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My stepmother has big beautiful tits but I like my mother’s tiny tits better.
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Mom’s Tiny Tits

My thirty-five-year-old mother hates being flat chested but I just love her tiny tits. Mom is really pretty, tall at five feet ten inches, and only a hundred and ten pounds. She is tall and thin like a basketball player. She wears size one and two dresses and wears a 32-A padded bra. She really doesn’t need a bra but she likes to wear sexy lacy bras anyway. She likes the matching panties and almost all of her panties are thongs too.

Mom got worse when dad left us for a twenty-five-year-old woman with big tits. I have to spend one weekend a month at their house so I know that she wears a 42-DD bra because I’ve checked them out in the bathroom hamper. She is nice enough and kind of pretty but she looks fat compared to Mom. Everything that she wears shows cleavage and a lot of it too, not that I mind looking if she is going to show it to me.

My stepmother only wears a big button-down shirt around the house and it usually only has a couple of buttons connected below her big breasts. Dad used to be more discrete around me but lately he was reaching right into her shirt and grabbing a handful of tit right in front of me. On more than one occasion I got to see her whole breast in his hand, her large areola, and her fat nipple too. She just laughed about it, but at fifteen I was very impressionable.

Then a couple of months ago my stepmother started bending over in front of me or reaching up high so that her shirt would ride up high enough to show me her pussy and ass cheeks. I noticed that she did it more often when dad wasn’t around but she did it in front of him too. He would look at me, laugh, and then he would slap her ass.

Last month she saw me in the bathroom brushing my teeth and she came in. She dropped the shirt and climbed in the bathtub before turning the water on. She kept asking me questions that I had to answer and of course I looked at her as I answered them. She wanted to know if I had ever had sex (no), if I liked big boobs (no), and then if I was gay (no). I told her that I liked my mother’s tiny boobs. She asked me if I had ever seen them (no). Then she suggested that I make a comparison and start by feeling of her big breasts and then try to feel my mother’s tiny breasts to see which ones I really liked better. She also suggested that I find a medium breasted girl and feel of her breasts too.

So I sat there on the floor next to the tub and played with her tits for the full half-hour. She told me to soap them up and wash them while I was at it. When she suggested that I fell of her pussy while I was there I decided that I should. After all she was offering it. So I spent the next half-hour poking my fingers in her vagina, finding her clitoris, and probing her anus too. She explained things about sex that I had never even heard of. She talked about my father fucking her mouth, her pussy, her asshole, and even her tits. She talked about giving him blowjobs and jerking him off with her hand. I learned a lot that day. I also learned that I sort of liked big tits too. She told me that every time I came for a visit, that my father was going to give us a couple of hours alone together and that we could talk about or do anything that I wanted. She obviously was talking about sex. We would have two hours every visit to talk about sex or to actually have sex if I wanted. Wow!

When Dad took me home to Mom my stepmother came inside with me. Dad isn’t allowed in the house because some Judge said so. Surprisingly my stepmother told Mom all about our hour or so in the bathtub. She then suggested that Mom allow me the same privilege with her body. She explained that I was deeply interested and in desperate need of real sexual information. She said that between Mom and her that I should have a good start and that I would not be lead astray by the morons that I hang out with at school. Then she told Mom that I was still a total virgin but that she had told me that I could have any kind of sex with her that I wanted, the next time that I visited her. Mom graciously thanked her for the information and walked her to the door. They talked another couple of minutes before my stepmother left.

I didn’t know what to expect when Mom returned to me.

Mom said, “So you want to play with my tiny tits for an hour or two in the bathtub, do you?”

It sounded like an invitation to me so I replied, “Yes I would. I’ve always loved your tits Mom.”

She smiled and said, “I know dear and you may be the only one. I never liked them. I always wanted bigger ones and obviously your father wanted bigger ones too.”

She took my hand and asked, “Shell we go up to the bathroom or skip the water and just go into my bedroom? Either way you can play with them as long as you want too.”

I said, “I got to play with her pussy too.”

She smiled and said, “I know you played with her pussy and that she offered you sex too on your next visit. Well I can offer you all of that and you don’t have to wait for a visit…you live here.”

We went right to her bedroom. Mom sat me on her bed and then removed her clothes slowly for me so that I could enjoy her show. She removed her blouse but not her bra. She removed her pants and her panties but not her bra. She was saving the best for last. Mom sat on the bed and had me undress for her. I was so turned on that I just stripped as fast as I could. That was not what Mom had in mind but once I was naked there was nothing more to do but get on the bed with Mom.

Since she was still wearing her padded bra I went right for her pussy. That surprised her but she opened her legs up to give me better access. Mom’s pussy was great. It wasn’t as puffy as my stepmother’s pussy and it was tighter and wetter too. Mom had her pussy shaved bald too. As I continued to manhandle her pussy Mom began to relax and open up more. Then she even started to talk to me about sex as I felt her up. Mom started to tell me what I was doing wrong and what felt good to her, just like my stepmother had. I only did it to see if she would tell me the same things, pretty much she did. They both enjoyed getting their clits rubbed gentle with a moist finger that had just been in their pussies for a while. Eventually I went down and started giving my mother oral sex just like my stepmother had taught me, and it worked great. Mom was moaning in no time at all as I tongued her clit and licked her slit. In no time at all I was slipping a moist finger in her butt too and she didn’t even object.

Mom had said that she could offer me sex too so I crawled on my knees until my cock was right at her pussy and then in it. Mom just closed her eyes. When I sank it all the way into her, Mom arched her back, lifted her butt, and thrust up at me. After a few times I slipped my hand under her back and unfastened her bra. With her eyes still closed Mom cooperated as I lifted the bra from her breasts, up her arms, and tossed it on the floor below.

She sure didn’t have any tits. All she had were two rock hard nipples sticking out of her ribcage. I leaned over and kissed them then I sucked them as I fucked her. Sucking on her nipples was a whole lot better than sucking on my stepmother’s nipples. Mom was getting off on me sucking her nipples…or was it that I was fucking her…maybe both…I know I was.

Mom started moaning louder and shaking occasionally as her orgasm kicked into high gear. She started huffing and puffing. Then she let out short shrieks as my cum shot into her. She pulled my lips to her nipple and wrapped her arms and legs around me.

Mom shouted out, “Suck ‘em baby. Suck ‘em all that you want too. I now know how much you love my tiny tits.”

I replied, “Yes! I love your tits Mom. I’ve always loved them.”

Mom asked, “Better than your stepmother’s big beautiful breasts?”

I smiled and replied, “Yeah! Even better than hers.”

Mom then asked, “So how was the sex?”

I said, “You can’t believe how good it was.”

Mom replied, “Oh yes I can!”

The End
Mom’s Tiny Tits
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