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Chapter 18

“Hi daddy,” Karen said as her father opened the door from the garage and stepped into the kitchen. “You’re late, dinner will be ready in just a few minutes.”

“I’m not late,” Jason said as he closed the door with one hand while balancing the cake box with the other. “This is the time I always get home.”

“Really,” Karen said with a frown as she turned to look at the clock on the stove. “You’re right, I must have misread the time and started dinner earlier than usual.”

“Not a problem,” Jason said as he set the cake box on the table as Nancy entered the kitchen and squealed in delight as she ran across the room to give her father a welcome home hug, pressing her pregnant belly and naked tits against her father as she felt his hardening cock poke her in the thigh through his pants.

“Is that another birthday cake for me daddy?” Nancy asked as her father tried to extract himself from his twelve year old girl’s grasp.

“Not exactly,” Jason said as he managed to pull himself free from his daughter’s grasp, rubbing the girl’s swollen belly and wondering how big she was going to get if she was this large after five months. Of course Karen’s belly was even larger at six months but it wasn’t as prominent because she was older than her sister. “When Ted came in to work this morning he stopped into my office to give me the good news. It seems Cheryl woke up running to the bathroom the last three mornings, and a visit to Doctor Cole confirmed her pregnancy yesterday.”

“About time,” Nancy giggled as she and Karen looked over the cake box on the table, “he’s been fucking her for three months now.”

“She’s only ten,” Karen pointed out, “maybe that’s why it took her longer to catch. She did say that she’d just started having her periods, right?”

“Right,” Nancy agreed.

“Anyway,” Jason said, butting back into the conversation, “to celebrate Ted ordered a special cake, two cakes actually, one for his family and one for us since he said the two of you were so instrumental in getting the two of them together.”

“It’s not like we actually did anything,” Nancy said with a shrug, “Cheryl was already determined to fuck her father and have his baby. All we did was encourage her and give her a couple ideas on how to get into her father’s bed.”

“I have to agree with Nancy,” Karen said, “but I’m not about to turn down a free cake.”

“I didn’t think you would,” Jason said with a chuckle.

“Dad,” Karen said with a frown as she looked at the name on the cake box, “this is from the XXXanadu Exxxotic Bakery. Isn’t that the adult bakery on the other side of town?”

“It sure is,” Jason said with a grin. “Ted told me there’s a couple surprises in the cake, but I think we should wait until dessert to find out what they are. Can you two promise to leave the cake alone until then?”

“We promise,” Nancy and Karen said together with smiles that told Jason he better get ready for dinner as fast as he could.

“So,” Jason asked a few minutes later as the three of them were eating at the dinning room table, “how was the first week of school?”

“It was ok,” Karen said with a shrug of her naked shoulders.

“Oh?” Jason said, obviously unconvinced.

“Karen’s just upset because the Special Home Ec teacher gave her a D on her cooking project.”

“Special Home Ec?” Jason said, confused by the name of the class.

“That’s the official title of the class,” Nancy said with a chuckle. “Unofficially we all call it Home Ec for Preggies. It’s the special class for pregnant girls, it’s suppose to prepare them to take care of their babies, but it’s really just a way to get them out of regular classes so we won’t distract other students.”

“I see,” Jason said with a grin. “I wonder if they need any parent helpers for the class.”

“Oh dad,” Karen said with a soft laugh, “that only happens in elementary school. Besides, they’d know something was up when they saw your erection as you watched all those big bellies and tits as the girls walked around the class room.”

“At least I got you to laugh,” Jason said with a smile. “Now tell me what happened for you to get a D your first week of class.”

“The assignment was to make a loaf of bread,” Karen explained. “I decided to make mine with the bread recipe I’ve always used for our bread but Nancy used the recipe the teacher gave us. Miss Evans gave Nancy an A for her bread, but she gave me a D even though it turned out better than Nancy’s loaf.”

“I think I see the problem,” Jason said thoughtfully. “You see Karen, there are two kinds of teachers, teachers who want you to learn, and teachers who want you to do things their way. Obviously Miss Evans wants you to do things her way and you’ll keep ending up with poor grades until you give her what she wants. Look, I know you’re a great cook and so does Nancy, but if you want to get good grades for your class you’ll have to do everything the way your teacher wants it done - even if you only do it that way during her class.”

“I see what you mean,” Karen said with a frown, “and I’ll try to do better, even if I don’t like it.”

“That’s all you can do,” Jason said with a nod. “So, why don’t we see what kind of cake Ted gave us?”

