Guests Find Erotic Ways To Bring In New Year
Jerry checked his was a couple of hours till mid night. Just enough time to get to the bosses house for the party. Jerry knew he had to come up with some sort of resolution...the boss always wanted to hear what your New Years resolution was....and it better be pertaining to improving his productivity or something similar. Nobody ever kept them of course, but that wasn't the made the boss happy.

Jerry knocked on the door, wondering what to come up with. Meredeth the bosses beautiful and oh so sexy wife answered the door.

"Happy New Year Jerry, do you have your New Year resolution ready?"

"Ah, to increase my productivity?"

" had half the people here....better think of something else."

Just then, the boss walked over and shook Jerry hand, asking what his New Year resolution was.

"Well, I thought I'd cut down on those inter office affairs."

The boss stared at Jerry for a moment, and then broke out laughing.

"Good one least you're original, not like the rest of these fools telling me they are going to increase productivity, or some bullshit like that....have a drink Jerry."

Meredeth winked as Jerry stepped over the to the bar and had a drink with the boss. After a few minutes, the boss left and started mingling with his other guests.

Meredeth walked over to Jerry,

"Too bad you're giving up having fun at work Jerry."

"Well like they say, resolutions are made to be broken."

Meredeth smiled, then made a quick check around, as she started running her hand along Jerry's inner thigh, moving her hand slowly up to Jerry's crotch where she squeezed his thickening cock.

"Feel like breaking that resolution Jerry?"

Jerry was startled....he hadn't expected anything like this. He smiled saying,

"Of course."

"Follow me," Meredeth said softly.

Jerry and Meredeth carefully made their way up stairs and into a back bedroom.

The two started kissing, practically tearing each others clothes off. Meredeth had perfect tits, her dark red nipples were hard little jelly beans. Jerry sucked her nipples as Meredeth stroked his cock. Jerry worked his way down between her legs to her bare pussy that was already wet from her love juices. Jerry started running his tongue over her creamy slit as Meredeth cooed softly in his ear. Parting her lips with his tongue, Jerry explored her folds, eventually sliding his tongue deep into her pussy making Meredeth grind her pussy against his face as she started cumming.

Before Meredeth could stop cumming, Jerry slid his cock into her tight pussy and began fucking her as she wrapped her legs around his waist. Jerry drove his cock hard into Meredeth's pussy as she placed her mouth on his shoulder to muffle her screams of passion. Jerry slammed her tight pussy, pulling his cock free as he felt himself nearing his own orgasm. Meredeth grabbed his cock and took it down her throat, deep throating him as she fingered her pussy with her free hand. After several minutes, Jerry groaned as he sent a huge load down Meredeth's throat.

Carefully exiting the bedroom, Meredeth wished Jerry a Happy New Year as she went down stairs first. No sooner had Jerry made it back down stairs and gotten a drink than he ran into Stacy. Stacy was the human resources manager, and had just given a lecture on sexual harassment in the workplace just last week. She looked really hot with her low cut dress. Jerry smiled,

"So...are you testing me?"

Stacy looked puzzled.

"Well after that lecture on sexual harassment in the work place, I was just wondering if this was a test."

Stacy smiled asking,

"You like my breasts?"

"What's not to like, but I don't want to get into trouble."

Stacy took Jerry by the hand,

"You won't....follow me."

Jerry couldn't believe his good fortune; good thing he took that Viagra before he left the house. Stacy led Jerry to the guest house, taking the key from it's hiding place, and unlocking the door. Like Meredeth, Stacy wasted no time it getting Jerry and herself undressed. Stacy was quite the aggressor, pushing Jerry down on the sofa and taking his nearly erect cock between her lips.

"Have you been fucking someone?"

"Who me...why do you ask?"

"Mmmm, I swear I recognized the taste."

Jerry laughed, wondering if Stacy and Meredeth had gotten it on together, there were those rumors that kept popping up. Stacy sucked Jerry's cock till he was rock hard again. Stacy had a nice thick bush...Jerry loved her fiery red tuft, it matched her fiery personality. Normally he preferred his pussy bare, but Stacy kept her muff neatly trimmed. Her pussy fur felt as soft as velvet on his cheek as Jerry worked his tongue into her pussy. Stacy purred like a contented feline as she rode his face, cumming over and over.

After coming numerous times, Stacy switched places with Jerry on the sofa.

