WARNING: this story contains elements of extreme growth, which some my find to be comical or unreal. If the ideas of extreme body modification (i.e. sexual organ growth), large amounts of ejaculated body fluids, or unreal/fictional penetration do not interest you then this story may not be for you. However, should you decide to read on, please do not leave negative comments on such matters as you have been forewarned.

As Ryan scanned the shoreline, he realized that the boat wasn’t actually gone. Parts of it were washing up further down on the beach. He set off at a dead sprint, with his sisters and mom, trailing closely behind. They ran past seat cushions, pieces of wood, cloth (from the sail), and rope. Finally, Ryan came around a bend, which prevented him from seeing around the corner, and his heart dropped. The boat was there, but broken into three sections. What was worse was that one section was very clearly submerged, as only the mast was sticking out of the water. There were no words for the loss of hope that the family was feeling. Ryan felt terrible guilt. He had the guilt of not being able to rescue his sisters and mother; but he also felt guilty that he was happy the boat was destroyed, because it meant they would stay here longer, maybe permanently. He turned to the rest of his family and found himself unable to look anyone in the eye. His guilt was overwhelming; little did he know that his sisters and mom were feeling the exact same way.

Finally, Ryan managed to look his mom in the eye and saw tears streaming down her face, but she had a strange smile on her face. Seeing her cry made Ryan start to tear up. In a flash, Trish’s motherly instinct cut in and she wrapped her son up in an extremely tight hug. At first the embrace made Ryan feel comfortable and safe, but then he felt her tits squeezing into his body. Now his guilt was even worse, not only did he not care that the boat was destroyed, but now he was getting horny too! Trish didn’t miss anything and could feel her son’s cock pushing up into her stomach. She had to do something about it and quick. She leaned in close to Ryan and seductively whispered,

“You want Mommy to take care of that for you?’ she waited for his nod of agreement, and the continued, ‘Then wait one minute, I’ll see what I can do.”

She gave his ass a playful squeeze and then went over to talk to the girls. Ryan took this time to examine how bad the damage really was. It didn’t take him long to conclude that this time the boat was impossible to repair. He wondered how would the girls react if he suggested they break the boat down and use the wood to build proper shelter? They’d probably be pissed and think that he wants to stay here forever because he is so horny. Just then Ryan felt a curious sensation around his balls and looked down to see what was going on.

All his doubts about whether the girls would want to stay melted away when he saw Trish and Lauren both sucking on one of his balls and Molly licking his cock like an ice cream cone. All three of them were kneeling in the sand and were looking up at him with big doe eyes. Surprisingly, not a single one of them looked sad, in fact, they were all smiling. Well smiling as much as they could with his balls and cock in their mouths. Ryan, now assured that everything was okay, let himself relax and enjoy this moment. His mom and Lauren ceased their ball sucking and moved up to the main event. They little Molly continue to lick and suck the head, while they proceeded to lick up and down the shaft. This drove Ryan crazy and he could feel his cum beginning to bubble up. Then all three of them met at the tip and began to tongue kiss each other over the tip of Ryan’s cock. The sight of them kissing like that and the feeling of three tongues wrestling with each other, as well as, with his cock drove Ryan over the edge.
“Oh shit!” He yelled.

He fired the first shot deep into Molly’s throat, which caused her to choke a little. In this moment of hesitation, she pulled her head away from Ryan’s cock and then received several large blasts of cum to the face. Trish and Lauren quickly moved in front of his cock and were each splashed with loads of cum. Ryan got the idea and when Molly regained her composure he began aiming his cock like a fire hose. By the time he had finished cumming each girl had jizz completely covering her face and tits. The girls weren’t done, though; they took one look at each other and started licking each other’s face and tits to taste the wonderful sperm. When they had finally succeeded in licking the cum off each other they lay back on the sand, panting. After a while Ryan decided to speak,

“So I was thinking,’ he said, with some hesitation, ‘what if we took the, uh, pieces of wood from the boat and used it to c-create a shelter?” Even after receiving that amazing blowjob, Ryan was still nervous for their reaction.

“I don’t know,’ Trish said, ‘I think we should decide whether we want to try and rebuild the boat or just forsake it, for now. I guess we already know Ryan’s stance? What do you girls think?”