“I’ll get it daddy,” Nancy said, jumping out of her seat so fast her tits and belly bounced as she ran for the kitchen. In a couple minutes she was back with the cake box as well as three plates and a knife.

“Here you go daddy,” Nancy said as she set everything down in front of her father returned to her chair to watch him as he opened the box and lifted out the cake.

“Wow,” Karen said with a giggle as Jason set the cake on the table so they could all see it. “It looks like a pregnant girl.”

“It sure does,” Nancy agreed, as she looked at the mounds that created the belly and tits of the pregnant cake. Most of the cake was covered with pink icing except for a thin line of darker pink between the slightly open thighs before they were cut off and tip of the breasts where the nipples would be.

“My guess,” Jason said, he could feel his cock twitch as he looked down at the erotic cake, “is that the two surprises Ted mentioned will be in the belly and the tits, what do you girls think?”

“I think you’re right daddy,” Karen said licking her lips as she looked down at the cake and tried not to reach for the itch between her legs.

“So do I,” Nancy said as she massaged her own tits and stroked her nipples.

“Who wants what?” Jason asked as he held the knife over the cake.

“I’ll take some of the belly since that will give me more cake,” Nancy said.

“Pig,” Karen said, giving her little sister a quick smile to show she was only teasing. “If you’re checking the belly surprise for her I’ll take some of the breast.”

“You’ve got it,” Jason said as he moved the knife to the cake’s belly and sliced through it just above the icing pussy. “Looks like you won’t get as much cake as you thought you would, Nancy.”

“What do you mean dad?” Nancy asked as she leaned forward to get a better look at what her father was doing.

“It looks like the belly is hollow,” Jason said as he used the knife to slide the bottom of the cake away from the belly. “But it does look like there’s something in the hollow spot.”

“What is it?” Nancy and Karen both asked as they leaned forward to watch as their father used his spoon to catch whatever was hidden in the hollow belly.

“It’s a cupcake,” Jason said as he pulled it out so both girls could see it.

“Cute,” Karen said as she picked up the cupcake to get a closer look at the pink frosting on top.

“Nice joke,” Nancy agreed as she took the cupcake from Karen and then passed it back to her father when she was done with it. “Now I’m really curious to see what’s in the breasts.”

“So am I,” Jason said as he placed the knife at the other end of the cake and sliced through the top of the breasts just below the headless cake. With both of his daughters watching closely Jason pushed the top of the cake away from the rest of the cake so they could all see what was in the large tits.

“There cream filled,” Karen giggled as the filling oozed out of the cake.

“They sure are,” Jason said with a grin as his cock gave another twitch. “That reminds me, Karen, do you have any milk yet?”

“Not really,” Karen said with a frown. “I can feel the milk in my breasts when I squeeze them, but I can’t get anything to come out yet.”

“Really?” Jason asked as he placed a large piece of the cream filled tit on a plate and slid it over for his older daughter. “I have a couple ideas that may solve that problem, if you’re willing to give me a chance. Before you decide let me point out that it could really hurt if I squeeze your tits as hard as I think I’ll have to.”

“As long as you get my milk started I don’t care if it hurts a little. After all, it can’t hurt that much more than it did when you popped my cherry, and I kind of like that.”

“I’ll take some of the breast too,” Nancy told her father, “since the belly is hollow I’d rather have the cream filled tit instead.”

“What about the cupcake?” Jason asked as he cut a piece of cream filled breast for his youngest daughter.

“You take it daddy,” Nancy said as she accepted her slice of cake, “since there’s only one Karen and I can’t really share it, so you take it.”

“Ok,” Jason said with a chuckle as he peeled the paper away from baby cake and took a large bite from it.

After they finished their cake Jason got up from the table and reached for plates but Nancy grabbed them out of his hand. “I’ll take care of everything,” she said. “You and Karen go on to the living room and see what you can do about her milk. I’ll join you as soon as I finish cleaning up.”

“So what did you have in mind daddy?” Karen asked as they entered the living room and headed for the couch.

“I thought we’d start with what you’re already doing,” Jason said as he sat down next to his daughter. “I’ll squeeze your tits as hard as I can and try to force some of you milk out through your nipples. I should be able to squeeze your tits a lot harder than you can so I may be able to do it even if you can’t. But it could hurt, a lot, so I want you to tell me if and when you want me to stop. Do you promise?”

“I promise,” Karen said with a quick swallow. “I’m no more a masochist than you are a sadist so I’ll tell you if my tits really start to hurt.”

“Ok then,” Jason said as he eased Karen around so she was leaning back against his chest, “as long as you understand what we’re getting into and you’re willing to give it a chance.”

