A little money never hurts....
Young Passion Part 5 -

I woke up the next morning to dad taking a shower. I had to go to the bathroom really badly so I went in and used the bathroom quietly. I then decided to join him. I wasn’t in any clothes as we had went to sleep totally naked holding each other, so I just stepped into the shower with him. I think I startled him a little….

“ Jenny, about last night. I don’t know if we should have done that. I mean you are only 12 and I didn’t mean to take advantage of you. I am sorry that I did that to you.”

“ Daddy, I love you and I am not at all sorry that we have sex last night. I wanted it as soon as I saw this nice dick.” As I reached out and g1rabbed his dick and started rubbing it. “ Daddy I wanted to take mommies place last night, and I hope that I did. After doing that, I think I want to do that more often. But I also want to be able to have sex with Jason or who-ever else I want to have sex with.” I then bent over and starting sucking Dad’s dick. I sucked him hard and fast and he came rather quickly in my mouth, I once again let him cum in my mouth and swallowed.

I looked back up at daddy and knew that he understood our new arrangement. I didn’t mean to use sex to get what I wanted. I was just wanting to suck him. How-ever I learned from that experience the power that sex had over men. I learned fast that every guy really wants a young innocent little girl who would willingly want to have sex with them. I wasn’t vindictive though, I really wanted people to like me and didn’t want to be mean to people through sex, but I felt if they got something special out of the deal I should as well….

Me and Dad made a agreement that morning. I would move into his room and sleep with him at night, taking care of him often in the bed. Fix him a few good meals a week, and pamper him on occasion. In trade I was to be treated like an adult as long as I continued to make good grades and finish school, don’t get into trouble with the law, stay away from all drugs, and always let dad know if I was going to be out late and with who.

Dad went to work and I laid back down in his bed, I realized that I was now free in the house to do what-ever I wanted sex wise. I mean Dad and Jason both had already fucked me and I knew both would happen again soon. I only had one problem, I was horny as hell from sucking dad’s big dick and I had no-one to help me with my issue. I said what the hell and took off the pajama’s that I had but on after the shower and laid on the bed and spread my legs. I would rather have someone else take care of me I thought, but no-one was home so I started rubbing my wet little pussy.

I was in a sexual trance as I felt myself getting wetter and wetter as I sank deeper and deeper into sexual bliss. I thought about sucking dad, and him sticking his big dick into my small pussy. I thought about him kissing me and I thought about his cum. I don’t know if every girl likes cum, but I seem to enjoy swallowing it.

I was so engulfed in my reality that I had tuned everything out. That was the position I was in when I felt a hand on my thighs. I jumped and opened my eyes to see that Jason was standing above me. He had apparently been watching for a little while as he had already stripped out of his clothes and was holding his hard dick with his other hand. I was in no position to suck him first, I wanted his dick inside of me, and I wasn’t going to wait.

“ Jason, please put it in me now. I begged.” Jason did just that as he moved into position and with one stroke rammed his dick into my pussy. Honestly it hurt like hell, but I kind of liked the pain at the same time. I grabbed his head and pulled his lips to mine. I kissed him the entire time me was fucking me. I had came twice and Jason was about to go off.

“ Jason I want it in my mouth." Jason quickly removed it and started up to my face but he really didn’t make it in time. shot after shot of his hot cum erupted out of his dick on his way to my mouth. I had never seen Jason cum so much. Most of it landed on my face and by the time he got to my mouth, only the last shot got into my mouth. We both startled laughing so hard that we couldn’t hardly stand it. Jason then went into the bathroom and wet a wash cloth and wiped off my face.

“ Why are you in Dad’s room.” Jason asked. “ Well last night me and dad had sex.” I said smiling. The look on Jason’s face was priceless. I then told him about me giving dad too many beers and how everything happened, including our new arrangement.

“ No way, you mean that you now get to do what-ever you want. That is totally not fair, what about me.” Jason said.

“ Maybe you need to fuck dad too.” I said laughing really hard.

“ I don’t think I am gay, Jenny.” he said pushing me.