Molly, very quickly said, “I think we should build a shelter.” Lauren agreed immediately after. Finally, Trish took a deep breath and said,

“Then we are agreed, we’ll build a shelter. We can collect the bits of cloth and rope. As well as the cushions, those will make halfway decent beds. But will we have enough wood to build a sizable shelter?”

“Well we’d have to dismantle the boat.’ Ryan answered. ‘But see how the wood is jagged where it broke? We wouldn’t be able to patch that. We’d be far better off building a new boat from scratch than trying to fix those jagged pieces. However, if you throw those together with some rope they’d make a perfectly decent walls and doors. I’ll have to take a look around in the jungle see if I can find some trees that would be good for building.”

Ryan waited for the cries of protest about destroying the boat, but they never came. Trish, Lauren and Molly just nodded in agreement and Lauren was the only one, who spoke,

“When do we get started?” She asked with, what sounded like, a very upbeat attitude.

“Now!’ said Trish. ‘The sooner you get that wood, the sooner we get the house…I mean shelter built”

Lauren and Molly both sprang up and set off to start collecting the cushions, bits of cloth, and rope scattered along the beach. Well Ryan and Trish began to tear pieces of wood away from the hull of the boat. When the girls returned they had amassed quite a collection of stuff, more than enough to make a comfortable living space. The four of them now went to work on the hull. When the sun finally set they had barely made a dent in the boat and everyone was exhausted. Ryan was the first to realize that they still had a lot of work to do and it would probably take them a couple of weeks to finish the job. Some days would be demolition; and others would be spent carrying the materials back to the camp. He told the girls how long he thought it would take to finish the job and the three of them all expressed how happy they would be when they were finished.

Once again they all took their sweet time walking back to camp, but this time it was because they were laden down with materials for their shelter. However, that didn’t stop them from going at each other like rabbits once they had relieved themselves of their burdens. Ryan made a quick beeline for his Mom; he had decided earlier in the day that he wanted some pussy tonight. When he reached Trish, he swung her around and kissed her passionately. Though she was surprised by the suddenness of her son, she quickly recovered and slid her tongue into his mouth. For what seemed like hours they wrestled tongues; sometimes they merely flicked the tips of each other’s tongues, other times they were so deep they were practically down each other’s throats.

As Ryan continued to deep mouth kiss his mom, he slid a hand down her smooth, soft skin and found her slit. She was soaking! Feeling her own son’s tongue deep in her mouth and his massive cock pressing against her had been far too much and her thighs were coated with her juices. Ryan’s softest touch sent jolts up and down her body. When he slid in the first finger Trish lost control of her legs and felt her knees give out. Ryan broke off the kiss and slowly eased his mother to the ground where he parted her legs. He eyed her pussy hungrily and wanted to jump for it, but he knew he wanted to tease his mom and make her beg for him. He started by kissing the inside of her thighs; slowly, he moved his way up to her dripping pussy, but did nothing more than breathe on it. That simple act drove Trish crazy and she let out a long moan.

Ryan passed right over her pussy and planted kisses right above her slit. She raised her hips hoping to get him to lick her snatch, but he moved up and kissed around her belly button. Higher and higher he went kissing her tits and nipples, which got hard in the absence of his warm breath. He kissed up and down her neck; each kiss elicited a moan and a rising of her hips. Finally, she caved. She grabbed his head and made him look at her,

“Enough with the teasing!’ She breathed, her breath was getting heavier and heavier. ‘Will you eat my pussy already?”

Ryan said nothing, but made his way back to Trish’s pussy and went to town. He started by licking around the outside and making his way inward. She reached down and spread her lips wide giving her son access to everything. He licked slowly and with pressure from bottom to top and then flicked her clit. When she moaned loudly Ryan got the hint and lingered over her clit. He sucked it into his mouth, flicked it, and bit it. His mom had gotten so hot now that she had stopped holding her lips open for him and was now roughly squeezing her tits and tweaking her nipples. Ryan continued to play with her clit with his thumb, but was now using his tongue to penetrate the same pussy that he had been born from. Trish knew she couldn’t stand his assault much longer and let herself go. Ryan’s head was immediately squashed against her pussy as the rest of her body began to shake and tremble,

“OHHHHHHHH!!!!’ Her shriek startled the girls and apparently some birds as well, ‘YES! OH, GOD YES! OH…oh, oh baby that was incredible.”

