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I Have Altered Minor Details To Protect Me & My Mothers Identity, But All The Events Are True, Hope You Enjoy
I was always horny as a teenager, I mean extremely horny, I must have had at least 5 maybe 6 wanks daily, I was addicted to it, and when I first got girl action, I loved that even more. My parents had an arranged marriage and you could tell that my mother probably didn’t wish to marry my father, I could tell this from looking at him, he was fat and not the best looking of guys, but he was my father and I love him, he provided everything for me. But seeing as my mother was born in England and my father from India, my mother found it easy to manipulate my dad, and found it easy to lie to him. I discovered many years back that she was having an affair, not with 1 man, but 4 other men, when I did find out I was too young to realise what was happening but as I grew older I became more aware of what a whore my mother was, and for some odd reason, it turned me on and I have to admit at times I would masturbate over her. My mother was hot, she was fare skinned, sexy, had a huge ass and to top it all off, double d breasts. When I hit 16 I had a big party, during this party I noticed that my mother would leave the room frequently and enter 10-20 minutes later, whilst she was in the kitchen I got her phone and read her messages. She was having phone sex with one of the men, some of the texts my mother was sending almost made me cum in my jeans, for the next few weeks I began reading all my mothers text messages everyday and masturbating to the pictures she was sending of herself to these men until one day she walked in the room whilst I was reading one the messages. Her face dropped and she grabbed her phone before running upstairs. I knew I wouldn’t be in trouble so I wasn’t really bothered and continued with my day and logged on my pc. About 3 hours later when my father left for work my mother entered my room, from the look on her face you could tell she had been crying, she entered, shut the door behind her and sat on my bed. She told me she knew she what she was doing was wrong but she told me that my dad couldn’t please her any more and she could not even get hard anymore, she had no choice seeing as she said she became sexually frustrated extremely easily. She then started crying again and asked me if there was anyway I could stay quiet she would get me anything I wanted, no matter the price. She looked at me and then I began imaging her naked stroking her bare breasts, and I GOT HARD. My mother looked down and began to laugh and said that she could pleasure me instead, without me even replying she leaned in for a kiss. Her warm lips made me feel so relaxed, and then she slipped her long tongue down into my throat. She kissed me for a minute or 2 before leaning back with a big smirk on her face. With an instant she lifted her top and I saw those big beautiful breasts bounce back down, I jumped on top of her and began kissing her even more, this time me putting my tongue around her tongue. I then unhooked her bra and started sucking on those tender dark nipples of hers. She wrapped her legs around me whilst a did so, I sucked on her nipples for near enough 10 minutes and by then my dick could not get any harder and had began to hurt. Mother then got on her knees and undone my jeans and pulled them down with my boxers, revealing a hard 8 inch cock, she got her hand around it and slid it in her mouth and began giving me the best blowjob I had ever received. I lay back on my bed and closed my eyes, whilst she sucked on my dick. I saw her head going up and down up and down then she deep throated it for a whole 10 seconds, I was amazed, nobody had ever done that to me. She stood up and looked so happy, I then realised why she was having 4 different affairs. She precum that was around the base of her mouth got me even hornier, then she licked it all off. I asked her if she was done, she chuckled and said no, she then removed the remaining clothing she had and I was exposed to a freshly shaven pink juicy pussy, I ragged my mom on the bed, got in-between her legs and began to lick her pussy out, she started to moan and groan and kept telling me how she much she loved me. Around 10 minutes later I started placing my fingers in her hole, beginning with one finger and then going to two and finishing with three fingers. I managed to get three fingers into my mothers pussy hole, which surprisingly was quite tight seeing as she was getting fucked my four different men regularly. Seconds later she started screaming and then she squirted in my face, I had never had that happen before and I absolutely loved it. I then took off my t-shirt so now we were both completely naked. I asked my mother if she had any condoms, she laughed and told me condoms were too expensive for her lifestyle and she was on the pill and usually men came in her mouth anyway, I found that bit rather amusing. I grabbed my mom’s hips as I slid my cock into her soaking pussy, she let out a big moan as she bit into her lip. I got closer to her chest and increased the tempo in which I was fucking her pussy, at the same time I was kissing her passionately, after about 15 minutes I thought I was about to cum so I pulled out and just stared at my mothers naked body as she started fingering her pussy and sucking the juices off her fingers. I then told her I wanted to ride her ass, she obliged as she got on all fours, before I started to fuck her ass, she needed to lube up so she told me to get the Vaseline and wipe it all over my cock, whilst I was doing this she was fingering her asshole to open it up a little, she told me although she had done anal before, it still hurts at first. I was ready to fuck her and she gave me the all clear, I pushed the head of my dick up on her asshole and slid it in, she moaned but after I created a rhythm she was fine. Whilst I was fucking her ass, she began fingering herself again; I thought I was in heaven, how often do horny teenage boys get to fuck their moms like this? She pulled my dick out her ass and then resumed the blowjob I was receiving earlier, I felt a big force coming, I was about to cum, she kept my dick in her mouth as I came, and I honestly believe that had to be the most amount of cum that has ever exited my penis. She then pulled my dick out and smiled at me whilst she swallowed all my semen. Then told me that was one of her best experiences. We lay together on the bed as I kissed her bare neck and lips. We then jumped in the shower in which I received another blowjob. I fucked my mother numerous times after that time, we even checked into hotels together. When I reached the age of 17 I came out as a bi-sexual, my mother loved it and we experimented, we would check into hotels with other men and we would both suck and fuck dicks as well as fucking each other, but that story is for another time.


2009-08-05 19:43:24
Very Hot Story if true. Lovely, loving, mother. I hope he keeps fucking her. And bi-sexual. also. Let us hear more.

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2009-03-02 14:41:54
bi sexual motherfucker hot story horny busty moms classic


2009-01-02 20:09:44
love to fuck your hot mother..

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2008-12-31 01:24:17
gay motherfucker

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2008-12-30 14:14:19
How could you fuck your own mother can you fuck your girlfriend

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