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Chapter 17

Cheryl lay in bed and listened to the sounds coming from her open wall vent. Once she was sure her parents were involved in hot heavy sex she threw off her covers and slid her naked body out of bed. When her bare feet hit the tile floor a shiver ran up her spine and made her nipples pop out and Cheryl wondered if it was the cool floor or the excitement of what she was about to do. As Karen and Nancy had suggested she’d waited in bed until she was sure her parents were fucking and now was the perfect time to surprise them and join in. She’d been so nervous about the whole evening that while she was laying in bed waiting for just the right time she’d masturbated several times until her pussy juice coated both of her thighs down to her knees.

As she padded across the floor to her door Cheryl couldn’t help but wonder why a tile floor would feel cool even in the summer, but if it made her look sexier the way it made her nipples pop erect she wasn’t going to complain if it helped her seduce her father.

Cheryl took a quick nervous look up and down the hall to make sure that none of her brothers or sisters were around to see her as she slipped down to her parents room. The naked ten year old stood outside the door and listened to make sure her parents were still fucking before she knocked and entered the room before they had a chance to answer.

“Mom, dad,” Cheryl said as she entered her parent’s bedroom and smiled when she saw her father pulling his cock out of her mother’s cunt at her sudden appearance.

“Cheryl, what are you doing in here?” her father demanded as he tried to hide his erect cock in a fold of the bedcovers.

“I’m sorry dad,” Cheryl said, her pussy quivering in anticipation of getting her father’s hard cock into her belly as she looked at the bulge in the sheet covering his crotch. “I was so horny I couldn’t sleep, so I thought I’d come down here and join you and mom for a good hot fuck.”

Her father just stared at her, shocked at her words, but Cheryl saw her mother smile and pat the bed next to her hip as she said, “Come on in and join us Cheryl.”

“Janice, what are you doing?” Cheryl’s father asked in surprise as he whipped his head back and forth between his wife and his preteen daughter. “How can you do this with our own daughter?”

“Because I always knew this was going to come someday,” Cheryl’s mother said as she helped her daughter settle into the bed. “Think about it Ted, what did Elizabeth say when she helped us plan how we were going to have children even though I couldn’t have any? She told us all about her plans for Jason and her children and how it was too bad we didn’t have our own children so we could use her solution?”

“I think I remember something like that,” Cheryl’s father said as his hand inched toward his daughter’s bald slit like it had a mind of it’s own. “Are you saying that she knew something like this was going to happen all along?”

“I think so,” Cheryl’s mother said as she reached down to tease her daughter’s erect nipples with the tips of her fingers. “I think Beth knew that her plan would only go so far before it broke down, but by the time that happened we’d have a daughter or two old enough and horny enough to take the place of your girlfriends.”

“I guess that does make as much sense as the plan she originally gave us,” Ted admitted as his hand started running up and down his daughter’s wet quivering cunt, tickling the young girl’s clit as it poked out of it’s sheath at the top of her pussy lips.

“And of course I’ve been trying to prepare you for this night ever since I realized that this was where things were leading, but even so I thought we’d have another year or two before Cheryl’s horny little pussy put her in our bed.”

“I guess,” Ted said slowly, running his finger through Cheryl’s dripping slit and licking it clean between words, “that if I thought through the whole plan I would have realized things were heading this way too,” he concluded. “And I have to admit that ever since I found out Jason really was fucking his little girls and trying to get them pregnant I’ve been feeling a little jealous.”

“Really daddy?” Cheryl asked, her body quivering in excitement, “I’ve been jealous too. That’s why I was so happy when I started having my period and realized that I could finally have your babies.”

“You’re having periods?” Ted asked in surprise, turning to Janice to see her confirming nod.

“Yes daddy,” Cheryl said, smiling at the way her father gave her naked body an appreciative look. “My last period was almost two weeks ago so this is the perfect night for you to pop my cherry and try to knock me up.”

“You’re still a virgin?” Ted asked in surprise, poking his finger deeper into the little girl’s pussy until it touched her hymen and he pulled it back before Cheryl was really aware of what he’d done.

“Of course I’m a virgin daddy,” Cheryl giggled as her father pulled his finger out of her pussy and licked it clean. “I’m only ten you know. But the real reason I’m still a virgin is because I was saving myself for you, because I wanted you to pop my cherry and give me my first baby.”

“Do you mean,” Ted said slowly as his cock hardened at the thought of taking his own daughter’s virginity, “that someone else wanted to pop your cherry?”

“Yes,” Cheryl said, “Henry’s been trying to get in my panties for almost a year, and he tried even harder when he found out I was having my periods. I think the idea of knocking up his own sister really turns him on. But I was determined that you would be the first one for me so I was able to hold out no matter how horny he made me. Of course once you knock me up I think it’s only fair to give Henry a chance to knock me up with my second baby, but only a chance because it makes me horny just thinking that you’d both have a chance to father my second child.”

“Sounds like Henry’s one horny boy if he’s trying to fuck his little sister,” Janice said, smiling at her husband as she pinched the little pebbles of her daughter’s erect nipples. “If we want to keep things in the family maybe I should offer him my pussy until Cheryl has your baby growing in her belly. After all, if we don’t do something he could end up fucking and knocking up some strange girl at school.”