Ryan looked up and she was smiling at him with a look of pure ecstasy and joy. Past her face he could see the two girls looking at Ryan and their mother, they had bliss fruits flying in and out of their pussies. Trish looked over her shoulder, smiled at them and said,

“Alright girls I think he is ready. Are you two ready? He’s packing a lot more meat than either of those fruits.”

Ryan looked at his mother wandering what she was talking about. He had already fucked Lauren’s amazing ass and if she could take him than Molly definitely could too. Finally, his mother’s attention turned back to Ryan and she addressed his quizzical look,

“Ryan, tonight as a special treat, Molly and Lauren have decided they want you to fuck their pussies. Not cum in them,’ she quickly added, ‘but you can fuck them. If you feel like you’re going to cum then shove into their asses or spray over whoever else you aren’t fucking and myself. They have also said that you can be as rough as you want. Are you game?”

“Who’s up first?” Was the only question Ryan had.

Lauren stepped forward and dropped down to her elbows and knees, apparently she wanted it doggy style. Ryan kneeled behind her and lined himself up. He pushed forward until only the tip was spreading her lips and then abruptly plunged in several inches. She screamed, more out of shock then pain, but nonetheless there was some pain. Ryan continued to apply pressure and his cock slid further and further into his sister’s hot pussy. Soon her pussy and womb had fully engulfed Ryan’s cock and she was moaning as Ryan was thrusting into her as hard as she could. Each thrust scooted her a little further along on the ground and she loved every inch of his cock. Ryan was trying to do every rough thing he could think of, he was grabbing her tits, pinching her nipples, pulling her hair, and slapping her ass. Everything he did, no matter how hard, made Lauren moan even louder. It wasn’t long before Lauren was shaking and cumming all over his cock.

Ryan could feel his own cum ready to shoot, quickly pulled out, and took aim at Molly and his mom. When they saw him pointing at them, they dropped to their knees, squeezed their tits together and stuck out their tongues. Seconds later they were both showered with cum. As soon as Ryan finished blowing his load Molly was in front of him on her back with her legs up in the air in a v-formation. Lauren had gone over to lick the cum off her mom’s face and tits, and the pair were now entwined together. Seeing his little sister displayed only for him got Ryan rock hard in a hurry. Ryan shoved into Molly as he done with Lauren. This time, however, there was no scream of shock or pain, only a long moan of pure delight. She had been ready for his assault. Ryan took his time getting his pace up he wanted to enjoy the tightness that was Molly’s pussy. It took him much longer to get all the way inside of her and he savored every moment of it.

Finally, Ryan bottomed out in Molly’s pussy and he began to pound in and out like a piston. He loved the angle he was at, because every time he shoved into his little sister he could see her firm titties bounce and wiggle. Not to mention the sexy faces she was making as she was getting the shit fucked out of her. All too soon her pussy began to tense up and her breathing quickened. She froze for no more than two seconds, but then unleashed an orgasm so huge Lauren and Trish stopped their pussy licking to watch Molly. She shook, shuttered, trembled, and screamed. For almost a minute she was uncontrollable. Then she finally came back to earth. Lauren and Trish were looking at Molly jaws hanging. They had clearly never experienced an orgasm like that and were amazed at the length and strength of it. Ryan, meanwhile, was continuing to fuck his little sister’s pussy and could feel his orgasm building too.

“I’m going to cum soon!’ He yelled over to his sister and mother. Then he asked ‘Do you want it?”

Both nodded and scrambled over. Ryan pulled out of Molly’s pussy, shoved into her asshole, and then dumped his cum deep inside of her. Trish and Lauren looked at Ryan with a look of serious disappointment, but Ryan only smiled.

“What the hell, Ryan?’ Lauren asked. ‘We told you we wanted your cum!”

“I know,’ Ryan laughed, ‘go and get it!”