“ Wow, you know what this means Jenny? Even if Mrs. Stevens tells Dad you
probably won’t get into any trouble.” Jason commented.

I hadn’t thought about that. It is true though that this kind of did get me out of trouble. Mrs. Stevens could still go to the Sherriff or to Mr. Gibbs about what she saw and get Roy into trouble, but as far as me goes I am really in the clear. I would still have to go to Mrs. Stevens later though to help with Roy.

It was now 11:30 and so I headed down to Mrs. Stevens house. I wanted to go and get this conversation over with and move on with my life.

“ Hello Jenny” Mrs. Stevens said as she opened the door and waved me in.

“ I fixed us some sandwiches and lemonade out back, follow me.” she said

I followed her outside her back door onto her patio and we sat down under her large canopy patio cover.

“ Jenny feel free to eat while we chat okay. I thought about what I saw in the park and think that I should go over some basics with you since you have no real females around to guide you. Sex is a normal thing that adults do, however you are very young. If Roy or any other person gets caught having sex with you they could go to jail for many years, so if you are going to have sex with guys over 18 then you need to be extremely careful.” She continued.

“ I am going to tell you a few things that I don’t want you to ever tell anyone Jenny. I was only 15 when my husband Michael had sex with me. We have been together for 14 years now and I don’t regret it at all. Actually I am glad it happened except that Michael seems to be unable to get me pregnant and I want a baby. I don’t want to be an old mother, I want a kid while I am young enough to enjoy it. Michael has even joked with me about finding another guy to have sex with to get me pregnant, but I am afraid of someone finding out and hurting my marriage with rumors.” She said.

“ Jenny, I need your help and I am willing to make it worth it for you. I want you to bring Roy over to my house for a meeting about getting caught. I want us together to have sex with him and let him cum inside of me so I might get pregnant. If you do this I will pay you really good."

“ But Mrs. Stevens, Roy always wears a condom. How are we going to get him not to without telling him that you want to get pregnant?”

“ I know I will tell him that I am already pregnant so that he knows that he can’t get me pregnant again. That way he also will suspect nothing about it being his when I get pregnant after the fact and have a baby. But Jenny this has to stay our secret forever, I couldn’t stand the thought of it getting back to our son later that his dad isn’t really his dad.” She said.

“ We also need to get you in to see a doctor Jenny so you don’t get pregnant.”

“ I talked to my dad already, he is going to get me an appointment to see a doctor.”

“ That is good.”

“ Jenny have you ever heard of masturbation? It is a way for you to take care of yourself without a man.”

“ I have done it a few times, but it isn’t the same as having a guy inside of you. It usually just leaves me wanting a man even more.” I said.

“ Follow me Jenny, let me show you something.” she said as we preceded back inside and then up the stairs to her bedroom. Once we was there she removed a shoe box from under the bed and opened it.

“ These are what they call dildos. They are shaped like a mans dick and come in different sizes and thickness’s. They also come in different colors. These along with a little lubricant like this bottle, will help you feel like you are having sex with a guy. It still isn’t the same thing, but in desperate times they defiantly do the job.” she said.

“ Now I want you to strip down naked for me.” she said..

I was kind of floored by what she said. But I was also intrigued by the thought of how the dildo would feel inside of me. I hesitated but felt as though I had little choice really but to do what she said for me to do. So I striped naked and laid down on the bed. What happened next really floored me. She started to take of her cloths as well. I was kind of scared by this, it just seemed awkward to be naked with another female especially one that reminded me of my mother.

As she stripped though I couldn’t help but to notice how nice she looked. I wasn’t really longing for her, but more I was coveting her body. I wanted to look like her so badly. Her tits were perfect. about a 32C I would guess with a perfect shape and nipples that stood out at least a quarter inch. Her butt was perfect as well. Mrs. Stevens had the perfect body and I think she would have been every mans dream. I honestly have to say that even my coveting of her was making me want to touch her. As I watched her continue to strip I unconsciously slipped my hand to my pussy and started to rub myself. I quickly realized what I was doing when she looked at me and smiled. I quickly removed my hand from my pussy.

