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Just another long distance couple meeting up...
The date…February 25th, 2007…

We meet mid afternoon in the lobby of the casino hotel and share a passionate embrace since it has been a couple of months since our last visit. After we’ve had a little time to talk and get your things to our room we head out to share a lunch and talk about the trip, much like our past migrations. We spend a couple of hours just catching up and reminiscing about our time together over the years... On and off, off and on. At this point the server is beggining to get disgusted since we haven’t bought anything in nearly an hour, so we decide to pay the tab and go elsewhere to enjoy each other’s company.

We return to the hotel about nine o’clock after a day of dinner, a nice long walk and a bit of shopping. I’m still wondering where you disappeared to for that twenty minutes in the mall when you left me at the ice cream shop. Our first day of this trip ends much like the other trips started… I put on some soft music and we spend the rest of the night laying in each others arms and talking about the “what if’s” until you fall asleep. I join you in our private little land of dreams shortly later, after listening to your soft breathing and enjoying how peaceful you look when you’re sleeping.

The next morning I wake up only to find breakfast in bed for my birthday. You shouldn’t have Sweetheart… And with a beautiful smile you respond, “for once just shut up and enjoy a day that’s yours.” We share a laugh, then finish breakfast and get up to get dressed. I inform you that for my twenty-first birthday, I would really like to spend the day at the casino. You start to laugh at me and say, “figures I’d be in love with a damn poker hound of a man.” Since you didn’t exactly have any major plans for my birthday, and you also don’t mind watching me play poker, you agree. As I stand by the door puffing on a cigar you emerge from the bathroom in the sexiest school girl outfit allowed in a public place. With the evilest grin you play with the frills at the bottom of it and ask me “was it worth the wait at the ice cream shop baby?” I stand there awestruck and lost for words. Finally after almost drooling on myself I ever so lovingly inform you that we don’t really have to go to the casino. You giggle that sweet innocent giggle of yours and say “oh no baby… we’re going, that way you’ll have all day to stare at me in this and get yourself ready for your birthday present tonight.

When we arrive at the casino we each get our chips even though you watch more than you play. I go straight for a blackjack table and after about a dozen hands turn my thousand dollars into five thousand. We walk away from that so you can play some slots and five card draw while I stand behind you rubbing your shoulders. After you have tripled your money and now have fifteen hundred dollars to play with you cash out five hundred of it and decide to play with just your winnings. I on the other hand have seen that it’s our lucky night and plan to gamble all I’ve got. We head over to the hold’em pits where we stand to watch a few hands. Once I’ve figured out which table has got some decent pots but doesn’t have people playing stupid with their chips, I take a seat. Since there is only one seat open you tell me that you’re going for a refill on our drinks and will be right back.

About twenty-five minutes later I feel a cold glass on my back and realize that my sexy little angel has returned. I take a sip of my disorrono and coke before I hear you asking about my chips. I respond with a slight deviance in my voice, “yeah, I won a couple while you were gone baby.” Just then the chair to my right opens up and I turn around in my seat grinning from ear to ear. Look Sweetheart… Right next to me. You smile and take the open seat. We play a few hands and fold a few hands… By the time our drinks ran out I had gained another fifteen hundred on top of the four thousand I got while you were gone, and you had tripled up. I was about to call it a night and go back up to the room, but just then I got dealt pocket aces. I had to play this one but had no way of telling you to get out unfortunately. I’m not too worried about it because I can always give it back to you when we leave. There we are… both in for five hundred already and I’m trying to figure out if you’ve had too much to drink or what.

Here comes the flop… king of club, ace of heart, two of spades. I’m seeing no flushes and little chance of a decent straight so I’m planning on betting. But just before it gets to me, you go all-in. You have to be crazy going for a straight with that kind of cash. I call, as do four of the other remaining five. Turn card… seven of diamonds. Still no straight and damn sure no flush. The guy to my left goes all-in. Bam! Folds all around the table, and waiting on me. This guy has more than me so I’d have to go all-in… And I couldn’t resist… I added my last seventy-five hundred to the three thousand I already had in the pot, bringing the grand total on the table to thirty-six thousand and five hundred dollars. Wow, I’m too greedy for my own good.