“Do it daddy,” Karen said with a shiver as her father’s hands slid down from her shoulders to grip her tits. Jason bounced his daughter’s swollen tits in his open palms so he could feel the milk swishing around in her breasts.

“I definitely feel something in there,” Jason said, giving Karen’s tits a gentle squeeze to push the liquid in her breasts toward the nipples. “Now, let’s see if we can get something started here.”

Jason waited for Karen to take a deep breath and then squeezed both of her tits hard enough to get a gasp of pain from his daughter before she caught her breath between her teeth. “I felt something there,” Jason hissed in Karen’s ear, “I’m going to give it another try. Hold on.”

Karen closed her eyes and did her best to hold back the moan of pain as her father tried to force some of the milk out of her breasts. At first Jason didn’t think anything was going to happen, but slowly he saw a small white bead form at the tip of each nipple. “Nancy,” Jason called to his other daughter, “we have milk.”

“Let me see,” Nancy said as she ran out of the kitchen and around the couch to see the first drops of her sister’s milk.

“What do you think girls?” Jason asked as he let up the pressure on Karen’s tits so he could admire the two drops of milk hanging from Karen’s nipples.

“I think that’s going to be a hard way to get my milk out if you have to squeeze my tits that hard every time you want some,” Karen said, trying to place a quick smile on her lips as she looked down at the liquid hanging off the tip of her erect nipples.

“Now that your milk has started it should be easier - and a lot more pleasurable - to keep it flowing.”

“That sounds good to me,” Karen said with a sigh of relief. “What do you think Nancy?”

“I think your milk makes your tits look even more suckable than ever,” Nancy said as she licked her lips. “Can I have a taste?”

“Go ahead Nancy,” Jason said as he jiggled Karen’s tits to make the two drops of milk dance enticingly on the tip of his daughter’s nipples. “The next part of my plan has you sucking your sister’s tits while I fuck her, so you may as well get started.”

“Just what is your plan daddy?” Karen asked as her sister leaned close enough for their pregnant bellies to touch as she licked the drop of milk from her older sister’s left nipple before she turned to lick the drop from her right one.

“I have a theory,” Jason said as he slid his hands down the side of Karen’s pregnant belly until he could slip two fingers of his left hand between her cunt lips, “that the reason your milk isn’t flowing already is because you’re too tense and excited. What we need to do is get you as relaxed as possible.”

“And how do you plan to do that daddy?” Karen asked with a mischievous grin as a low moan of pleasure escaped from her lips.

“I plan to fuck your pregnant pussy until you have the biggest orgasm of your life while Nancy sucks your tits,” Jason told his daughter. “And once you cum you should be so relaxed that your milk will drop right down to your breasts where Nancy will be able to suck it right into her mouth.”

“I like that plan,” Nancy said, pulling her lips away from her sister’s breasts just long enough to give her and her father a quick smile, “especially since it means that I get the first mouthful of Karen’s milk.”

“But if I’m right then it won’t be the last mouthful,” Jason said as he slid his finger’s in and out of Karen’s drooling cunt, “because once Karen knows how to let her milk drop she’ll be able to do it whenever she wants after that.”

“Whether it works or not,” Karen said with a long sigh of pleasure, “I get to have a good hard fuck out of this plan, so let’s do it.”

“Ok Karen, on your back,” Jason said, helping his daughter to stretch out on the cushions with her left leg thrown over the low back and her right leg off the edge of the couch.

“Daddy, are you sure you want to fuck me like this?” Karen asked, putting her hands over her belly protectively. “The baby . . .”

“The baby will be just fine,” Jason told his daughter with a reassuring smile, “but the way your belly is growing I won’t be able to fuck you like this much longer so I want to make this one count. Nancy, you get down on the floor next to the couch so you can suck and play with Karen’s tits while I fuck her.”

“Yes daddy,” Nancy said obediently as she knelt next to the couch and started massaging her sister’s milk filled breasts. “I bet you love this,” Nancy said to her sister as she ran her hands over Karen’s tits and gave them a quick squeeze.

“I sure am,” Karen said with a smile and a soft sigh of pleasure.

“I’m glad to hear it,” Jason said as he slid between his daughter’s thighs and brought the head of his cock up against her red haired pussy lips. “You’re getting pretty hairy down here, did you know that?”

“Really?” Karen said, lifting her head up and trying to look past her swollen belly. “It’s kind of hard for me to see down there with my belly getting in the way, but I knew my pussy hair was coming in a little thicker than it was.”