“ You don’t have to be embarrassed.” She said. “ It is perfectly normal for you to get turned on by another naked person.”

“ Even another female?” I said.

“ Females are the most beautiful creatures ever created. We have lots of shapes, all of which are beautiful, especially yours.” She said as she leaned over now naked to kiss my flat slender stomach. She continued to kiss my stomach before she moved up to my breast. I was getting hotter and hotter as she took my breast into her mouth and sucked both of them just right. I was getting turned on more and more by this female as she moved up from my breast and started kissing my neck and ears.

She then moved to my lips. I had never kissed a female before, but it was nice. I could almost instantly tell the difference between a females kiss and a males. Her kiss was more gentle and more relaxed. It was as if no one was trying to control the kiss. It was sensual and soft. I fell into it fast, and I couldn’t get enough of her. I was going to have sex with my first female and I now wanted it so badly that I was once again hot and loosing control.

She then started kissing back down again. She went back to my neck and then down to my breast, and then down to my awaiting pussy. She positioned herself between my spread legs and started licking my awaiting wet pussy. Mrs. Stevens really knew how to use her tongue in a way that Roy or Jason didn’t, it was even better than dad. She licked me in just the right spots giving special attention to my clit. I was in heaven as I started to orgasm. I went off and drowned my new lover in juices. I later found out that I am a squirter and that is why I drenched people so badly with my orgasms.

She then came back up on me and kissed me again. This time I could taste my pussy in her mouth and it tasted great. Now I wanted to taste her pussy.

“ I want to lick you, but I don’t know how good I am going to be. I don’t really know what to do.” I said to her.

“ Just have fun, listen and watch my responses and you will know what makes me feel good. Then do more of that….”

I started kissing her again and then I went down to her breast. I started licking and sucking on her breast. I loved her nipples, they were big and grew even more suck-able as I gave them attention. She had the perfect tits, and I wanted them on me so badly that I would have considered stealing them if they weren’t attached to her.

I then started kissing my way to her pussy. She had no hair on her pussy, I could tell that she shaved. She spread her legs and reached up for my head guiding it to her pussy in a earnest manner. She was hot and she needed me to calm her fire. I was a little nervous but I stuck out my tongue and started licking her pussy. As I did I heard Mrs. Stevens moan. Something about her moaning got me wanting to eat her pussy even more, I had a desire to satisfy her. I went back to licking her and found her hot button and gave it a lot of attention.

Within a few minutes she started to shake with her own orgasm, she pushed my head off of her as I didn’t know when to stop and she just couldn’t take it any more at that point. As she calmed I looked down to see that she had female cum leaking out of her pussy. I gave her a minute then I leaned back down and ate all of her white stuff. I have to admit that it didn’t taste as good as the male cum, but something inside of me wants to eat it. I guess I am a little weird.

“ That was great Jenny.” She said and she leaned over to kiss me again.

“ I really liked it too Mrs. Stevens.” I said smiling.

“ Call me Jennifer, I think after having sex Mrs. Stevens sounds a bit too formal. Plus
I am hoping that we are going to be great friends.”

“ I hope so too. I had a lot of fun with you, and can’t wait to do it again.” I reached out for her and gave her a big hug.

“ Jenny, I want to show you how these dildos work. Can I use one on you and show you?”

“ Yes” I said excitedly as I laid down on the bed and spread my legs.

“ Have you and Roy already have actual sex where he puts his dick into you?”

“Yes” I said

She then took some lube and wet the dildo. She then inserted it into my soaking wet pussy. She slowly starting pushing it in and out.

It felt good. I was truly enjoying the feeling of having something moving in and out of my little twat. The fact that a female was doing it just added to the experience. I was well off my way to another orgasm and within minutes I was gushing juice out of my pussy again. I then recovered and we got dressed.

“ Jenny, I want for you to talk to Roy and have him and you come and see me tomorrow morning before he goes to work. But don’t tell him anything other than I want to talk to him about what I saw.” she said.

