk would come in good. Unfortunately for Becky, the baby didn't do well on her breast milk so she had to switch to formula. The medication had really kicked in by now and Becky was really producing a lot of breast milk. So much in fact that her breasts were full causing her breasts to swell, and her nipples to become painfully sensitive. The doctor told her to use a breast pump three times a day, but even so, Becky was still miserable.

Becky had to go to a larger bra size in order to get a proper fit, and the fabric against her nipples was still quite painful and irritating. Her nipples were constantly leaking so she had to stuff Kleenex down her bra constantly to soak up the milk. One afternoon Becky was feeling particularly miserable. She sat down on the sofa and quietly wept. It was then that the doorbell rang, and Beck's college roommate Jeanie had come by to visit. She was in town on business and decided to drop in on her friend.

"What's the matter look miserable?"

"I's my breasts."

"My nipples are so sore, and painful that it can't stand it."

Becky told Jeanie the whole story about her breasts being engorged with milk and how the breast pump didn't really work, plus it was painful to use. Becky had always had a fantasy about lactating females, and what a turn on it would be to suckle at Becky's breasts. Taking a chance Jeanie asked,

"Have you thought of other alternatives for milking your breasts?"

"No, I didn't think there were any."

Jeanie looked Becky in the eyes and asked,

"What about Ray....have you asked him to suckle your could be kinda fun."

"Becky giggled...."No... it never crossed my mind.... but your right it might be fun in a kinky kind of way."

"So you wouldn't be repulsed by the idea?"

"Oh heavens would be fun."

"Would you be repulsed by the idea of me sucking your nipples....say right now for instance?"

Becky was taken aback at her friends request, but then she remembered during a particularly "dry" time in college they had slept together once or twice, and it had been enjoyable. Becky smiled and said,

"You know...I think I'd like to try that."

Becky lifted her top and removed her bra, her engorged breast hanging down. Jeanie laid down in Becky's lap, with her head under Becky's breasts. Jeanie kissed Becky's nipples and ran her tongue over them as she licked up some of the milk oozing from Becky's breast.

"Mmmmmm Jeanie that feels wonderful."

Jeanie smiled and cupped Becky's breast in her hand and started sucking her nipple taking in the sweet tasting Mothers milk. Becky was becoming slightly aroused as Jeanie sucked her nipple, sometimes flicking it with her tongue.

After about thirty minutes Jeanie finished, and asked if Becky was OK.

"Ohhh ya that was great."

"Want me to do the other?"


Jeanie positioned herself across Becky's lap to suck her other breast. As she took Becky's breast in her hand Becky asked,

"So....are you enjoying yourself?"

"Jeanie smiled..."Mmmm, yes."

"Are you getting turned on?"

Jeanie blushed a little..."Ya, you know me."

Becky reached over, rubbing Jeanie's crotch,

"Well you know, you're helping me about I help you out too."

Jeanie smiled,"I'd like that."

Jeanie slipped her slacks off revealing a huge wet spot on her panties.

"Boy I'll say you're turned on....look at those panties!"

"They're soaked."

Jeanie started sucking Becky's other breast while Becky slipped her fingers past Jeanie's panties onto her bare pussy, sliding a finger between Jeanie's soaked lips. Jeanie moaned as Becky slipped a finger into her wet pussy and started working it around. Jeanie parted her legs as far apart as she could while Becky slipped another finger deep inside Jeanie's pussy. Jeanie was beside herself with lust as the orgasms started to drift over her body. Becky started rubbing Jeanie's clit with her palm and before long Jeanie was lifting her hips off the sofa and cumming hard. Jeanie finished just as Becky's husband Ray pulled into the driveway. Jeanie dressed and Becky straightened herself up just as Ray came in the backdoor.

"I gotta go babe....we'll do this again...OK?"

"Sure, but.."

"Gotta go, see you soon."

Ray walked into the living room just as Jeanie was leaving.

"Hey babe who was that?"

"Oh that was Jeanie...we went to school together."

"Oh OK."

"How the boobs...any better?"

"Oh ya...a lot better."

"Hmmm, it smells funny in someone was having sex or something."

"Oh Ray don't be silly."

"Ya I know.....still it does smell like it though."

Then Ray noticed something on the floor under the coffee table. He walked over and picked them up.

