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My first gay experience
I was seventeen and my uncle Donnie had invited me to stay at his place for a couple of weeks and help him paint his house. It was a paid gig so I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. I arrived on a Saturday, he picked me up at the train station. He was in his early 40’s but looked more like early 30’s. A very average man, about 5’9”, 160 lbs, dark hair and handsome. I had never felt anything for him and didn’t even know he was gay until we sat down that evening and he told me. I think I was the first in the family he had ever told outright. I think everyone suspected but it had never been discussed. I didn’t consider myself gay, but I’d had many gay fantasies while jerking off, they were absolutely some of the hottest spanking fantasies I have ever had, especially the ones I had back then. I didn’t think anything of the conversation we’d had and the fact that he had told me he was gay, it just seemed like a normal conversation.

The next day was easy, we shopped for painting supplies at the local hardware store and then came home to watch movies. He is a serious couch potato and has hundreds of the best movies ever made. Another reason I liked to visit with him. I think we watched Star Wars that night. He had to work the next morning so we went to bed fairly early.

Monday morning I woke up to a wonderful breakfast he had prepared for us and he went off to work. I started scraping paint. I worked on the house until he got home around 5:30pm, then cleaned up the supplies and went in to take a shower. It was this moment I started to feel something different. I got undresses and noticed I had grown a semi-hard-on as I waited for the shower water to heat up and thought about Uncle Donnie coming into the room and seeing me naked. I liked the feeling. I got into the shower and began to wash. He had a soft water system at his house and I had never used soft water before. It leaves you slick and feeling oiled instead of the squeaky clean feeling I was used to. Again I felt something nice inside. When I was done, I dressed in my PJ’s and a bath robe.

After dinner, it was movie time again, no idea what movies we watched that night but it was 2 or 3 because I recall it being very late and wondering when he was going to go to bed. When the last movie was over he started to tell me about these gay movies one of his friends had given him and asked if I would like to see one. I said “sure”.

I had never seen a porn movie of any kind so these were the most graphic scenes I had ever laid eyes on. The movie began with a cop pulling over a guy and instead of ticketing him, offered to let him go if he would give the cop a blow job, the acting sucked and the plot & was so bad it was almost humorous, but I had never seen anything like it before and the raw sex was making me so hot I could hardly stand it. I was transfixed on it and wondering too if my hard-on was as obvious to my uncle as it felt. I was certain he could see my throbbing cock bulging out of my pajamas and through my robe. We sat in recliners opposite the TV, he also had on PJ’s & a bath robe. I tried to see if he his cock was hard too but couldn’t tell out of the corner of my eye and didn’t want to look directly at it.

After a couple more scenes, some hard core anal action and a threesome, he got up out of his chair and said he was tired and was going to go to bed. My chair was between his and the hallway that led to the bedrooms so as he walked by me, he looked at my lap and smiled, he paused in front of me, bent down, placed his hand gently on my rock hard cock and said “why don’t you take that out and do something with it before you burst”. I couldn’t say anything, I wasn’t afraid, just a little shocked and totally unable to speak. He continued on to his room and closed the door leaving me with the porno and my throbbing cock. After a few minutes, I turned off the TV, too nervous to take my cock out in his living room and spank it. I went to my room and closed the door but leaving it cracked about an inch so the heat would reach my room. I laid down on the bed, my cock still so hard and almost in pain now. I couldn’t stop thinking about the awesome sex scenes I had just witnessed and fantasizing about Donnie doing the same to me.

I let my cock out of the PJ pants, grabbed hold and began to gently jerk it remembering how his touch felt even through my clothing. I imagined his warm mouth on my cock and wondered how it would feel to touch Donnie’s cock. My body felt like it was going to catch fire! I was so hot with desire! A couple minutes into my fantasy, I heard Donnie’s bedroom door open, I didn’t hear any footsteps but I could make out a shadow in the crack of my open door. He was watching me. I wasn’t nervous at all! In fact, it put me right over the top and I came so hard I thought I was going to blow the head right off my throbbing member! My hot juice burst into the air and splashed down from my knees to my neck, I continued to jerk fast and furious so as not to miss out on any moment of the orgasm. When I felt empty, I relaxed for a moment, still grasping my cock and looked to see if he was still there. He had gone again.

The next morning, we ate breakfast like we had done the day before and Donnie went off to work without mentioning anything about the night before. Nor did I.

That evening, after our regular movie, he suggested another porno, this one began with an older man (Donnie’s age) and a boy who looked about my age on a picnic. It was terrible acting and I don’t remember any more of the plot because in no time at all, the older man had stripped the boy of his clothing and proceeded to suck his cock. I had instantaneous RAGING HARD-ON. I watched with shocking pleasure as the man took the boys cock in his mouth and lovingly bobbed his head up & down the entire length of his shaft, one hand cupping the boys balls and the other tickling the boys puckered ass hole. I thought I was going to melt right then & there. This was close to home now and something I could really relate to. I’m certain now that’s exactly why he chose this movie. After the boy came and the older man licked up all of the boys cum, it was the boys turn. The man sat back against the nearby tree and spread his legs apart to let the boy sit down in front of him. The boy got down on the ground in front of the man and grabbed the mans cock, looking it over once, he then dripped some spit on the head of the cock. Sticking his tongue out, he twirled it around the mans cock and began to softly suck on the head. Bobbing back & forth just beyond the head and gently massaging his hand up & down the length of the mans shaft. I was terribly aroused by the blowjobs but the camera angle on this shot of the boy blowing the man was such that I couldn’t take my eyes off of the boys beautiful soft white ass. I was entranced by it.