I then left and went to tell Roy. He seemed so scared, so I told him that I thought we were okay with her, but she wanted to talk to us. We agreed to meet at my front mailbox at 9:30 the next morning and go over there together.

“ So what happened? What did she say?” Jason said as I entered the house.

I told him the story of what happened and told him everything about what she wanted from me.

“ Damn Jenny, I would love to have sex with Mrs. Stevens. I wish I could taste her pussy.”

With that I learned over and kissed Jason on the mouth letting him taste the residue left on my breath. We kissed for at least 10 minutes. I then started rubbing his dick through his pants and gave him another blowjob.

The next day came and I once again had woke up in daddy’s bed after another fun filled night of sex with him. I woke up filling like such a woman. Today was the day, and what was going to happen today was going to once again define my sexuality. For the first time ever I will be having sex with not one, but two people at once. Not just 2 guys which I though would be interesting, but a guy and a girl together. This should really be interesting.

I went to the mailbox at 9:15 to wait for Roy to show up. About 10 minutes later he arrived and we went over to Mrs. Stevens or should I say Jennifer’s house. On the way to her door poor Roy was so nervous and I felt a little bad for him because I know that if he knew that she wanted to have sex with him he would have acted different. Jennifer (Mrs. Stevens) answered the door and invited us in. We once again went out back on her patio and sat down.

“ Roy I have already talked to Jenny about this and wanted to now talk to you and her. I am not mad at what happened in the park and I have decided to not tell the police or anyone about what I saw. However, I do want something in return for keeping my mouth shut. Let me be blunt Roy, my husband is gone a lot and is usually only home 2-3 days a week right now while he is off working in neighboring states. I am home alone a lot and I get lonely. I need and want to have some sexual fun with some other people. I was talking to Jenny and she agreed that a threesome with her, you , and me would be fun.” Jennifer said.

“ You mean you want to have sex with me.” Roy said.

“ Not just me and you, but all three of us together.” she replied.

Jennifer (Mrs. Stevens) got up and walked over to Roy. She then got on her knees in front of Roy and grabbed him and kissed him. I then reached over and put my hand under his shirt and started rubbing his back with one hand and his chest with the other as Jennifer continued to kiss him.

Jennifer then pushed him back in the chair and stood up. She started unbuttoning her blouse and then she let it fall to the ground. She then reached behind her back and undone her bra and she let it also drop to the ground as well. The look on Roy’s face was unforgettable, I knew that he was going to love those tits, and I honestly was again a little jealous. Jennifer then undone her short skirt and let it fall to the ground showing only her thong panties.

She then walked back towards Roy. She put one knee on one side and one on the other as she straddled him with her tits at his face. She then took hold of his head and guided him to her tits. Roy wasted no time latching his mouth around one of her nice tits, sucking on her nipples. I then stood up and took off my clothes and went to the back of Jennifer and rubbed her back. I then reached for her head and leaned her back and kissed her. I could tell that she was enjoying the nipple sucking that Roy was giving her. I reached down and started rubbing my pussy with one hand and continued to watch Roy and Jennifer.

Jennifer then backed off from Roy and got off his lap. She then got down between his legs and undone his pants. She then grabbed his pants as Roy raised up enough for her to grab them and pull then off. She then did the same with his boxers. I could see that Roy was hard and ready for action. Jennifer then grabbed Roy’s dick and started lightly stroking it, I then got beside Roy on the love seat style outdoor piece of furniture and started taking his shirt off.

I then got onto my knees on the loveseat and leaned over to Roy and started kissing him. Roy was defiantly turned on now as Jennifer had stared sucking his dick and Jennifer who was rubbing her own clit seemed to be getting turned on more as well. I then broke my kiss and positioned myself so that Roy could take in one of my tits into his mouth. Roy went after my tits with a passion and I was getting so turned on.