"What the fuck....whose panties are these?"

"Ohhh shit!" Becky thought to herself.

Ray lifted them to his nose and took a whiff.

"THAT's the smell!"

"You ah, wanna tell me what's going on here babe?"

Becky's eyes started to well up with tears as she wondered what to tell Ray.

"Hey's cool no matter what it is....just be honest with me."

"Besides, at least their women's could be worse."

Ray sat down on the sofa and patted the seat for Becky to come sit down next to him. After Becky had decided to fess up and tell Ray the whole story she noticed a sizable bulge in Ray's trousers.

"Did that turn you on Ray?"

"Hell yes.....the thought of some other woman sucking your tits....what do you think?"

"I only wish I could have been here."


Becky asked with a big grin on her face.

"'s every mans fantasy to see his wife or girlfriend getting it on with another woman and hopefully joining in."

"Hmmm, I never thought about it....but it does sound exciting now that you mention it."

"Take out your cock honey."

Ray unzipped his trousers and removed his raging hard on. Becky still being a little sore from the birth, took Ray's cock in her mouth and proceeded to suck Ray to a powerful orgasm. That night as Ray and Becky lay in bed, Becky called Jeanie telling her Ray had found her panties, and she'd confessed to Ray what they had done that afternoon.

"Calm down's cool."

"Ray got so turned on after I told him what we did that I had to give him a blow job....and I have to admit...I was really hot too."

Becky felt Rays hand on her leg as he lifted her nightie and parted her legs. Then he started kissing Becky's pussy as she continued talking to Jeanie.

"Jeanie...Ray as I said, was really turned turned on in fact that he was bummed that he wasn't there to watch or join us."

"How would you feel about doing it again with Ray...."Hold on a sec."

"Mmmmmm baby....Oooooohhhhh ya."

"Sorry Jeanie, Ray's going down on me as we speak."

"Ya...he's sucking my pussy, and man do I need to get off."

"Ooooohhhhh Damn Ray....suck it...Mmmm."

"Oh really....Ray!"

"Jeanie is fingering her pussy right now thinking about you eating my pussy....and she said yes to the three of us getting together."

"Jeanie...Ray's all jazzed."

"How about this Saturday?"


"Now if you'll excuse me....I have an appointment with an orgasm."

"Bye Hon."

"Oooooohhhh, Ray....Mmmmmm that's it...suck my clit baby.....Ohhhh ya that's it....Ohhh ya, Mmmmm, I gonna"

Saturday arrived quickly with Jeanie arriving promptly at 6pm. Becky's breasts were full and in need of some serious attention. Jeanie helped Becky off with her top as she looked at Becky's full breasts. Everyone took a seat on the couch, with Jeanie caressing Becky's left breast, while Ray started caressing Becky's other breast. Becky leaned back extending her arms on top of the sofa, closing her eyes and concentrating on the loving attention being given to her breasts by both her husband and her best friend.

Jeanie smiled and kissed Becky's nipple, then laid down....her head in Becky's lap. She kept caressing Becky's breast as her tongue darted out, teasing Becky's nipple, coaxing her milk to trickle out. Becky was moaning softly as Jeanie started to suckle her breast, savoring her sweet Mothers milk. Becky reached down unbuttoning Jeanie's blouse and started running her hand over Jeanie's breasts, caressing and teasing her friends nipples as Jeanie moaned softly. Becky started tugging and gently pinching Jeanie's nipples while she looked over at her husband Ray noticing his cock was standing at attention. She smiled and reached over and started stroking his cock slowly.

Jeanie in the meantime slipped her hand down the front of her panties, and eased her middle finger between her creamy lips.

"Ohhhh pussy is so wet."

"Really....let me see."

Jeanie pulled her hand out of her panties and held her finger up.

"See....look how wet I am."

Becky smiled and took her hand, pulling it to her lips and then licking Jeanie's juices from her fingers. Jeanie slipped her panties off and spread her legs, sliding her fingers down onto her hot pussy. Ray was really getting turned on as Becky continued jacking him off while he watched Jeanie, suck his wife's nipple and finger herself while doing it. Jeanie suddenly raised her hips and started cumming. Becky really started pumping Ray's cock hard when he told Becky he was about to cum. Jeanie sat up saying,

"Oh ya, let me see!"

