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Ever been attracted to your doctor? Well, I was, and she took matters into her own hands!
My new job required me to have a physical exam…no big deal. My doctor, who I have been seeing for the last 3 years, is female. I had a physical about a year and a half ago. I was a bit uncomfortable knowing that she would be fondling my dick and balls, checking me for a hernia and testicular cancer. However, to my surprise, and somewhat relief, she did not check me for those things. My wife of 7 years is the only one who has touched my dick since we’ve been married.
So, I made the appointment, and went. I got called (finally) to go back in the room. The nurse proceeded to do her thing, blood pressure, temperature, etc. She soon told me that the doctor would be back soon. My doctor and I have always had a good relationship. When I’ve been there, I’ve always joked around with her, and made her laugh. The joking often veered into the sexual realm, which made her laugh even more, and occasionally blush. She never joked back sexually to maintain professionalism, but you could tell she appreciated the humor, and never discouraged it. Also, she is never in a hurry to get in the room and get out. She is the kind of doctor who will take as much time as you need to talk about whatever, and she’ll examine you very thoroughly. You never leave her office and complain that she seemed to rush in and out of the room. She is fairly attractive. But where she lacks in looks she makes up for greatly in personality. She is about 5’8”, fairly slender, with shoulder length, naturally wavy, brown hair. She has big, pretty brown eyes, and a nice big smile with very white teeth. She doesn’t wear any make up, and is still not hard on the eyes at all. If she would take the time to do herself up, she’d be quite a knock out.
Dr. Comstock entered the room five or so minutes later. As usual, she greeted me with nice big smile and a hello. I couldn’t help but notice what she was wearing. She had on a light blue turtle neck, which was fitted tightly against her body, allowing you to see the shape of her body very well. Her breasts were the perfect size, and this shirt destroyed any doubt there may have ever been. Her light beige pants were very tight as well. So much so, I couldn’t help but notice they were creating a camel toe! Then when she walked passed me to the other side of the room, I couldn’t help but stare at her incredibly fine ass, as it was practically yelling “look at me” through the tight pants.
She sat down and began to ask the standard questions, and then proceeded to examine me as any doctor would. Four or five minutes later, as I assumed that the examination was winding down, I inquisitively asked her, “Last time you have me a physical, you did not check me for a hernia. Is that common for a female doctor to not do that?” She replied “No. I’m gonna check you today.” This surprised me, and startled me. I was instantly faced with knowing that another woman other than my wife was going to be handling my dick for the first time….and I thought she was attractive to boot. I realized that she was a doctor and this was probably second nature to her, but it wasn’t to me. I was nervous, yet a bit excited at the thought of Dr. Comstock having my cock in her hand, and her face just inches away. I quickly found myself fighting the urge to be turned on. My dick was as soft as soft could be up to that point, but I could feel it trying to come to life in my pants.
A minute or two later, she said, “Ok, take your pants down.” She was sitting on her stool in front of her computer, and rolled over to the exam table where I was. I hopped down, and stood in front of her, as she continued to sit on her stool. This put her about at eye level with my dick, making it easy for her to examine me. I dropped my pants and underwear in one fell swoop.
And there I stood, in front of my attractive female doctor, with my cock not fully hard, but pointing almost straight out. She was completely professional, and I was trying not to get any harder. She started out by examining my nuts, checking for any unnatural lumps, and asked me if I did self checks. I told her no, and she proceeded to tell me how to check myself. After thoroughly checking both of my balls (which felt more like fondling to me) she was ready to check me for a hernia. By this time my dick had gotten a bit more engorged, though not fully erect yet, I was noticeably aroused. We both tried to pretend that neither of us noticed, but given our particular doctor/patient relationship, and the past sexual conversations and jokes we’d discussed, there was no way that my stiff member was going unnoticed, or even unmentioned! My cock was hard enough at this point for her to put her entire hand around it and push it to the side so she could continue the exam. Just prior to the exam continuing, I happen to look down at her while she was talking, and I noticed an uncommon smirk on her face that she was trying to fight back. When I saw that, I couldn’t help but kinda smile back at her, which she noticed. This seemed to break the tension, or the even the ice maybe. Somehow, the mutual grins, let her know that she could just be herself, and we were both well aware that the other’s wheels were turning.
Her right hand was full of my nearly fully erect cock, and she pushed it to the side and told me to turn my head and cough. No sooner did I get the cough out, and I heard her ask me, “So, is that a banana in my hand or are you just happy to see me?” My initial reaction was to laugh, so I did. She laughed as well. As I turned to look at her while we were laughing, all the sudden, the look in her eyes was very different. She was no longer just a doctor down there, but there was something seductive about her look. Although I was visibly aroused, and my heart was beating harder than usual, and I never had any intention of ever cheating on my wife, this exam had reached a crossroads, and I had a very quick decision to make. Do I laugh this off, and just encourage her to finish the exam, or do I allow this to continue, and possibly go down a road that I would have never dreamed with my doctor? So, as a mature man who’s aroused, whose now fully erect cock is in a woman’s hand, I uttered the only words that came to my adult