After we did that for a few minutes. I stood up and using the arm rail I positioned my wet pussy right in Roy’s face. He took no time in reaching out to it with his tongue. I could hear him breathing harder and harder and I when that Roy would be coming soon. Jennifer was sucking him hard and fast. Roy was so turned on the he was eating me hard and fast as well and I started to feel my own orgasm starting to build. I then started to shake and I then unloaded onto Roy face once again drenching him. Between her sucking him and me drenching him Roy was unable to hold back and Jennifer who was rubbing her clit faster was about to explode in an orgasm of her own. I got off the top of f just in time to see the grand finale. Roy started going off and Jennifer started swallowing his load and she started her own orgasm. In the end it proved to hard for her to handle both so she took her mouth off of Roy dick just in time for the finale 2 shots of his cum landed on her face and chest and she shivered in her own orgasm.

I couldn’t resist the urge to let good cum go to waste, I went over to Jennifer got on my knees and licked her face and chest clean, I then turned my attention to Roy’s cock and sucked it clean. Jennifer stood up and led us both inside to her living room.

“ Why don’t you sit here in the chair across from the couch Roy and watch me and Jennifer so you can recuperate for a few minutes.”

She then laid down on the couch and tugs me on top of her We once again started kissing as Jennifer grabbed my butt with both hands. I loved being on top of her like this. Feeling our tits smash into each other as are bodies touched. I knew that she could feel my wet pussy rubbing just above her pussy and we started grinding into each other as we kissed. Jennifer was a great kisser and I loved it when her tongued darted into my mouth.

I then started to move down on her to her tits. I started sucking them and Jennifer was so hot that her pussy was now rubbing my leg that has slipped down between her legs. I could feel her wetness on my leg and it turned me on even more. We continued like this for about five minutes until I moved my mouth further down to her awaiting pussy. I stuck out my tongue and started to give her a good pussy eating. Her pussy was so hot and so sweet, I was really enjoying eating her. She had her orgasm fast and hard. She started shacking so hard that she nearly passed out herself. I took a cue this time that it was time to move off of her.

I looked over at Roy who had a big grin on his face and a big hard dick in his hand. “ You apparently enjoyed the show.” I said.

“ Defiantly” he smiled back.

“ Jenny why don’t you suck him for a few minutes while I watch and recover.” Jennifer suggested.

I went over to Roy, got onto my knees and began to lick his hard dick. I loved Roy’s dick it was really about the perfect size for both sucking and fucking. I sucked him for about 5 minutes before I felt Jennifer’s hand on my back. I knew then that she was ready to take her plan into action. I moved out of the way as she got onto the chair and started to mount Roy.

“ Wait I need to but a condom on so you don’t get pregnant.” Roy said.

“ I am 3 weeks pregnant already Roy, found out yesterday. So you won’t need
a condom. Plus I really don’t like them anyway.” Jennifer said.

Roy still looked a little unsure but Jennifer wasn’t taking no for an answer. Before Roy could say anything she had lowered herself onto Roy’s dick. At that point Roy could have cared less. Jennifer started moving up and down riding him. The expression on Roy’s face was intense as he was getting probably the only sex he had ever had with-out a condom on. I could only imagine what he was feeling and Jennifer was turned on as well. She rode him fast and hard and within a few minutes they both had an orgasm at about the same time. She then kissed Roy and thanked him. Roy noticed the time and ran out to get dressed so he wouldn’t be late for work. I walked out back with him so he could get dressed and walked him to the front door, but I never got dressed and neither had Jennifer. I kissed him good-bye.

“So what do you think your chances are of getting pregnant.” I asked.

“ I don’t know, this is my most fertile week of the month but sometimes that doesn’t mean anything. It is just a chance. A change that I would not have gotten if it wasn’t for you Jenny. You are truly a good friend. I promised you some money Jenny and I want to pay you. Jennifer walked over to her purse and pulled out an envelope. I opened it to find five crisp $20.00 bills. I was shocked I had never had a $100.00 before.

“Besides that Jenny, I owe you big. That was so much fun and I hope it does the trick.”

I hugged her and then got dressed. she asked me to come back again tomorrow if I wanted too. I left then and went back home. Jason was playing his Nintendo when I got back home, but that didn’t stop him from pausing it as soon as he heard me come through the door.