Lauren couldn’t help refraining from laughing and Molly and Ryan quickly joined in. Trish, though, quickly made for Molly’s asshole and began to lick like crazy. Molly jumped at the aggressiveness of her mother’s tongue in her asshole, and Ryan and Lauren just watched in awe and curiosity. After another moment or two, Trish pulled her head away from her daughter’s asshole and looked around at everyone, who were all smiling at her.

“What?’ She asked. ‘I’m not going to let something so delicious and precious get away. It’s like we always used to say guys, Waste Not. Besides it tastes fine. Lauren give it a try.”

Lauren didn’t need telling twice and jumped at her sisters ass and began lapping up the cum like a dog. She licked furiously for several minutes, and then she took one last big lick and shoved her tongue into Molly’s mouth. They kissed for a while and Ryan took the opportunity to taste Lauren’s pussy, which was delicious. When Lauren pulled away from Molly she asked how it tasted.

“I’ve got to say,’ Molly said, ‘my asshole tastes delicious!”

Everyone got a good laugh out of that one. Ryan, now obsessed with the taste of pussy, tasted each of their pussies over and over, trying to decide whose was the best. Finally, they got into the stream and washed each other off like the previous night and then they all cuddled up and went to bed.

The next three weeks were basically the same thing. Everyday they got up went to the beach and either demolished the boat or shuttled materials back to the camp to continue building the shelter. They ate nothing but bliss fruits and got hornier and hornier as each day went by. Every night they had wild sex and washed each other off before going to bed. The shelter was really getting along. It had walls, a door, windows (purposeful gaps in the boards), curtains, and one big bed (which was seeing a lot of action). Astonishingly enough, Trish was also getting along quickly too. In only three weeks she looked so pregnant she might burst at any moment.

Ryan was returning from the beach where he was still collecting wood, the girls were sticking behind with their mother. It had been exactly twenty-one days since their sexual escapades had begun. The whole walk back Ryan had been trying to figure out why his mom was getting so pregnant, so fast. Then it hit him, literally. A bliss fruit had fallen from a tree and cracked him on top of his head, once again. He took one look at it and realized, immediately, what was going on. Whatever was in the bliss fruit that had caused the amazing transformations in everybody was also causing his mother to come to full term much, much faster.

“It’s so simple.’ Ryan said, to himself. ‘How could I have not figured that out?”

Just then Ryan heard Molly yelling his name and running through the woods towards him.

“Molly! I’m over here.’ Ryan called, she came running up to him and began pulling his arm and running back towards camp. He dropped the supplies he was carrying and began to run with her. ‘What’s going on? Is everybody okay?”

“It’s mom,’ Molly said, in between breaths, ‘we think she has gone into labor.”


2014-09-09 09:01:42
"Shipwrecked (aka The Shipwreck) Pt. 3:" - The Jones Family: Trish, Ryan, and Lauren and Molly - (Thirty-six Year Old Mother, Sixteen Year Old Son, and Eighteen Year Old and Fourteen Year Old Daughters).

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got love in my tummy!! And had aching balls that I've just unloaded massively!! This three-week gestation period will be a boon to the Jones family--The Jones' Incestual Dynasty!!! An ideal gender ratio would be at least five female births to each male birth, to assure the procreation of the Jones Clan and allowing for unlimited pregnancies!!

This Part is a fantastic recovery of incestual intents and purity from the excessive shit-fucking that took place in Part 2. This Part is awash in eligible pussies to be fucked, eaten and blowjobs of Ryan's dick!


2014-03-16 10:30:31
"Shipwrecked Pt. 3" - trish, Ryan, Lauren and Molly - (Mother, Son, Daughter and Daughter)

Whow!! Whoopeee, fucking WHOW!! The mircle of miracles is upon us! Not only is their bodies, sexual attributes, urges, genetalia been greatly enhanced by the "bliss" fruit on their island, it seems the gestation period of a child is now about three weeks--twenty-one days to be exact according to Trisha! She and her son are about to become parents--her first grandchild/fourth child and Ryan his first child/third sibling!!

Since they cannot rebuild their wrecked boat, the gestation for a baby is three weeks, and they probably won't want to leave the island, Ryan will be able to pussy fuck all three ladies non-stop, as they can deliver their child(ren) in quick rotation!

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