“Much thicker,” Jason said with a chuckle as he eased the head of his cock between Karen’s cunt lips and held it there for a second before he slammed his hips forward to bury his shaft deep in the teen’s pregnant body. “When we started fucking you barely had any hair down there, but now you have a full bush. I’ve heard that can happen when you’re pregnant.”

“I guess I’m proof of that,” Karen said as her belly bounced from her father’s first thrust, another groan of pleasure escaped from her lips as Nancy sucked one nipple into her mouth and massaged the other milk filled breast.

“Damn,” Jason said as he fucked in and out of his daughter’s pregnant pussy, “I do love fucking pregnant little girls. I am so glad the two of you talked me into knocking you up.”

“So am I daddy,” Karen panted as the sexual energy built in her tits and pussy. “Even though I really wanted to have your baby I never knew I would enjoy being pregnant. Mom told me I would I didn’t believe it until it happened. Now I can’t wait to have this baby so you can knock me up again.”

“It makes me so horny just thinking about you girls having one baby after another,” Jason hissed through his teeth as he tried to hold back his orgasm with every thrust. He watched Karen’s belly bounce with every thrust of his cock and he felt something move close to his shaft as he saw the baby shift and push against the skin until it bulged.

“Looks like the baby is trying to get into the act,” Jason said with a chuckle. “It’s obviously our baby, it’s so horny it wants to join the fuck before it’s born.”

“Who wouldn’t want to join such a great fuck,” Karen said with a grunt as her father’s hard cock slammed into her juicy cunt with all the force he could put into it. “Oh God daddy, I’m going to cum, don’t stop fucking me.”

“I won’t,” Jason promised his oldest daughter, “I’ll never stop fucking that tight little cunt of yours - not even when our daughters want to join in.”

“Thank you daddy,” Karen groaned as her body came down from her first orgasm and started building up to a new one. “Until now I was worried that you wouldn’t want to fuck our daughters when they got old enough.”

“Are you kidding,” Jason asked as he reached out to pat Karen’s swollen belly affectionately, “once I realized how great it was to fuck my own daughters how could I stop? The idea of fucking my daughter and granddaughter at the same time makes me so hot I can hardly wait until the day she’s old enough to climb into my lap and ask me to fuck her. But what if you have a boy instead?”

“Then I can’t wait until he’s old enough to fuck me and knock me up with his brother or sister,” Karen said as her body quivered as she started building up to another orgasm.

“At least he’ll give me a break from knocking up all my daughters,” Jason said as his balls threatened to explode with every stroke into Karen’s pregnant belly. He knew he wasn’t going to last much longer but he hoped he’d last long enough to give Karen another orgasm before he gave their baby a cum bath. Even as he made that silent wish Jason felt his balls give one final clench and he slammed his cock deep into his little girl as it jumped in her belly, sending three wads of cum into her cunt.

“I’m cumming daddy,” Karen screamed as her father’s cum filled her belly. Her body arched up from the couch and then dropped back into the cushions in a boneless heap.

As her sister’s body dropped back on the couch Nancy felt her mouth fill with the older girl’s milk and she lifted her eyes up to see a thin stream of milk spraying up from her other tit as she squeezed it. “We’ve got milk,” Jason said with a grin as he watched the spray splatter down on Karen’s naked tit. He pulled his limp cock out of his daughter’s pregnant pussy and leaned forward across her swollen belly to reach her milk covered tit with his tongue to lick the milk from her skin before he sucked her free nipple between his lips to get more of her warm milk straight from the container.

“Nice and fresh,” Jason said, licking his lips appreciatively. “What do you think Nancy?”

“Beats the milk from the store,” Nancy said as she smacked her lips. “How does it feel to have the milk sucked right out of your tits Karen?”

“Better than I expected,” Karen said with a sigh, “I’ve always enjoyed having my tits sucked, but having the milk sucked right out of my breasts is even better.”

“It’s certainly better for us,” Jason said, bending forward to lick one final bead of milk off Karen’s erect nipple. “Especially now that we get a treat of fresh milk when we suck your tits.”

“Now that your milk is coming in I’ll give Dr. Cole a call tomorrow and see what kind of breast pump he recommends,” Jason said. “That way you can use it whenever Nancy and I aren’t available to drain your tits for you.”

“Well if I’m going to get a taste of my own milk I’ll probably have to use the pump,” Karen said as she gave her father and sister an affectionate smile.

“I’m sure we’ll leave you some,” Jason said, “now that your milk is coming in you’ll start making more - at least up to a point. There should be enough for all of us to have some, and once Nancy’s milk starts we’ll easily have enough so we won’t need to buy any from the store until the baby’s born and starts drinking most of it. But until then I’m going to enjoy your milk as much as I can.”


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