“ So what happened” He asked

I once again told him the story of what happened and showed him the $100.00 that she gave me.

“ Wow Jenny, I have never even had that much money. What are you going to do with it?”

“ I don’t know yet. I am thinking about saving half of it, and then take the rest of it and go buy me something.” she said.

“Did you say she said that she owes you a favor? Jenny I really want to have some fun too. I want to be lucky like Roy and I think Mrs. Stevens ( Jennifer ) is so hot. She has a great body.” He commented.

“ I think we could do that. Jennifer asked me to come back over tomorrow. You can come over with me and we will see if Jennifer is willing. I think she will, but you will have to be okay with her maybe getting pregnant with your cum.”

“ I don’t mind helping her have a kid, I mean it won’t be mine but theirs right?”

“ Yes” I said “ She wants Michael ( Mr. Stevens ) to think forever that it is his.”

“ Hey lets go to the diner and eat lunch I am hungry and have money.” I said.

The Next Day.

The next day I awoke to the sunlight shining through the widows. I couldn’t believe that it has been about 2 weeks since I had no idea what sex really even was, and now look at me. I had been at least 12 sexual encounters with 3 men and one female. The strange part is that I felt different. I felt sexy, attractive, and wanted. I felt grown up in many ways but in others sex was just another game, a game that I liked to play. I am not really sure but I think that today was the day that I turned into a nymph-o. Today was the day that I decided that I liked sex, and that I was not going to stop. I decided today that sex was all I thought about and almost all that I really wanted. I didn’t just want the ones I had been with tough, I wanted 100’s of different guys. I wanted to be a slut.

Content with my decisions, I got up out of my daddy’s bed and got into the shower. I was planning on going back to Jennifer’s today with Jason and I wanted to be sexy for what I hoped was going to be even more fun than yesterday.

I was washing my hair when I heard Jason come into the bathroom.

“ Hey sis, it’s just me.” he said. “ Can I get in with you.”

“ Yes but I am not having sex with you until we get to Jennifer’s okay.”

“ Oh okay” he said as he entered the tub with me.

“ Jenny, I am a little nervous. I don’t know if she is going to like me or not and I am afraid that I might not have a big enough dick for her, I mean she in a grown up female. What do I do I she laughs at me?” He said

“ Jason, you have a very nice sized dick and you are just a little smaller that Roy and she loved Roy’s dick inside of her. You will be fine Jason, just relax and just give in and do it, don’t think about it too much.” I said..

“ How do you do that? He asked.

“ Do what?” I responded

“ Just get naked and have sex without even being nervous.” He asked

“ I do get a little nervous, but I enjoy sex a lot and seem to want it all the time. So I try to just enjoy myself.” I said. “ It is my new favorite hobby.” I said causing us both to laugh.

We lathered each other up and cleaned each other. We both paid a little too much attention to the others amenities and within minutes Jason’s dick was at full attention and I was turned on as well. We then kissed each other in a wet and slippery convergence of our two bodies. We were both getting turned on and I wasn’t so sure that I was going to able to have to my previous comment of so sex.

I reached down and grabbed his soapy slick dick and started jerking him, he in turn reached down to my pussy and started rubbing me. It felt so good and it was hard to stay standing as I felt the orgasm starting to build up. I starting jerking him harder and faster and with-in moments I felt his cum shoot all over my torso as I started shuttering with my own intense orgasm. Jason had to catch me as I fell into him, to weak fro my knees to withhold me.

We then washed off and got out to finish getting ready. I looked at the clock, it was only 8:15. I decided that since we had set no official time to meet that we would wait until 10am to arrive at Jennifer’s.

We arrived at Jennifer’s at 10am and knocked on her door hoping that she wouldn’t turn us away.

“ Hi Jenny” Jennifer said as she opened the door. then she looked over at Jason. Her expression looked like a mixture of being scared she had been found out and confusion that he was there. “ Hi, Jason she said looking at him.”

“ Hi Mrs. Stevens” Jason said.