“I guess you have a point,” Ted admitted as he continued to play with his daughter’s bald pussy. From the juices coating the girl’s thighs and cunt lips he suspected Cheryl had already given herself several orgasms while waiting for the perfect time to interrupt them while they were fucking, and from the way her breath was coming in gasps and her body was giving little jerks under his probing fingers he suspected she was about to give her another one. “Do you really think he’d be satisfied with fucking you since he can’t knock you up? It sounds like he likes the idea of knocking girls up - even when he’s related to them.”

“We can only hope so,” Janice said, leaning forward to give Cheryl’s little nipples a quick lick, pushing her preteen daughter over the edge and into another orgasm. “But tonight I’ll give you a hand with this horny little girl.”

“Thank you mom, thanks dad,” Cheryl said with a sigh of pleasure as her body relaxed after her shuddering orgasm.

“Now Cheryl,” Ted said as he spread his daughter’s thighs as wide as they could go, “are you sure you’re ready for this? You know how much it hurts your first time, right?”

“Yes,” Cheryl said, chewing nervously as she watched her father’s cock waving between her wide open thighs. “They also told me how sick I would feel when I get pregnant, but I don’t care, because they also told me how good it will feel when I have a nice hard cock stroking in and out of my tight little pussy. The real question is, are you ready to fuck your little girl and knock her up?”

“I think I am,” Ted said with a slow grin as he looked down at the way his cock jumped at the thought of popping his little girl’s cherry and impregnating her. “I know my cock is ready, so if you are than I guess I am.”

“Then fuck me daddy,” Cheryl said excitedly as she scooted her naked ass down the bed until her bald pussy contacted the tip of her father’s prick.

“Ok Cheryl,” Ted said as he pushed his daughter’s legs even further apart as he brought the head of his cock up against the girl’s drooling slit and eased it slowly between the outer lips of her bald pussy. Cheryl groaned as her cunt lips spread and swallowed the head of her father’s cock and closed tight around the shaft as it slid into her wet fuck hole.

“Hold it there daddy,” Cheryl gasped as she watched her cunt lips chewed the head of her father’s cock, “give me a couple minutes to get use to it before you shove it in any further.”

“Here honey,” Janice said, leaning over her daughter so her tits swung close to the girl’s mouth, “why don’t you suck on my tits and take your mind off the pain of your first fuck.”

“No,” Cheryl said, pushing her mother’s breasts aside but giving them a quick squeeze as she did it, “I don’t want to take my mind off what daddy’s doing to me. I want to remember everything about my first fuck, both the pain and the pleasure.”

“If you’re sure,” Janice said, “at least let me prop your head up in my lap so you can get a better look at what your father is doing.”

“Thanks mom,” Cheryl said as her mother lifted her head up and placed it on her crossed thighs so her daughter could have a better view of what her father was doing to her.

“Are you ready now?” Ted asked his daughter as Cheryl’s cunt lips teased the head of his cock so that he wanted to slam the full length of his shaft into her virgin pussy but managed to restrain himself as his balls twitched in anticipation of shooting his load of cum deep in the girl’s womb.

“Ready and willing,” Cheryl told her father bravely in spite of the fear he could see on her face. As he looked down at his daughter he couldn’t help but think how much she looked like her real mother, the same ice blue eyes and wavy blond hair, the same look of fear overwhelmed by lust as she looked down to where his cock was entering her body. Ted couldn’t help but remember the night he’d fucked Cheryl’s mother for the first time. She’d been a virgin too, an eighteen year old girl he and Janice had hired as a mother’s helper to help them prepare the house before Henry was born. Janice realized how horny the girl was during their first interview and hired the girl on the spot, and then proceeded to seduce her before the end of the first day of work, and by the first night he was looking down into her fearful lust filled eyes as she begged him to fuck her - just like Cheryl was doing right now.

With a firm grip on Cheryl’s hips Ted eased the head of his six inch cock deeper into his daughter’s cunt until the tip came up against her hymen. “This is it Cheryl,” Ted told his daughter reassuringly as he pulled out all but the head of his cock and prepared to slam his prick forward through the barrier. “Say goodbye to your virginity.”

“Oh God!” Cheryl screamed as she watched her father’s cock jab forward and felt it tear through her hymen in one quick thrust.

“Are you feeling better now?” Ted asked his daughter as he tickled her clit with his thumb and pulled his cock out of Cheryl’s cunt so all three of them could see the smear of the little girl’s cherry blood on his shaft.

“Much better now that my damn cherry is gone,” Cheryl said with a weak smile. “Now you can really fuck me, right daddy?”

“Almost,” Ted said as he slid his cock back into his daughter’s slick pussy, “your pussy is still to tight for me to fuck you hard, but once I’m all the way in we can start fucking for real.”

“How much further?” Cheryl groaned with both pleasure and pain as her father’s cock filled her belly.