mind….”With all the college you’ve been through, you’re smart enough to know that if there’s a banana in your hand, it should go in your mouth next.” Her eyebrows raised, her eyes got big, and she laughed at my comeback as I smiled down at her. Then she did something that I did not expect….she seemed to continue the exam! The next words out of her mouth were, “Turn you head the other way and cough.” So, she switched my now throbbing cock to her left hand, put the fingers of her right hand under my nuts, I turned my head and coughed. Then something happened. All the sudden, when I thought all the sexual stuff was just talk and it meant nothing, my brain was trying to process a feeling I wasn’t expecting. I turned my head back toward Dr. Comstock, only to see what the feeling was. My doctor had put my stiff cock into her mouth, and her head was slowly bobbing up on it. I stood there in complete shock, and all I could do was let out a moan. She, in turn, moaned while her mouth was full of my dick. This somehow let both of us know that the gloves were off, so to speak, and either of us could do whatever we wanted.
I just stood there and enjoyed myself for a minute or two, hoping I would not wake up from a dream here. Then I placed my hands on the sides of her head, and began to move back and forth, fucking her mouth. She continued to moan, obviously enjoying a bit of roughness. My 8” cock was hitting the back of her throat causing her to gag a bit, but she never relented on sucking my rock hard dick. I was in ecstasy, trying not to make any noise. The sounds coming out of us were not sounds you would normally hear in an exam room!
After about five minutes of intense cock sucking, Dr. Comstock put her hands on my hips, and pushed away. As my dick left her mouth, she looked up at me and smiled seductively, and said “You need to cum quick.” Then she rolled back to a drawer and got a tube of KY Jelly. I thought she was tired of trying to swallow my cock, so she was just going to jack me off. She put some KY on her right hands’ fingers. She then rolled back toward me, and although I REALLY wanted her to keep sucking my dick, I guess her jacking me off was better than me doing it! When she got back in front of me, she immediately opened her mouth and engulfed my cock once again. My knees almost buckled at the intense pleasure. As she moved her head back and forth on my stiff rod, I was lost in the feeling, and didn’t expect what happened next. Dr. Comstock reached around me, and had quickly inserted a lubricated finger into my ass. Despite my surprise, it somehow intensified the moment. I didn’t think my dick could possibly get any harder, but I’m sure that it did. Dr. Comstock must have noticed it growing or throbbing in her mouth, because she moaned and giggled as her finger began to probe my asshole. I stood there completely still, feeling as though I could not move. In the front of me, my cock hungry doctor strokes my dick with her mouth, and behind me, her finger fucks my ass. Her finger was moving in and out of me slowly, then faster. I could barely stand up from the intense pleasure that was being inflicted on me. She started to suck my cock harder and faster, and she continued fucking my ass with her finger faster and harder. I started to breath harder and faster and I felt an explosion begin to erupt from my balls. I couldn’t take it anymore, and I let out a loud moan as I began to unleash rope after forceful rope of cum into my doctor’s mouth. As I filled her mouth with my hot juices, she stuck a second finger in my asshole, and finger fucked me harder. This sensation would not let me orgasm subside. I continued to shoot cum in her mouth, and she continued to swallow it. As she kept fingering my ass, her mouth continued to milk cum out of me. I had never cum so hard in my life, or so much it seemed. After at least a minute or so, of cumming, she finally pulled her fingers out of my ass. When she did, that caused another shot of cum to exit my throbbing cock. She sucked my dick for a little bit longer, just to make sure she got everything out of it. She pulled away from my cock, looked up at me, smiled, and quietly said, “Yummy.”
She rolled back over to her desk, and began filling out the necessary paperwork. She told me I was perfectly healthy, and I was good to go. I proceeded to pull my pants up and compose myself. She finished the paperwork, stood up and handed it to me, put her hand on the back of my head and pulled me toward her. She began to kiss me, and I could only kiss her back. I felt her tongue trying to invade my mouth, and I let it. We indulged in a very passionate kiss for 30 seconds or so. I detected a salty taste on her tongue as our tongues entangled each other. I assume some residue from the cum I filled her mouth with a few minutes ago. Surprisingly, the taste was not revolting, but rather erotic! Dr. Comstock slowly pulled away, and looked in my eyes. She grinned at me and softly said, “I’m the doctor, you’re the patient. I’ll examine you any way I see fit from now on, and you have to do what I say….understand?” I grinned back and just nodded my head.
She stepped away, seemingly as she flipped a switch, and her demeanor went right back to the normal doctor that I’ve known for the last 3 years. She began to open the exam room door, and she told me in a completely normal voice, as if she wanted others to hear, “I want to see you back here in a week.” I played along, and said, “OK doc.” I walked down the hall, made my appointment for 7 days later, and walked out the door.


2013-07-21 04:16:07
Halelluya Doc...we need more doctors lyk in South Africa, who understands total need of a patient in terms of sexual orientaion!

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-03 22:29:01
very nice, hard to read though

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-28 20:58:28
awesome story....made me all horny

Ickypoo TeeReport

2009-01-22 10:01:21
Of course this could only be fiction, but wouldn't it be great if it really happened to you? Or you? Or even me? I can feel that gorgeous hunk of a Doctor sucking on my cock.....but I guarantee you, it would not take me more than a minute to bathe her tonsils with cum

Anonymous readerReport

2009-01-19 23:28:41
cheating= turn off.

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