“ Come on in you two, and Jason call me Jennifer okay.”

“ Jason feel free to have a seat on the couch, me and Jenny will be back in a few minutes.” I then followed Jennifer outside.

“ Jenny I am glad that you came to visit me, but I am curious as to why you brought Jason with you? How are we going to have fun with your brother here.?”
Jennifer said.

“ Me and my brother have been having sex for the last 2 weeks and I really enjoy being with him. I wanted him to come over and for us all to have some fun together. Plus I thought that he might also be able to get you pregnant, you know double your chances.” I said.

“ Good thinking Jenny. You really are smart aren’t you. But is he able to keep a secret?” she said.

“ I tell Jason everything, and he is okay with helping you get pregnant. Actually he is available a lot more than Roy too? I said.

“ Okay, lets have fun then. What about we go in there and put him the chair Roy was in yesterday and make him watch us for a few minutes first. ” Jennifer said grabbing my hand and leading me back to the living room.

We did just that, we put him in the chair and then we slowly started kissing each other as we started stripping each others cloths off. I then got behind Jennifer and started kneading her breast lightly with my hands as I watched the look on Jason’s face. I knew that this would be the experience of a lifetime for most guys and I was going to hand it over freely to my brother. I thank you for what he has given to me with this new life.

After we had played with each other for about 10 minutes, we both took pity on Jason whose hard on was causing him to have a painful tent in his pants. I took Jennifer’s hand and led her over to my brother. Jennifer reached for Jason’s hand and lifted him up to her. Jason stood up and Jennifer reached for his head and guided his mouth

to her own. As they kissed she took her hand and unbuttoned and unzipped his pants letting them fall to the floor, followed by his underwear. She then grabbed his dick lightly stroking him. The sight of him with her was such a turn on for me. Jason then reaching out his hand caressing one of her tits. Jennifer responded by reaching around him with her other hand grabbing a handful of my brother nice ass.

“ Lets go over here.” Jennifer said leading us both to triple thick rug that was in front of the unlit fireplace.

“ Jason why don’t you lay down flat. I want to suck that dick while you eat your little sister pussy.” she said. We all got into position and I lowered my pussy onto my brother’s mouth just in time to watch my new friend swallow my brothers dick. I was so turned on by watching her suck my brother with a skill that even I hadn’t mastered yet. Jason was really turned on and he was transferring all of that pleasure straight to my pussy. I then started feeling it build up as he was lapping my pussy with his tongue. I was on the verge of exploding and I was about to drown my poor brother who was beneath me. I went off and about chocked my brother on the juices I was sending out. He had to push me off of the top of him to get his breath.

Jennifer then stopped sucking Jason and waited for him to recover his near drowning experience. Jennifer and I couldn’t help but to crack up laughing. “ I wonder if anyone has ever drowned from pussy.” Jennifer cracked out laughing. We all got cracked up over that one.

I leaned over to Jason and took his dick back into my mouth. I knew that I couldn’t take him inside of me since she would need him to cum in her. So I just sucked him rock hard again.

“ Jennifer, his dick in ready for your pussy.” I said

Jennifer then got Jason up and then got on the carpet is a doggy style position. She asked Jason to stick it into her from behind. Jason did and it felt so good that both of them started moaning in delight. Jennifer then called for me to lay in my floor in front of me so that she could lick my pussy while Jason fucked her. I was wanting Jason in me, but I wanted to help Jennifer get pregnant even more, plus I could get Jason or Dad tonight.

Jason started really nailing Jennifer good and he was bringing her extremely close to an orgasm of her own. Jennifer then started to go off and her moans into my pussy causing a vibration that went me once again to an orgasm. With-in a minute later Jason started erupting and deposited load after load of hot cum deep into her pussy. Jennifer rose up from my pussy with a wet face smiling from ear to ear.

“ You were a great lover Jason. I hope that you and your sister can come back more often. Maybe a few times a week until school starts back would be fun.”

We then got up and dressed ready to leave.

“ Jenny could I talk with you for another minute.” Jennifer asked.