The two women watched as Ray gritted his teeth and started cumming. The first blast of cum shot up in the hair landing on his stomach and on Becky's hand. Then another spurt of cum erupted, not as high...landing on Becky's fist. Then the remainder oozed out over Becky's fingers. Jeanie looked at the load of cum asking,

"Do you mind if I lick your husband clean....he has such a nice cock."

"Of course my guest."

Jeanie got up and moved between Ray's legs, and started licking up the left over cum on Ray's cock while Becky licked his load from her hand like a cat cleaning it's paws. After Jeanie was done Becky said,

"Come on Ray...I want you to nurse my other breast needs some attention."

Ray laid down on her lap and was soon suckling Becky's breast while Jeanie watched the show. Becky purred and praised Ray's efforts telling him what a good job he was doing as she reached down and started playing with his flaccid cock. Jeanie moved over between Becky's legs and looked at Becky's wet pussy.

"Mmmmm, looks like your pussy need some attention too sweetie."

She licked her lips and bent down, and started kissing Becky's pussy, running her tongue up and down Becky's sweet lips.

"Ooooohhhhh Jeanie, that feels so nice."

"I love the way you suck pussy, of course you were always good at it."

Jeanie smiled and slipped her tongue between Becky's lips, lapping up all her love juices and exploring her love tunnel with the tip of her tongue.

"Ohh ya, fuck my pussy with your tongue....Oooohhhh just like that...ohhh ya, Mmmmm, DAMN you make me so fucking hot doing that!"

Ray was as hard as stone again as he watched and listened to Becky, and Jeanie going at it. Becky was headed toward a strong orgasm as Ray had nearly emptied her breast of all it's milk along with Jeanie's tongue in her pussy was taking her to the edge. Finally she couldn't take anymore and she started cumming, thrusting her pussy into Jeanie's face.

After Becky had come to her senses she saw Ray's hard cock and asked if he would like to fuck Jeanie. Ray smiled saying,

"Well as long as it's cool with you baby....SURE!"

Ray sat up next to Becky and Jeanie lowered herself onto Ray's hard cock.

"Mmmmm Becky.....I can see why you can't get enough of this...Ray has such a nice cock."

Jeanie started humping Ray's cock while Ray started caressing her tits and sucking her nipples. Becky leaned back and watched the show while she rubbed her clit. After several minutes Ray and Jeanie switched positions. Jeanie leaned over the arm of the couch while Ray stood behind her and eased his rock hard cock into her pussy. Becky repositioned herself so she could watching Ray's big cock as it slid into Jeanie's pussy. Becky continued pleasuring herself as she watched Ray start thrusting his cock into Jeanie's pussy. His balls were slapping against Jeanie's ass with each thrust, while Becky urged Ray to slap Jeanie's ass.

"She likes it, although she'd never admit to it."

Ray smiled and slapped Jeanie's ass, somewhat tentatively.

"Come on Ray....slap her ass good!"

Ray slapped Jeanie's ass harder this time, evoking a yelp out of Jeanie. The more Ray slapped Jeanie's ass the hotter she got.

"Ohhhh ya Ray...slap my ass....slap it good."

Jeanie's ass was glowing by the time she was closing in on another of several orgasms. Ray could feel his balls tighten as he neared his orgasm.

"Come all over her ass Ray....cover it with your hot load."

Ray's legs were starting to shake as he pulled out and aimed his cock at Jeanie's ass. Becky moved quickly, placing her head between Jeanie's legs as she began sucking Jeanie's clit and sliding a couple of fingers up her pussy. Ray moaned and said,

"Here I come ladies...ready or not!"

Ray groaned and a huge load of cum splattered onto Jeanie's ass as she started cumming from Becky's oral attentions. After Jeanie stopped cumming Becky raised up and began licking Ray's cum from Jeanie's ass. Then Becky sucked the few drops of cum from Jeanie's tits which culminated in a passionate kiss. Afterward they all showered and eventually went to bed. All agreed to get together the next time Jeanie came to town to take care of Becky's lactation needs. In the meantime Ray made sure that Becky's breasts were well taken care of, and drained of excess milk. Ray and Beck looked forward to Jeanie's next visit; after all...the fun could continue long after Becky stopped lactating.

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