Okay, since nobody can bet anymore the dealer says “flip the cards over.” He flips over pocket kings, I flip over pocket aces. Just then he and I start to stare each other down. We both know I have Him but if a king comes up he gets it all. We break our stare just in time to see you flip over an ace king suited… No wonder you were trying for it, I think to myself. I knew I Had it then so the four that came on the river just didn’t matter. The dealer proclaims the winner and slides over the chips. I ask for an escort because I’m cashing out and the dealer obviously calls security to send one for me. As we are walking behind the guard to the cashier you start to nudge me asking me if we were splitting. I just laugh and respond with, “no, but if you’re nice I might give back your three thousand.” You laugh with me and start poking me in the side.

As we get in the elevator to go up to the room, I have my arm around my girl, I have fifteen hundred dollars cash in my pocket, and a thirty-five thousand dollar cashier’s check just waiting to be cashed… I am nothing but smiles. You coyly smirk and say, “Oh, so I suppose my present just won’t mean anything on top of the best birthday ever.” We both start to laugh. I then take my arm from around you and reach in my pocket. I pull out a little box and hand it to you, then lean up against the railing on the elevator wall very non-chalant. You slowly open it and see a ring… A key-ring to be exact. You look up at me puzzled, and now its my turn to smirk. I am silent for the rest of the ride up and all the way down the hall until we get in our room.

I pull a large envelope out of my bag and spill its contents on to the bed. You start looking through them…. A plane ticket… The title to a new car… And documents for a new bank account accessible anywhere in the world. You look at me with wide eyes and the biggest smile. I begin to explain… “Now is as good a time as any to tell you I guess… I know you remember the grant I got from the government back in the spring of 2006… Well I finally got the paperwork pushed through to have some gambling in the bar two months ago and since that started, I went from making a decent living to being able to hire a business manager and still be making three times more than before. I talked it over with a friend of mine. As long as I come back to sign what I need to sign every six weeks and do what I can with the business over the internet and the phone with him, he will take care of whatever the new business manager can’t. I started getting all the paper work to move here about eight months ago, but I didn’t want to tell you until I knew that the business was-------”

You jump into my arms and press your lips to mine shutting me up instantly. I pin you to the wall squeezing your ass and thighs as I ravish your neck, with you scratching at my back through my shirt the whole time. As I continue to kiss you, you begin unbuttoning my shirt. I carry you over and let you down next to the bed. I finish taking my shirt off and proceed in taking yours off as well in between more kisses. Your nipples go stiff from the cool night air coming through the cracked sliding glass patio door. Once you are topless I gently push you back on the bed and drop to my knees… I lift up your skirt only to see that the g-string you have on has a bow in the front and ribbon wrapping around as the waistbands. I finally get to see my present and can’t wait to unwrap it.

I slide your panties down your soft legs and reveal a beautifully shaved little pair of lips glistening in the dim light from the desk lamp. I throw your panties aside and stoop down drawing in the sweet scent as I get closer. I very slowly lean the rest of the way so your lips are met by mine. I simply kiss them softly and you shudder. I gaze up into your eyes with my face just inches from your womanhood. As I start to slowly run my fingertips up the edge of your sexy legs, you can feel my hot breath on your sweet little honey pot. I lean in just enough to barely flick the tip of my tongue on your clit and you get shivers. I continue to just barely tease your clit until my hands finally make it all the way up to your outer thighs then I swiftly slide my hands under your ass firmly grasping your soft cheeks and pulling you up to my face while I drive my tongue into the depths of your pussy and begin to lick every wall, nook, and cranny, like a miniature sex tornado.

Finally after multiple orgasms and what seemed like hours of oral stimulation I slide up your body planting soft kisses everywhere as I go. I pause to swiftly suck each of your nipples into my mouth on turn, and gently nibble as my fingers are back down working your g-spot, driving you into a frenzy. Once I hear you say that you are about to cum, I withdraw my finger and move up to biting and kissing your lovely neck. Oh how I love your neck Sweetheart. My tactics at your neck won’t let you cum, but they do hold you on the edge for a bit, until all of the sudden I’m on my back. I am wide-eyed in disbelief of how you managed to straddle me so quickly. You have the most wicked smile across your face as you lean down and we share one of the most passionate kisses of our relationship. God, I surely hope you do not mind the taste on my lips, as I have grown to love it.