“ Jenny, my husband makes a lot of money but he is never around and I get really bored. You coming over is giving me someone to hang out with and I really appreciate your company and your friendship. I also want to thank you for helping me try to get pregnant. I really want a baby more than anything and don’t care if it takes a dozen guys to make it happen.

Jennifer then grabbed her wallet out of her purse, pulling out money “ Jenny me and Michael are really well off and I want to give you money to thank you for helping me out. Give half to your brother, and do what you want with the rest. If your father ask where the money is coming from just tell him that you are both doing day work for me. Just don’t let him know how much I am giving you two or someone may suspect something” Jennifer said.

“ You really don’t have to pay me. I really enjoy it.” I said

“ It is my way of taking care of you. After all you are taking good care of me. I want you very happy. But Jenny don’t forget to save some for a rainy day.” She said.

She then but some money in an envelope and I left unaware of the amount but there was quit a few bills.

“ Jason, Jennifer gave me some more money. She told me to give you half of it and that we should save half of our money for a rainy day.” I said.

“ How much did she give us.” Jason said.

I didn’t know so I reached into my pocket and started counting.

“ Jason, she gave us $ 200.00!!!!” I said jumping up and down.

“ $200.00!! Holy crap.” Jason said.

We both started saving money that day. Me and Jason both made a lot more money over the course of our sexual escapades. I don’t know why but getting paid for sex didn’t seem to bother me or Jason. Actually we would soon be making a lot more money. If you want to know how, you will just have to read Part -6 to my true life story. Are you interested yet?

anonymous readerReport

2010-09-08 11:55:46
I enjoyed the first few stories but they've deteriorated into boring I'm stopping here....
2 out of 10 from me......yawn....

Anonymous readerReport

2010-07-27 22:55:39
Last comment you really liked this bs story you've got to be kidding how can this be labeled truer as for as
obama he sucks however you spell his name

Anonymous readerReport

2010-06-05 17:42:20
okay, i had MAJOR fun reading both the comments and the story. 1: the story was awesome, and im glad i have more to read. 2: dude.. even the people who DO like Obama dont know how to spell is name (sighh) its O-B-A-M-A. there is no "mm" or "hm". if youre gonna insult him, do that right too. 3: wow. really? whats with all the "white trailer trash" and "niggah"s and shit like that? its story on a porn website! all of us have our problems! (not to say that porn is "wrong") 4: =.=' (sighhhhhh) to all the religious people who commented about God and such-- and so i shall repeat-- .PORN.WEBSITE. just get over yourself. 5: incest IS illegal and rape IS illegal and i was raped by my father when i was 11 years old. okay? so i get that. but it was still rape even though i have a fascination with incest. 6: back to the whole Obama thing, politics?? on a porn website?? this entire thing got so off topic. 7: so that im not a TOTAL hypocrite-- the story was awesome (: <3

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2009-07-12 07:50:57
how this turn into a column about obhama but some time has passed stocks are more stable but still not great unemployment is almost 10% it is obvouis that north Korea looks at him as a joke who will do nothing but the biggest problem will be something that seems so boring no one is paying any attention to cap and trade if it passes bad times will get far worse and it want even help the enviroment because china and india basicly told him to fuck off so yeah he sucks as president anyone that doesnt see that now is simply kidding themselves still dont know why on a sex site but thats my 2cents on the matter

Anonymous readerReport

2009-03-22 18:12:16
yeah he's only been in office 2 months kind of scarry what it'll be like in 4 years Bush fucked things up to be sure but in his wildest dreams he couldnt fuck things up as bad as Obhama in 2months he has spent more money then every other president combined with more on the way get ready for something called hyper inflation thats what happens when you keep printing money for stimuleas thats not stimulating a damn thing and if you think that because your poor or middle class you want get taxed well when the energy bills go through the roof in about 2more months that is a tax I get it hes black black people want him to succeed and so do a lot of white people with white guilt only problem everytime he's succesfull pushing through one of his programs bad things happen and the scarry thing he is just getting started

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