“Just a couple more inches,” Ted said through clenched teeth as he held back the flood of baby juice his balls wanted to shoot into his daughter’s tight little cunt before he was all the way in. For once he was actually glad his cock was on the small side, he didn’t want to think what it would be like to try and fuck the little girl if he was any larger. With one hard thrust Ted managed to push the rest of his shaft between his daughter’s pussy lips until his pubic hairs ticked the preteen girl’s erect clit.

“I’m cumming daddy,” Cheryl screamed, her body exploding with pleasure as the tip of her father’s cock touched her cervix and sent a jolt of sexual energy rushing up her spine.

“You sure are,” Ted said as he tried to hold back his own orgasm as Cheryl’s cunt tried to milk the baby juice from the prick buried in her horny body. He was determined to give his little girl a real fuck, he wasn’t going to let himself shoot his load without a single full length stroke of his cock in her slit.

“You are one horny slut,” Ted told his daughter as he held his cock tight against the opening to the girl’s womb.

“Yes I am,” Cheryl told her father with a weak smile as one last shudder ran down her spine and her pussy clamped tight around her father’s buried cock in an attempt to milk the baby juice from his balls. “I am one cock hungry baby hungry slut, and don’t you forget it daddy.”

“I won’t Cheryl,” Ted promised as he shared a smile with his wife before he turned back to his daughter. Now that Cheryl’s pussy wasn’t trying to milk the cum out of his cock he started sliding it in and out of the girl’s ten year old cunt. Ted moved slowly at first, pulling all but the head of his cock out of his daughter’s slit and then sliding it all the way back in again until his pubic hairs tickled her clit and the tip of his cock tickled her cervix. By the third stroke Cheryl’s pussy had relaxed enough for Ted to pick up the pace and when he heard his daughter moan in pleasure he started picking up the pace. By the seventh stroke Ted was thrusting as hard and fast as he could and Cheryl was meeting him thrust for thrust.

Cheryl couldn’t believe how good it felt to have her father’s cock slamming in and out of her wet cunt, the only thing she could think of that would be better would be a load of cum soaking her womb and filling her belly with his baby. Just the thought of watching her belly swell with her father’s baby while he was still fucking her tight pussy was enough to send another jolt of sexual energy running up and down her spine until her belly cramped with a new orgasm that made her scream with pure pleasure.

As Cheryl’s pussy clamped around his cock Ted’s resolve failed him and he felt his balls cramp tight against the base of his cock and he slammed his prick deep in his daughter’s cunt as he shot a full load of baby juice straight into the preteen’s hungry womb.

“That was incredible,” Ted said as he rolled off his daughter’s shivering body and dropped to the bed. “Thank you Cheryl, that was one of the best fucks I ever had in my life.”

“It was the best fuck I ever had,” Cheryl giggled tiredly. “I never had that many orgasms in such a short time. How long before we can do it again?”

“Soon,” Ted said as he gave his daughter a quick kiss as she yawned and turned on her side to snuggle up against him as her eyes closed and her gentle even breath stirred his chest hairs. “But not right away,” he finished as he felt his flaccid cock twitch at the thought of fucking his little girl again.

“That was so hot,” Janice told her husband as she eased her daughter’s head out of her lap and shifted the girl up on the bed until her head rested on the pillow at the head of the bed. She gave her husband a quick kiss and then jumped out of the bed.

“Where are you going?” Ted asked as he watched his wife stretch her naked body and then ran her hands down over her breasts and belly until her hands cupped her hairy pussy and a shiver ran back up her body.

“Well,” Janice said, giving her husband a seductive smile, “I got so horny watching you fuck Cheryl I thought I’d go slip into Henry’s bed and see if he wants to fuck me.”

“Do you think he will?” Ted asked with a slight frown.

“Let me put it this way,” Janice said with a giggle, “Henry’s been trying to get into more than one pair of panties. I wonder how surprised he’ll be when I slide my naked body under his blankets.”

“You know,” Ted said with a satisfied grin as he looked at his sleeping daughter and then back to his wife, “if this is what it’s like for Jason every night I have to wonder how - or why - he gets out of bed in the morning.”

“It must be pure will power,” Janice said with a smile of her own, “after all, he has two horny girls sharing his cock and his bed.”

“So do I,” Ted said with a smile for his wife before he turned to give his sleeping daughter a smile as well. “And if the rest of my daughters are as horny as Cheryl I’ll have three girls to fuck in two years and four girls in ten years.”

“Maybe sooner if your younger daughters develop early,” Janice pointed out with a chuckle. “But that’s something to worry about later. Right now you need to focus on fucking your oldest daughter and giving her the baby you both want. I’ll see you in the morning.”


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Jason's Little Family: The Beginning Chapter 17" - Ted, Janice, Cheryl and Henry Hensine - (Father, Mother, Daughter and Son)

Beautiful theme and context developing with the arrival of the Hensine family into our story. Hopefully the writer/author is as determined as I am to keep the Hensine incestual blood-relatives pure, and seperate for the Carter incestual blood-relatives pure.

Since ten year old Cheryl has had several periods and she wants to immediately begin procreating babies for her family, she plans to seduce her father and consummate her pregnancy immediately.
It aappears she has a plan and is prepared to initiate her plan of seduction!!!

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