You begin to kiss and bite my neck as you caress the side of my bare face and run your fingers through my jet black hair. After only a few moments of this enticing behavior you begin to slide down my body and drop to your knees on the floor between my feet. I start to raise up, but you push me to my back again. You begin to unclasp my belt buckle and I am out of this world. Perfect ending to a perfect day… Thank You God!!! You unbutton my pants and then unzip them with your teeth, all the while gazing up at me like the seductive little sex goddess you are. You slide my pants down my legs and toss them aside. You begin to very gently bite my dick through my silk boxers as you rub my thighs, and you love every minute of me squirming in anticipation. Finally you slide my boxers off and begin to massage my balls. “It feels so good Sweetheart,” I softly whisper. Then you start to slowly slide your hand up and down my prick just to hear me moan, and of course it works. Barely able to get the words out I moan “Baby don’t tease me….. it’s my bir----”

All at once my manhood is to the back of your throat and I just gasp. You give thee best blowjobs I’ve ever had, and this one is by far the greatest yet. I just lay back writhing in pleasure as you suck and stroke my cock, all the while still massaging my balls. I run my fingers through your hair while I get the best head of my life, just wishing I could keep my eyes open because I know you’re staring up at me. Finally after what seems like an eternity, I can’t take it anymore. Raising up, I pull your head back by your hair without hurting you and lean down to share another wonderful kiss before we stand up. Once we’re on our feet I reach around and lift you by your ass and continue kissing you as I carry you over to the desk… As I lay you back you reach behind you and shove everything to the floor.

Once I’ve got you on your back I grab my dick at the base and slowly slide the head of it along the length of your juicy slit. I continue this for a short while, teasing us both, and occasionally slapping your clit with my cock. I finally lean down and while still sliding my stiff manhood along your sopping pussy lips, I just barely touch my lips to yours then as you lean up for the kiss I pull away. I repeat this a few more times and occasionally lick one of your lips quickly. Finally, once I know you can’t handle it anymore I lock lips with you caressing your tongue with mine, and simultaneously bury my member into your steaming womanhood. I know the scream I heard was one of pleasure so I quickly break the kiss and begin short quick thrusts in and out of your pussy. I slide my hands up your thighs and over your belly until the tips of my fingers finally come to rest on your nipples. I then take a nipple in each hand between my index and middle fingers and quickly move them back and forth gently squeezing your nipples. After I know that you’ve had a couple of g-spot orgasms I proceed in flipping you over and taking you from behind while you’re bent over the desk. I firmly squeeze and massage your ass while a drill your hot wet cunt from behind making you scream out in orgasm. Out of no where you manage to get my dick out of you and have pushed me against the wall where you kiss my chest and neck as you stroke my manhood.

You lead me, dick in hand, to the bed where I get shoved onto my back and straddled. You ride me as I attempt to reach up and play with your bouncing tits, but you pin my wrists down to the bed and ride me harder. I am going out of my mind, I am not used to not being in control, I normally have to do all the work… Finally sex is truly enjoyable. After a while, when I can’t stand not being in control anymore, I sit up and stand with you in my arms.

I gently lay you on the bed on your side and lay down behind you. I slide my cock back into your womanhood and drill you from behind while I kiss and bite the back of your neck and reach around with one hand to tease your nipple. Once I sense that you’re close I begin to pump into your tight pussy with a hidden ferocity. You start into orgasm and my vigorousness just increases. I fuck you faster and harder than ever before until finally, you feel my dick engorge, pushing you into another orgasm before the last was even done. I piston my cock in and out of you with all I have pushing you through orgasm after orgasm. And finally, nearing the end of your multi orgasm, I shoot my load deep inside you.

Once we’ve both caught our breath a bit, I reach over still inside you and grab the edge of the covers that were thrown on the floor. I manage to pull them up and cover us. You reach over and grab us each a smoke from the night stand and when we’re through I wrap my arm around you and we fall asleep with my body surrounding yours as well as your womanhood is surrounding my quivering member. That is how we fall asleep on the night of the best birthday of my life…


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I do apologize for rlieypng in English, don't know Hebrew but could read all the info via Google Translate The problem with the length of the name is not due to the Icelandic naming regulation, it is due to the fact that the computer system that was installed many years ago didn't accept more than 31 characters. This made the government officials "ban" people to use above 31 characters. The only substitute is using only the first letter as Guy mentioned above.I know this sounds very stupid (it is) but this has been a problem for a long time but will be fixed soon since it is most likely illegal.Being Icelandic I do like the fact that we don't use family names. This gives each individual the option of becoming something by his own but not "because he belongs to the Jonsson family" or something like that. Family names where used in Iceland by rich immigrants that ruled a lot the business in Iceland before we became indepented. Those names still exist with some individuals but w

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