I was so fixated on it I hadn’t noticed that Donnie had already pulled out his cock and was slowly stroking it in the recliner next to me. I looked over at him and he smiled back. I couldn’t take it anymore! I threw off my bath robe and tore off my PJ bottoms, laid back in my recliner and spread my legs wide, hanging then over the arm rests. I grabbed my cock and began to jerk almost violently when my uncle got up and walked over, I paused. He leaned in and softly took hold of my cock. His touch sent hot flashes so deep throughout my body I thought I would pass out. He gripped a little tighter and began to pump my shaft. He began to bring his head in close to my cock but before he even got there, I blew my hot cum so hard it went up over the top of the chair I was sitting in. Donnie smiled again and went in any way, his tongue and lips touched my cock and the sensation of his warm soft mouth on my cock sent another shot into his mouth. He drank it like it was fresh water on a summer day. Pulling my shaft, milking it to ensure he was getting every last drop. Then with both hands, he gently rubbed up & down my whole body, then down past my still throbbing cock and down my legs, turning back upward & around to the underside of my thighs. He ran his hands softly up to cup my ass cheeks, one in each hand, lifted slightly and gazed pleasantly at my cock & balls. He let me back down into my chair and as he walked back to his, asked if I wanted to have a taste.

Still somewhat exhausted from my orgasm but far to eager to taste his cock I jumped out of my chair and knelt down in front of his. He held his cock upright for me and raised an eyebrow. I took hold of his cock with my right hand and steadied my self on his thigh with my left. I leaned in and with my tongue, licked the tip of his cock. Recalling the movie, I let out a big drip of saliva and proceeded to spread it all over his cock using my tongue on his head and my hand up & down his hard shaft. The taste was already getting me hard again. I could taste the salty pre-cum as I slid my mouth over his cock and down on his shaft. He moaned gently as I dove deeper. My mouth was very dry for some reason though and I was not getting the lubrication I needed. He reached under a table next to the chair and pulled out a bottle of some kind. He squeezed out a palm full of the liquid and began to apply it to his cock. With the other hand he took my left arm and pulled me upward and said “I need to be inside you now”. I was pretty sure I understood what he meant, then as I climbed up on the chair and straddled his belly, I felt him reach around and add the remaining lube to the crack of my ass. My heart pounded as his soft finger ran smoothly over my tight hole. My cock was now hard as a rock again, throbbing upward each time his finger crossed over my puckered ass.

After a few passes, I felt his finger stop on my hole and he began to press inward. I shifted my pelvis to allow better access and he plunged his finger in. It hurt a little at fist but after a moment I was in heaven. I felt so great! He began to move it back & forth just a little, I relaxed & laid my chest on his. I began thrusting a bit, helping his finger move in & out of my hole while our cocks rubbed gently between us. He pulled his finger out and reached down for his cock. Pulling me up a bit, he maneuvered his cock into position and asked “ready?”. I didn’t know what to expect but nodded yes. I felt the hot flesh of his cock part my cheeks and move up to my now throbbing hole. As he pressed on, the head of his cock began to enter my tight opening, I could feel the pressure building. He pressed gently down on my hips while aiming his cock. Soon I felt a popping sensation and the head of his cock breached my hole. It hurt much more than his finger and he paused as he saw my face wince. After a moment my ass relaxed and he continued to press deeper. I could feel every inch of his cock as it drove past my hole and deep into my ass. It was the most incredible feeling I’d ever had. When I my ass finally came to rest around the base of his cock he looked at me and asked, “like it?”, I replied with a smile and my eyes closed, “MMMmmmm-HHMMmmmmmm”.

He began to slowly move his cock out & then beck deep inside. I could feel his cock each time it throbbed. Together we began to softly moan with pleasure. I sat upright to assist him in driving his cock as deep as it could go. He lifted me slightly off of him and began rhythmically pumping my ass. I could tell he was close to cumming by the look on his face and after the orgasm I had just moments earlier I was sure it couldn’t cum again. I placed my hands on his thighs just behind me leaning back so that my cock could stand tall. He looked at my cock and grabbed hold and began to pump my cock shaft with one hand as he pounded my ass hole with the same rhythm and stride, pounding upward into my ass, his balls slapping my ass cheeks with every thrust, then doubling up on the rhythm with his hand on my cock. To my amazement, I could feel another orgasm growing! A moment later, I felt his hot cum blast the inside of my ass, his grip strengthening around my cock as he shot his hot load inside me. That’s all it took, again I came so hard I thought I’d black out, my cum blasting out of my with near the same rhythm he had been using to fuck me. Each time I shot a load out of my cock I could feel my tiny ass hole clamping down on his cock and with it, causing him to thrust upward and blast another shot deep inside of me. We came together for several moments, my blazing hot cum shot all over his chest, chin & face. After we both unloaded, I leaned in and laid down on his chest, his cock still throbbing inside my hole. We laid there for a long while trying to catch a breath.

This was the most fantastic feeling I’d ever had in my life.

After a few more minutes, we got up, went to our separate showers and then to bed. I was worn out! And slept like a baby that night.
Episode 2 cumming soon!


2017-02-01 11:44:37
Hot uncle and boy. What a combination. Keep writing.

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2016-02-15 23:37:17
I got to suck on my nephew's cock when he was14, an nerd he is, his name Chris, I caught him looking at porn on his sister's Katie' laptop while stroking his cock and mumbling Katie's name. I saw this as my chance to once and for all suck on a real persons cock, not a dogs cock like I was doing, I surprised him and grabbed his cock and stroked him and then swallowed him, all without saying a word.

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I love sex

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My dad was my lover and he still is

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all of you assholes out there who are dissing on this story SHUT UP!!!!!!!!!! This writer poured his heart and time intothis story and thats how you thank him?!!!!!! If so, then i would hate to be your friend. also consider yourselfs lucky i don'tknowyou, because if i did i would beat the shit out of you for this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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