"Fuck my tits Jerry, I love having a good tit fuck."

Jerry slid his cock between Stacy's tits and started trusting his hips forward. Each time his cock appeared Stacy would stick out her tongue and she would suck the head of Jerry's cock. In the meantime Stacy had three fingers deep in her pussy, as she got herself off. She squeezed her tits together as Jerry continued tit fucking her.

"Cum on my tits Jerry....I want to see you cum."

Jerry was close, he could feel his balls tightening. He was soon at the point of no return, when he took his cock from between Stacy's tits and started jacking off while Stacy rubbed her clit with one hand and frigged her pussy with the other. Jerry let out a deep groan, spewing his load over Stacy's hard nipples. Stacy squealed as Jerry came, the warm cum running down the sides of her tits. She massaged Jerry's cum into her tits, licking the residue from her fingers. Jerry leaned over and sucked Stacy's nipples making her cum again.

Back at the party Jerry noticed people were really getting blitzed, except for Indira. Indira was from India; she had beautiful light brown skin, and long silky black hair...she was so beautiful. She was dressed in traditional Indian attire, very colorful. She came over and started chit chatting with Jerry. They found a secluded spot on the patio, where Jerry leaned over and kissed her. Indira returned the kiss with real passion. As two guests came out onto the patio, Indira said she knew a spot and to follow her.

Jerry found himself on a smaller patio that over looked the garden. They could see one or two people milling around, but they could not see Jerry or Indira, it was too dark. They started kissing again, Jerry unwrapping Indira's sari like a much desired Christmas present. As it fell open he marveled at her full, round breasts, topped by two large brown nipples; they almost looked like Hershey kisses. Jerry cupped Indira's breasts in his hands, caressing them as he began sucking her nipples.

Indira freed Jerry's cock from his trousers, kneeling down and sucking his newly revived cock. Indira was the best of all the women at giving made Jerry week in the knees. Indira brought him to the edge, stopping just short of letting him cum. She moved over to a lounge chair, where she laid back, her long black hair draping over the arms of the chair. Jerry paused looking at her thick, dark tuft of pussy fur. She had trimmed around her labia, leaving her full, wet lips exposed. Her clit stood up, almost as if it were a small cock.

Jerry, his head now between Indira's legs, began kissing and running his tongue over Indira's pussy....her juice's flowing form her sex. Parting her lips with his tongue, Jerry lapped up her love juices sending Indira over the edge. Again and again Jerry made Indira cum hard, her body quaking from his oral attentions. As he started to bring her off again, he heard some giggling behind him. Looking around he saw both Meredeth and Stacy....naked with champagne and glasses.

"Mind if we join you?"

Jerry looked at Indira. Indira smiled saying,

"Of's a party is it not?"

Stacy holding the bottle over Indira's pussy poured some champagne over her pussy, as Jerry lapped it up. In the meantime, Indira ran her hand up Stacy's leg, her fingers exploring Stacy's pussy. Meredeth was on the other side of Indira, sucking Indira's nipple. Jerry looked up to see Stacy cumming as Indira, fingered her pussy, rubbing her clit with her thumb. Jerry moved up, sliding his cock into Indira's pussy while Stacy straddled Indira's face....lowering her pussy onto Indira's tongue. Indira wasted no time making Stacy cum hard.

Meredeth moved her hand between Jerry's legs, caressing and tugging at his balls as he continued fucking Indira. Meredeth placed her head between Jerry and Indira so she could lick Indira's clit, and Jerry's cock as the two fucked. Soon Indira was cumming, raising her hips off the lounge chair. Stacy traded places with Indira, while Meredeth sucked Indira's juices from Jerry's cock. Jerry then turned to Stacy and began fucking Stacy while Indira poured champagne over Meredeth's pussy. Jerry watched as Indira began licking Meredeth's pussy till Meredeth was cumming.

Suddenly the sound of cheers and laughter filled the air. They stopped and poured one another a glass of champagne, toasting the New Year. After celebrating the New Year, Meredeth had to get back before her husband missed her, and Indira had to leave as well. Jerry kissed them both goodbye, and turned to Stacy.

"I suppose you have to go as well?"

"Not so fast buster...we've got some unfinished business."

Stacy and Jerry went back to his place where the two of them fucked the night away. So much for New Year's resolutions.....Happy New Year.

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